Do adults still watch cartoons?

Discussion in 'Television' started by erikakire191, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. mark joseph vinco

    mark joseph vinco New Member

    Yes! i do watch cartoons together with my son. Actually it was still very entertaining even adult like me still encourage to watch it, Specially Anime i have completed most recent seasons and episodes.
  2. davidenthusiast

    davidenthusiast New Member

    In fact, there are certain cartoons that are aimed at adults, not children. It's all about the content, what the characters are talking about. Parents must understand that not because a cartoon has animated characters it necessarily means it was meant for children. On the other hand, adults like some cartoons because they tell us a great story, make us laugh, some cartoons are even better that some silly tv series or movies out there.
  3. althealoui03

    althealoui03 New Member

    Yes! I don't think age really matters when watching, I have known a lot of people who watches cartoon even my grandfather watches one.Watching cartoon is actually a good way to bond with family, regardless of age, sexuality or race it unites everybody.
  4. joybitzee

    joybitzee New Member

    Cartoons gives big impact to one's child life. Every adult experience to be a child once in their life and watching cartoons is something that a person cannot be forgotten. For me, as an adult now, I sill watch cartoons especially if the story line is interesting and I also have a toddler so most of the time the show we always watching on TV or Internet are cartoon shows/movie.
  5. Firefly29

    Firefly29 New Member

    Do adults still watch cartoons? I think mostly of the people here in the world today still watch cartoons why? Because everyone has a childlike side in their personality. Sometimes we tend to be overwhelm by the negativity in the news we see in our daily lives. The memories of being a child and just watching cartoons makes you feel relax. Most especially when you love the character being shown.

    My personal favorite cartoon is “Pokemon”. I love Picachu I find it so cute and the storyline of the said cartoon is very interesting. All the characters will make you fall in love. I felt I am one of the character.

    In the end, cartoons make us relax and learn a vital lesson too and that is to enjoy life while it last.
  6. netherwin

    netherwin New Member

    as an adult i still watch family guy and southpark if i have nothing to do. they have a special kind of absurd humor and sometimes even accurate make fun of modern day society and its problems
  7. dene728

    dene728 New Member

    It is funny but I do watch cartoons as an adult. I watch with my kids it relaxes me. When my kids watch the classic Disney cartoons like Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Snow White and so on I was being traveled back in time in my childhood and I feel so relaxed by my memories. One thing in viewing the tom and jerry cartoons it made me laugh a lot even though I had viewed a lot of times. This reminds me that life is so simple in the site of a child that made me relaxed in every stress I have.
  8. muhammadriaz

    muhammadriaz New Member

    I think, most of adults watch cartoons. I myself watch cartoons with my children. Tom & Jerry is my favorite cartoon. Watching cartoon is not a bad thing. It releases our stress and makes us relax.
  9. Jefer

    Jefer New Member

    As for me, Yes! there are still adults who are fond of watching animated cartoon movies. However, it depends on what kind of cartoon movie that they would be watching because there are some cartoon movies that adults can relate however there are also some who are to childish to be watched by adult so its a case to case basis. However, there are adults who still watched childish for the reason that it is fun and enjoyable, because as what my Aunt told me it somehow relaxing and she feels she was like being a child again for the second time.
  10. cahopkin

    cahopkin New Member

    I mean given that shows like The Simpsons, South Park, Archer, and Futurama are such massive, dominant parts of our culture, I think it's sort of obvious that they do. I'm pretty sure that the majority of people watching Pokemon these days are adults too, given the massive nostalgia of shows like that, ditto for others like Last Airbender. Not to mention that anime is taking off like gangbusters in the West, and you only need to swing by an expo to see how many adults consume that medium. And let's not forget that Bronies are a thing!
  11. hafeez351

    hafeez351 New Member

    I rarely watch cartoons when my niece tends me to start that. But two of my best friends watch mostly cartoons and they are always talking of cartoons. It is all about own choices. I go for reading and movies because I love these activities. But those two go for cartoons and yes I observe many adults watching cartoons have childish characteristics. They sometime act like kids. Their behavior at time goes like under 8 age.

    So up to me sometime it goes good to watch cartoons. But yes I saw adults who watch cartoons with keen interest and love to watch that kind of things.
  12. kavitha123

    kavitha123 Member

    I do watch cartoons in television everyday.It's best interesting.
  13. charmar

    charmar New Member

    YES! I know a lot of people considered an adult, still, watch cartoons. For some reason, their child loves to watch cartoons they like to spend time with their kids so they seat together with their kids facing the tv to watch cartoon movies. and not only their kids were enjoying they also enjoying and laugh together with their kids. and for the fact that cartoons were really fun to watch. especially those cartoons that had a popular character, For example,
    SpongeBob SquarePants, Daffy Duck, Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, Homer Simpson, Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown, The Grinch, Popeye AND A LOT MORE
  14. Divinelyrich

    Divinelyrich New Member

    Yes, I do have a friend who is so crazy about cartoons.
  15. Tinapoooot28

    Tinapoooot28 New Member

    To be honest for me it is always depends on how the quality of story and set up of a cartoon. Animation now a days dominated tv series for young and adults. Some cartoons that adults consider to watch is Family Guy, simpson and some like Futurama Well even adults now watch anything that catch up their attention. So Yes Adults still watching cartoons.
  16. maachi

    maachi New Member

    Well, I'm a 20 years old and I'm a big fan of cartoons and anime and I read a lot of Manga so will say yes because almost all my friends are like me.:rolling:
  17. beverlielamoste

    beverlielamoste New Member

    Yes! as human we all have a childish side. it will help us to relax. Being adult implies having responsibility and many problems it is great to watch cartoons to make us laugh .
    Many of the cartoons today not just to entertain us but also leave wise teaching in life.
  18. dmary

    dmary New Member

    Yes we still do! To be honest, it's what I usually watch when I want to watch something with a light theme and I usually go for the funny ones. It brightens up my mood and gives me a positive vibe. Everytime I watch a cartoon, it instantly makes me feel like I'm back to being a child. Oh man, I wish I could go back when I was still young and have nothing else to worry about. Those were the days.
  19. JepoyBadua25

    JepoyBadua25 Member

    Yes Lots of Adults still watch cartoons. They call it "Anime". I still watch cartoon and it still entertain me. Japan is good in making Anime, lots of characters and story that they published and hit the market.
  20. Sasha1993

    Sasha1993 New Member

    Yes,adults watch cartoons.Watching cartoons is the best way to avoid the stress of everyday life.In a cartoon,everything is possible,therefore everything is more fun.When an adult watches cartoons,he\she feels that they regain their childhood,being able to relieve the best moments.I love cartoons.
  21. kelvin235

    kelvin235 New Member

    Yes, Including me I am still watching cartoons. It makes me reminisce all of the good yimes when I watch in my childhood. But the quality of the cartoons now is not like the quality then.
  22. shichijane

    shichijane New Member

    Personally, with everything that's going on in the world, with the toxicity in social media, to be specific, people want to go back to the basic. Cartoons actually give us the warm feeling that we sometimes need. Cartoons are not only for kids, as we all know, there are still cartoons that fit the taste of the adults, as many as you can think of right now. They may actually be better than the ongoing series portrayed by actual people. With cartoons, people of all ages get to see something that a simple TV series can't do. To me, it is like our home; it is something that we can always go back to.
  23. Yes! Absolutely. My Father, Uncles, Aunts and even my Grandfather does! You know, age is just a number. Millions of adults around the globe are still watching cartoons, as it is the best way to avoid the stress of everyday life. This phenomenon is called "kidult" (kid+adult), which refers to adults who have habits of consumption of teenagers. Before, being a kidult was frowne upon, but now it's seen as something fun.
  24. fetch

    fetch New Member

    Yeah, I'm 22 and I almost only watch cartoons and I don't plan on quitting it any time soon. I think adults who watch cartoons are more likely to be humorous, loving and cute :)
  25. suichirooo

    suichirooo New Member

    Adulthood, which is the one and only reality. That phase in life wherein you need to earn a living to pay bills, start your career, support your loved ones, build your future. So do adults still watch cartoons? Very much so, if you could see it like this, adults are mostly stressed, tired, and tired and tired. One way to un-stress is to indulge yourself in watching cartoons, animes, series, or movies during your freetime.
  26. Rejoy

    Rejoy New Member

    Cartoons can be so much more than just "for kids" - people that make cartoons know that parents watch with their kids, so there are jokes to entertain all ages. As an adult, I still find spongebob and many cartoons and animated movies funny!

    There are "cartoons" for adults too of course - Adult Swim-type things like Futurama, Archer, that are more like "adult" shows in terms of jokes and more complex stories than things like "Tom and Jerry." But hey - all that said, it's really arbitrary to judge someone for what kind of TV they like to watch. It's like saying Legos are just for kids - sure, yeah, but it doesn't have to be, and there are tons of adults who love Legos.

    I personally like Futurama, but I also like Avatar: TLA, Adventure Time, Spongebob (still - though the newer ones aren't as good as the classics). And there are lots of cartoons on netflix that I can rewatch. :)
  27. AwesomeHero

    AwesomeHero New Member

    Of course they do! It's propably one of the best things to watch in TV right now. Apart from news it's the only thing I watch there. For other series etc I have netflix or hbo.
  28. bbydind

    bbydind New Member

    Well, I'm an adult and I still do watch cartoons! Just because they are animated pictures, doesn't mean they are only for kids.
    Actually, whenever I'm sad and I need entertainment, I do watch a little Spongebob Squarepants or Fairly Odd Parents. It's my childhood cartoons and I still watch them to this day because they are still enjoyable for me.
    But mostly I watch adult cartoons like Family Guy or Rick and Morty. They are absolutely hilarious and entertaining.
  29. Arshi

    Arshi New Member

    Ofcourse, yes there are still many adults who watching nd enjoying cartoons . Instead me,cartoon covers a broad range of animated things. Nowadays, cartoons like Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Bojack Horseman, South Park, Archer, etc, are made with adults in mind, but can still be enjoyed by children.
    The Simpsons is an excellent example of a cartoon that crosses all age barriers, and it has been around for almost 30 years!

    Cartoons are fun whether they are aimed at a three year old or a thirty year old. They're meant to engage and make people laugh, or draw them in with drama even.
  30. shichijane

    shichijane New Member

    Yes, cartoons are not only for kids. It is a form of entertainment that all of us can still come back and feel like home. There are also cartoons that I don't get tired of watching all over again, like Phineas and Ferb. Strangely, the cartoons that I watch as a kid still entertains me.

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