Do adults still watch cartoons?

Discussion in 'Television' started by erikakire191, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Joneblink

    Joneblink New Member

    Of course. Cartoons are for all ages. Except the adult category. Honestly speaking, I like watching cartoons than drama series. It's very refreshing and serves as my stress reliever.
  2. chigoski

    chigoski New Member

    I as an adult personally watch cartoons!
    I don't know about others.
  3. kehallo

    kehallo New Member

    Heck yes! I watch anime, Archer, Rick and Morty and Steven Universe. Steven Universe is a great show because it's a children's cartoon about childhood and growing up. It's gotten excellent ratings within the 12-25 year old age demographic. The creator, Rebecca Sugar, incorporates theories of childhood psychology into the show itself. She's gone on record stating that certain characters represent different stages of dependence. If you want a show that combines happy vibes, snappy dialogue, great animation and really thought-provoking material, I couldn't recommend Steven Universe enough!
  4. toriovictorio

    toriovictorio New Member

    Yes of course! As a young adult watching cartoons makes you reminisce on your younger days, how we enjoy and not thinking about what the adult life was about. Sometimes we need to have those kind of times, such us not thinking about payment of bills, work, what to eat for dinner and many more. Just thinking about the cartoons like Dexter's lab, Kids next door, and more it seems that they were the roots on how I became an Engineer now. so watching cartoons as an adult once for a while is worthwhile.
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  5. Roy Luis

    Roy Luis Member

    yes, cartoons are for everybody.
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  6. Xirbla

    Xirbla New Member

    Do adults still watch cartoons? Yeah. If you have little kids that demand their toon time be on all the time, you can never get away from watching cartoons. Its amazing though, that we adults also enjoy the funny and sometimes out-of-nowhere cartoon stories. In my case, I tend to limit the kids' TV time but I would admittedly get caught watching cartoons and laughing out loud with them. Probably, this shows that cartoons isn't just for kids. And even as we become adults, cartoons reminds us that at some point we still have this little kid in our hearts.
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  7. Starrky

    Starrky New Member

    I don't actively look for cartoons to watch but if I ever see those old shows from 90s or early 2000s on the TV, I definitely sit down to watch them. Mostly for the sake of nostalgia, but I loved those shows when I was a kid. Courage the cowardly dog, Powerpuff girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Pokemon, Yugioh and Swat Kats were like my favorites. I think a few years ago I would watch Kochikame and Phineas and Ferb, but now a days, I don't really watch any of those actively, just something I watch if I stumble into them.
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  8. tinetine31

    tinetine31 New Member

    Yes. Because we're all humans too. We watch what children's watch.
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  9. STowns93

    STowns93 New Member

    Yes. I still watch them with my kids especially SpongeBob SquarePants but don't judge me it just still excites me when I see that it brings excitement to my kids.
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  10. instinct696

    instinct696 New Member

    Adults do really watch cartoons, specially if you got kids already, as much as you don't want to. You'll be hooked with them to watch Adventure Time, whether you like it or not, if you can't beat them to change the channel then join them. The good thing about it, is you can spend quality time with your kids as well. Sometimes you'll be hooked into the story line. But when I was their age, I used to watch a series that until today I really loved to watch a couple of times like Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In The Shell, The Simpsons, Samurai X, some series in Animax, and many more. Those are my childhood cartoon series that I introduce to my kids as well. And they loved it.
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  11. HappyLoyds

    HappyLoyds New Member

    Of course! Cartoons will never get old. I'd love to see my fave cartoons of all times every now and then, Tom and Jerry! I enjoyed watching replays of it with my 2 kids who are 10 years apart. Sometimes, I just find myself wanting to watch such comedy of a cartoon than the heavy, complicated movies that we have today.
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  12. 0strich0377

    0strich0377 New Member

    Definitely " yes ". Watching cartoons is different from watching other shows. Cartoons provide entertainment that other shows can not. There are times, me and my partner talk about the old cartoons that we used to watch, and that made me realized that we are communicating just because of cartoon shows.
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  13. lessurmitch

    lessurmitch Member

    Of course! Watching cartoons can benefit all the viewers especially when you have kids at home, where they can get new information, new things to what they should do and shouldn't. To all Adults like me, I still watch cartoons because it's not just I like to but I loved to. It can be useful for me when I'll have kids when right time comes and we can watch it together. Cartoons it's not just for the kids, there are also preferably for adults. I find it very amazing and most of the stories we can learn, share and apply to other people.
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  14. lyryhs

    lyryhs New Member

    Of course! Cartoons will make them feel that they regain their childhood. Being an adult implies having responsibilities. It is good to watch a cartoon that entertains and make them laugh. I believe that cartoons are for all ages. Some adults are have busy life. Cartoons are short which will be convenient for them to watch and it will be a way for them to relax on their couch. Cartoons can be empowering for both adults and kids.
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  15. Leemosco

    Leemosco New Member

    for me.. i sed yes.. im 33yold and i stel wach cartoons, and i make story to my kids... ano klase english ba to...
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  16. Yes! definitely but of course it depends on the topic of the show you are watching some adults like me find it so boring to watch "Dora the Explorer” because it was just a simple show fit for children’s like 8 yrs. old below, but I’m sure some adults still watch cartoons shows like “avatar legend of Aang” because of its story line and action-adventure theme.
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  17. ghie6413

    ghie6413 New Member

    Do adults still watch cartoons? Yes me I watch cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Sponge Bob Square Pants. When I watch cartoons its very relaxing and makes me laugh.
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  18. diannekaytolentino

    diannekaytolentino New Member

    As an adult, I love watching cartoon together with my kids. It is very entertaining and their is a moral lesson in each story. Maybe, we adult watch cartoon to be reminded of our childhood.
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  19. anjs

    anjs New Member

    yes, theres So many great Cartoons that can adult watch, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Ed Ed and Eddy, Power Puff Girls, RugRats, Cat and Dog, I like Inuyasha too and so many others i have a war of cartoons in my head right now thinking about them.
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  20. burgosmichael2407

    burgosmichael2407 New Member

    Personally, Its a yes for me. I do watch cartoons at the age of 34 and still loving it. For me cartoons are not just tv programs for kids, it is also a portal that brings us back to memory lane. It brings out the child in us. It also give us the opportunity to spend a quality time with our kids. I really love the cartoons in the 90's era like Peter Pan, Princess Sarah, Remi, Little Women II, Secret Garden, Dog of Flanders, Cedie etc. because they are focused on values formation of their viewers. They teach us how to love our family, how to value friendship, how to love others unconditionally. Truly these programs help us to be who are we today.
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  21. anabz

    anabz New Member

    Yes, like me,im still watching cartoons with my sons. It is our bonding in the house,it makes me young. It helps me forget my problems for awhile.
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  22. reubensausal

    reubensausal New Member

    There once was a man named Gold Roger, who was King of the Pirates. He had fame, power, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Before they hung him from the gallows, these were the final words he said: "My fortune is yours for the taking,

    Yes Bro, I am still watching this series ha ha like when this gonna end. I LOVE ONE PIECE!!!!
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  23. stormbreaker10

    stormbreaker10 New Member

    Yes! there's nothing wrong to watch a cartoon if you are adult, it's only one of the expressing yourself for being a youth in the heart and also watching of cartoon can affect your prospective in someways, because cartoons is a happy mood setter so if you have a problem, you didnt taking it seriously or being a big deal just thinking only of positive way, see it for yourself.
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  24. YES!!! I am 20+ but still love to watch cartons, now that we have a cartoon channel on free TV (YEY) it makes a lot more accessible and a lot of cartoons from morning to night. Being an adult doesn't change the fact that we have an old habit of watching cartoons in the morning, but now it is available all the time.
    I love Naruto, Major, Samurai X, Avatar, Power Rangers, My Hero Academia, and that is all in One channel.
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  25. Lexilia

    Lexilia New Member

    Hell yes! I've seen adults post more about Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra in social media sites than kids do. Some cartoons or animated shows actually intrigue us adults and because we're capable of in-depth understanding compared to kids, we're more likely drawn to quality cartoons that actually have a message or we can relate to. But then again, some adults would still watch cartoons for kids.

    Another thing is that it might bring us a sense of nostalgia and maybe we're hanging on to that child part of us that are watching cartoons. Either way, watching cartoons is a great mean of relaxing and enjoying your time. There are also cartoons which consider adults as their target audience, so I think cartoons aren't just restricted or limited to being a kid's thing.

    Some of the cartoons that I watch are Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Phineas and Ferb, RWBY, Miraculous Ladybug, and PowerPuff Girls.
  26. Shally

    Shally Member

    Big Yes.Watching cartoons is our family bonding with my kids.We love watching cartoons specially when i cook snacks for my children.A lot of fun and exciting features that cartoon has to offer for kids and most likely to adults.
  27. jpsnow14

    jpsnow14 New Member

    Yes they are! My grandfather still watching every morning. Cartoons sucks out the inner child side of an old person. Like what some are saying " It's not too late to do what you enjoyed doing",age is just a number , its only on our mind so as long old people enjoyed watching , they won't stop watching cartoons until they only see white images.
  28. Lucy8888

    Lucy8888 New Member

    Yes! Even me I still watch cartoons especially Disney movies. Well it takes me back to my childhood days and it make me feel really happy just like a kid. Watching cartoons is like bringing you to other colorful world and for the meantime makes me forget my personal problem in life and I really like the moral story of it.
  29. NoberBoh28

    NoberBoh28 New Member

    I always believe that cartoon is everybody's favorite for a simple reason that it is an art of highlighting several characters in a humorously exaggerated way. Despite that I am already on my 30's, I still watch Tom & Jerry to make myself laugh. I just cannot explain the genuine happiness that I feel after watching that cartoon series. Probably, I am just amazed on how the animation techniques applied into which making me feel like a young boy again.
  30. Costi

    Costi New Member

    i have 24 years and i still looking at anime. Naruto,Bleach,Dragon Ball and more. I still enjoy them.

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