Do adults still watch cartoons?

Discussion in 'Television' started by erikakire191, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. cesstravels09

    cesstravels09 New Member

    yes definitely. I still love Tom and Jerry, never fails to make me laugh. It may be old school but i love how it reminds me of how clumsy we can be no matter how aged we are.
  2. ramraechel26

    ramraechel26 New Member

    Oh definitely! Since a lot of them are geared toward adult audiences anyway. Examples are Rick and Morty and Bojack Horseman. These shows humor will definitely just go over kids' heads. I honestly wouldn't even recommend these to kids. I think they make shows like these to help people escape reality. Sure, it tackled real life issues if you think hard enough about it, but it hides behind those colorful quirky drawings that just rests your eyes and your mind from the harrowing days of adulthood. I know I went pretty intense there, but a lot of people will agree that sometimes they just want to go back to being mindless kids again, not worrying about bills you haven't paid yet. Watching cartoons help adults like me to have a breathing room from all of this reality. I hope that makes sense to a lot of you.
  3. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    Definitely. Adults will always have kids inside of them. For me, being an adult can't stop me from watching cartoons. From time to time, we have to give a break to ourselves and forget about the real world. Sometimes, we can get good lessons from watching cartoons that we can apply to our own lives. It can even be our way to make us laugh even for a while when the things around us can't make us happy anymore.
  4. Sammij18

    Sammij18 New Member

    Well, I do sometimes! Simpsons is so entertaining, the humor I think is adult oriented. I find most cartoons on Nick Jr. and Disney a bit irritating.
  5. Robsky

    Robsky New Member

    Of course! Adults watch cartoons to relieve stress in everyday work. Cartoons make an adult like me to feel young and happy. Watching cartoons also brings back memories of our childhood and it is a good way to bond with our children. When we watch cartoons, we talk with our children and we spend good quality time with them. So, I believe adults do watch cartoons even nowadays.
  6. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    Nowadays not much really. It doesn't bring me any thrill and excitement anymore compared to when I was a kid.
    And I know there are a lot of incredible and intellectually-engaging cartoons out there so that's kind of sad.
  7. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    Yes, Definitely adults cartoon are no there limit. There are so many violence in adults cartoon, Now a days, kids Watch this cartoon regularly.There are many series cartoon adults and people watch the adults.
  8. ChiiChobitx

    ChiiChobitx New Member

    Yes of course,
    I still watch cartoons even at the age of 27
    my grandmah also watching when we are bonding together.
    She also enjoy it.
  9. arunkm001

    arunkm001 New Member

    Yes, Adults do watch cartoons. I am 24 now I still watch cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Mr. Bean and Sponge Bob. Tom and Jerry my favorite cartoon since my childhood. Watching cartoons like Tom and Jerry, and Mr. Bean helping me to release my stress and be more pleasant. In my opinion, cartoons create the feeling that life is so simple and easy.
    Still, at this time cartoons are the best option to relax and to laugh.

    Even at the age of videogames cartoons plays an important role in the life of both children and adults. I often watch the old cartoons that I enjoyed in my childhood.
  10. devincci

    devincci Member

    For me yes, most of the adults I know still watch cartoons, and I watch cartoons because I enjoy it and I feel like I am a kid again, and there are some cartoons that it is not only for kids but also there are cartoons for adults as well, it shows that in this cartoons for example the Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc, this cartoons aim for adult audiences, it shows in this cartoons that they illustrate some lives of the adults in their story.
  11. blackstarter7

    blackstarter7 New Member

    Not as much as I used to, but I'll still watch the old reruns of The Simpsons sometimes (not the newer episodes as they've kind of gone downhill in my opinion. Big Mouth on Netflix is specifically made for adults rather than kids, and it's hilarious.
  12. Faolan

    Faolan New Member

    Considering that I am a 29 year old male who has binge watched the original running of Animaniacs and am now working my way through Tiny Toon Adventures, I would say so! There are many cartoons out there for different demographics (both adults and children alike) and what you watch really depends on your personal tastes. Myself, I watch both adult (for adult humor) and children (for slapstick or hidden adult humor) cartoons.
  13. Kiyen96

    Kiyen96 Member

    Yes, Adults still watch cartoons. Actually millions of adults around the world are still watching cartoons, as it is the best way to relieved the stress of everyday life. Being an adult include responsibilities and sometimes it is good to watch a cartoon that entertains and make us laugh also to get relax and enjoy life.
  14. yhanmar08

    yhanmar08 Member

    Yes, I still watch cartoons, because it keeps me to feel young again. My kids also love cartoons thats why it i enjoy watching it because i can relate to my kids. It feels good when we laugh together. and also while i enjoy it i also spend some time with them.
  15. ismaillive

    ismaillive New Member

    I still very much enjoy cartoons, it's funny. Cartoons aren't childish for me it's general in my opinion and even adults can relate to it than children sometimes. I often like to watch old cartoons and when I do, I discover things I never noticed in the same cartoon as a child (especially the use of pun) and I understand it better. Recently I've watched Ralph Wreck It, Moana, Kubo, Captain Underpants, Boss Baby, Zootopia and I did enjoy them all.
  16. NoNameBoy

    NoNameBoy New Member

    It is normal for adult people to watch cartoons, as a simple way to relax and get out of reality. Besides, there are very smart and modern cartoons that show us today problems and situations. It is also fun to watch with children and sometimes remember our cartoon generation.
  17. srey

    srey New Member

    Even as an adult, I still love watching cartoons. Spongebob Squarepants is one of my favorite cartoon to watch too. I love a lot of cartoons from the 90s or early 2000s. I love watching Rocko's Modern Life, Cow and Chicken, and many others.
  18. dindodc8888

    dindodc8888 New Member

    Yes, adults watch cartoons. People of all age groups enjoy the comic cartoons and animations. This proves that cartoons are not only for kids but for all. Cartoons effectively convey social messages with a touch of humor. The cartoons that have happy endings instill confidence in the minds of those who watch them.
  19. MJHaswell20

    MJHaswell20 New Member

    I think all adults should carve out some time to watch cartoons because they help to alleviate the stresses of everyday life by temporarily taking our attention away from all the "have to's" in our lives and the laughter derived from watching cartoons is actually beneficial to our overall health.
  20. AngKool27

    AngKool27 Member

    yes specially when you have kids, you should be alert when your kids watching cartoon coz some cartoons are violent.
  21. maxtorbz20

    maxtorbz20 New Member

    Definitely. There are a lot of adults like me who still enjoy watching cartoons. It kind of helps me relax in a way.
  22. dwynn4441

    dwynn4441 New Member

    Apart from emotional memories everyone has from its childhood favorite cartoons (and that could answer this question alone), we must remember that any cartoon is primarily based on a script, and we are used to basic rules for screenplays as they are the same for any target:
    You have a hero who will relentlessly pursue a dream/goal, face challenges to get there and most likely will succeed. Anyone can relate to that!

    Along with that, cartoons tend to use a lot of comedy and parody in many forms, and humour is a very popular genre on tv/movie industry, as anyone can appreciate its sarcastic premises.

    So, a cartoon has a lot of familiar
    stuff going on with the added comfort of being harmless fun: It won't (probably) mess with controversial topics and serious life questions. If it does, will be in a very light way.

    Mix that with a well constructed and interesting character/premise and it's easy to understand why it's still so fun to watch cartoons as an adult!
  23. rextrip

    rextrip Member

    Surely Adults watch cartoons not just to relieve stress but Cartoons can make an adults feel young and reminds them lots about their childhood. Besides Adults still have one or two things to learn from those cartoon movies.
  24. johnorosco

    johnorosco New Member

    Now what if you got the chance to travel to a parallel world that has none of these remainders? A parallel world where no one could get harmed and where no problems similar to yours exist forever. Adults also watch cartoons because the experience sends their minds to this parallel world. In other words the person escapes from reality as long as he is watching a cartoon movie and as a result he good feeling for a while. Movies does the same thing to the mind, They allow it to escape to a parallel world that helps it forget its problems but because movies seem more realistic than cartoons then can actually end up making a person feel worse.
  25. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    Adults watch cartoons also. Yes, I've known a lot of adults who loves to watch cartoon and count me in. Cartoon shows is for all ages, it gives entertainment. Watching cartoon makes me reminisce my younger days, my elementary days that all I have in mind is games and have fun. A lot of lesson also I learned from watching cartoons that I can pass to my siblings.
  26. Raykeep

    Raykeep New Member

    Cartoons are not only for children, there are cartoons that has good lessons about life. For example Tom and Jerry is one of the oldest cartoons that shows that regardless of being arch enemies they sometime become good buddies. In real human life most of us have friends and enemies.
  27. CherryMae1821

    CherryMae1821 New Member

    Absolutely Yes! Watching cartoons makes me feel I'm less older like before. It reminds me of my childhood memories and How little my happiness is. And cartoons make me more imaginative and creative. And appreciate little things.
  28. iwisting

    iwisting Member

    I believe so though I cannot say that all adults do so. I mean it really depends on the person's personality and hobbies. Moreover, people are way distinct when it comes to passion and interest, right?
  29. jheycianramos

    jheycianramos New Member

    Absolutely yes! Watching cartoons can make you feel young. Me and my children love watching cartoons together. It’s our bonding time.
  30. Kyan03

    Kyan03 New Member

    As an adult, I prefer Anime shows (replacing cartoons) over regular TV shows. Why? Aside from it is a bit more entertaining for me because of its super power thing, it teaches us important moral lessons that we, although we are adult now, we can still apply it in our everyday journey in life. Just like Naruto, who taught me to "Never Surrender" despite of the difficulties he suffered until he achieved his childhood dream to be Hokage. Lastly, watching Anime is a part of my childhood which cannot be replaced by any shows.

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