Do I really need Social Media in business?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by Esperanza Valderama, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Esperanza Valderama

    Esperanza Valderama New Member

    With the slow and painful death of traditional advertising, yes! Television, radio, and billboards were powerful once when it comes to advertisement. However, at some point, there was so much advertising that people became immune to it or don’t care about it. And so much for this, Social Media Marketing doesn't look like an ad. Social Media is, informational and entertaining channel and do the promotion as well.

    All demographic profiles of the company’s target market are on social media. It is has a bigger reach than all popular TV channels combined. The most important is, Social media facilitates word-of-mouth marketing. People don't listen to companies; they are more likely listen to friends. So when they see a friend on Facebook "like" a company page, they are more inclined to believe that they really sell good products.
  2. Fritz

    Fritz New Member

    Yes, I need social media. In order for my business to grow quickly, I need to be able to reach a wide target market as soon as possible. Without an active social media presence, your business is more likely to fail. In research studies, it shows nearly 9 out of 10 adults use social media. With social media, it’s easy to market your products/services to a large number of population. And not only that, a social medium allows you to reach out to more people; it even lets you determine the kind of demographic profile to whom you wish to market your business. By not tapping into the potential of social media, marketing yourself to potential customers become a lot more cumbersome.
  3. adamsmom

    adamsmom New Member

    It's not necessary but it's a big help nowadays to advertise your business in various social media sites.
  4. avipascual1015

    avipascual1015 New Member

    I think social media is a good platform to advertise any businesses since a lot of people use it. You'll be able to showcase your products or services more plus you can do research as well to help you improve.
  5. alfredamu

    alfredamu New Member

    Social media contributes a lot to marketing of any business today. This is because everyone out there uses Facebook, Twitter or other platform and there is no better way reaching them than forums where they spend most of their time.
  6. jaclynkate0427

    jaclynkate0427 New Member

    Yes social media nowadays is very useful, and its the easy way when talking about marketing. Online marketing is very fast, you just have to post, share, and tag your family, friends, relatives. And most specially, you doesn't
    need to spend that much money, unlike before you need to advertise through radio, magazine, televisions for you to able reach your market, and it can costs you too much. Unlike now most of the people buy through online or by using Social Media.So for me, when you have a business you should consider Social Media as one of your marketing tool.
  7. Yes in our generation, we keep using social media.It is one of the strategical manner in our business nowadays, It will immediately open up when someone likes it or share it. It really does answer their further question about your business, they will contact you urgently, they will see all the information about your business. More market will be known your business.
  8. Syafiq Jahari

    Syafiq Jahari New Member

    25 years ago, I would proudly said 'Yes!'. Now, I feel obligated to hit you with a pitchfork if you say "No'. Social media took the world by storm while the traditional advertising only waiting for someone to bury their graves. My mom used to sell cookies from house to house and as the years goes by, this method is not relevant anymore. her sales dropped and in no way she is making money. Then, I made her a Facebook account to promote her business and voila! 5 Jar of cookies ordered in a mere 24 hours. This is but another example of how the social media are of the utmost importance in business, especially pertaining to promotions and advertisements. So, do you guys want a jar of cookies?
  9. shack

    shack New Member

    Nowadays social media makes a significant impact on the development of business. It helps to gain valuable customer insights, increase brand awareness and loyalty, run targeted ads with real-time results, generate higher converting leads, provide rich customer experiences, increase website traffic and search ranking, find out what your competitors are doing, share content faster and easier, geotarget content, build relationships and do many other useful things
  10. manstar

    manstar New Member

    Yes, aside from the mainstream media, it is the most powerful way to promote your business and it is a lot cheaper.
  11. Rachellecd

    Rachellecd New Member

    Well some of us depending on our age were not born into social media and managed to survive just fine. The real question is if one in business does not use social media are they missing out on business? Social media is how people get the word out quickly about new products, announcements and services. It is how families and friends keep in contact and communicate. So, if you want to get the attention of many than it is a necessary entity. Let's face it people have replaced mailing information from physically to digitally. Overtime it has been shown that if you don't change and evolve with the times then you may cease to exist. This principle goes for business practices and other relationships as well. Since many people constantly have their face in their phones one would think that they could not live without social media. I would say this idea applies to the younger generations. In many cases it may be the only way to get their attention.
  12. Rosamistika

    Rosamistika New Member

    Yes, of course we need Social Media to share and advertise our business. And this is the fastest way to reach out to people everywhere and all over the world. But we also need to be vigilant especially in times like this. We need to be wiser in order to let our business florish just like other businesses.
  13. Maricris Dechavez

    Maricris Dechavez New Member

    Social Media is very much needed in promoting our business because it helps us to reach out to other people through advertisements using facebook, twitter, or instagram where we could post our products and everybody could see. By using these social medias not only we could talk to our clients through phone calls but as well as we could show it too through the use of video call like the Facebook Messenger and discuss to them about it. Social Media also helps us in gaining a lot of profit and not only making our products or our company well-known.

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