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  1. Kelly Griffin

    Kelly Griffin New Member

    My advice for online dating is, JUST DON'T.
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  2. Hux

    Hux Active Member

    But why? Bit of a pointless post if you don't have a reason to post.
  3. DBaker20

    DBaker20 New Member

    I'll admit, online dating sort of terrifies me. If I weren't already happily married, I certainly still wouldn't opt for online dating as I'm a pretty "cautious" person in general. But, I do have to admit that I've seen a hand full of great relationships started online. If the person isn't a psycho, they make you happy, and you're willing to take that risk, I'm not sure I find any reason not to do it. Curious to know your reasoning though if you don't mind sharing? :)
  4. lmgtfy

    lmgtfy New Member

    What risks do you perceive in online dating? I have some concerns about the privacy of my information, but it seems to me that you're as likely to meet someone toxic or dangerous online as you are in person.
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  5. Steven Sass

    Steven Sass New Member

    Well in my opinion people hide themselves in person. So I'm just guessing the online would most likely end in disaster. But if you are just trying to find someone to vent too I think it is possible. Online friendship is a lot better than online romance.
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  6. vashk

    vashk New Member

    We are in digital times and it best to embrace what life hands to you. Having said that, DO NOT try to be anything other than you. Remember that in any dating.
  7. BJ Carthon

    BJ Carthon New Member

    When I saw the topic I was cracking up so I had to post. My mother always told me to stay away from internet dating. I've only done it a few times, but that was about nine years ago. My rebuttal to my mom was always, "you can meet a nut in the grocery store or church." ;) I met my ex when I lived in Georgia, but before I went to meet him, I made him provide me with his driver's license number, his address, and phone number which I left on a sheet of paper with my youngest daughter. I advised her where I was going and of course I made it out alive. Now at this point in my life I would not dare touch an online application. I had enough sense to chat with him at least six months before I met him and got a halfway decent gauge of who he was. In this world, you can't trust someone that you've grown up with let alone a person that you interact with in Cyberspace.
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  8. The internet is a very scary place in today's world! I don't blame you a bit for the extra measures. These days you may have well put a camera in your shirt collar!
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  9. jclegaspi08

    jclegaspi08 Member

    in everything we do. we have to think first before we post or do anything that can hurt or offend others.
  10. FoxThrowaway

    FoxThrowaway New Member

    Online dating can be hit or miss. But if it's a "miss" it can ruin your life and even threaten its safety. You have to be extremely careful when doing online dating. Meet up in busy places and stay in busy places. Always have a friend as a backup if something goes wrong.
  11. jayrms

    jayrms New Member

    I agree, these days its all digital you cant even talk to anybody because their busy with their phones, were losing human interaction people, well thats just me.
  12. djboe11

    djboe11 New Member

    I suspect that people gravitate towards online dating because the pain of rejection is lower online that it is in person. If the person you engage in conversation with while online ends up not liking you, they don't have the ability to see the look of dejection on your face. Being rejected in the privacy of your bedroom--very convenient and relatively painless.

    If you try to hit on a stranger at the bus stop and they end up not liking you, that can ruin your day. If some person online doesn't like you, you just go, "meh. Hey, what's for lunch?"
  13. otipodacarrinha

    otipodacarrinha New Member

    Online dating is awesome, you get to meet a lot of different people. Some remain close to you, others you never see again, but specially if you travel a lot it is truly amazing to meet local people wherever you are.
    Even if you don't click, at least you get to know a bit more about the people in the city or country you are in at the moment.
  14. marshal0514

    marshal0514 New Member

    Online dating has both its advantages and disadvantages. Online dating, at first, is treated with negative impression because we might encounter misleading online profiles. While it has many differences from the traditional dating, both has the sense of getting to know someone and the fears related with it. Although it is easier to deceive online, but it does not stop people from being deceived on traditional dating. The only advantage that I personally see when dating online is that it helps us quickly find our matches by the specific qualifications and interests that we set. Online dating are not limited only to the dating sites but also with many social networking sites and mobile apps, rather than meeting people. In my opinion, I still prefer the traditional way because I still believe in human interactions and getting to know our partners well personally and in the presence especially during the initial stages of dating.
  15. OyVeyKitty

    OyVeyKitty New Member

    Online dating does have some advantages over traditional dating. Some sites allow you to answer questions and see how others have answered their questions. This allows you to skip people whom you simply are not compatible with without wasting time getting to know them only to find some major deal breaker later down the line.

    I also totally agree with otipodacarrinha, it can be tons of fun and a really great way to just meet people in general. I have honestly met some of the best friends in my life on online dating sites, but I will admit I am very particular about whom I will talk to. I just recently came out of an amazing (albeit short) relationship which started on an online dating site, and ended amicably due to bad timing, but we both gained a real good friend in each other. :)
  16. HishaamARB

    HishaamARB New Member

    Online dating is a risky activity. There are winners and losers. I have heard of instances where people have tried it only to be deeply disappointed whiles others have met with success and have gone on to be happily married. We just need to be security conscious and always go with our gut feeling. Do not allow pressure to get the better of you and if it doesn't feel right it sure isn't right. The deception online is a reality so we need to be careful when dating online.
  17. Nivraceel

    Nivraceel New Member

    Online dating is ok as long as you both agreed to spend time together at some point of time so you can gauge each other's personality! Dating is dating, flirting is flirting and loving is loving, no matter what no matter when or where. The fact that people doing it and falling in-love with someone online happening. People need someone and for whatever ways you of, you go get the right one that you spend the rest of your life with.
  18. Masinde Indalala

    Masinde Indalala New Member

    Not to disagree but it depends with who you meet. Trust me you can meet an angel online. I met this beautiful girl on tinder and best believe she is one of kind. If you go online and hooked up with someone and you date for sometimes and you find out that she or he is a great person, then that is wonderful but if you get a complete weirdo bad for you.

    It all depends with the experience you get. Dating requires character and compassion.
  19. Experiences with online dating tend to be mixed. Some people have excellent experiences with online dating that end in satisfying relationships. Others have stories filled with confusion and frustration. Thus, much like any other way to date, meeting someone online has both benefits and drawbacks.
  20. linconbright

    linconbright New Member

    You are right my their because scammers can easily trap you and do away with your money. They contact you through online by someone who appears interested in you. Often, scammers set up fake profiles and claim to be living overseas. They introduce themselves as a businessmen or women, who are seeking prospective soul mates. The scammers tell their own cooked up stories and pretend to be loving and caring. Through back and forth chatting, they try to gain your trust and scrutinize your personal information. After getting a good rapport with you, he or she will ask you to pay their hospital bills, visa fees and other legal expenses. In an extreme case, you may be contacted by a fake doctor and requested to send a huge sum of money for the hospital expense saying that your loved one is in need of surgery or medical assistance. The FBI report says that U.S citizens are losing an average of more than $400,000 dollars in these types of scam.
  21. kellixkristina

    kellixkristina New Member

    It still amazes me that Catfish the TV show is still relevant in 2017. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the show but the circumstances real people are going through are nothing short of unfortunate. The time spent can be enormous and hearts get broken, but that's also what makes for good TV right? As with anything, be careful. You can't believe everything you see or hear, so it's up to you to decide which risks you're willing to take.
  22. Louiee

    Louiee New Member

    My take on this is that we only live once lol, so I suppose I gotta at least try it once for the fun of it.
    Might be the worst mistake of my life, or the best choice.
    We' ll see!
  23. Girlet79

    Girlet79 New Member

    I would have to disagree with this post. I met my husband thru online dating, and though we do not have a perfect relationship, we are imperfectly right for each other. I would agree though on some comments that we must always be careful. I was living in one of the safest place before and I still met some rude, chauvinist-type of guys whodid not make me feel safe. The first meeting I had there was with a frail guy who's only a few inches taller than me (and I am only 5 feet). He was a director of a company and has an MBA from the best university. No one would expect that he will invite me for a couple massage after a few hours of knowing each other face to face. I was dumbfounded. Still I stayed. We went to a park, and he told me that his first sexual experience was with a Filipina. Only then I understood where he's coming from. I explained that he cannot generalize all Filipinas thru that one experience.

    I planned to stop after that one meeting but living alone, away from your family made me sad. So I did not stop. Sure I had my fair share of the good, the bad, the ugly and the worst of the worse. But if I had stopped, then I wouldn't have met Mr Right.

    My advise is to have a standard. List the qualities you like for a guy and stick with that list. If it's possible to stalk the guy online, stalk him. In a healthy way of course. Just research if the information he has been telling you are real and true. The only DON'T is DON'T FALL IN LOVE EASILY. Always ask if he deserves your precious time. If he does, then whether you met him online or offline, wouldn't matter.
  24. Ghosty678

    Ghosty678 New Member

    Well for me the online dating thing has always been a bit of an enigma. With movies portraying mostly the negative side of online dating and the plethora of pseudo porn "dating sites" I tend to be of the opinion that these sites are a big no no. Having said that, twenty five years ago my son found his mate on a dating site and they have been happily married since then. I suppose the old adage applies, different strokes for different folks.
  25. louiellegue

    louiellegue New Member

    Im totally disagree in this post, because when it comes to relationship or when it comes to love, we don't have choice where and when we fall in love. always remember that love moves in mysterious way. yeah we all know that online site is not really safe, there a lot of psycho, weirdo we encounter through internet but it doesn't mean that you cant find your true love in dating sites if you don't have standard to choose then then that's the problem. if you already know the negative side of online dating that a good thing, then all you need to do is be careful, make a list of standard and don't break your own rules, don't fall in love easy. destiny is destiny we don't know when, who and where just keep your eyes, mind, and of course your heart open.
  26. I agree from the bottom of my heart to this miss Griffin! . You seem to be "hit by a hammer" as we say in my country Sudan lol ; meaning you got refused when you asked to befriend or proposed to someone, or even things didn't go well in your relation as you expected ! . I agree with you because as Beyounce and Shakira once said in their song : (Beautiful Lair !) lol . I take it as a wisdom ; never judge anyone by their appearance. On-line dating is just a big scam that people often use to lie about their desperate lives ! , however its not always that way.
    I prefer to find my spouse out of the virtual world, for i want to test if she deserves me or not ?. I also want to give her that chance too to be fair.
  27. Setari

    Setari New Member

    This post lol. I would have to agree with the OP though, I would not ever online date or date in general. That's my extremely basic viewpoint on it without stepping on people's toes.
  28. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Member

    Online dating to me is awesome, when I was still single, I used to frequent local online chatrooms, and that resulted to more friends and several unforgettable dates. Back then it was a good way of meeting girls.
    In those pre-facebook, Smartphone and Text Messaging days there exists two kinds of online dating platforms, first is Online Chatrooms and second is Email. And for me chatrooms are way better and faster in getting results.
  29. maril

    maril New Member

    It depends, but in the case of asian countries, mainly in the Philippines online dating for several women is an oppurtunity for them to meet matured and responsible date from overseas.

    In fact legit online dating sites provides single men and women around the world the chance to have a knowledge about different cultures,custom,foods,faith, festivities and traditions. The big deal here, the growth of tourism and increase of remittances because men from overseas particulary the westerners are all excited to travel here in Asia to meet their respective dates and visit all the tourist destinations.
  30. philter

    philter New Member

    For online dating, you have to take precautions. If you are looking for the "one" you might or might not find it here. Its like life, Sometimes you have to take risks for you to succeed.
    Again precaution is necessary. You might bring someone with you if you have plans in eyeballing the person (for your own safety). If you think the person is trustworthy thats the time you can give your little trust.

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