Do people still appreciate classical music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Pusya, Nov 8, 2018.


Do you like classical music?

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  1. Pusya

    Pusya New Member

    I think listening to classical music makes you feel very noble and enlightened. Do you get the same feeling and do you listen to it?

    In my experience people don't appreciate such kind of music.
  2. PeeDonald

    PeeDonald New Member

    I listen to all genres of music but I believe that classical musics require a certain level of exposure to appreciate it
  3. bailey1981

    bailey1981 New Member

    Of course! The music of today wouldn't exist without classical music! Maybe not as many people listen to it anymore but that doesn't mean its not important in today's day and age. If you think about it, the music that is most known and practiced all over the world is classical music. Each country still has people who are playing classical instruments, signing classical songs, and enjoying the culture of yesteryear. All you need to do is look at the major cultural centers to find operas, plays, orchestras, and individual performers successfully making a living off of the classical music they play.
  4. mcnasci24

    mcnasci24 New Member

    It depends entirely on the group of people in which you ask the question. Usually, the people who frequently go to electronic music festivals such as Ultra or Tomorrowland don't like classical music, as it doesn't have the same levels of energy. However, I think you might be surprised to find out that lots of young adults do listen to classical music, and enjoy it thoroughly. It continues to be significant in culture and society.
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  5. Tctim101

    Tctim101 New Member

    Yes! Classical music can be soothing and calming to our minds. Especially if you want to be focused if you are studying or you are concentrating, listening to classical music can actually help us to think more carefully and seriously.
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  6. comics0026

    comics0026 New Member

    Oh yes, I've loved classical music for a long time! Personally I feel that calling it all classical is a bit of a misnomer, since it's just as diverse as music is today, with soft and soothing music that's nice for relax, energetic and fiery music to get the blood flowing, and everything in between. Everybody should take a look at all the interesting classical out there, they'll probably be surprised by what they find.
  7. aiz00v

    aiz00v New Member

    I believe classical music is a taste you can acquire with time. Although you can start by focusing on a certain era or even a specific instrument, in my opinion it is better to start with classical music pieces where you immediately get an idea of what’s going on in the composition and then move on to pieces which require more effort to understand the complex structures in them.

    One of the things that makes classical music so amazing is the interpretation added by the instrumentalists, orchestras and conductors. You can look into different recordings of let’s say Brahms 1st Symphony. You would be amazed by how much the interpretation can change the way you experience the same music piece.
  8. Segal

    Segal Member

    I think some people still value classical music. because classical music is very good.
  9. jelabelly

    jelabelly New Member

    Yes, because classical music has a different vibe than all the modern music we're hearing today. It's almost a breath of fresh air and that's why it's still entrancing to listen to it.
  10. lavitabrea

    lavitabrea Member

    Yes. you know i listen to electronic music and hip-hop especially, but sometime i get relaxed listening to bethoven or mozart or Vivaldi. classical music has its own vibe
  11. MTKiliulis

    MTKiliulis New Member

    I think people like the sound and size of it. But as far as being genuine fans of classical music, I feel like those are few and far between. I enjoy the spectacle and sound, but I really dont know a lot about it.
  12. jetman

    jetman New Member

    I believe it's a yes. With all these genres of music, it is always a good thing to have a taste of something new and/or different. I think everyone has his/her own type of music that he/she listens to everyday but I'm quite sure that somehow 1-10% of the music we appreciate is not on the genre that we used to listen to. Aside from that, the music is growing in the sense that every genre has its own reigning era. When you love music, no matter what gene it is, you'll still find a soft spot in your heart and appreciate it.
  13. nanoflowerdemon

    nanoflowerdemon New Member

    I'd say they do. It's just not in the mainstream. Everything that is popular at one point eventually turns into a niche. And while classical music isn't listened to as much as pop it has a stable following and is highly respected.
  14. XyferXyrus

    XyferXyrus New Member

    Yes i still love classical music that is why every time i play that kind of music on our stereo, my children started to complain at me. They said, "Gosh Daddy what kind of song is that" , and they all ask me to change the song with something new. haha
  15. UnAngst

    UnAngst New Member

    What is referred to as 'classical music' is music that should be appreciated as "high art." The scale of the orchestration of such varied but complementary instrumentation is a reason to appreciate the form. Although tastes vary and time and lack of exposure reduce the number of people that are able to enjoy complex tones, tenor, and the color of a composition from Mozart or Grieg; many people still enjoy the layered and diverse qualities that reverberate from the symphonic accord.

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