Do people still write Love Letters?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Roslyn, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Roslyn

    Roslyn New Member

    Written assertion of feelings for another person called 'Love letter' is an art being forgotten.
    Is there still someone writing love letters?

    Love letters nowadays channeled out to Social medias, and you're lucky to even receive a letter on the mail today. For you see, love letters were a product of a time when people were apart. In this generation we use Social media so we can reach someone in distant place and express our deepest love and emotions. In spite of that, they still exist, just in a different format.
  2. Wikdfury1

    Wikdfury1 New Member

    I love writing love letters. I enjoy expressing myself through writing and sharing that expression with others. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable in writing a letter to a loved one is something honorable in any relationship. It's imperative to be able to share your emotions with your partner. When you can share your most vulnerable with your partner you can expand your relationship. Sadly, even thank you notes after holidays have gone out of style. Not only are partners neglected but our grandparents, aunts, uncles and other loved ones.
  3. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    Letter writing is an inspiration to show love feelings without meet each other. Now all can use phone, but instead of feeling letter become unusual or for sometime . There is a lot off change came to our friendship due to lack of loyalty, love, fulfilness & affection. That's why a lot's off differences seen between love & never change lovers opinion wheather they meet togeather or not they write love letter or not but it sure that they are good friend welwisher definitely should be.Now a days both can meet easily so love letters not common.
  4. Pbe

    Pbe New Member

    Nowadays, love letter writing is almost forgotten. Because of the advancement of technology anyone can communicate with someone through phone, emails, and social media. I also prefer this way of communication, it is convenient and easier. But their is just something about the written love letter that show sincerity. When I was in High School I received some. For me it was so sweet and nice. It was very romantic and have a nice fragrant since the person spray perfume in it. The effort that someone put in making it didn't go unnoticed. I can't forget the experience.
  5. Wilvelo88

    Wilvelo88 Member

    Yes but very seldom, some people prefer a tradition writing when sending love letter because of the effort by doing it. Airmail is still functioning today and there is also a lot of people go to postal office by sending there Letter personally to there love one. Writing a love letter through a pen is more appreciated than doing it on text.
  6. lastcloud_

    lastcloud_ New Member

    Love letters are deep and true feelings of a person which are transferred and written on a paper. Nothing compares to the feeling when one receives such kind of letter. Given that in this generation, almost every person simply texts, chats, or sends a very short text on social media. Sending a simple love letter means having the time and the effort to actually make someone feel loved. Using the traditional ink and paper to send someone your thoughts might be more appreciated but today, not all exert their utmost effort in creating love letters.
  7. jk5glad

    jk5glad New Member

    I know a guy who still writes love letters for his wife and he's my friend, Dan. You might doubt it but some old school people still exist in this modern world. Ivory, his wife, is so lucky to marry such a sweet man.

    I wish my husband writes, too, but I am the writer not him. He sings for me instead and I guess it made our world goes round together :):whistle:;)
  8. geraldleah

    geraldleah New Member

    It is nice to receive love letters that's why i am the one whose going to say that there are still people who make love letters. Love letters for my mother, (not anymore to my because his dead), to my friends and of course to my love. It makes them happy to receive such simple thing and so why not doing it. It is less effort but a big impact to the one who receive. :)
  9. kamille16

    kamille16 New Member

    Some people do, some people not. My boyfriend for 3 years now always giving me a surprise letter. And it's romantic, I feel so loved in his way.
  10. Nowadays, people are always depending to online messaging internet. But there are also some people write love letters. Those people are lovable ones. They can express there self through love letters to someone else. It is really appreciating that there are some people trying to have an effort making some letters. I hope that there would be one guy that would gave me a love letter.
  11. Yeah I do I know these days tech is a thing but what I love about love letters is the fact that it gives you a personal touch. Which is the way it should be. I prefer it over texting to be honest.
  12. Lady_Seah

    Lady_Seah New Member

    Yes, there is still some. Writing a letter is very romantic, it not only conveys someone's feelings, it also shows your effort of how important the receiver of that letter. Well, it still depends on what purpose the letter is for but still, it has meaning if you write it with your own hand. Love letters are still common among high school students. Especially if they are going to write to their crushes which is kinda cute and they couldn't tell their feelings personally.

    Love letters can be any kinds. There is a love letter for your mother, your grandparents or your siblings, as long as it conveys love in it and written with sincerity.
  13. tricozen

    tricozen New Member

    Yes, people still write love letters especially those who are inlove.
    Way back in 2006 when i was 3rdyr highschool, i wrote my first love letter for the girl i admire. Cellphone and internet where there but i choose to do it by hand to express my sincerity.
    The next day, happy and nervous, i gave the letter to her.
    She read it secretly, and the next day morning she come to me and said . . . "sorry".

    ouch. :3
  14. jowilliam

    jowilliam New Member

    Written love letters are more appreciated than forwarded love quotes and love messages. Because through writing love letters you can find it more genuinely expressed emotions than finding love quotes. And in fact the love quotes were written by inspired people.
  15. Keiki

    Keiki New Member

    In this internet age people might still do write love letters but its not like before. Love letters are far more romantic than emails for most people.
  16. nejz14

    nejz14 New Member

    Not anymore, now that we have a cellphone or any devices that we can use to communicate all around the world. it is easy to us to send a message to our friends, family or love ones.
  17. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

  18. hopeloverich

    hopeloverich New Member

    Yes. My fiance and i still write love letters. It creates a sweet bond between a couple. Haha and also its an evidence whatever you have promised for each other.
  19. tvalleav10

    tvalleav10 New Member

    I think as long as there are humans walking the Earth, there will be love letters. When you are in love, you REALLY want to get the point across. Not only will you write letters, but you'll do other crazy things - write poems, write songs, buy gifts, etc. etc.

    Love letters are about the purest form of opening yourself up to rejection, so it's scary to write one. But when you are TRULY in love, you can't help but write a love letter.
  20. cris1989

    cris1989 New Member

    Nowadays love letter for youths is in the past. Millenials prefer now more on social media but they dont see that love letter is more romantic than posting it online
  21. Jy.M

    Jy.M New Member

    Personally, I still love writing love letters. Letter writing as a romantic process was- and to some extent, still is-particularly prevalent during prolonged periods of war when men are far away from home and the only way for them to communicate with loved ones is through letters. This is of great emotional significance, as emotions are transitory and involve the urge to act immediately. Communication through letters appears to be more suitable for romantic communication than phone conversations. They are typically deeper and in many cases more sincere. Sincerity is a great asset to successful personal relationships and is correlated with a higher degree of intimacy. Although people can more easily be dishonest about themselves in letters, the act of writing encourages people to present a more profound and sincere picture of their true self.

    What I love about writing a message is that we are able to witness the handwriting of someone else, their purposeful handwriting. In a love letter, you're reading words that were picked and placed intentionally. How great is it to see your name written at the top of a page, with the word "Dear" preceding it. Really fetching. You're typically alone while reading them. It's nice to be told you are loved in person or in any way, truly. But when you're reading a letter you are in your own little space, sharing a moment with someone who isn't in the room, glimpsing into a bit of their heart, welcoming in their words. And it's also tangible. You can hold them and read them, take them with you as proof and reminders. Also, they act as small time capsules. They're more than simple gestures and words spewing from a mouth. They're permanent and letters are thoughtful in both the creation and the response. They're rare. Maybe by the time you read them, love letters will be spreading like wild fire. I take pride in writing love letters because I write them to those I adore. The amount is few, and rightfully so. Thus, this makes them more valuable.
  22. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

  23. YES ! but not all. But I still do. I find it's easier for me to find all the right words to express myself when I sit down to write a letter. I don't usually mail them though; it's usually a "here you go, I wrote this for you." I wouldn't do it after a first date, but once the relationship is mature I feel like its a nice touch. That being said I'm also a huge sentimentalist.
  24. yvii

    yvii New Member

    With the advanced technology that we have today in which it is easy to download cards and love notes and just drop it in social media, hope people still find time to write love or appreciation letters "thru ink and paper" in expressing their feelings towards their loved ones. You know, there are some people who are not good in expressing themselves personally, so they just put it in writing.
    I remember way back in my high school and college days when some gave me letters and cards on some occasions and through this they expressed their feelings on me. Eventually, those letters i just kept up until now and from time to time when i got the chance to read it again, it brings me back to the time and reminisce the feeling. Though, we did not end up together, in a way i feel very special because you can find the word "effort" in what they do. And most of all, in those letters we can find preserved and cherished memories that text messages and emails never will be.
  25. crosario

    crosario New Member

    Love letter is just one way to express one's feeling or love. It does not matter if it is thru social media, electronic mail or thru ink and papers. Though some prefer to have it in physical for preservation and memories. But what really matter is the content and the thought that someone had made an effort to deliver their feelings to you.
  26. etiras

    etiras New Member

    Love is powerful. If you have true feelings and want to impress your significant one, writing love letters is a good idea. I’m persuaded that this tradition is not dead but shows how romantic and so in love a boy or a girl is. An old-fashioned love letter, especially handwritten, is a great gift for your beloved.
  27. khian

    khian Member

    Maybe some people still writting a love letter.but for me i think the tradition of making a love letter for someone that you'll never knows or meet is pretty much dead.because all the people can use phone they expresses thier feeling by sending an emoji or a qoutation to the someone that caught thier attention.maybe because the new generation of people now is much using cellphone to communicate .and the tradition of making a love letter is already forgotten.
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  28. Anjossi

    Anjossi Member

    Writing love letter is a romantic feeling not only for the writer but also for the receiver. It may be a traditional way of showing love and care but many people still write love letters. When kept, it cannot be deleted nor corrupted.
  29. boogie030

    boogie030 New Member

    I am, who's girl wouldn't think of you after giving them a sweet handmade love letter? In my generation love letter are very popular among 90's kids like me, whether you want to give it to your crush or your parents as birthday letter or anniversary greetings.

    As I recall my was the first one who recieve my first love letter, it's not a big deal to me back then. A month or so after my mom passed away, I was cleaning some of her stuff and I saw every single letter that I and my siblings made for her, that's the time that I said to my self that ' paper the effort the Ink that I think was just a waste of time back then and I didn't even think of it as a big deal to my mom is the gifts I I've been gave to her compare to some precious diamond or expensive things.

    Even today as I wrote this post, I still get a teary eyes whenever I thing of that moment and remembering my mom. I suggest you all try it, it's the most precious gift you would give to someone you love because it came from your heart.
  30. Simple_me18

    Simple_me18 Member

    In many places, due to the increase in the quality of technology, it’s considered obsolete and texting or emailing is preferred. I only write letters when it feels appropriate, such as when someone sends one first or in formal situations, such as giving condolence after a death. Emailing and texting is preferred for a reason, that reason being speed and convenience, but letter writing just creates that atmosphere of consideration and formality that is hard to pass up. It wouldn’t be so traumatic if people used snail mail more. I would like to myself.


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