Do you agree in same sex marriage?

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Do you agree in same sex marriage?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. HunT3R

    HunT3R New Member

    Yes in the current times people are allowed to do what they want, but I strongly disagree with same sex marriage. Firstly, I personally believe love happens between a male and a female and that's what makes it special. Secondly, how would the 'same sex couple' have offspring, I mean how would they have a child, a child is a blessing and it's the result of your love as in a male and female. Now I know you would say they can adopt and become foster parents, but that would be really harsh on whichever child they adopt. To explain further, as they child grows up he/she would feel embarrassed in society and most likely face discrimination from other people. So in my opinon same sex marriage is wrong in way too many reasons.
  2. adrian52

    adrian52 New Member

    The key in this debate is to recognize that marriage isn't a term that is owned by religious institutions. All it represents is a solemn union between two individuals (maybe more :))

    From "Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge", a standard textbook used in anthropology courses in university, the authors provide a non-ethnocentric definition for marriage as being:

    Following from this definition, by what right does any religion have to claim that marriage can only be between a man and a woman for *all* couples? There is no logical basis for any such claim. All that they can say, is that according to our religion, we won't marry same-sex couples because according to our holy book its wrong. Although most rational people would find such reasoning troubling, religious institutions are well within their rights to not marry same-sex couples. But they don't have the right to say that marriage should be banned for all couples outside of a religious setting. They simply have no jurisdiction in that area, and so consequently the answer to the question becomes much clearer.

    Free from religion, should people have equal rights? The answer is an overwhelmingly, and seemingly obvious, yes. Of course people should have equal rights. No one chooses how they are born, and the fundamental point is that it doesn't matter - people are perfectly happy being who they are and they aren't harming anyone (we know from all the latest scientific research that children can grow up to be perfectly happy and well-adjusted people in same-sex families). So why prevent people from being happy just because *you* have a problem with it, even if they will probably not affect you for the rest of your life? There is no good reason. Thus it should be supported.
  3. NN-Traders

    NN-Traders New Member

    I agree with the people who are against of same sex marriage. Sam sex marriage means you are breaking the rules of Almighty Allah. Because Allah (God) has blessed us in a couple. A man & a Woman make a Couple. To generate a nation this is the only option humans have. For an instant we consider it as good then how a generation could be produced within same sex?. So People running after against nature makes them fool themselves.
  4. hogwarts

    hogwarts New Member

    This is an issue I feel extremely strongly about. I think that homosexual love is the same as heterosexual love, and I think it unjust to classify one as being more valid than another. Not so long ago, people were still against equal rights for African-Americans. In the future, I hope and expect that people who currently oppose equality for those of all sexual orientations will look just as bad.
  5. Kaichow

    Kaichow New Member

    Yes, I don't see the harm in letting people of the same sex get married. The only harm its going to do is go against some people's religious views.
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  6. StayGold

    StayGold New Member

    Definitely yes. Everyone should be able to marry whom they love.
    Marriage shouldn't be exclusive to heterosexual couples.
    Our society has changed so much in the last decades, and we should be able to comprehend that everyone is different and love transcends all bounds.
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  7. dreamcatcher1

    dreamcatcher1 New Member

    I'm not sure whether or not I "agree" with people wanting to enter same-sex marriages.
    I do agree with the human race being able to enter into a marriage with whomever they desire. It is ridiculous that "free" human beings are getting so much hate for wanting to enter into a marriage with someone of the same sex. Who you marry should have nothing to do with rules or regulations or law, only love and longing.

    FAHIM AALAM New Member

    That's unnatural, although i have no problem if they can make children out of it.
  9. dreamcatcher1

    dreamcatcher1 New Member

    I'm not sure whether or not I "agree" with people wanting to enter same-sex marriages.
    I do agree with the human race being able to enter into a marriage with whomever they desire. It is ridiculous that "free" human beings are getting so much hate for wanting to enter into a marriage with someone of the same sex. Who you marry should have nothing to do with rules or regulations or law, only love and longing.
  10. Damaris Mugo

    Damaris Mugo New Member

    I don't agree with same sex marriage because as a Christian I feel its contrary to God's Holy law,
    God created Adam and Eve as his helper, God did create another "Adam". Also the bible say "Go ye and fill the earth" how can people of the same sex do this to fulfill God's command I believe its not Godly.
  11. kala99

    kala99 New Member

    Yes, I agree with same sex marriage. People should mind their business and worry about themselves not two consenting adults relationship. Politicians and voters shouldn't have the power to tell someone who they can and cannot marry. Its ridiculous that someone can tell someone they can't marry this person because they disapprove.
  12. paalini10

    paalini10 New Member

    I believe in same sex marriage because gender and sexual orientation are two different things. Apart from scientific knowledge, I believe in human rights. Why is same sex marriage considered immoral? Is it because marriage of opposite sexes is the "normalcy"? Marriage is the union of two hearts and this union is strengthen through physical connection. The key phrase being UNION OF TWO HEARTS. Unfortunately, today people have placed more importance on the physical portion of marriage instead of emotional connection, which has caused people to not accept same sex marriage. I feel people should better understand the definition of marriage in general before placing an opinion on same sex marriages.
  13. I believe in same sex marriage, I don't see anything wrong with homosexual or lesbian individuals. Whether it comes to the law or just personal opinion, I have nothing negative to say. Homosexuals are human just like straight individuals, they deserve to be treated fairly.
  14. Meaghan

    Meaghan New Member

    I agree in everything when it comes to equal rights. In fact, I just read an article on how a straight celebrity couple refused to get married until DOMA was repealed, because they felt that it would be wrong to celebrate a right that they were entitled to, and their GLBT friends were not.

    A lot of my family members are part of the GLBT community, and I see them love one another the same, support one another the same, and appreciate one another the same. Why should they not be offered that right as human beings? Marriage should not be a privilege based on sexuality, it should be a right. I am so glad that our country is making great strides in this matter in order for everyone to be able to celebrate love equally!
  15. CB7

    CB7 New Member

    Same sex marriage should definitely be legal. Heterosexual married couples get many perks that are denied homosexuals who have often been in monogamous relationships for longer than their married counterparts. It is simply a matter of fairness. As the human race evolves and human rights more and more take center stage, it is a no brainer to gives equal rights to all irregardless of their sexual orientation. We need to move on to much more pressing issues such as poverty and global warming. It is kind of immature and puerile to concern oneself with the business of other couples. It is time for our culture to put on our collective big boy/girl pants and tackle real issues.
  16. andreea mitroescu

    andreea mitroescu New Member

    I don't agree or disagree with same sex marriage, I believe that everyone can live there lives as they consider it,but what I really don't agree with, is allowing them to adopt, I don't think is o.k for a kid to grow up with homosexual influences
  17. TortugaTraveler

    TortugaTraveler New Member

    If marriage exists, it should be available to all adults who wish to enter into that type of relationship. Specific religion might object to blessing or recognizing the marriage, legally states and the federal government do not have that option
  18. Being married with a person is the most unique experience every individual should experience. With that idea, I firmly believe in same sex marriage. Two individuals, whether they are of the same sex or not, have the right to be married. I do not see any problem with two men or two women marrying each other. In addition, love is the common denominator of marriage. I believe that marriage is sacred and should be shared by two individuals who love each other against all odds. There is no difference between a man and a woman loving each other and two men or two women loving each other. The difference only lies on the legal and moral aspects of this issue. However, whether other people assert that same sex marriage is immoral or illegal or not, I would firmly stand on my point that we should not get in the way of the two individuals' right to get married.
  19. Flamboyant14

    Flamboyant14 New Member

    I agree that same sex marriage should be legal. It`s not my business what other people do behind closed doors. It`s their personal life and I don`t believe they should be forbidden from marrying, if they love one another. Why would people want to prevent that? Let others live their life, too and make their own decisions. You have that freedom, nobody interfered in your life...

    Why should it matter? Who am I to judge? Love knows no boundaries and it is a rare sight to see a couple in love. I don`t think that same sex marriage will influence the idea of society in any way whatsoever. There are people that claim that harm will be done to the idea of family but it is all about the way you grow up and the way your teachers and folks educate you. If you`re worried that you or your family may be corrupted or influenced in a bad way, maybe you are the one who is limiting someone else`s freedom to decide. A lot of limitations have been imposed throughout the ages because of lack of understanding or fear. What is different shouldn`t be considered illegal or a harm. It should be accepted. History should have taught us that, but I guess history always repeats itself...
  20. lyralynx

    lyralynx New Member

    The right to get married should be everybody's right. Love should not be defined by what sex you belong to and the same goes that same sex or not, marriage is not a measurement of how much love you have for each other. It will still boils down to the parties involve in a relationship as to how committed they are and whether they would like to put it in a writing and on their surnames or not.
  21. Rahel

    Rahel New Member

    Of course I do not. Man is created for woman and woman is created for man. That is the simplest pattern of love.
  22. kplague

    kplague New Member

    I'm really happy to see a majority of the members here being entirely relaxed and agreeable. Honestly I (maybe a little bit) expected to come on here and read the same time-old argument. Though there are some people who disagree and I have a few choice names for them which I would not repeat. I am a strong believer and supporter of same sex marriages. I think that love is love. And I think if you are lucky to find it, no matter in who, you should openly and whole-heartededly pursue it. I would fight anyone tooth and nail for gay marriage to be legalized.
  23. JamesV

    JamesV New Member

    I do not agree with same sex marriage, hell I don't even agree with marriage at all, but two men getting married is just down right disgusting. Two women getting married is wrong but sexy, as long as they don't dress like men. I never understood why gay people would dress like their opposite sex, its all weird to me. Gay marriage is wrong but we will all judged on judgement day.
  24. Tammy Edgerly

    Tammy Edgerly New Member

    I totally believe in same sex marriages. Everybody deserves to be happy in marriage and in life. If you are in love, it shouldn't matter if they are the same or opposite sex. I say more power to you!
  25. dfwsnowy

    dfwsnowy New Member

    Yes, I agree in same sex marriage. It is an issue that affects my daily life, and I believe that love is love. It doesn't matter what gender the people are, as long as they love each other, that's what's important to me. I'd rather have gay people be happy in same-sex marriages than feel as though they have to be unhappily trapped in an opposite-sex marriage because that's what so much of society dictates.
  26. krista phillips

    krista phillips New Member

    I do agree with same sex marriage. I agree with anything that consenting adults choose for their own life experience (as long as no harm is being done, of course). I do not believe that who a person loves and wants to marry is anyone else's business. I like Olivia's point about the distinction between the moral and legal issues being different, yet linked. On the question of morality though, I still believe that someone's morality is their own business...and of course I do not feel that it should be illegal. I vehemently disagree with any moralistic laws.
  27. kimber21fan

    kimber21fan New Member

    I absolutely do! I think that the "politics" of this issue, are purely religious. We have a separation of church and state, and the church side of this issue, is very strong in creating the state (laws) side of this issue, and that is not giving everyone in the US their Constitutional Rights. You are entitled to your religious beliefs, however, your religion should have no say, in our rights, or laws.
  28. Maciej

    Maciej New Member

    I firmly believe in same sex marriages. Love should be able to transcend all, Irregardless of a person's sexual orientation. By not allowing those couples to wed you are taking away their fundamental rights as American's and human beings. How can society be content knowing they are depriving their citizen's of happiness?
  29. Ginger the Rabbit

    Ginger the Rabbit New Member

    By denying same sex couples marriage we deny them the basic rights afforded all married people have. I've heard of terrible consequences for couples that did not have this legal protection. I read an article about a couple who were separated by Alzheimers. Because they did not have a legally binding union a sibling was able to take her brother away from his partner and ban him from seeing him. Same sex couples are also denied things that all married couples are legally entitled to like health insurance, visitation rights in hospitals and sometimes far worse, the ability to choose how their loved one will be buried.

    Do I believe in same sex marriage? ABSOLUTELY!
  30. DoctorMaia

    DoctorMaia New Member

    I don't think that you can help who you fall in love with. Falling in love is basically finding someone who "fits" into your personality; someone who knows how you feel just by looking at you or knows what you really mean when you say the complete opposite. I find it hard to describe exactly what love is because I don't think words can successfully explain that bond between two people.
    I consider marriage to be a life-long bond between two people that are in love. Now, if you believe that you cannot help who you fall in love with then it shouldn't matter what gender you marry. All that should matter is that you really are in love with the person and you promise to stay with them through the good times and the bad.
    I don't think that a 72 day marriage between a heterosexual couple should be allowed, but two men or women who have been together for years and who have always been faithful to each other and don't want anyone else in their life should be prohibited from getting married.

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