Do you also suffer from anxiety?

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  1. grayluke_

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    I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for about three years now. I have found exercise to be the best relief from my mental illnesses. Becoming mentally strong enough to continue to push myself farther physically has helped me by allowing me to feel better about my body and my life. Having a purpose and goals also really creates a focus for me. I have learned that I need to keep myself busy, sitting around all day can be one of the worst things for your depression and anxiety! Go make plans and get moving!!!!
  2. Countryangel707

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    I suffer from OCD and depression. It is something that at times can be really annoying but I get through it, not alone but with Jesus Christ my savior. I take homeopathic medicine which seems to help a good bit. The best part is that it is natural medicine and does not have any adverse effects or drug interactions. Hope this has been helpful. Have a God Blessed Day! :)
  3. Krisinmt

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    I have suffered from anxiety and depression for a good portion of my life. The anxiety more so hit in my late teens. There unfortunately is a stigma on people with anxiety and depression. Hose that don't have to suffer with either, seem to have a misunderstanding and can't fully understand what it is like. When I am depressed, I am DEPRESSED! I do not want to leave my house, I have to muster up any energy I have in order to just clean up a little, or go to work. On top of that, it seems hard, at least where I live, to find proper mental health help. I was being treated for my anxiety, but they stripped those from me because they were narcotic and the doctors are so fearful of prescribing any narcotics because of people being dumb and abusing them. It angers me because they worked for me. There are those of us that need them. So instead of giving me what works, the they would rather have people abusing alcohol of finding drugs illicitly in order to deal with anxiety and depression. I'll never understand that way of thinking. Instead, I am now not on anything for either. I won't gamble with anti depressants anymore because of how they make me feel worse off, but help with anxiety would be fantastic. I know however, that I will probably never get what works medicine wise against though.
  4. Kelleyann409

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    I have a teenager and have been struggling with anxiety for almost a year now. I have gone to some classes on mindful meditation and have found that to help. It is a constant daily battle to not catasrophise every small detail in my day to day life. I read a quote the other day that resonated with me; "even the worst day is only 24 hours long". I don't know who said it; but I try to think about that when the day gets a bit away from me.
  5. Trousers

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    I managed my anxiety and depression for far too long using the "just be a tough guy" method. This failed at just past my mid-30s due to a lot of things, though I suspect hormone changes played a large part in it. I got lucky with my first medication combination that has been working really well for me for many years now; it had the added side effect of also treating my insomnia which I hadn't previously realized was anxiety caused.
  6. MichaelJacob

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    I do suffer from anxiety I was diagnosed with social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder so I know how it feels to battle mental illness. Although my anxiety is not as bad as it use to be, I do still get anxiety but now I know how to calm myself down before getting an anxiety attack, what I usually do when I feel like I'm about to lose control I go to YouTube and watch ASMR videos I recommend it to anybody with insomnia stress or anxiety, there are different types of videos with people making different sounds or whispering and it really does help calm down when your feeling uptight or anxious .
  7. M&m

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    I suffer from depression and anxiety. I do actually think it's just how you see it.... It is honestly not the best things to have, but you learn to deal with it. With the right perscriptions and looking foward on life, that is the best thing you have right now... so we habe to make it count. Before you end up being to old and having regret. Not everyday is nice, but we should stand together and help each other trough the bad times.
  8. flairwriter

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    I love the advice you people are giving here. Many people suffer with anxiety just like depression and it can be pretty draining you know. It symptoms can sometimes be understood. Fear of doom, inability to have a good rest, numbness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and many more are symptoms of anxiety. I have also had my fair share of anxiety in life though not for a long period. Just like depression, anyone can experience or have anxiety. It can be really bad.

    Anxiety should be taken serious because it can lead to something else if not well managed. The fear that accompanies one because of anxiety is overwhelming. If you can visit a therapist, do because it will be very helpful. I do not know if anxiety is also a kind of mental illness but it should not be neglected as if it does matter. I have also read that sometimes breathing deeply can calm down attacks due to anxiety. I do not know if any of you here ever tried breathing deeply and it helped.

    The body system seems to be complicated anyway. According to research, the actual cause of anxiety is unknown, unlike other forms of mental illness. Anxiety, depression, stress and the likes can easily make you socially unfit. It is always advisable to look out for symptoms. Once you know the symptoms, seek professional help and all shall be well. In addition, I think overcoming anxiety is systematic thing and not something, that is instant. I might be wrong though
  9. giovanniiiii

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    Last year, whenever I feel some pain especially in my chest area or in the area near the supposed place of appendix is, I quickly associate it with an illness that I might not actually have in the first place. I then begin to search online for symptoms of the illnesses that I assume I have and whenever I see one symptom that I am currently experiencing, I start to panic. On those times I have also went to the doctor afterwards and I have been told the same thing always, that I have health anxiety. My body was completely healthy and they even ran different tests for me to prove that I really am. It was suggested that I take my mind off stressful things once in a while, especially studies. I am in the process of overcoming my health anxiety step by step and I am feeling better.
  10. miryanag

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    A few years back, I had awful panic attacks. My doctor prescribed me a mixture of drugs to cope with the anxiety, but when I started taking them I felt bad. I was sleepy, low energy levels during the day and I felt numb inside. On my own, I have decided to stop taking them and find another solution to my problems. What I did was change my diet, because there are certain foods which can enhance anxiety. I started working out, exercising is a great way to deal with stress. Doing yoga is by far the best way I have found to deal with anxiety. And last I started looking into my own life and I found that there are certain things in my life which trigger my anxiety.
  11. DiogoBatista27

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    For me, dealing with my anxiety was mostly a psychological effort, supplemented with some cannabis. Meditation helps. Forcing myself to think "Nothing's hurting you, no reason to be afraid/anxious" hard enough for long enough seems to have done the trick. It was so hard when, back then, I woke up feeling anxious.
  12. Agha Jamal

    Agha Jamal New Member

    I do not suffer from anxiety now but I used to suffer immensely from it after I had a nervous breakdown back in 2011. The fear and terror that I used to experience during the panic attacks is something that words cannot describe. I used to experience heart palpitations which I initially thought were symptoms of a heart attack. But to all those suffering from it, I would recommend them medication and psychotherapy both. Medication will give you relief and psychotherapy will determine the root cause and prevent recurrence.
  13. hobashola

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    Anxiety is gradually increasing across the world and it is estimated that about 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders yearly. You can try dealing with the triggers of your anxiety. Reduce stress, confrontations and specific triggers like great height, claustrophobia and narcotics.
    There are medications available to help you cope with anxiety. Benzodiazepines are very effective in reducing symptoms during panic attacks but there is a risk of addiction.
  14. Bijan Moradi

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    Anxiety unfortunately rules my life. I have very few friends because my social anxiety makes talking to people a chore. I go to a good University but am constantly worrying I am going to end up failing or homeless. Occasionally I have horrible panic attacks where I think I have tumors, or cancer, or some other horrible illness.

    Nothing as really helped either. Cannabis makes it worse, anti-depressants give me realization, and benzos are just too addictive and scary.
  15. iyanpol12

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    It might be difficult to admit it, but yes. I am often overthinking which I considered as normal to the extent that I am always anxious about the future. I never heard anything about anxiety disorder before until I began to research about different kinds of psychological disorders. I began to realize that I have been suffering in such for a long time. I got easily depressed as well during the transition of the weather, particularly summer to rainy season. Seeking help might not be easy but it is the only way. Forget about the stigma associated to it. We all have the right to heal.
  16. Blessn Vincent

    Blessn Vincent New Member

    Make sure to read through and get every details in this little information i offer, its not much, but a real deal when it comes to anxiety management.

    I. Learn Relaxation Techniques
    There are two physical strategies you can hone and wind up noticeably skilled with that, will enable you to control feelings of anxiety or panic.

    1 Breath Control - Just as finished incitement can make you breath speedier and perhaps to hyperventilate, you can constrain yourself to quiet around purposefully moderating your relaxing. As you take profound moderate breaths it really quiets you down. This reality is notable to military specialists and stage entertainers alike.

    2. Dynamic Muscle unwinding - Go through your body initially utilizing a specific muscle and after that unwinding it. This procedure is infrequently utilized amid entrancing enlistment to enable the subject to unwind.

    The thing to recollect is that you are just making a move to make yourself agreeable. So initially quiet your brain by concentrating on the way that there is no genuine threat and after that find a way to quiet your body.

    II. Argue With That Inner Voice
    While in a panic we hear whispers of thoughts we would regularly discover absurd. The best thing to do is to counter these thoughts quickly with more sensible ones.

    At the point when your scared cerebrum supposes "will bite the dust." react with "The last time I felt a similar way I'm as yet alive." When you waver to stroll into a room since you think "Everybody will chuckle at me" remind yourself "I've been around these same individuals ordinarily and that never happened."

    Despite the fact that you know intelligently that the things your scared cerebrum gushes off don't bode well, the more you let them go uncontested, the more grounded they influence you.

    It may not be so natural to do this in the hold of fear. So convey list cards with sensible counterarguments imprinted on them to utilize when your normal negative thoughts fly into your head.

    So that's it, if its a good one, please share with people who need it too, and thanks for reading by the way.
  17. Writerholic

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    I have battled with anxiety for a very long time. It's a terrible thing to suffer from. Anxiety and depression are the major cause of suicide worldwide. People who suffer from such, may have difficulty sleeping at night and lack concentration during the day. Depression is a slow but gradual process of looking sanity and it's major cause is life's challenges and problems difficult to solve. In both cases, victims are advised to seek medical help and avoid self medication.
  18. M_Pruette

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    I have crippling anxiety and have had for years. I also have PTSD, which only compounds the issue. The anxiety has been around longer than the PTSD, so I know that wasn't the cause. I rarely ever leave my house because the entire time I'm out with my family or friends, I see our deaths being played out over and over in my mind. I wake up at night in complete panic mode because I've just had a scene play out in my mind of my children dying in horrible ways. I lost a child, so that is the catalyst for that one.

    My anxieties leave me severely depressed because I isolate myself and it gets very lonely. Most of the medications I've tried I absolutely hate, or they have an adverse reaction causing me to become suicidal. So, I've turned to natural remedies. Some I can discuss, others I can't talk about. I do venture out to therapy every two weeks and my therapist is amazing. I used to cancel appointments all the time because of their location. It was on a majorly dangerous highway and getting in and out of their parking lot was a literal nightmare for me. They have since moved to an area that I'm more comfortable with, so I get to go more often now. As you can clearly see, I don't need to be canceling my therapy appointments!

    In hindsight, I apologize for the wordy post. Mental health is a passion of mine and I am an open book. If the stigmas can go away, or even be greatly diminished, far more of us would not suffer in silence.
  19. happybear

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    Yes like you guys, I am also suffering from anxiety. It was all started 3 years ago when one of my friend was rushed to the hospital because of brain aneurysm. Witnessing her while being comatosed and eventually die was traumatic. Negative thoughts started playing in my mind like what if it will also happen to me. In addition with anxiety, panic attacks and nervousness also hit me. At first it was so hard to control. Now When anxiety attacks me I will repeatedly say to myself that ''it is just in my mind, it can't harm me, I am not afraid because God is with me''. I stop drinking coffee because caffeine can trigger anxiety. You may also try to have pet like dog. A balance and healthy lifestyle has a great contribution in dealing anxiety.
  20. Angel07

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    Yes, I have post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety is a very common symptom, I'm anxious about almost everything, going to work, going to school, or even getting out can be a problem, sometimes anxiety gets so high that it results in panic attacks, it's very hard to control but when you have to deal with it every day you kind of get used to it, I personally have some anxiety pills with me all the time, I also learned some relaxation techniques that could help, but every time is a challenge.
  21. Moseby

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    I have personally suffered from GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) as well as Panic Disorder since I was 12. My panic attacks were a focus of my life for many years and I would have to plan my schedule around my triggers and insecurities. There was never a moment of rest, and this lifestyle did lead to depression at times. Now that I'm older, I have found coping mechanisms that work for me, such as yoga, meditation, and creative expression. Eating healthier and becoming a vegetarian also helped to clear my mind. I'm now a much more relaxed person who rarely has panic attacks, and I have years of patience and education to thank for that.
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  22. etthreal

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    I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, and borderline personality disorders all at fairly young ages. As you can probably imagine this had quite a negative impact on me growing up. It gave me all kinds of trouble when it came to school, primarily my anxiety or social phobia made it almost impossible for me to go to school every morning without having insane panic attacks that would sometimes even send me to the hospital. My depression made me lose all hope for ever getting better and still to this day sucks every ounce of motivation and determination to get better out of me. Body dysmorphia has made me hate everything about myself and fear being judged for my body by others every time i leave the house. Out of everything though the biggest toll has been the borderline personality disorder, it has severed my relationships with multiple people, made me act impulsively in all kinds of different ways, and sometimes even makes me feel like i don't even know how I really am. After years of trying to find ways to cope with these disorders and trying dozens of different medications the only true solace I've ever found was in the love and support of my friends and family. The only thing that has ever truly made a difference for me was when my loved ones went out of their way to make it known that they were here for me and didn't see me the same way I saw myself. I know it may sound cliche but love can really make a huge impact on a person.
  23. kevincapolino

    kevincapolino New Member

    I've been dealing with anxiety for many years but only recently learned the value of breathing exercises...
    Holding a deep breath for a count of five and then waiting five more seconds until taking another breath; the whole idea always sounded silly to me until I was in really bad shape a few weeks ago and gave it a shot. I'm sure most people in this thread are smarter than me and already use them when they're feeling nervous but if you don't know much about them I definitely recommend heading on over to Google and finding a few. They're a life saver!
  24. Annag

    Annag New Member

    I have anxiety and other mental health struggles. I manage it with medication and working with professionals in the area, as well as ensuring the rest of my health is taken care of.
  25. amichellepnd

    amichellepnd New Member

    It's too sad to admit, but I definitely do suffer from anxiety and it's consuming me, every single day of my life, there won't really be a day that I won't suffer from it, and I hate it big time. I can't be loose, I keep on holding back with different opportunities, I hate the feeling that I always go back to past events and make myself upset. I hate thinking about that guy who looked at me differently, I hate to think multiple times why my friends aren't texting me, I hate thinking repeatedly how someone talked to me, and what I hate most is when my mind can't stop thinking of all the mistakes that I did, of all the "should've done or said" things. I hate it that I want to always have fun and go out, but when that day comes, anxiety will kick in, so I'll end up cancelling every appointment that I have because, the day hasn't really started yet but there are already tons of different scenarios, which I surely don't like in my head. And it sucks, definitely, I hate crying every night and missing all the sleep that I need.
  26. rjohndava86

    rjohndava86 New Member

    Anxiety is a part of our life. Everyday we experience to be anxious but sometimes we didn't notice it because it is in low level. We feel anxiety if we are doing an activities in first time such as talking or dancing to crowd and it is normal. But some people experience anxiety in the highest level and they cannot tolerate it. If you are anxious do the deep breathing exercise to stabilize your mood. You can take down in a notes all the activities that makes you anxious. Identifying if can help you in the future time to be prepared in any activities that makes you anxious. If lately you always experience anxiety in the highest scale, it is better to consult psychiatrist, he will help you a lot.
  27. danahart23

    danahart23 New Member

    yes and its hopeless unless you get a proper help from the right people and doctors it is a serious illness that needs lots of understanding and care from the people around u.
  28. amichdom

    amichdom New Member

    I do have social anxiety which makes it hard for me to do small talks with other people. Having this kind of anxiety made me a loner. Basically when I try to start a conversation it ends up getting awkward and after a while I start to blame myself for everything. It was difficult for me, because I have depression as well. Suicidal thoughts always play in my mind. When I'm idle it seems my mind knows pretty well how to make me sadder and I automatically think about the embarrassing moments that I had in the past. I never had any medical treatments that's why I still don't know how to cope with my depression and anxiety.

    I think it all started when I was young because I was always humiliated by my peers. The trauma just doesn't go away with just a click of a finger, if it were that easy I should have done that a long time ago. It is still unclear what my life would be in the future with this kind of mental illness. I wish I could help myself get through this without seeking a doctor's help. They say meditation helps a lot so I will try it.
  29. Qamer Abbas

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  30. teyen10

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    I had for past few months now, Since i graduated, i started for felt more frequent now, i working as laboratory science, and my work requires me to constantly check process lab works, and theres no room for mistake, so even im home, i can stop think what happened to my released result, and also my anxiety came from the people surrounds me, some of them fulls you down.

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