Do you believe apple is better than android?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by allanahhiggs, Sep 23, 2019.


Do you believe apple is better than android?

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  1. allanahhiggs

    allanahhiggs New Member

    I personally prefer the look and layout of apple and that is mainly why I stick to apple.
  2. jsales

    jsales New Member

    I love the OS and I enjoy the convenience of syncing all my devices.
  3. Amester2003

    Amester2003 New Member

    Apple has more popularity but software and spec wise, I think android is better. Android is supported and offered in multiple devices while Apple is specific for their os. I would personally prefer the layout of Apple
  4. Shuby415

    Shuby415 New Member

    When it comes to Apple versus Android there is not one phone that is completely better than the other. There are so many categories and variables to compare to, but in a general sense Android usually has more apps and features while Apple has better security and less likely to have glitches. It also depends on what model phone and generation.
  5. SaimaElas

    SaimaElas Member

    Apple is great but android has more features and it was also cheaper with a good specs
  6. AjKr

    AjKr New Member

    Apple Phones perform very well but the data backup and other things relating to it starting from price are not. Android Phones perform well but needs a lot of care but data backup is very easy and are available for less than that of an iPhone.

    I have been using Android Phone for a very long time and my brother had iPhone 6S and then upgraded to 7 Plus. If I was talking about iPhone 6S and compared it with my Samsung S7 Edge, the iPhone was smaller. We both bought them around the same time and I faced a few issues with apps freezing so I had to restart my phone after 1 month and I close all the tabs and apps and run memory and storage optimizer almost every time I close a lot of apps. Whereas my brother does not do none of that, does not do any kind of maintenance and did not once restart his iPhone for as long as he had it.

    I don't have a lot of data on my phone so I have not backed my data up on any PC so I cannot comment on this from Android perspective but I know what my brother went through. He ran out of Apple Cloud storage very quickly so shifted to Google Photos and Dropbox to upload the Photos and Videos. When he wanted to upgrade to iPhone 7 Plus he wanted to back the data up so he plugged the iPhone 6S and backed it up on iTunes. Later when he plugged in the iPhone 7 Plus there were some images he had taken on a trip where he bought the 7 Plus and that got erased and it put the data that was in iPhone 6S, he said the whole process with iTunes was very confusing and hopes that he can recover those Photos.

    Recently he bought a Samsung S10 Plus and moved away from iPhone but we changed our computer and had to go over internet posts to find out where the Apple Backup folder would be kept and move it over to the new computer. Now another issue arose, he cannot seem to see or view the data that is backed up. In iTunes there is no option to show the content and most of the software available for free that can extract Apple Backup hasn't worked and even trail of paid software hasn't helped him.

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