Do you believe in angels?

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  1. theend

    theend New Member

    I have to. I am on this planet on assignment and my greatest pleasure is performing angel duty. I know I am only one out of many. Angels are very real and so is God. Atheists are in for a very frightening trip beyond that mysterious door at the end of the hall. Learn the truth before you turn that knob and open that door.
  2. jeffreyjose

    jeffreyjose New Member

    Yes i believe in angels. Even though I can't see them i still believe they are present to guide, guard and even minister to me. Angels are assigned by God for our protection from harm and danger.
  3. Besa

    Besa New Member

    Yes i believe in the angel because he's just watching, he's watching what i'm doing,right or wrong, and wherever i'm doing, it's my angel, it's just okay.
  4. john thomas cox

    john thomas cox New Member

    They do exist.
    I was driving along in my robot with a two losers in their own robots: one emotionless, the other incredibly whiny. We were off doing something when out of nowhere, an Angel appeared in high orbit. One thing led to another, and it attacked my mind. I think some spear was involved at some point. Also, I can't drive my robot anymore. Some of may not believe me, some of you will. But all I can say is there will be the day of Jesus' second coming. When it does come, think back... Angels do exist. Some of you probably don't understand but it will all make sense in the end... Just wait
  5. Shally

    Shally Member

    Yes i do believe in angels.My baby was catched by her angel.I really dont know what happen but i saw my baby fell down in our bed.I was screaming that night and i almost breakdown my heart because my child fell out of bed.But one thing i amazed is that shes not crying,and she smiled at me without knowing that she already fell in our bed.I really think that my baby save by an Angel.Angel saves my baby!I pray and thank God that nothing happen bad to my baby.
  6. rlkyle

    rlkyle New Member

    The posts on this age are beautiful. As a Christian for nearly 40 years now, it warms my heart to be reminded of the innate faith built into the heart of all mankind. In the Judeo-Christian Scriptures we are told of only one other type of sentient creating beings beside ourselves. These are the angels. Though we are not given much in the way of details, we do know that they exist in at least three forms. These are the Cherubim, the Seraphim, and at least two who are considered to be Archangels, Michael and Gabriel. These beings share with us the traits of intellect, emotion, and even a sense of humor as demonstrated in the account of Gabriel and Zacharias in chapter 1, verses 12 through 20. Gabriel had come to deliver the message that John would be born, and would be the forerunner of the Messiah. Zacharias, true to human nature, was afraid at first. Then he openly questioned Gabriel! From this point, with your indulgence I will paraphrase just a bit. Gabriel had just been called on the mat for suggesting what was surely an impossibility, since everyone knew that Elisabeth, the wife of Zacharias was infertile. I can picture the look on Gabriel's face as one of mixed confusion and slight annoyance as though a child had just asked a silly question. His answer was powerful. Gabriel simply reminded Zacharias who he was talking to. "I am Gabriel..." I stand in the presence of God"...I came here "to give you this good news..." But, since you doubt me, I'll tell you what; you are going to be silent about this whole experience right up until the time John is born. Maybe that will convince you. Then the messenger of God was gone. The next words Zacharias spoke were a string of loud and boisterous praises to God, right after he wrote on a tablet, "His name is John!" Nine months this man went without being able to talk. Zacharias had a lot of time to think about his meeting with an angel. Yes folks, they are as real as you and I. They are as real as our mutual Creator and they, like us, each have a purpose. They are called ministering spirits and they help us along our travels through this brief life.
  7. mike37

    mike37 New Member

    Yes i believe..WHY?..Let me tell you a short story..
    when i was a little boy,my age is about 7 years old,i had a fever a very strong fever..I am only at home in that moment because my father was on work and my mother is school parents meeting with my 2 sisters and 1 brother..i can not stand on that time.My body is so heavy.I felt so cold.I thought i'd die on that time.But i dreamed i am playing with one beautiful little girl.When i open my eyes,the little girl was on my side,smiling and touched my forehead..I can not move,i'am freeze.she said i i'm gonna be okey..after that she walks going to the open door and she's slowly gone..
    Maybe i am just dreaming..But in my mine it is real..
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  8. kthrn

    kthrn New Member

    Yes, I believe in angels. Actually each one of us has a guardian angel specially for the young ones. Let me share with you one of my experience about an angel catch my baby. One night after a day of so much tiredness, i slept beside my baby in our bed. And i woke up my baby crying in the floor with a pillow underneath her. I am so thankful to God and her guardian angel who protect her with no scratch or anything.
    My sister's experience about angels, When she was a child while she was crossing in a long bridge with our grand mother. Suddenly, she disappeared and fall out in the bridge. She felt that she was falling then she felt asleep. She passed out. My grand mother called for help and my sister was found under the bridge if you look how high the bridge was, you would say no one could survive and that bridge in Marinduque is well-known to be somewhat enchanted. There's so much accident reported happened there. When they found my sister. As if she was just sleeping then when they wake her up. She said it felt that someone catch me and i passed-out she imply.
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  9. Saludo

    Saludo New Member

    Yes, and you can communicate with them if you know how. The secret is opening the third eye chakra. Angels are demensional beings.

    They can occupy the same space but in a different dimension. Remember your eyes can only see in-between the light frequency of infrared and ultraviolet. Beyond that our eyes can not pick it up. Just like a PlayStation game can not be read on a Xbox. Tesla is the key, the secret to life is energy, frequency and vibration.

    Doesn’t matter how many times you cut a brain into pieces you will not find a memory. Why..?? Because like a radio frequency your memories are being stored in wave fields Tesla new this, the brain is a beacon that receives information. This is where people get the term from Reiki and such we are all one because if you could see past ultra violet and infrared you may notice something above your head. Chakras.

    If you really want to communicate, Ormus monotomic Gold which is what the pharaoh kings were using to communicate. Be warned it’s not for everyone but it will give you that which seek.
  10. cecesjv

    cecesjv New Member

    The bible tells us angels do exist and that they are good in general except for some jealous ones. But lately, as I study the book of Enoch, I found some very interesting facts about them. It has in a way altered my perception of angels being guardians of man as taught to us when we were kids. I learned about the fallen angels, the Nephilims ( offsprings of angels and women from earth) and how angels taught man how to make weapons of war, magic, and chants. Not very angelic behavior. But nevertheless, I believe that they exist to serve a purpose, whatever that may be, just like us and to worship and glorify God.
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  11. Kimi02

    Kimi02 New Member

    I do believe that we all have angels guiding us always. Sometimes I am careless at crossing roads and felt like I would have died instantly if I was not able to take that single step away. Some angels may be someone we cannot or can see and I believe we can sometimes find them in human form. Our loved ones who are always there to support us and sometimes even strangers can be an angel in disguise.
  12. pantaleonjayson

    pantaleonjayson New Member

    Our Lord often spoke of angels, in the New Testament they are numerous. Angels are purely spiritual or bodyless persons(Mt 11:30),some of whom behold the face of God and thus are in bliss(Mt 18:10).
  13. micohatienza

    micohatienza New Member

    Yes. I remember when my son is 1 year old , me and my wife are still sleeping. Our son is sleeping between us. But eventually my son cries. We are looking at the bed and my son is not there. And we saw him laying down on our cemented floor. I checked him and I don't see any wounds or even scratches. And the height of the bed to the floor is like 2 - 3 feet high. We believe that there is an angel guarding babies. And that event I know angel save my son.
  14. Yes I do, I can feel it everytime I’m in danger.
  15. Arjade

    Arjade New Member

    I believe in GOD and so I believe in Angels also.
    I may not seen them having wings or flying in the sky but I feel them in my heart.
    Look in the mirror and you will saw an angel without wings but a saviour , a kind ,a worshiper and a believer of GOD
  16. maryssmaricar

    maryssmaricar Member

    I believe in Angels. Growing up, my grandma would tell me that every night when I sleep, a guardian angel is looking over me. I believe in God so I believe that he sent an angel to everyone of us too lead us to the right path. We also have this angels that is physically with us - our family and friends.
  17. qwerty24

    qwerty24 New Member

    I believe in angels, my girfriend is my little angel. his so cute and perfect, it can only be an angel
  18. I believe so. In this world full of chaos and terror, angels are sent to us for us to be able to cope and be a better person. And they might not be the kind that you see on TV, with wings and halo-- they're actually like us. It might be your mom, your sister, your best friend, the girl next door, your teacher. They are living with us and all around us. We just have to look harder and see beyond appearances. And somehow, to someone, we are made to be their angel too. ♥
  19. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    Of course i believe in angles. Angels are our protector. God assign angels to us to protect us from getting hury and evil. All we have to do is to spead the love of god. How he cared and he loved or us.
  20. Ethelmm

    Ethelmm New Member

    I 100% believe in angels. They are heavenly bodies sent by God to protect us and cover us from unforeseen evil acts.
  21. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    Of course, angels are little mermaids sent by god to protect and guide us!
  22. Chfuen99

    Chfuen99 New Member

    Our views and opinions regarding supernatural beings are highly influenced by our culture and tradition. I am from a Catholic upbringing but my belief does not sprout from that reason alone. I personally feel the guidance of an angel when I once was in danger. I could not fully comprehend how it happened,but I do believe that it was because of an angel's work.
  23. ina44

    ina44 New Member

    Yes, I believe in angels, as in God. It was a time when I didn't believe it, but I had problems in life. I was left alone to deal with them both by friends and family. And then I started to pray. Each prayer was like a balm to my soul. And I got an answer. All my problems, even though they were big, were solved. I prayed to God and prayed to the angels. And they have guided me in solving my problems. Since then, I know that I am always understood by the deity. I am understood and guided as no man can do it. Divinity acts through humans.
  24. donald78

    donald78 Member

    I never thought about angels and I suppose if you had asked me I would have said that I did not really believe in the existence of angels. I knew nothing really about angels. The first time was at a very difficult time in my life when both my parents and my fiance died within a 6 months period. I was very depressed and lying on the sofa in my small living room when I suddenly sensed that there was a being of great peace and healing in the room. I saw nothing with my eyes and yet I could sense that being so clear that it was as if I could see the whiteness of the feathers of its wings. At the time I was not sure what I had experienced really and did not think about it too deeply I just found myself saying that there was an angel in the room and I felt that it was protecting me. A strange thing was that every person who came to that room immediately said, “What a wonderful room. It is so peaceful and beautiful here.” No one has ever before or since said that about any room in any house I have ever lived in. Later when I left the house the person taking it asked me to put in the contract that I would leave the angel and she seemed satisfied that I had. The house changed hands many times and many years later I visited the house again but I sensed that the angels are no longer there.
  25. arred3m

    arred3m New Member

    Yes, I do believe in Angels. Since I'm a devout Catholic, I perceive the Bible as truth and Angels have been mentioned there quite a lot of times. Although I can't say I have proof of their existence my faith draws me to believe in them since God created them for a divine purpose.
  26. Adijenni

    Adijenni New Member

    Yes, I believe in God and I also believe in angels.
  27. Fatmasong

    Fatmasong Member

    [​IMG] I used to believe in angels but not anymore. As I grow up I realise fate is in our hands and there is no need to put your all in believing things like angels
  28. Elsa77

    Elsa77 Member

    I believe in angels, because they believe in me! They believe in me so much that it defends me constantly with the wing of their innocence.
  29. sloaneuphoff

    sloaneuphoff New Member

    No, I do not believe in angels, basically because there is no evidence (anecdotes don't count as evidence)! I am also an atheist and don't believe in any of the thousands of gods being worshipped right now. Religion just doesn't make any sense to me. How can only one be right when there are so many?
  30. GaryNewman

    GaryNewman Member

    If God exists, then angels are with Him in Heaven. This also means the devil is real together with evil spirits. Simple answer I guess. Heh.

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