Do you believe in reincarnation?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Anjelica Abucejo, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Anjelica Abucejo

    Anjelica Abucejo New Member

    While many others believe that reincarnation as a myth, there are many people who have investigated reincarnation and come to the conclusion that it is a legitimate phenomenon.I believe in reincarnation as I believe that only the human body dies but the soul is immortal and will start a new life in a different physical body.
  2. a_laron

    a_laron New Member

    As someone who leads a pretty much scientific life, I don't really believe much in reincarnation. I mostly believe that we are just atoms who takes on different forms and will eventually die and cease to exist. Mostly. There's something appealing with the idea that our death is not the end but only a beginning of another journey. We fear things we do not know. Like what comes after death. A small part of me holds on to that little possibility. And maybe one day we'll know if it's a thing or not.
  3. Imperator

    Imperator New Member

    If reincarnation exists, it would have to be without the memory of the previous life, making it essentially worthless. Having your memories and personality erased is synonymous with death. Therefore I operate under the assumption that reincarnation does not exist because it wouldn't matter if it did.
  4. evetrinidad

    evetrinidad New Member

    I am torn between believing and not. At my age I should already have a stand on this issue but honestly, I don't. It is still a gray area for me. There are races that believes in reincarnation, I don't know why because I am not well-read on this concern. There are also incidents that cannot be explained by science. I cannot remember specific incidents that I read about but I do know that I have come across some writings on these. This thread made me want to seek more information on this topic. If I remember right, budhism believe in it.
  5. Nivraceel

    Nivraceel New Member

    I believe that when people die, his or her soul will enter into a new body and be reborned. It is a process and cycle of life until such time that the body and soul unite and have learned the true meaning of life. have done the true purpose of life while being trapped in a mortal body. Body and sould ascend to the heavens and become a higher being by passing the tests and successfully knowing the real purpose of being on earth.
  6. theposterfrommars

    theposterfrommars New Member

    Intriguing perspective! I found your last sentence particularly interesting, as I don't always see people discussing the importance of memory. The exact definitions of "death" and the "soul" are very important in conversations about reincarnation, but since so many people view them differently it can be hard to get on the same page.

    Your definition of death as the erasure of memories and personality is sensible. Many people agree with that definition. When we talk about the "soul", memories and personality are usually thought of as being inextricably linked. All the same, there are still some questions. For example, sometimes people lose their memories due to head trauma, or their personalities change over time. Do we still think of them as being the same person? Does their original personality truly have no effect on their current situations?

    As for your argument that reincarnation is irrelevant due to the loss of memories and personality, some people do believe that these survive death in some form. Deja vu is often considered to be a sign of a past life memory. Some people even claim to have very detailed memories of their past lives and provide information that allegedly only their previous incarnation would know, although these accounts are often disputed. The Dalai Lama is believed to be the reincarnation of a single person, and is selected after careful testing for memories of that person's past lives. Past life regression therapy was relatively popular at one point as well.

    For the record, I do not believe in reincarnation, although I find the concept intriguing. I found your points about memory and personality thoughtful and interesting and wanted to add more information to the topic.
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  7. leafy87

    leafy87 New Member

    I don’t have any personal experience that may support my belief in reincarnation. But I just feel it that this phenomenon is possible. There are still a lot of things happening around us that we can’t explain yet or science can’t still explain. I think the lost of memories of our past lives is a good thing so that person could start something new or build new memories on his/her present life and not be imprisoned by what happened in the past. That each reincarnation or each birth is a chance for one soul to start new and live the way they want to this time.
  8. Ally Way

    Ally Way New Member

    No matter what anyone says, I will remain open-minded. Believing in aliens, life after death, and heck even unicorns. I'm not one to see the world in black and white. I don't like barriers and being dead set on staying on one side. Science maybe a path to reality, but science is what sentient beings discover. How can people be so sure that facts are facts? Who can you trust? Statistics? Numbers? Humans make mistakes. Humans cheat to get ahead. Humans have mastered brainwashing. All you can do is dream, build, and repeat.
  9. grey.sam

    grey.sam New Member

    I want to believe in reincarnation! the thought of having a second chance and not just a second chance but could be third or fourth. I've been reading Mangas about reincarnation, well of course those are fantasies, but I really enjoy reading those.
    I feel like if ever, or if there's a chance that reincarnation is true, I feel like there'll be criteria for you to be reincarnated.
  10. domie dave

    domie dave New Member

    It's just a common sense. We came to this earth with our body and spirit. This might actually confuses a lot of people but the truth is it never happened before until now. When we die, the spirit wont go to any plants, animals and etc but it goes to the same place where all things are spirits. Let me put this in logic, it says that the spirit has the same shape like body. So therefore when I die then if I go to a flower, I might not be able fit in which I found it absurd. And it also indicated that all things have spirits even the earth. Reincarnation is pretty much about the body's spirit when it dies it will go to another body while resurrection taught us that the dead body's spirit goes back again to the same body someday as the bible promised us. In short, I don't believe in reincarnation.
  11. kcboclot

    kcboclot New Member

    Yes! I do believe in reincarnation. That is actually what my term paper is all about. I think the reason why some believe in it, even though they do not practice Hinduism or other religions that has this concept, is because they want a strong manifestation that their love ones will somehow be brought back from the dead. That is the same reason why I also believe in it. When my father died, I was very young and I had no idea on the concept of reincarnation until I reached High School. That's when I became fascinated by it. I hope that one day, I will meet the reincarnated version of my father. It warms my heart just thinking about it
  12. stranger_07

    stranger_07 Member

    No! I guess it is not true but it is something base on my believe and religion but if I were to pick I wish that is true because I often read books that has reincarnation in it.
  13. ezekieltan1324

    ezekieltan1324 New Member

    Somehow, a part of me believe in reincarnation. As I watched many videos related to reincarnation, eventually, I started believing it too. I watched a video of a 5 year old kid, saying he's a conductor in the past and suddenly, his mind got out from it. Where did this kid took his thoughts? Is it a myth or truth?
  14. DamaDeNoche

    DamaDeNoche New Member

    No. I don't believe there is such a thing after we die. Life will not be so challenging if we have several lives to live . We will not try our best and could always leave things undone in our present life and hope that we could do it better next time around. My belief that I will live only once on this earth, urges me to strive for that perfection of being an image of God; To never return after death to this lower form of corruptible life, and forever be Godlike, for me , is a more superior belief than reincarnation.
  15. Marc_Olaya

    Marc_Olaya New Member

    I don't really know the answer. My religion says there is but I don't see any scientific proof that it does. The thought of reincarnation somehow scares me since it goes along with death. Many would think that reincarnation is their second chance, but I'd say, if reincarnation is true, it will only apply to those who are worthy - definitely not for everybody. It's also hard to believe what we get out of the internet regarding reincarnation since majority of it are just all made up.
  16. Nan Navarro

    Nan Navarro New Member

    Reincarnation is an absolute lie created by imaginations and only exists in fictions. Such topic is not supported in the Bible but the opposite of it: "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment" (Hebrews 9: 27 KJV). Some people may be doomed on the belief that some extraordinary individuals have the ability to live again in a different body or being born again physically to live another lifetime but it will never happen. After the death of our body it will be buried to the cemetery while the soul has only two possible destinations: heaven or hell. There's nothing to fear hell if we have the Lord Jesus Christ accepted as Lord and Savior in our lives, it is a personal step we all must decide individually. Decide now.
  17. Gennica Miranda

    Gennica Miranda New Member

    As young as 11, I've already established my stand about reincarnation. Many say that reincarnation is a myth. My religion says so. Scientists says so. But I still believe that reincarnation is true. I believe that there are just things that we could not explain but just have to believe.
    For me, reincarnation only involves being reborn in another physical body after the biological death. A new opportunity for a soul to live life again according to what has God has planned for him to do. Memories should be left behind for the soul to start a new and without any burdens and pain from losing loved ones from the past life.
  18. Chinzo

    Chinzo New Member

    I believe in Re-incarnation.
    I was fortunate enough to stumble upon an article titled "The EGG Theory" by Andy Weir. It's a theory of life put into story. I do not want to ruin the story, so just google it and have a read, it is a yummy food for thought when you're about to go to sleep.
  19. jumer

    jumer New Member

    Nope because if reincarnation is real so what are the reincarnation of the dinosaur. I believed we only have one life and it's up to us what to do about it. Life is precious that's why God make our life shorter to make out of it. For us to value every second of it. To learn, to experience, to feel, to eat, to sleep, to love and etc. We only live once so value your own like how some happy person value their life.
  20. ClioHistory@23

    ClioHistory@23 New Member

    Yeah I believe that we are reincarnated. How else could we explain the sense of deja vu we felt when we are in a place and in around a certain people. I believe souls finds a way to come back in order to fulfill the cycle of life, and that is to learn what we didn't learn in this lifetime and unlearn the things that lead us to peril in our previous life. Though it's not proven yet or it's just a speculation and is not back up by logic. I believe that even in the present we are being reincarnated by how we get to know our mistakes, weaknesses and strength and learn from them, therefore making us "reincarnate" or change our ways.
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  21. I don't believe in Reincarnation. As tempting as it seems maybe their is no life after death. Each one of us has purpose in life. As you live here on earth you are fulfilling your own mission in life.Death comes in most unexpected time but i do believe that it comes in right time it means that we already fulfilled the task that has been given to us.Death may bring us pain but it brings us in place where we do belong in the hands of our Almighty creator.
  22. 0wlking

    0wlking New Member

    There are those who believe in "Reincarnation", I've heard, watched and read about that topic as much as I've had the same as against the idea. But I would believe what I like to believe and that is none of those.

    I had this dream once about fireworks, In my dream I remember everything was dark, so I thought, this would be nice if there were fireworks, then there were fireworks, the moment fireworks showed up I already knew I was having a lucid dream and the first thing I remembered after that realization is the fact that time is running, I wanted to do a lot of things and it would be a bummer if I suddenly woke up, I know I can't stop the time entirely so what I did was to slow things down, slow down the explosion of my fireworks at a point that they would no longer seemed to be moving. And then I noticed as the points of light now resembles a starry night, At that point I knew what to do in my lucid dream and that is to become a God.

    So I did imagined and created galaxies, stars and planets then created beings based on what I wanted, images of humans that seemed perfect, then little by little, I gave them the things that are familiar in reality. Intellect, freedom, philosophy, faith, all that. Then I just watched them and started to speed things up a bit, faster and faster, scanning through their evolution until something snapped, I woke up. Upon waking up, I sat myself down thinking what just transpired, then thought to myself, what if I really did that in some universe and now that I'm awake, there is no means for me to ever comeback. Then it hit me. What if God did all that and like me, he also woke up with no means of coming back to us?
  23. Julie Anne

    Julie Anne New Member

    I am a Christian, and was told that reincarnation is not really something we should believe in our religion, but as a person, the concept itself speaks thousand of interesting things. I've learned and read that people who gets reincarnated into a better status means, they have lived their life well in their future life and that they have been an exemplar.

    Some even says that usually animals are not killed because there's this possibility of their love ones being reincarnated as an animal who in return guard the living. For me, the idea of being reincarnated is not much of problem since people become cautious of how should they live their life, and would cause a harmonious way of living among human and other creatures.

    Another cool thing that most movies show is that when you get reincarnated as person, you may not able to remember anything yet you tend to choose to love and get reunited with the people who you've been with on your past life.

    I think that's really cool if you think about it. I mean no one have proven that this reincarnation idea is real but no one have also proven that it's not. But whoever formulated this idea is truly creative and amazing since his/her idea is still alive and is affecting people greatly.
  24. DoughBreezy

    DoughBreezy New Member

    I believe in reincarnation, even though I don't belong to any religions that holds belief in it. Asian religions such as Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism which all arose in India, are the main religions that study and believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is considered a religious or philosophical concept that living things die and come back in another living form. I don't have a real explanation on why I believe in reincarnation. It's just something that I feel strong about. Sometimes when I have deja vu, I wonder if that has to do with reincarnation. Whenever I have deja vu, I could never remember the time and place of when this memory occurred but I can feel it in my spirit that it wasn't my first time seeing something. Just like many beliefs, we don't know if its true or false because there are no actual facts. Everyone just has their strong opinions but nothing that can be proven so I do believe in reincarnation. Is it real? I wouldn't know.
  25. Zachary Ellis

    Zachary Ellis New Member

    The idea of reincarnation is intriguing in many aspects beyond just religious practice. As a catholic, this goes against everything I have been taught throughout my life. However, there is some underlying connection I have to this idea that makes me want to believe it. This may be just the idea of afterlife in general. The idea that when we die that isn't all that happens. Life does not end. Now that being said I find it difficult to believe that life would just so happen to start from scratch on the same plain of existence because then that removes the idea of individuality. I would not care for the life I lead before, only the life I choose to live now. We are all unique in our own ways and to say we are just reincarnations of previous lifeforms does not coincide with my personal ideas of individuality. That is why I do not believe in reincarnation, though agree with the idea that there is a continuation of life after death.
  26. Rixxie

    Rixxie New Member

    Yes, I do believe in Reincarnation. We are infinite beings that embodies a human body for a little while. Dalai Lama is one of the proof that reincarnation is true, also there are a lot of accounts that children being born can still remember their past lives. I also believe that reincarnation is accompanied by Karmic obligations. It is said that when you don't learn your lesson in this lifetime or a certain lifetime you will keep on reincarnating until you learn your lesson. But, I don't believe that you can only be incarnated here on Earth, you can be incarnated in a different realm or in a different Universe depending on the needed experience and learning.
  27. Jhunyl2800

    Jhunyl2800 New Member

    Reincarnation, for me, is not a myth. Just because we don't know or we don't understand, it doesn't mean its not true. In fact, there are some testimonials that reincarnation is real. Most of them are children who had a glimpse of their previous selves. They may have fragmented memories of their past lives, their achievements, and their deaths. These pieces of memories comes through their dreams.
    I know, children love to make up stories but what if they're telling the truth. Then, we just missed a great discovery of opening a path to understand deeply the mysteries of the soul.
  28. Eulivia Bonus

    Eulivia Bonus New Member

    I have a weird thought of reincarnation. Because, me myself sometimes wondering why are there things happening like this? It is when I am in a certain situation where as if I am able to guess everything that will happen next. And the people I met at the very first time seems to be a long time friend or someone else I've known for so long. Sometimes I tell myself maybe I was in the past. Yes, it is weird but I am experiencing. I keep telling myself everytime these thing happen that maybe I am reincarnated.
  29. maki26

    maki26 New Member

    I believe in reincarnation because sometimes we have seen that the person we know already died but sometimes it appears in the TV shows or movies the character or celebrity if we look at them there face and there attitude it look similar to the person that we know it was already died long time ago. I believe that reincarnation is true and it will always happen even we did see it 100% happen. I believe even the animals can be our spirit reincarnate to them. based on our attitude and behavior.
  30. jondave macavinta

    jondave macavinta New Member

    I do believe in eternal life, but not necessarily reincarnation here on Earth. I'm Christian so I see Heaven as being the ultimate place you end up at for the rest of eternity. Although the evidence that I've heard in support of reincarnation is mostly people who claim to actually remember their past life. Kinda spooky to remember something like that. My mother believes in reincarnation but she believes that everytime we are reborn, we are a new species and we work our way up to the final species and that is Humans. So she believes that we've all been every other species already. She's a hypnosis, and she revealed one client to have remember a past life where they were a tree. But as for me, I'm Christian and so I don't really believe it personally but I know their are other religions that do.

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