Do you believe in reincarnation?

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  1. Kienth olarde

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    I still find it hard to answer a question like this though my religion may say that it's true. But in reality, how can you prove that reincarnation really do exist? I know it's a shame on me to question my religion/beliefs. Oh Please don't get me wrong. Sometimes it's really hard to understand and believe something that hasn't been proven or witnessed by yourself.
  2. Majid

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    Yes i do. I believe in reincarnation. Most people here thinks such reincarnation does not exist but for me is feels like it does. But this doesn't necessarily reflect my opinion that we cannot remember who we were in the past. Are we sure that this is our only chance in this world? Well do we also believe in afterlife? Maybe Yes!, I think we really need some evidence to understand and believe there is an afterlife.
  3. Gelian736

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    reincarnation is only an old traditional belief, basically, no body prove it really does happen in modern times, other may claimed that they were somewhat like reincarnated by their ancestors but it wasn't proved to be a fact, and even lack of evidence. Reincarnation is also called rebirth or transmigration, and is a part of the Saṃsāra doctrine of cyclic existence. It is a central tenet of all major Indian religions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

    in my opinion, reincarnation is just a tradition, ancient people believe exist, but it wasn't being claimed to be real, its just a thing that people long ago didn't understand, or its just part of them that they cant let go from their love ones who died.
  4. albino

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    Yes i do believe in reincarnation. Our body is only a vessel of spirit or energy that drives our brain to function and to collect experience to have its own self or what they called the everlasting life, that's why most of religions encourage us to live a spiritual life to feed our soul to have an everlasting life after death, but what makes it different is most of them translate it literally. Reincarnation process is a natural phenomenon because in science there is a saying that energy cannot be created nor be destroyed, meaning it has a cycle to become a part of a certain living creature to another. The proof that energy, soul and spirit is the same or one is the way they function to your body. How your brain works is not because of your soul or spirit, but in general it is because of your energy so energy, soul and spirit is the same for the purpose of giving us a life we are living today. Brain is not the major bases of how we can express our self or react to others it is through the energy that supports our body. If you experience car accident and the impact made you unconscious your brain is present or let say you believe in soul two of them is present at your body, but why you can't move or even say a word? Its because the energy of impact takes the space of the energy from your body and it takes time to recover depending on how physically fit you are. That's why after our death our energy can be used also by another being but if the energy is highly experienced let say it comes from a scientist, sometimes there is possibility that the new born child who poses it will become a genius when he/she grew up, he/she can define a thing or knowing a lot of things even without experiencing it.
  5. Princess Margaux

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    20 out of 100 people believe in reincarnation. They do believe that they was born before. Usually people we encounter who says that they are already reincarnated they do have memories of their previous life these memories occur during they are asleep, dreams that always appear not just once twice but many more. There are also people who do past life regretion there where they could see who really they are in the past life and it match to their dreams. They also feels like that they are not in their own body, that they don't belong to the society or they feel like they are much older than what their age now. But in Christian life they don't believe in it only heaven and hell. So if reincarnation doesn't really exist how come somebody have a memory from the past? Is it just one of the hallucination of the brain???Or imagination of a kid and had been carried until old age???There's no scientific or religious reason behind of it.
  6. J53772

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    I don't believe and will never believe in oblivion. Maybe this is only because I'm trying to ease my fear of the uncertainty of death but this is my genuine opinion regarding the topic. My version of reincarnation though is different from what religion is trying to establish. The Hindu's (or Buddhist's) belief states that if a person dies and still hasn't let go of his/her sufferings in the world, he/she will be reincarnated into a different form in his/her next life depending on how he/she lived his/her current life. I believe in being reborn but I don't see the possibility of me being reborn as an animal, a ghost, or a demigod. I believe that when I surpass this stage of my life, I will be born again as a different creature in a different world. I am fully aware that this has no scientific or biblical explanation but it's just something that I believe in (or want to believe in). Besides, if reincarnation is truly applicable in this same world, why can't we remember anything from our past life? Is there a specific reason why we don't remember anything? What happened to learning from your past mistakes?

    Anyway, this has gone astray from the question. The main point here is I truly believe in reincarnation. Just my own version of it because I found a lot of loopholes and issues in the religious version.

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