Do you believe that Long Distance Relationship can work out?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by map8813, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. map8813

    map8813 Member

    Do you believe that Long Distance Relationship can work out?
  2. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    We have different interpretations about love. If you love somebody it doesn't matter how long you don't see each other because the feeling is always there.
  3. ememchoco

    ememchoco New Member

    yeah, if you love someone truly... it doesnt matter if you are far away to each other what important is you trust that person and always give time and appreciate what they do even if its big or small... just be happy!
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  4. iansilvino18

    iansilvino18 Member

    Yes i do believe in long distance relationship. ... The positive point of a long distance relationship : The time you are apart it is going to be a refresh button.You get your own time which normal relationship's hardly gives.
  5. JanizeAD

    JanizeAD New Member

    Yes, if you truly love someone distance doesn't matter. There are many ways to keep the relationship going, especially now that we have new technologies that we can use to communicate to our partner. You can use Skype, Viber, Messenger and Facetime,these Apps allow you to see and talk to your love. Distance really doesn't matter at all, just be loyal and faithful to your partner to gain his trust. I'm sure that both of you will make a way to see each other in person in the future.
  6. Jeahan08

    Jeahan08 Member

    Yes I believe Long distance work. But it depends upon the two people involved with it. If you love someone even if it’s far or not you will never choose to hurt you’re partner.
  7. ray87dave

    ray87dave New Member

    As in any relationship, great correspondence and common comprehension of the concurred parameters are fundamental.

    Trust should be solid and entrenched. In other words, each accomplice needs to feel that the other is speaking the truth about what he/she is doing and additionally plans to do should the relationship get ugly. Leaving the other in obscurity since one won't likely 'get captured' is the basest sort of untrustworthiness.

    Reasonable desires concerning the one of a kind difficulties of keeping up a long separation relationship ought to be set up. Youthful requests of one upon the other for consistent contact and consideration can be a genuine barricade.

    Defining an objective for a gathering or gatherings in person can reinforce the bonds and add security to the sentiment of significance the relationship holds to each accomplice.

    Endeavor to keep up the frame of mind that if this individual does not end up being 'the unparalleled' there is as yet the choice of keeping up a decent companionship as long as possible.
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  8. febe

    febe New Member

    A couple can survive the dilemma of being in a long distance relationship and can still work it out if they will let their love and trust for each other prevail every time loneliness and differences strike them. They must be both willing to strive harder, set aside their pride and listen to each other. The distance between them may keep them apart but their love for each other will keep them closer.
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  9. dani000gge

    dani000gge New Member

    Yes, if these two people are mature enough to stay committed despite of the distance. If they keep an open communication between them, it is better. The excitement of seeing each other soon can also keep the spark of this relationship. Trust, effort, respect and time are the formula for this kind of relationship to last.
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  10. masterryan31

    masterryan31 Member

    I believe that long distance relationship can work out, and I myself can prove it right.
    My girlfriend and I have been 5 years in relationship when she first went abroad to work for Sanyo, in their production plant in Taiwan. This story of ours is really amazing because we are able to surpass the challenge of being in a long distance relationship, even though we are in fact in an on and off relationship while she's still here in the Philippines.
    Just one thing that you all need to bear in mind, that problems will always be there. In fact, we even broke up with each other multiple times. I'm really thinking way back then that our relationship will really come to an end. I'm even losing hope that time and already admitted to myself that there's no sense in keeping it up.

    All those things lasted for two years. It's just unbelievable that we are now married for over 8 years. If you're perhaps thinking what happened to us way back then, I would say it's simply because of two things -- one is that we truly love each other, and secondly, it's probably because we are just meant for each other.
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  11. Joel2019

    Joel2019 Member

    I'm working on it now. Base on my own experience, well, it's my first do the actual thing of being distant to my family and it's really hard. Yes, you can adapt to the place but you can't guarantee that there will no problems would exist. Praying is the best tool to keep you away from harm and other circumstances that you will gonna face through time. Just keep on praying...
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  12. Rlou14

    Rlou14 New Member

    I think Long Distance Relationship can work now. With the help of advanced technologies, it is easy to access your loved ones. If you miss him or her you can send messages or perhaps use video calling.

    The only problem that I can see is the trust between a couple. But if they work hard to earn each trust wherever they are love will always be on top.
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  13. userhichou1

    userhichou1 Member

    for me Long Distance Relationship can't work now , its so hard for each other .
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  14. It depends on the the two person who loving each other even their apart. I have many friends who have in that kind of relationship.Some last, some are not.I think its in the time management they gave to each other,they survive. But in other situation, when theres a problem that is not solve quick.Thats the time that some are gave up. Its really depends on the two person.Whos holding back and not.
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  15. ginaneriza

    ginaneriza New Member

    Yes long distance can work if you have trust with each other, and in this generation there's a lot of ways to communicate with your loved ones so that you can't feel that your away from him/her. Patience, Love and Trust is the key to a longer relationship.
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  16. joanarc321

    joanarc321 Member

    In long distance relationship, you cannot only see the presence of each other. If love truly exists on your relationship then definitely it will work. The foundation of love is loyalty and trust so if both of you understands the loyalty and trust you have for each other, then long distance relationship would only mean nothing to persons both in love.
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  17. michpiong

    michpiong Member

    To work a long distance relationship is a choice by both couples. Its their choice if they want to work it out. But for me, if these two really loved each other, there is no impossible way that it won't work out. They have to invest for their relationship by sacrificing, trusting, and having a faith and loyalty on one another.
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  18. MyOCDisWorkable

    MyOCDisWorkable New Member

    I suppose it could work for SOME people, but I know for me personally, its unlikely that a long distance relationship would be successful. I'm one of those people that love...well, love. I like being able to physically touch someone and doesn't have to be sexual in nature, just a hug or caress, kiss or snuggle... I want to be able to do that. I can't properly express my love through emails, texts or phone calls. And of course, there's that pesky trust issue. I would always be worried about what's going on that I don't know about. I feel like human behavior dictates we seek out comfort in whatever form we can. Initially two people may be able to stay faithful to one another across state lines or overseas...but eventually theres gonna be a day one of them has that sucks royally and a hug would be the cure all and lo and significant other is 500+ miles away.

    Like I said, it might work for some, but I'd never willingly sign up for it.
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  19. romilda

    romilda Member

    Only if you have trust and confidence in yourself.
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  20. Miel1106

    Miel1106 New Member

    I can relate to this post so much since I'm in a long distance relationship. To be honest, I don't really believe in this kind of relationship before, maybe up to now. Haha! But, I guess if your partner is really into you and wiling to take everything to be with you in the end, maybe it will work out. But look at it, even married couple split if the other person is in a different location. There's a saying that if a man decided to go abroad for a better life then the next step is to get your wife to that same location and live together. Every man has its own needs and I guess you know what I mean. This relationship is only for strong person. Someone who trust their partner enough that even distance can't tore them apart. And maybe, it's for me also since I'm still in a relationship with my partner. :)
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  21. jsaxon1502

    jsaxon1502 New Member

    Yes! My now husband joined the military after we had been dating for a year and we went from seeing each other every day to seeing each other every 3-6 months. He got deployed right after we married and it was really hard but I loved him and he loved me enough to make it work. It is hard but now you have Facetime and can text and call each other whenever.
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  22. Aviecells

    Aviecells Member

    No I don't think so, long distance relationship cannot work for both parties. I believe that in every relationship, physical intimacy plays a big role to make your love for each other grow stronger. Lack of trust also can have a great effect especially in long distance relationship. It can ruin your relatiinship if one party doesn't trust the other. Another thing is the memories that you can make when you are together. I mean there's a lot a chance to make memories than when you are away with each other. Another element that can affect the relationship is the schedule of both parties. For example the other lives in the exact opposite part of the world, i mean not all the time you can expect that both are available in a specific time to talk to each other.
    This is just my own opinion. Some may surpass the challenges that a long distance relationship may face, but for me it will not work.
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  23. ciestlavie

    ciestlavie New Member

    Long distance relationship can be a struggle but I believe it can work out if both parties involved would actually give enough effort, time, and most importantly, trust. Love and affection for each other simply aren't enough to make things work out, even when you can easily see one another face to face. Long distance makes it all the more difficult and might need a bigger amount of trust because trust is the key to all kinds of relationships. If both parties are willing to accept the responsibilities this kind of relationship would give them, then they can surpass the hardships they might face.
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  24. sheennayu

    sheennayu New Member

    71ANSx8HTcL._SY500_.jpg long distance relationship or not it depends to the people who chose to love each other. because love works not just with sweet talks and kisses but also with efforts, dedication, faithfulness, trust and specially God in their hearts. nothing on this earth will workout without showing compassion between the people involved. if you want it last, do your best and hold on to each other. not just one person but the two of you with the grace of God.

    RICHDADDY Member

    Yes it works. Any relationship builds on trust. Trusting each other makes the relationships stronger.

    T - Talk and openly communicate.
    R - Respect. Show your partner respect of their wants and needs, sometimes being apart can be more challenging for your partner than it is for you.
    U - Understanding. Be understanding of your partner's activities and life when you are not there, they had a life before you were in it and you can't expect them to just sit by the phone to answer texts and chat.
    S - Share. Share your feelings and allow your partner to share their feelings with you, if you both know how the other is feeling, it makes things easier.
    T - Thank you. Use these two words often for the effort your partner is putting into your relationship. A simple "thank you" can go a long way and is more important than most realize.
  26. Chepie

    Chepie New Member

    Yes. Long distance relationship can work as long as both partners are committed to each other. Both are mature enough to handle the consequences. Both remain faithful to each other. As long as both partners know what their true goal is, long distance relationship will never be a hindrance.
  27. dipo4you

    dipo4you New Member

    I do not believe that this can work. I have personally had two failed long distance relationships. You easily lose interest when you cannot see, touch or feel your partner. The intention of the relationship also matters. If you are in such a relationship for marriage, then my bet is- it just wont work. If it just for leisure and killing off boredom, then I guess you are in the right place. So generally speaking, a serious relationship needs you to be directly and physically in touch with your partner. Did you know that sex is very important in a relationship, so just how would you go about that from a long distance? Someone else next to your partner will end up doing your job.
  28. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    If the feeling is true and mutual it will work because love conquers all. Perfect relationship doesn't require distance, it only requires true love. True love is patient, honest, understanding and caring.
  29. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    Totally. It can be difficult at first but if both sides are willing take the risk because they know to themselves that it will work out, then they can go for it. In any relationship, there will always be challenges that will come your way. But if you truly trust and love each other, specifically in a long distance relationship, you can surpass it. Don't forget to be honest all the time and just always ask for guidance, lots of patience, trust and love from God and everything will be smooth sailing.
  30. gaydam

    gaydam New Member

    In my experience, long distance relationships are much more demanding and risky than their latter. The physical element of the relationship is very important, and obviously with long distance this element is nonexistent. While I cannot say that long distance is a great option, I do believe that it can work out. It's nice to always have someone there, standing beside you, (even if they're not physically with you).

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