Do you Blog to have the people to have a information or for money only?

Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by dames112018, Dec 11, 2018.


what do thinks others do?

  1. for info?

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  2. for money?

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  1. dames112018

    dames112018 New Member

  2. danmike25

    danmike25 New Member

    To answer the question, I think I will go for the"Info" part. After all, blogs are meant for the purpose of giving information just as forums do, the "money" part just came into existence because of the need for advertising and online traffic source. But I think the most important point people must keep in mind before starting a blog is that they must do it not exactly just because they want to give information. nor do they simply want to earn money. I myself am not a professional blogger but I do believe even from what I heard, it requires passion beyond everything. You must be a person who loves what he does very much. Because as we can see it's not that easy to set-up a blog. The process is quite lengthy and not as easy as it may seem to be. If the person doesn't have much passion or isn't passionate enough on what his/her blog is all about, he will not be able to fullfill the main objective of blogs which is to give reliable information. Then if there's not enough substantial information in the blog, it will not be able to attract traffic, without enough amount of traffic, the blog would be of less monetary value. I would go for info but I would say that starting a blog must begin with passion.

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