Do you consider some Videogames to be art?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Agent, May 5, 2014.

  1. Agent

    Agent New Member

    As the titles states, im seeing more and more of a trend of indie companies taking original concepts making them into beatifully crafted games, it is becoming a thing now more than ever.

    Of course you still have your generic FPS every now and then, but sometimes you can just see the devs reflecting all their creativity and passion on these pieces of software, isn't that what art is all about? what do you think?
  2. jeremor

    jeremor New Member

    I believe that any medium can become art, if it's done with enough passion and love and skill. Personally, I can think of a few games that stand out. Bastion was a creative and immaculately designed game, that felt like I had jumped straight into a strange book. Even something like Hotline Miami felt like an experience, similar to a very psychedelic movie where you don't know what's real or imagined. I think it's safe to say Indie developers lead the way in regards to artistic games.

    So yeah, I suppose that's my answer. I believe that video games can be art, just like anything else, if it's done with enough passion and 'soul'. That doesn't mean that all games should be judged as art, because I think the vast majority are simply entertainment. If we start treating everything like it's supposed to be art then I think it'll really sap the fun out of what is supposed to just be entertainment. I don't really care for Call of Duty or whatever, but if somebody else gets enjoyment out of it then there's nothing wrong with that. They paid for a service and they get what they paid for.
  3. RedOleander

    RedOleander New Member

    Absolutely! Have you seen the scenery in Red Dead Redemption? Some of those views are simply amazing. And it's incredible how well they imitate the actual scenery out west that I've seen in photographs.

    It takes a lot of talent to create something that looks good. On top of that, you have to create the perfect soundtrack to go along with it to create a mood or to make the player feel a certain way. While I don't know that we will ever see museums dedicated to the art of video games, I definitely think they could be described as art!
  4. jadamkatz

    jadamkatz New Member

    Even your average shooter can be "art". The important thing is to immerse the player. Create characters you can care about. Give a story that keeps the attention. And the art doesn't have to be crisp and realistic, but it should fit the story and setting. It just has to be "right" overall. Good movies aren't judged by how many pretty locations they film in, or the quality of the explosions, but how they handle the material they use. I've never judged a book by its vocabulary or length, but by how the story is presented in relation to the story itself. Games are no different. I hope that makes sense.
  5. Clarkrhi

    Clarkrhi New Member

    Most video games are art to me. It's like a movie you are in. Characters are given lovable or hated personalities. There is an amazing world to explore. You can't just snap your fingers and make art or a game. It takes talent and hard work.
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  6. Giacomo3589

    Giacomo3589 New Member

    I do think there's an art to video games. Much like how you get many pieces of art which seem pretty much the same, every once in a while you get a game that can be considered a truly artistic experience. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword felt like that to me. I loved the art style of the game and how it fit the story. It was a lot of fun to play, but the look of the game was my favourite part. It seems to me that the advance in graphics and other technologies, that we are given an even better view of how artistic video games can get.
  7. lNoisel

    lNoisel New Member

    I wholeheartedly believe video games are an art, from the way they look, to the way they're built. Putting the actual DESIGN of it aside, it takes a creative mindset to think of unique mechanics to a game. It took a person to come with the idea of experience points to "level up" a character's stats, which turned into a staple for most RPGs. Many of these ideas were created through creativity.
  8. shovell22

    shovell22 New Member

    I do think some games allow for you to express your artistic side, like "minecraft" you get to design and build a house or a garden or a statue you have free roam there to design what ever you desire.
  9. Manny Ortiz

    Manny Ortiz New Member

    Yes absolutely without a a technical sense so much as the entire experience combined.
    You have to go to school to get into development of games
    And most of the time artists who have done video games will tell you about all the art they do aside from the daily job
    It most definitely is an art, and with more of the technology that we are coming up with
    It will become much more than an art
  10. Rhodie

    Rhodie New Member

    Yes! I actually consider every video game a piece of artwork in its own respect. Just a literature can be art so can a story in a video game. Not just including the graphics of course, though for the artists and graphics designers out there they do consider their work art and I am inclined to agree. Whether or not you may find it as art quite a few found a urinal turned on its side art. "Fountain"
  11. Calibratos

    Calibratos New Member

    I do consider modern video games to be art, just in a very different and much more immersive sense. All of the textures, models, music, storylines, etc. of a video game are little pieces of art in their own right - why would they stop being art when part of a collection. Personally I see this dispute on the issue of whether or not games should be considered art to have more to do with their current association in society than anything. The fact that people consider them to be for kids, or things to do when you need to waste time, cheap apps to fool around with on phones, is really what's holding them back from being accepted.
  12. waterbear

    waterbear New Member

    Yes, I agree. The first time I came across I beautifully sculpted game I became completely enamored with it. The game is called "Shadow of the Colossus" and it's a PS2 game. I lot of people find it boring because you do alot of traveling in the game in an open world setting. I find it very pleasant and the world is very beautiful along with your steed companion.
  13. tysovsky

    tysovsky New Member

    Yes, I do think so. Some of the most vivid memories I have are about masterfully crafted games that have impressed me with their visuals, game play or soundtrack. In fact I tend to memorize plots from games better than from movies, which is not strange as you can completely immerse yourself in a game, with main protagonist doing exactly what you want him to do and making the decisions you want him to make. The only reason some people don't view games as art is because of the society's skew perception of games. In many people's heads games are nothing more than a children toys. What these people can't comprehend is that games can create epic worlds that will awe anybody, no matter his or her age or gender.
  14. TimT90

    TimT90 New Member

    Yes! I almost passed this game up, but at the recommendation of the GameStop clerk & my dad I ended up getting this game & loving it. It was not the typical kind of game I was use to playing, but the developers did an amazing job with the visuals & the story. Which they conveyed through expressions with very little words. Up until that game I had never thought of video games as much more than entertainment. But after playing Shadow of the Colossus, I can truly say that some video games are indeed art.
  15. cookyes

    cookyes New Member

    Video games are just seen in the head one minute and then magically appears on a game system. In order for a beautifully desgined game to become what it is you have to have careful thought, drafting, trial amd error and so on. As with art which takes a long time to accomplish if you want it to be beautifully sculpted. Gaming consist of art in the form of graphics,plot, and how the game itself will end. So in simple answers in my own personal opinion yes I believe that some if not most games are a form of art.
  16. stuartfulcher

    stuartfulcher New Member

    While I don't consider something like Angry Birds art or even a game, I have to say that there are video games that can be considered art. I say this because to me, art is something that creates certain emotions within the viewer or even create an experience for them. I also think that any form of art, video games particularly, can include some sort of political or social commentary, which provokes the viewer to think or feel a particular way. And yes, visuals play a big part in it too, whether it be high-end Hollywood-like visuals or minimalistic or abstract. Some examples that stand out to me are: Kairo, Shadow of the Colossus and any entry in the Half Life series.
  17. josward

    josward New Member

    I think that little big planet could be classed as art, it's designed for children however you could make and design levels and creations that other people could explore and look at.
  18. Luke Derusha

    Luke Derusha New Member

    Whether or not you look at video games as art or not depends on your definition of art. I personally define art as an external expression of inner creativity. Video games, in my opinion, are absolutely an art form. Developing teams spend years creating crisp, and wonderful titles that are not only fun and challenging, but beautiful to look at. The writing of video games along is an art form. Game designers put so much work into creating realistic worlds with deep back stories. Games like "The Last of Us" by Naughty Dog exposed the bare bones of human's will to survive and care for others. So yes, in my opinion, video game design is absolutely an art form.
  19. darkclowd

    darkclowd New Member

    Almost every video game is a work of art, whether it's a triple A blockbuster, or a low budget indie game. As technology becomes more sophisticated, computers are closing the gap between reality and fantasy, supplying the end-user with a rich experience. In order to create this experience, the game designers must be creative in how they blend the art, the gameplay, the graphics, the story, and other aspects of the game together to make the game worth playing.

    The designers are the artists, and the technology is their canvas. Similar to how one would other forms of media such as music, pictures, or movies as art, a game is a combination of all these. Whether we're talking about a old fashioned retro side-scroller such as Mario Bros, or a modern game like Gears of War, the designers had to combine their expertise in various fields of media to create the game. A musician had to write the songs for the music playing during the game, a graphic designer had to create the art style, and a programmer had to make the gameplay function properly. These are all artists with a common goal of combining their efforts to create a fun video game.

    To sum it up, video games are just another form of media available for a person to enjoy. Every aspect of the game was created from nothing by a group of individuals and therefore it is art.
  20. Barbarian

    Barbarian New Member

    While I doubt that any reasonable and well-informed individual could make the argument that no games are art, I don't agree with the statement that all games are art.

    The line between art and entertainment is an extremely fuzzy one, but to put it in context using mediums we're very happy to discuss in terms of art and non-art, while most agree that HBO's Game of Thrones is art as a very impressively executed TV show with themes, a strong plot, a multitude of layers and impressive cinematography, is a reality TV show about a handsome guy choosing a wife art? While you could very easily make the argument that, for example, Frasier is art reflective of modern society, could you do the same with Pawn Stars?

    It is in this context I say that while generic brown military shooters are examples of very well-executed entertainment, but not art, while something like Spec Ops: The Line is still a military shooter, but is art. The difference between them is while Call of Duty X is merely executing on a tried and true, well-tested framework of entertaining gunplay, Spec Ops attempts to make a point about the glorification of war and death in the video game industry by subverting common tropes for the purposes of pointing out the inconsistencies and lack of meaningful choice.

    I guess, in my humble opinion, the difference is that of their primary focus (don't misconstrue me thinking that these are mutually incompatible, just their main focus of development).

    Focus on skill-based highly competitive gameplay? Esports. E.G: Dota 2, Starcraft 2.

    Focus on entertaining mechanics and visuals? Entertainment. E.G: Battlefield series, FIFA series.

    Focus on crafting a strong, meaningful narrative? Art. E.G: Bioshock, Dragon Age.

    Notice that I included only AAA games here. This is partially to ensure that most gamers reading this are at least familiar broadly with them, and partially to show that indie devs don't hold a monopoly on art.
  21. tsckaay

    tsckaay New Member

    Are you kidding me? Of course it's artist. Some artist had to create the initial concept design, then it had to be transformed by 3D artists into a 3d model (unless it's a 2D world..), then it goes on to be rendered and given life and motion. Everything about it is art. Or at least based on art. Even the coding could be taken for art.. Not that I would ever be capable of doing art like that! But it is its own language, and language is considered a verbal art by quite a few people. (But you can't just ask any simpleton if language is an art. They might look at you like you've something wrong with you.)
  22. johnqpublic

    johnqpublic New Member

    I think video games have the capacity to be art, though nobody has really got it right yet.

    And I don't mean art in the sense of having other art forms in it. Games can, and some do, have good visual art, audio art, writing, directing, and so on, but I believe that the gameplay itself, the essence of the video game, can be art in-and-of itself. Some games have gotten close, but the video games as art are still in their infancy.
  23. ciorex

    ciorex New Member

    All video games are art, even something like Call of Duty.

    Whether a particular game is "high art" or "great art" is completely subjective. For example, just because I consider The Last of Us to be a monumental artistic achievement, doesn't mean anyone else necessarily agrees with me.

    I think the more conservative members of the "art" community will always be resistant to the idea of video games as art, I say give it time.
  24. Lux Caeruleus

    Lux Caeruleus New Member

    Well, for me, it's more than a hobby, it's more than art, it's my passion. Ever since I was a kid, I loved playing video games. There's a lot of games out there nowadays and it's hard to see through them which games are carefully created and which games are just made to make money. It's a shame that there are those Game Dev Studios that only create video games for money. That's why indie games are becoming more and more popular because indie game devs are those who care the most.
  25. Krigherren

    Krigherren New Member

    Absolutely, as a C++ fanatic and 3D modeling mingler I can without a doubt say creating a video game is just as much creating a work of art as is creating a work of literature, a painting, a sculpture or invention. It's about innovation, creativity, bringing thoughts or ideas to life in a digital world.
  26. graymorning

    graymorning New Member

    Oh, without a doubt! If film is considered art (which, these days, few will contest) then some video games are absolutely art. Now, I have a personal bias toward games that focus on narrative development, but take a look at games like Bioshock (the first as well as Infinite, though it has been some time since I've played through Infinite and remember little) and The Last of Us. These games take you through intricately crafted worlds and stories. Both make you care about the world and the characters, and present you with moral decisions that become difficult as a consequence. They move you. They make you feel. Is that not what art does?

    As I said, I tend to like games with strong narratives and carefully crafted and/or elaborate universes. I have a much harder time seeing the art in most FPS games, but I can see the argument there. I find what Barbarian wrote particularly compelling:
  27. Ripper Roo

    Ripper Roo New Member

    There isn't a bone in my body that wouldn't say that video games could be classified as art. Given the proper amount of care and dedication, video games can not only be deemed as artistic, but flaunt their beauty when appropriate. One good example of this is the recent reboot of Tomb Raider, which was released last year. It has received very mixed reviews both good and bad from fans of the older Tomb Raider games and those new to the franchise alike. After seeing some short game play clips, running numerous scans to ensure that my less-than-perfect laptop could run the masterpiece, and having seen it displayed on the front page of the Steam website as part of its daily deals, I just had to buy it. The graphics are absolutely breathtaking and I can't wait to see it displayed before my very eyes in all of its glory. Game aspects aside, the developers unarguably put plenty of effort into the game and it shows very clearly. Not a single graphical detail is left unperfected and each second of gameplay runs like water. If that doesn't qualify as artwork, I don't know what does.

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