Do you drink coffee?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by kimbo, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. milcah0113

    milcah0113 New Member

    I love love coffee. Who doesn't? It is really bad for your health if you drink too much?
  2. thinkondeesthings

    thinkondeesthings New Member

    I love coffee and hate the headache that comes when I've done without. I usually only have one cup in the morning. I have been known to drink an entire pot on a Saturday while catching up on my reading.
  3. lazydaisy

    lazydaisy New Member

    Yes! I drink coffee a lot, probably 5 to 7 cups every day. I tried to minimize my caffeine intake but I just cannot help it. :D
    I'm very addicted to coffee, tea, and soda, everything that has caffeine in it. I am also experiencing the side effects of taking too much coffee, like acne and having difficulty sleeping. For those who are heavy coffee drinkers, do you also experience having a bad skin?
  4. fanakw

    fanakw New Member

    TEA, please. I need that cup of tea in the morning, it just helps to get me going. I must confess thou, that rich aroma of a cup of coffee, mingled with trying to get everyone out the house to get to school or work, hmm, it does hit the spot.
    After my tea...
  5. Ants79

    Ants79 New Member

    I love coffee but I find I can only drink 2 cups a day otherwise I am to wired & can’t sleep. I really wish I could drink more, but my body says no.
    That first cup in the morning is fantastic.
    I also drink tea, recently forced myself to drink green tea, as it has great health benefits.
    We have a tea in South Africa called Rooibos, it’s very healthy as it contains natural antioxidants.
  6. Vimtuous

    Vimtuous New Member

    I do drink coffee, but i'm not an every day kind of coffee drinker. I usually have a couple cups on the weekend when I'm trying to give myself a little extra energy boost to get some work done. I don't usually drink it during the week when I have to be at my work desk all day. It tends to make me very jittery and I have a hard time sitting still.
    I do drink iced coffee and frappes though when the mood strikes!
    Usually, I'm a tea and soda drinker when I need a caffeine fix.
  7. m3barnes

    m3barnes New Member

    Coffee for me has become more than just a beverage. It has become part of a morning routine that sets the stage for a day of mindful living.

    The process of making a cup of coffee is the first thing I do after my morning meditation. My mind is clear and ready for the day. I grind the whole beans, taking in the aroma and the sounds. After carefully measuring the finely ground coffee, I load my old-fashioned stove percolator and wait for the boil. There is no rush. When ready, I pour the first cup and mindfully inhale the fragrance that reminds me: it is morning and I am alive.
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  8. LisaLiam

    LisaLiam New Member

    I drink 3 cups of coffee and 1 energy drink a day. I always work on the graveyard shift for 12 hours so I need something to drink to get me running. I don't feel any palpitations. I limit my coffee consumption 2 or 3 cups a day. If I will take 4 cups a day then I will get a migraine.
  9. Tetrix

    Tetrix New Member

    Absolutely not. Trying to stay away from it as best as I can. I know how addictive it can become.

    Yeah, I've been trying to start my mornings with tea as well, but usually I just don't have enough time to prepare it:(
  10. marilounonan

    marilounonan New Member

    yes i drink coffe every morning... coffe is waking up my body... and our country is so cold....
  11. fanakw

    fanakw New Member

    I know that sometimes it gets really hectic especially in the mornings but you should really try to eat breakfast. Have you ever heard of Rooibos tea? It amazing...
  12. p.lawrence.remaly

    p.lawrence.remaly New Member

    Ah coffee... what a complicated relationship I have with this tasty, tasty beverage (an all caffeinated drinks for that matter). How can a drink have such paradoxical effects? A stimulant that simultaneously calms and focuses, yet can lead one on a scatterbrained rant and bring about bouts of panic and unease. I know I am not alone in feeling this way, and it is probably a result of my chronic depression and anxiety.

    The onset of caffeine brings a boost of dopamine and norepinephrine, causing a burst in energy, euphoria, determination, and intense focus; but I find that after that initial buzz wears off the negative effects start to creep in. It becomes a balancing act: after developing a habit, not enough coffee results in massive brain-fog and listlessness but too much can result in uncomfortable amounts of energy. This of course addresses an oft ignored element to the widely accepted coffee culture -- addiction. As anyone avid coffee drinker knows, missing their daily dose of that tasty black elixir is a recipe for irritability and a nearly unbearable head and body aches.

    The negative side-effects of coffee consumption really are a shame to me because few things are as sublime as a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. I avoid it for the most part, but I will always miss the morning ritual. Grinding freshly roasted beans to a perfect consistency, not too fine or coarse (with the help of a burr grinder), wafting the glorious aroma of the fresh grinds, brewing water in an electric kettle to a perfect 200 degrees Fahrenheit, weighing out the exact amount of grounds on a digital scale, pouring the coffee and water into my french press, stirring just enough to bloom the beans -- creating a delightful froth and new, complex smells, setting a timer and letting the infusion do it's thing, then finally pressing down the grinds and pouring the finished product into a mug to be enhanced with just a touch of sweetened condensed milk. Perfection.
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  13. Imcorbo95

    Imcorbo95 New Member

    Do I drink coffee? Yes! Do I love coffee? Yes!! Do I want to marry coffee? Yes I do!!

    I drink coffee before I sleep, after I wake up, while reading books and before I go work. Pretty much everytime.
  14. skye22

    skye22 New Member

    Yes I do, every single day, first thing in the morning. I drink my coffee whenever I want, wherever I want. This gives me excitement maybe because of that perks you from it. Until now I still collect mugs and cups probably because I wanted my coffee to be really especial. I don't know if it is just me , there are times that coffee is better or tastier when I drink it on my new cup or favorite cup or maybe it just depends on my mood. Sometimes when I crave a lot of food then after finishing a cup of coffee I'd realize that's all that I need. I just love coffee with a good music and nice weather, sitting near the window while looking outside sometimes I get lost in the moment I call it LIFE. We can always find happiness in a simple things.
  15. I do drink coffee. I drink coffee whenever I start feeling sleepy while studying so I can do an all-nighter however, I start getting more sleepy instead.
  16. pharalampo

    pharalampo New Member

    That has to be my vice, I consume huge amounts of coffee everyday. It helps me go through the day and it tastes great!
    I think I could reduce my daily dosage down to 2 cups.
  17. jwright1026

    jwright1026 New Member

    I drink about 1-2 cups of coffee every morning. I will admit that I am possibly addicted to coffee. My mornings run smoother after I had a cup of coffee. I am more energetic, more stimulated and am more focused. Drinking coffee is one of my favorite drinks of choice. In fact, I enjoy coffee so much, that I always select coffee flavored ice cream, coffee flavored cup cakes, coffee flavored candy, and iced coffee drinks.
  18. Yssandra

    Yssandra New Member

    Yes! I do drink coffee. For me drinking coffee is not just about the caffeine rush, it's more on the art of preparing it and savoring the aroma,flavor and joy you just created. The moment of having coffee on whatever time of the day gives you a relaxing sanctuary or peaceful break amidst the busy day. Coffee for some is therapeutic.
  19. edz26

    edz26 Member

    No, i don't drink coffee I love the aroma but the effects when I drink I feel nervous. I drink chocolate drink or tea instead.
  20. MittensFX

    MittensFX New Member

    Yes,I do.I'm not a coffe addict as some say,but I really like to drink a cup of coffe once a day because it helps me get through the day without feeling tired with full of energy.Not only that,it calms me in if drank in the morning,it puts a smile on my face.
  21. Zoewrites

    Zoewrites New Member

    I drink almost coffee almost everyday. As long as I make sure to drink enough water to make up for it, it's not unhealthy.
  22. Rechie

    Rechie New Member

    I love drink coffee its complete my day. This is also our bonding time with my husband in the morning while having coffee.
  23. murrayka92

    murrayka92 New Member

    I drink coffee everyday. The smell of coffee is invigorating. I prefer strong coffee and usually make espresso. I hate coffee that is watered down. I bought a new espresso machine and I am loving it so far. It took me a while to figure out ratios of the grains versus amount in my cup. I even bought little amaretto cookies to put in for extra flavor and a sweet treat alongside it. Okay, now I want some!
  24. luislover8

    luislover8 New Member

    Coffe it is necessary for a long day of work I am helped by an impresanete to cope with the day in my active work the mind the body in an additional way also gives you a few minutes of relaxation while you take it gives you a moment to project what you will do in the day.

    Coffee I like very hot with a touch of sugar not a lot loaded a bit can not be guayoyo because it is not the same is not enjoyed in the same way a ski is coffee with milk and some cookies is delicious to give that pleasure.
  25. XIlayPVPX

    XIlayPVPX New Member

    I don't drink coffee because its like drugs but less destructive , once you open the morning with a cup of coffee for an entire week, you can't stop, you soon will start spending a lot of money on it and get a little more sad in mornings without coffee
  26. myrna2381

    myrna2381 New Member

    I don't drink coffee now, but I have drunk it in the past. I started drinking it when I was about 3 or 4. My family drank a lot of coffee, so my mother would pour a little coffee with a lot of milk into a cup for me. Now, I'm more of a tea drinker, but a few years ago I went on a strict diet and drank coffee because I read it was healthy. I did lose a lot of weight.
  27. heliogabalus

    heliogabalus New Member

    I drink around 500ml (half a liter) of french press coffee per day. I usually take a day off once in a couple of months to reset my tolerance. It has helped greatly with focus, energy, and weight loss.
  28. Rachel88

    Rachel88 New Member

    I love coffee so much.Coffee is my life I guessed before. I cannot start my day without coffee and certainly I would end my day with coffee, like an hour before I go to bed, i feel so relaxed having a cup of coffee. When I went to depression period God knows how much coffee I did consumed. In the simplest term I can say I am addicted to it, consuming 5 cups maximum in a day. Until mid last year I decided to let go of my love for coffee and its buddy the sugar. For health reasons I had to get rid of it. It was really hard at the start but after a month I realized I am over with my .bestfriend (coffee)
  29. wella_DA

    wella_DA New Member

    Yes! I really love coffee, my day is not complete without coffee. I feel I will have headache if I will not drink coffee at least once a day. And I want a strong coffee, not sweet or with too much milk.
  30. abitot1

    abitot1 New Member

    I absolutely drink coffee 3x a day! No, it's 4x a day actually, but I'm trying to reduce my coffee intake because I know too much caffeine is not good for the health. I love coffee so much to think that I can't live without a cup of coffee a day. Or let's just say, my day is not complete without a cup of coffee. Whenever my friends and I were to hang out, we prefer to go to coffee shop and sip a cup of coffee while doing chitchat.

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