Do you enjoy watching anime?

Discussion in 'Television' started by spiderplant, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. spiderplant

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    I tend to enjoy anime more than most Western cartoons, because it often has deeper themes - anime isn't just marketed to small children like most Western cartoons are, but rather to many different age groups. The writers of anime that is marketed to children also seem to think that children can handle more sophisticated storylines than the writers of Western cartoons do. I also enjoy practicing my Japanese listening skills when I watch it.

    One of my favorite anime series of all time is Hikaru no Go; it has a brilliant exploration of the themes of friendship, growing up, and loss. The turning point near the end of the series never fails to make me cry, and I can't say that about many series.
  2. zmdg27

    zmdg27 New Member

    Yes, I do enjoy watching anime. It is enjoyable to watch. I also think the creators of anime spend a lot of time and effort to make it. It shows their creativity, imagination, and talent. Animes have great plot and storylines too.
  3. AlexTheFreshWizard

    AlexTheFreshWizard New Member

    Anime. Let me tell you about anime. This...'thing' in my life has brought me so much joy, yet so much grief. I don't know how something that has such a profound impact on my life, even my personality! Could, in the same life, make me sick to my stomach. I'm going to use this moment to vent some shit.

    The first anime I ever watched: Dragon Ball Z. It was the shit, I watched it as a child, everything about it I found intoxicating. From the first time, Goku had learned the Kaio-Ken, to the time Tien (The human) was blasting Semi-Perfect Cell into that hole to buy time for the Z fighters, up until the incredibly climactic fight between Super Saiyan Teen Gohan and Perfect Cell. I thought that everything about it was fantastic. I would even sit in a room with my grandmother and look forward to watching the episodes back to back. I didn't even really know what anime was back then. Then I grew up and I became a fan of fun shounen anime like Ultimate Muscle, and Pokemon, as well as a lot of others. Maybe it was at that time I grew an unconscious love anime. Then One Piece aired on Cartoon Network, Then Naruto...and I had officially been hooked. I eventually started looking for anime to watch, searching the internet for what good anime shows were available, searching for what appealed to me. I started to find shows that I enjoyed. Like. Really enjoyed. I think we all know that the reason people in the west enjoy anime to such an extent is that some of the shows really speak to a person. Somehow, in these anime shows, there seems to be some kind of recurring thing. A pattern of a story that seems to bring out certain emotions in the viewer. I could name, perhaps three examples of anime off the top of my head that is simply known to bring tears to whoever watched them. I remember watching, what is still to this day, one of my favourite anime. It was called Fruits Basket. I remember the feeling I had when I first heard that soft beautiful opening song, and how giddy I was hearing the playful, peaceful ending song. I remember the colour theme, and how peaceful it made me feel, even to the point where I would begin to look for things like that in real life. The story of the main protagonist, the introduction of quirky characters. Even mentioning all of this makes me want to go and relive this entire experience again. I can never forget the feeling I had watching this anime or any anime that I watched that evoked a particular feeling in me at some point. I think this is where my problem with anime comes though, the feeling that I got from those shows were so strong, that I would want to go to school and tell everyone about it. Obviously, most people at school had considered (Rightly so) just another form of cartoons and thought it completely lame to even want to watch it. I cared about my image at school, so I never really told anyone any of the anime that I watched. Until. I found that there were other people who enjoyed watching anime. This ecstatic feeling of "He/She gets it!" was what would make me want to spend a large part of my time with that person, talking about anime. I may be wrong when I say this, but I'm rather confident that this is how the Otaku/Weeaboo) culture started. I know the term "Weeaboo" gets thrown around a lot, and in a rather unpleasant manner, but trust me...there's a solid reason it happens.

    Surely when someone finds other people that are into a certain thing that the majority of people may not be into, it wouldn't at all be surprising to find that these people would congregate and share their interests with each other. It happens with basically everything. I never really knew or cared about people in the Anime culture, but when the "Anime Culture" became a thing, I was pleasantly surprised, I myself actually took part, posting on forums, answering polls, taking suggestions of things to watch, giving suggestions, I even went as far as entertaining fan fiction, and taking part in roleplaying. I was just really happy that there were a bunch of nice people that were into what I was into. Then I started meeting the pretty ugly side. See, in anime culture, what isn't really taken into consideration is when you have a variety of different people that are into the same thing, you also have a variety of people that have different backgrounds. There's one, seemingly reoccurring attribute of people who are heavily into anime and everything that surrounds it. Loneliness. This is where things get a little murky. When talking to certain people about anime, you run into those that seem to make it a part of their entire personality rather than just something they enjoy. The conversation with these type of people usually ends up with you not wanting to talk to them and never watching anime again. Some conversations usually sound like:

    "Hey have you ever seen Legend of the Galactic Heroes"
    "Nah, I don't know what that is"
    "It's probably the best anime to date, it's so good, if you have good taste in anime you would watch it"
    "Good taste huh?"
    "Well, I only watch good anime so..."

    The conversations aren't all like that, but most of them tend to have the same level of irritability. The thing is, when you run into these types of people, it can be rather exhausting, and obviously, yes, you can ignore them. It's just that they're everywhere! I ended up finding myself running into these types of people every time I wanted to talk about anime to someone. Even when I would watch anime with my friends, eventually I would run into a 'suggestion fest' "Hey have you seen this new anime", the references to anime that wasn't at all funny but were shown and said to me JUST because it had referenced anime. It all got so exhausting and tedious. And the weeaboos...running into a weeaboo was the most demoralising thing I could have done, being into the anime scene. The way they would talk about anime as if it were some kind of necessity like it wasn't even a show, just something you had to watch if you were 'into anime'. No, I don't think Cowboy Bebop is just "A classic", I like the show, I wanted to talk about the show not about what it compares to, or what 'new anime is out now that's like it. There grew, in the community of 'anime watchers' to be this rush to be into the anime that's considered 'good' no one was really watching for the stories anymore. I would argue that because of this, there spawned a lot of unsavoury behaviour by anime watchers. References to certain anime that included 'younger characters', infatuation with the female characters, a contemptuous outlook on anything that's not Japanese, a constant, half-assed attempt at the Japanese language. I eventually wanted to even stop being associated with these people. I mean even the denial to admit that 'Anime' is just a Japanese styled Cartoon is pretty cringe-worthy (I'm serious! some people will fight tooth and nail over this concept!).

    What really did it for me though, was my friend. I ended up being best friends with this guy, not through anime, but it turned out that we were both really into it so a part of our friendship was based on us referencing anime to each other. We watched things like Samurai Champloo together, we went to Comicon, even when he got really into Attack on Titan and was hyping about it with other people online, I told him that I wasn't really into it, but I watched it with him anyway; I had actually just found it funny that he was into something and would love it so much, he would be a part of a community and dress up in the outfit used in the show at Comicon (I teased him for it, but this was basically me with Naruto...minus the Comicon). Then he got a girlfriend...a cosplaying girlfriend...who spoke in soprano and would constantly reference anime and call people she knew by a nickname followed by the "Kun" honourable. My friend slowly devolved from the cool, adventuring guy who everyone loved around, slowly to this...recluse, who stays inside with his girlfriend, plays games and watches anime. I'm not here to vent about my personal life, but what I'm saying is that I've started associating anime with this kind of unhealthy behaviour. I know too many people in life who watches anime and their life revolves around primarily that.

    So in answer to your question. I actually do enjoy watching anime, but I feel like people ruined it for me...or more so, I ruined it for myself, basically hanging around people who made anime their entire life, and ended up disassociating themselves from reality. This is the case for a lot of people who watch a lot of anime (Because let's be honest, if you watch anime, you watch a lot of it), you can test this by asking the next 'anime fan' you meet who the current leader of your country is, and if it happens to be Donald Trump, ask them who the vice president is. It's because of this association, every time I'm about to watch any anime, I feel uncomfortable. I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way, and there are probably a lot of people who like anime and haven't disassociated themselves from real life and the world around them, I guess I just got unlucky meeting the people who did. Ever since I practically lost my friend to that girl, the closest thing I've come to anything anime was "The Boondocks". I think the true reason as to why I was turned off of anime is greatly summed up by something the founder of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki had once said (Yes, the famous quote that spawned the meme "Anime was a mistake"):

    "Some people spend their lives interested only in themselves. Almost all Japanese animation is produced with hardly any basis taken from observing real people, you know. It’s produced by humans who can’t stand looking at other humans. And that’s why the industry is full of otaku!"
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  4. damonzg

    damonzg New Member

    Absolutely, I have watched so many fantastic anime series throughout the years, for example Death Note. But I also have to mention that some of them have very bad writing and silly plots. Also not all western cartoons are marketed to children, for example you have Family Guy.
  5. Rengo

    Rengo New Member

    Absolutely yes . Anime are fun to watch. I have a lot of anime collection. I like to watch anime more than a movie. Anime are not boring to watch and I can watch for a long hours just to finish one season.
  6. nhotykeith

    nhotykeith New Member

    Yes! I enjoyed watching Hunter x Hunter, Dragonball Z and many more
  7. BigEyes

    BigEyes Member

    YEs.Like Sailormoon.It makes me feel like a kid.No worries and problems
  8. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Yes I enjoy watching anime. It is very creative and it has something for everyone. There are different genres to choose from and it really pushes the envelope. Whether it is action, drama, horror or comedy, anime has a way of attracting people to watch it. It really stretches the imagination of its viewers in a way regular cartoons do not.
  9. doudou

    doudou New Member

    Yes I enjoy watching anime. and I know most of adults who like watching anime. It allows me to relive my childhood and make me happy eventhough I'm a mother and I'm 46 years old.
  10. Steila95

    Steila95 New Member

    Yeah! I enjoy watching anime. My uncle influenced me because he's very funned of watching Japanese animations. I like animes with a spice of life genres.
  11. marielmarz2392

    marielmarz2392 New Member

    Absolutely! Anime is part of my life since I was young. I was still in elementary when I started watching anime on Philippine television (dubbed in Tagalog) every afternoon. Once our classes were over, I rushed home to watch anime. I did that since high school. Anime shows were still Dragon Ball, Flame of Rica, Magic Knights, Ghost Fighter. Anime was part of my fun childhood.

    When I got into college, I started watching anime in Japanese with subtitles. It was more fun listening to their own language. I got more anime than English movies on my laptop. I just got fascinated by how creative the minds of the Japanese people are. Imagine having like hundreds of characters in One Piece and Naruto with individual names, unique places, and names of their powers. I like watching other anime like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Black Clover, Shingeki No Kyojin, One Punch Man, Ushio to Tora, Re:Zero, and many more. Aside from entertainment, anime also shows Japanese culture, behavior, places, and their lovely language.

    Watashi wa anime disuke desu. :)
  12. ememchoco

    ememchoco New Member

    Yes! The thing I love about anime is it’s not just pure entertainment, it’s also inspirational. It makes you want to do something in your life. It gives you reasons to become more than you are, and make something of yourself.It doesn’t matter if it’s a comedy series, or a simple “slice of life”. There’s always something to take from it.Whether it’s comical, creative, a dark truth about life, a funny fact, or something else. Anime’s quotes and life lessons are special to me.
  13. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    At my current age, I still do watch anime, sometimes my friends call me crazy but I just laugh at them telling that it is just my way of relaxing my mind from stress and pressure from work. I find it very funny most of the time. And maybe another reason is I grew up watching them that's why. I finished NARUTO, BLEACH, HUNTER X HUNTER, GHOST FIGHTER, FAIRY TALE, SWORD ART ONLINE and some that I do not recall. And I prefer it than watching soap operas or watching news that only makes us even scared.
  14. beckertani

    beckertani Member

    Japanese anime has influenced me so much. Japanese are so good at it, although the characters in anime are not real, you can get moral lessons in them. You would laugh, cry and hurt too. So event though the story of my favorite anime ended. I can still remember him and his story until now. His story has a great impact in my life. I am referring to Naruto by the way.
  15. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    Yes. in my childhood days, I am so addicted watching anime. it give happiness to me. it is one of our bonding with my best friends watching it. I really love the concept of the story. I always imagine that I'm in the actual series. it improves my mood and energy.
  16. breego

    breego New Member

    I enjoyed some as a kid. I enjoyed Pokemon, Beyblade and Digimon. But never really developed a strong interest in it. For me, it was stuff like The Tom and Jerry show, Looney Tunes, Duck Tales etc. I tried to get into anime recently with Death Note, amazing show, almost didn't feel like anime for the first half but then halfway through the season something happens (I'm sure anime fans know what I'm talking about) and my interest dropped to zero immediately. I tried watching Monster, One Piece, Naruto and some other anime but I couldn't develop a taste for it. And I'm actually kind of sad about it since there is so much anime to watch out there and many people enjoy it. Oh, well...maybe I'll give it another try some time in the future.
  17. Anjin

    Anjin Member

    I really enjoyed watching anime. Since childhood when video games and the internet are not yet popular, we watched anime on a television every afternoon from Monday to Friday. After school, we go home directly and watch anime. That's when my love for anime started. Until now, I still watched anime and read mangas if I can't wait for the next episode.
  18. AlexJBoyd

    AlexJBoyd New Member

    Lately I've been introduced to some, mostly the more comedic parody stuff like One Punch Man. I like it when it doesn't take itself too seriously. Obviously as a kid I watched the likes of Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball etc. but I mostly grew out of them and don't even play the Pokemon videogames unlike a lot of people my age!
  19. Doraymon17

    Doraymon17 New Member

    Watching anime is very enjoyable, i think most of us watched at least one or two anime in our younger days. We feel like we can be superheroes and it teaches us valuable life lessons.
  20. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Yes I do. There are types to choose from. Writers and creators are very creative with every episode. Both adults and children can enjoy watching it together. These are the reasons why I like it.
  21. unknownXIII

    unknownXIII Member

    100000000000000000000% Yes i realy love watching anime i can see my self even i get older i still watching anime even i have my grandson
  22. aileenbcd

    aileenbcd New Member

    I have watched a few with my daughter. Let's say, I did enjoy watching them but prefer my romcoms. Time is a big factor for me, these series will take a lot of my time vs romcoms which would take about two hours. Although I have to say, they do have a lot of interesting story points. Perhaps, when I get more time to myself, I can sit down and start watching it again.
  23. NellSeon

    NellSeon New Member

    I am delighted to say absolutely! the idea of watching anime is great and it's not just for kids. There's tons of genre that you could choose from depending on your taste, I find anime rather amazing because it challenge one's imagination while it entertains you as you watch it, most of the anime can stir your emotion too so usually you can be emotionally invested with the characters. As you've said
    and you are absolutely right about that; One of the anime that made me love it was Angel Beats where it focuses on moving on, self acceptance and a lot more, you'll enjoy watching them and some anime can give you the most heart-wrenching scenes that are rarely on your regular TV series, And because of those anime's I have enjoyed and love watching them. Anime is not just anime, it's a lot more.
  24. missmelon17

    missmelon17 Member

    ABSOLUTELY! watching anime is my safe haven. If i wanted to feel happy i watch anime, if i want to sing i'll watch anime, if i wanted to feel like i am person in love i'll watch anime. ANIME IS LIFE.

    Some don't like it but believe meee! i think they haven't even try watching one. Anime have a wide variety of genres that will surely be suitable for anyone!
  25. gummybeaarrr

    gummybeaarrr New Member

    hell yEAH. i prefer anime than cartoons because it is kind of repeating and i watched cartoons since i was a kid so i was lowkey tired of it now and when i discovered anime and my first anime that i actually fell in love into was BNHA lol. the characters are so perfect for the role and also the movie has a lot of emotion so i don't know what to feel about it haha. I'm still watcing anime until now and I kinda know some Japanese traditions because of some anime that i already watched. :))
  26. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    Iam the anime god iam download right now anime the anime name is rurouni kenshin iam at episode 27 download until 68 so iam in love with anime goddess
    #anime downloader
  27. jajamon04

    jajamon04 Member

    Animes play a very special role in my life. I grew up watching animes. Watching animes are a form of escape for me. Whenever I feel lonely or depressed, I watched a couple of episodes of my favorite anime. This usually help me lighten up my mood. If people ask when will I stop watching anime, I usually tell them that it will never happen. Anime is an integral part of my life .
  28. TonyDaniels

    TonyDaniels New Member

    Watching anime such as one piece was one that I enjoy.
  29. Chaiya

    Chaiya Member

    Anime keeps me sane and insane. It brings out all sorts of emotions from me. The creators are brilliant, the way they create stories, characters, plots and twist over all bring the show to life. It exaggerates things most of the time but that makes it all the more exciting. Most of the animation I've watched has deep meanings and stories. It makes you rethink life and makes you recreate stories in your mind. It stimulates your brain and make your emotions strong.
  30. git531

    git531 Member

    Yes, i enjoy watching anime. some of the movies i liked are Final fantasy movie series, Ghost in the shell, spirited away, akira.

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