Do you enjoy watching other people play video games?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Jeanette Wood, May 15, 2015.

  1. Jeanette Wood

    Jeanette Wood New Member

    I admit it. When it comes to playing video games, I have about as much talent as the Sahara Desert has seaweed. Even so, I genuinely enjoy watching other people play. I'd honestly rather watch the entire Tomb Raider series played from beginning to end than watch anything on TV. Is there anyone else out there that only likes to watch?
  2. Arm Kal

    Arm Kal New Member

    Personally, I don't enjoy playing Multiplayer games that much. I still have fun, but I had even more sitting back and watching my friends play. Watching some videos on Youtube is very similar to that.
    Other times, I might watch a video to better learn how to do something, especially if it's something that's hard to convey in text.
    For me, and many others I imagine, it's not that I'm watching someone play a game when I would otherwise be playing myself, it's that I'm watching it when I would be doing something else, like watching garbage on television because I'm just too darn tired to properly focus on the game I want to play.
  3. NinjaTael

    NinjaTael New Member

    I actually really dislike watching people play; I think its mainly because I always feel like I'd do something different than what the current player is doing. That being said, when I do watch, I'm NEVER a backseat gamer because I know how frustrating that is to people.
  4. seven.exodus

    seven.exodus New Member

    It really depends on the game.

    If it's something I've played before, then no, because I tend to get REALLY frustrated when people don't do things the way I would, a.k.a the "right" way (I know, I know. Awful habit). But if it's a game I've never seen before, or something I have no interest in actually playing myself even though it looks interesting, that's fine. I can sit for hours and watch someone play DMC, for example.
  5. DM25

    DM25 New Member

    Your not alone in that, I happen to be a game fanatic, and prefer to play rather than watch, but the first time I had the God Of War experience was by watching my brother play, I actually enjoyed watching him play the game. Maybe it depends on the game played, I'm a tomb rader fan too (Game), I love the puzzles in the games, and the mysterious ventures she goes on.
  6. jaronzxd

    jaronzxd New Member

    Yeah, I enjoy watching people who are playing video games. I can learn a lot from others and tell or give them advices when they're having a hard time.
  7. DashDean

    DashDean New Member

    I enjoy watching other people play video games only when it's paired with funny commentary.

    I used to watch my brother play games a lot, but I don't like just watching anymore. I need to have some kind of interaction (like for example) instead of just sitting there watching in silence, you know?
  8. JeffZeroConnor

    JeffZeroConnor New Member

    I have often enjoyed watching close friends progress through story-driven games (many of BioWare's offerings, for example) for the first time. Especially when these games offer pivotal emotional moments and big player-decided choices on how the narrative continues to shape. There's a thrill in seeing reactions to these parts not quite like anything offered by other mediums.

    I also enjoy seeing my friends try to make it through games like Dark Souls, because frankly I don't think I have the time and patience necessary to do so myself!
  9. curren145

    curren145 New Member

    I tend to play, better watching people play, because the real fun is solving puzzles and reaching the end of the game and defeat the monster
  10. jasmith42a

    jasmith42a New Member

    I just can't do it. Can't sit still long enough. About the only time I can enjoy watching someone else game is when I'm peeking into their view box so that I can sneak over and kill 'em.
  11. Raoshard

    Raoshard New Member

    It depends on the person playing it and the game. If it's a video on YouTube then probably yes, if the game is interesting then I'd rather try it out instead of watching it on a video.
  12. AlexKabam

    AlexKabam New Member

    I love watching streams on twitch. Livestreams for multiplayer rank based games really helps me improve at my personal gameplay, and I also get to observe people and their personal dynamics with other teammates over Skype, Ventrilo etc. which can be really funny.
  13. lexzar

    lexzar New Member

    Online, yes, most especially when the person playing is hilarious. Some of the gamers I watch are gregidot — who mainly plays League of Legends, and markiplier who has a very cool voice — he plays random games. I especially like it when he plays horror games. :)

    Offline, however, I don't just want to watch, I actually want to join in the game and show my friends who's "boss". I tend to get bored when I watch my friends play and I'm not in it, so I make sure that we're playing games that I know how to play when I'm around.
  14. Manoah Lee

    Manoah Lee New Member

    I enjoy watching gameplay more since I get to see how other people play games and their strategies. It is quite motivating to see how skilled some players are. I enjoyed watching pros play on twitch and whatnot but I enjoyed youtube more back in the day. Of course I got into youtube during the prime of gaming videos when it was just starting out. It was such a big deal to get on Machinima back then, now it seems meaningless lol! It is always fun to rewatch old videos aswell since it brings back memories from the old days.
  15. md12

    md12 New Member

    When I'm strapped for cash and can't afford a new title, or don't have the right system to play whatever awesome games are out (I'm looking at you, Bloodborne and The Last of Us), I'll find myself watching walkthroughs and let's plays of them. It's not the same as getting and playing the actual game but its nice because I don't feel like I missed out on story/atmosphere etc.
  16. Kass-

    Kass- New Member

    I really really love watching other people play games, especially if its a game I want to play but can't for whatever reason. I just think its really enjoyable, I like more relaxed people though. I can't watch people like Markiplier or PewDiePie for multiple reasons, but also because they tend to be very loud. I like people like Cry and Pharaoh.
  17. fewsion

    fewsion New Member

    I mostly retired from gaming because it was too time-consuming and I needed to focus on real life stuff. I watch live streamers play games if I get an urge to catch-up with the gaming scene. I find it very enjoyable and entertaining, it helps me relax and turn my mind off. I always liked watching Counter-Strike professional players because I admired them for their unreal skill level. I prefer live streams - for me it's more fun than the YouTube gaming videos.
  18. Brit333

    Brit333 New Member

    I enjoy watching just as much as I enjoy actually playing the game. It can get hard finding really good two-player games so sometimes its better to just sit back and watch. My fiance' and I like to play video games when we get home from work, but I get really bad migraines so its hard to sit and try to play with him some days and it just works out watching him play instead. On those days he would normally pick something with a good story plot in it so there is maximum enjoyment for the both of us. But other than that, I enjoy watching others play on YouTube, like games that I haven't had a chance to play, or a game I think I would highly struggle actually attempting to play on my own. I love games but I am not the best at them all. So getting to see the games I wish I could play is equally entertaining in my eyes.
  19. fatguy39

    fatguy39 New Member

    I used to live in a household where there's only one computer, and we are three siblings, so only one is able to use it at a time. Having the same interests as my brother, we tend to play the same games, only that those said games are of single player only. Most of the time I just watch.

    Nowadays as an adult who lives together with my siblings, I still do so, even with me owning my own computer and consoles. I don't know why, but I guess I just find it relaxing, especially when he plays the games I'm also interested in. There's this issue of spoilers, but a lot of times, we play different games. Games that I'm interested in, but have no time to play due to me having games of my own to play, I find enjoyment with him playing and with me watching. It works vice versa as well, and may come with a lot of laughs.

    Other forms of watching other people play would be watching game tournaments, like, oh boy, EVO. A little note, I love Street Fighter, and so I love watching Street Fighter matches. A little bit of Starcraft 2 is nice as well.
  20. Sheggy6

    Sheggy6 New Member

    I never quite understood watching other people play video games. The joy I garner from video games is derived from actually playing the game myself. Whilst I have no problem watching others play the game, I would watch only to learn things from them, or see incredible feats that they have achieved in the game. Like a tactical victory with outnumbered troops through sheer use of formation and positioning. Seeing things like that helps me learn and later apply to the same game.
  21. mobiako

    mobiako New Member

    I was thinking about this the other day; I think it depends on the viewer, the game, and the player. I can watch KSI play Mortal Kombat because he's funny and the way he goes about playing is just hilarious. I couldn't watch a pro zoom through L.A. Noire because it's just not the same.

    Most of the entertainment of games comes through playing, but also through how they're played. A terrible player can be more entertaining to watch because their reactions to failing can be brilliant.
  22. Keonaona

    Keonaona New Member

    When I was really big into playing League of Legends I used to watch people play LoL for tips, hints, or when I was simply exhausted or frustrated enough to not want to play.

    On a side note, I have managed to attend BlizzCon one year, PAX two years, and the most recent LoL quarterfinals in Korea and each experience was amazing to be around so much electricity with fans cheering, screaming, and just plain enjoying themselves.
  23. ahauser4

    ahauser4 New Member

    For myself, it depends on the game and who is playing it. I find watching streams or friends play a game I know they are much better at helpful and exciting. It also helps me grow as a gamer. However, if the gamer is not very good, I can find it frustrating. If the game is cinematic and a beautifully designed game I don't mind watching no matter who plays (though I prefer not to watch horrible gamers). For example, The Last of Us or the Uncharted series I find fun to watch no matter who plays.
  24. Patri159

    Patri159 New Member

    Yes, totally. I'm really, really bad at gaming, specially at shooting games such as COD, Battlefield... but I enjoy them. So the problem is: I like them but I can't play because I get killed all the time. Well, the solution is watching other people playing them :laugh:. I think it's funny, and I can feel useful too. Usually I can help the one playing pressing some keys when it's needed, warning him when I see other player trying to kill him... I love that!
  25. a1b3c6

    a1b3c6 New Member

    To be honest, I think very few people watch let's plays for the sake of the actual video game being played. I watch lets plays fairly often, but at the same time, I rarely ever "watch" them. I click on the video and open up a tab to go do something else, because I'm watching the video solely for the commentary. The LP'ers I watch say very little about the actual game they're playing, and just start having what are pretty much completely unrelated conversations (which are what's really entertaining.) It basically serves as a really casual podcast with gameplay thrown into the mix.
  26. duaneology

    duaneology New Member

    I am so glad to discover that I'm not the only one who enjoys watching people play video games. I don't watch strangers youtube uploads or anything like that, but I do love to watch friends play. It's like watching a movie that I have some input into. I can say "Hey, shoot that guy!" or "Go into the morgue!" and it happens. Of course I could play the games myself but the truth is that I'm terrible at them. I'm that guy who spends the entire game walking into a wall or constantly gets snuffed out by a zombie because I can't remember how to switch from my knife to my shotgun. It's just far more fun for me to have someone else do it while I provide helpful direction.
  27. FreddyMacHere

    FreddyMacHere New Member

    As the youngest of 3, I always had to watch if games were being played. My start in gaming was always in the seat next to, or behind. It made me understand how the games "work" better, as I focused on solutions or background info, which tends to be ignored when you are actively playing.

    These days, I still enjoy watching a game, so long as its still in my preferred genre. I'll fall asleep if I watch something I'm not really interested in playing.
  28. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 New Member

    I like watching people play video games for two reasons:
    One: The game I'm interested in is on a different console than mine and I don't want feel like (or can't) shelling out cash just to get it, so I settle for watching it and pretend I'm the one playing it myself.
    Two: I'm leery about buying the game despite all the hype surrounding it and I want to see if the game fits my level of fun and enjoyment before I go out and buy it.

    With that said, I only watch people that know what they are doing and I despise watching "blind" playthroughs since it isn't fun watching someone flounder around in the game for 20 minutes while either making lame jokes to fill the time or getting frustrated. I figured if you are taking the time to put a walkthrough up on YouTube or whatever site you use, you should know what you are doing and not get upset because people are calling you a moron in the comment section.
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  29. duaneology

    duaneology New Member

    You just described my video game prowess perfectly. If you had to watch me play it would most likely cause you to have some sort of aneurysm. Seriously, that's how inept I am.

    Some of us were just meant to be observers. :)
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  30. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 New Member

    I wouldn't have an aneurysm....

    I'm more of the type to insult you cruelly before getting a cup of tea to calm myself down and remembering that I was raised to be "a patient and understanding lady that doesn't use profanity":p

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