Do you ever think that sometimes it's too late to start writing?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by kurtricatura, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. kurtricatura

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    Do you ever think that sometimes it's too late to start writing?

    I'm already eighteen years old and people who are younger than me have already achieved so many things. I like to write, but I'm definitely not skilled enough yet. Most often, instead of finishing a prompt I find myself wallowing in self-pity. I try not to be discouraged but a lot of times I just find it really hard to continue you know? As if there is no sense in writing anymore. Why write? Why give form to your thoughts when you can't even do the job well? I know I should be writing for myself but I just want to feel a little bit of validation that I can do it too, that I can accomplish great things. Why would you bake cookies when no one else wants to eat them? It's just really hard for me.

    I have a fiction story on mind right now and it's just a cliche prompt but I really hope I can establish the story properly. Any tips?
  2. hgenoso

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    Never. It is never too late to start writong because that is your own improvement you could just run towards that improvement at anygiven time so that you can create something that is readable because im sure the first 3 stories that you might make will make you cringe so hard. But no matter what it is still part of the process of your improvement that is why it is better to start now than never.
  3. AbarquezSofia

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    No, when it comes in writing its never too late because it's a skill and when it comes in skill it's either advance or late and writing is not really easy it will have a long time to think what you are going to write so that's why writing is never too late. And beside when we write it depends on our feelings and being realistic.

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