Do you fear death?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by carpetman, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Brenda Perez

    Brenda Perez New Member

    DO I FEAR DEATH? I think the better question is am I excited to live eternally in heaven. I know religion is a sore subject & by that I mean it gets people going/gets people rowdy; but these are my personal beliefs! Ever since I was a kid I've known of the wonderful place called heaven. The thought, the image in my mind, explaining it to others, everything that has too do with heaven makes my heart happy & I feel a sort of weight lifted off my chest. Its amazing, just the though or hearing words about this magical place gives me goosebumps! I think that says enough, enough to reassure me that my beliefs of a everlasting beautiful life with God, IS REAL. That being said, I do NOT fear death.
  2. Samiracle10

    Samiracle10 New Member

    When i was younger, i do not fear death. Because i believe death is a natural event on a persons life. Everyone of us comes to an end. End of everything.

    But now that i become a mom, i fear death not because im afraid of dying, but i fear death because my daughter is still young to loose a mother. I want to give all i can and all i have to nurture her and teach her everything i can impart on her life. I still want to see her grow and when the time comes she’s able to stand on her own and wise enough to make decisions with her life, death is something im not afraid of anymore.
  3. Zakarya

    Zakarya New Member

    Nothing to be afraid of, ask yourself are you afraid of the time before you were born? the answer is obviously NO, then why would you be afraid of death ? it's just an everlasting oblivion, but the fear of the way or cause of death is a whole other story, nobody would like to die after a long time of pain and suffering like the cases of a fatal diseases such as cancer or awful accidents, that is why im pretty sure if I ever find myself in such predicament I will ask the doctors or my family to pull the plug and spare me the pain and suffering.
  4. Tammytashy

    Tammytashy New Member

    I do not fear death but I fear dying before my time. As a Christian, I believe that we all have to die or be a part of the glorious day when Jesus returns. Death is one of the devil's plots against mankind and their destiny. If one understands that death can be quickened before one's time and you implore measures to prevent that, then fear for death won't trouble you.
    What troubles many in fear of death are carnal things that we think of, how am I going to leave my children, how about all the money I have made over years? What about my family? Will my businesses die or keep flourishing?... Many who fear death are faced by fears of life which ultimately makes them fear the ultimate destiny we all are to face. Let me tell you folks, fear not death, its the last thing we'll all face in life at different intervals.
  5. eolvr52

    eolvr52 New Member

    I personally, do not fear dying. However, I do fear my loved ones' death. Simply because we do not know for sure what will truly happen when we die, it makes me think about where a loved one may end up when they pass away. If they end up in heaven, great. But there are other theories that they may be in hell, they may haunt myself or someone I love, or they just burn out. Like a candles' flame. Which is just as terrifying as going to hell or my loved one haunting me or someone else. Myself though? I really don't care at all. Simply because I have experienced "hell on earth," if you will. I enjoy new experiences and new things. I also believe that fear and worrying does no good. All it does is slowly kill you and make you unhappy. And I stick to that belief very well. The different methods of dying? Sure, it terrifies me. But death itself? Not at all.
  6. fathusername

    fathusername New Member

    I have a big fear of death, but only at night.? During the day if I think about it, I can brush it off. But when I am lying in my bed at night the though of death turns my stomach.

    Fear, in my opinion, is the direct result of not knowing (and pain). The majority of things people are afraid of are things they don't know about, or don't know what to expect from. People who are afraid of dogs are afraid because they don't know what to expect from the dog. Is it going to hurt me? Is it going to jump on me? I am afraid of death because I simply don't know what to expect.

    What happens after you die?

    I'd like to believe what religions tell me but they have no proof. I can't watch a video of it on Youtube to get myself ready. Like hamlet said "the undiscover'd country from whose bourn no traveller returns." No one has been there and come back to tell me what to expect. There is no one to tell me "Don't worry death is cool. It's kind of like going to a Knicks game except they win." This greatest of unknowns is what propels my fear.

    And as mentioned above, the question of when and how is pretty daunting as well. I think Woody Allen summed this one up perfectly.
    "I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens"
  7. bambie36

    bambie36 New Member

    We are afraid of death because of fear of the unknown, none of us knows precisely what happens after we die. But death is inescapable, everybody dies at some point. The fact we do not know what happens after death makes it mysterious. Life is harder than death because it has many struggles that you will have to overcome to be successful. In the after life you will be at peace assuming that you go to heaven.
  8. Marian Mijares

    Marian Mijares New Member

    Death is inevitable, We no matter what our status in life will going to die. Everyone is scared to die. To answer the question, Yes! I am scared to die. I am scared to live my children behind. Who will gonna take care of them. Who will be there to wipe their tear. I want to be with them every step of the way. I want to see with grow up and be successful in life and guide them to be a better person. Most specially I want to grow old with my husband. That is the very reason why I fear death.
  9. theblogofdimi

    theblogofdimi New Member

    Everyone does, I believe. Death is the only real fear; the progenitor of every other fear. Some ancient philosophers, yogi, prophets, and such spiritual folks may have claimed to be completely indifferent to towards death but I very much doubt it. What they have probably done is to suppress this fears of theirs to a degree unimaginable for us, ordinary folks, but it was surely still lurking somewhere deep inside their souls. Originally, those people must have also had an augmented sense of the fear of death in comparison with the rest. Because that exact fear must have urged them to undertake their grand spiritual quest in order to overcome it. And that exact fear is what urges all of us take absolutely any action in our lives.
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  10. hitower53

    hitower53 New Member

    I do not fear death for me or anyone else.I believe we are from different dimensions and when our shells are damaged to no repair or just ware out we return to the dimension we are from.I am afraid the everyday chirch goers and believers are in for a surprise when there time comes because things are not going to be as they think.
  11. Joey Mercado

    Joey Mercado Member

    Death, is some what the most painful thin we could experience witness especially if its our loved ones. But if you will ask me do I fear death? On my current situation YES because I think I am not ready yet to face the Mighty Saviour because I know deep inside me I am still a sinner and I think there are a lot of things I need to do, But still we cannot tell where and when a person will experience in facing the ending of his life. Let's just enjoy every moment live our life to the fullest that this world could offer so when the Time comes when we need to face DEATH, there will be no more loneliness and what if's only Happiness and contentment that you will say you have living your life to its extent you have done and play your life well..
  12. JackOAT

    JackOAT New Member

    I do not fear death itself, but what I fear most is the idea of dying without achieving the sole purpose of my existence and serves humanity the best I can. I'm scared of dying without accomplishing everything I wanted and needed to accomplish. A I fear losing others more than I fear facing this myself.
  13. Loopy

    Loopy New Member

    No not really. It is a natural consequence of life. Sure one does not know the day nor the hour when one is going to die / kick the bucket / pass away. Just as long as one has something left for one's family that is all one worries about.
  14. jean cares

    jean cares New Member

    Before, when I was young, I do not fear death. There was nothing holding me back from life. There was nothing that made me want to live though I wasn't suicidal. I thought before that the Almighty can take me and I would be totally fine with it. But as soon as I had my son, everything changed. I looked forward for every day I get to spend time with him and see him grow. I feared for the fleet seconds I am unavailable to protect him. I came to fear death. I fear it because I finally found a purpose. I finally found a reason to love and enjoy life. I fear it because I found someone to protect, the need to live. The thought of it haunts me because if I'm gone, who else would be there, who can love him as much as me.
  15. Whoelse doesn't fear death? I think it’s a natural human emotion to be scared of the idea of us dying. We have these questions in our minds: Where do we go after we die? What happens to us? What happens to our loved ones? Will they be okay without us? Why am I afraid? I can’t even begin to fathom that my life will end, that my body will stop functioning and that all the thoughts, love and sorrows I bear with me will vanish. That I will cease to exist, and that I will be just gone, but I fear the most is the fact we do not know what is the life after death. Maybe we do have souls, perhaps they do live on forever; maybe we’re all incarnated from who knows how long back in time. There is the slightest chance that we might remember and carry with us who we are, and that’s the fraction of hope I cling on to. Nevertheless, my fear is still there.
  16. albino

    albino New Member

    For me i don't fear death, why should i fear the things that is constant? Instead enjoy your life while you are living, do good things make a historic deeds that will never make you regret your life the day before you die. Death is the surest things that happens in all kinds of creation that lives in any part of this planet, fearing death is like fear to grow up or fear to become a real man someday, but the world won't stop to turn and the time will continue to change without your permission if you are ready to face it or not. So why most of us fear the things that we can't even stop or control? Its because we are focusing on the outcome or in the future, why not live in a moment? Cherish the life you are living today, and be ready to face your tomorrow. If you are focusing in the future it will divide your attention and its brings confusions to your present activity. Just live in a moment and believe in yourself that you can overcome everything that you will encounter in the future.
  17. Veronica4321

    Veronica4321 New Member

    There are two things certain in life, being born and dying, the rest is in our hands. I, personally, do not fear death itself because it is inevitable and I have come to accept that, but I do fear how I will die. In the nighttime when I am alone with my thoughts it is hard not to let your mind venture into the darker aspects of life. I think about how I will die, whether it will be painful, whether it will be sooner rather than later, but most of all I fear the death of my loved ones. I have lost people very close to me in the past and it has been a constant emotional battle ever since. It never gets easier, you just learn to live with the void left in your heart. Which is why I fear for the death of my loved ones more than my own.

    In general, I don’t believe we fear death itself, it is the unknown that comes with it that terrifies us. Do we go to heaven? Do we disappear into infinite nothingness? Nobody knows that, which is why we should focus on today, and make the most of our lives while we still can, and not dwell too much on the fact that we die.
  18. cathylene

    cathylene New Member

    Death is a natural part of life. Everybody scared or i must say most of us afraid to die (but animals aren’t, are they?). . i considering myself as one of those. I am very scared of course i can't imagine hows life after death. Am i going to heaven or downstairs to hell. Though i am not that perfect person i also committed mistakes and sin. Really feels very afraid when i imagine myself lying down in coffin. i wonder why we fear what we don’t know, and we know almost nothing more about death. Who does? The only way to have an acceptance to death is we need to think always positive side. We must realize that life after death could be more amazing, liberating, peaceful, and joyful than life on earth! As we encountered here on earth that life is the dumps . So that it can help us to ease the feeling of scared or being scared.
  19. anneesteves878

    anneesteves878 New Member

    Fearing death evolved for a reason.
    If people did not fear death, everyone would take senseless risks, and the human race would likely go extinct. Even as a Christian, I have to look at my religion as just another religion- and it follows all the traits of other religions. We invent an afterlife to convince ourselves that death does not end all. Is there some truth to any religion? Maybe. But just as likely, we're all using religion to lie to ourselves and others. To just assume there's something after death is foolish, and to fear death is simply natural protection- we all die eventually, but most people I know would like to stay alive as long as possible, and make as big a mark as possible. If you're saying we should risk our ambitions dying- as well as dying ourselves with various lethal injuries- that's just wrong- but if you don't fear death, you risk that happening.
  20. Jzadaé

    Jzadaé New Member

    Honestly , I do fear death! All I know is that you die and that's it. But what if there's more to it. What if you do actually go to either heaven or hell. I'm scared of basically the unknown of what happens after death.
  21. glykahipe03

    glykahipe03 New Member

    I am going to be honest that is why I will admit that I really do fear death. I'm sure almost everyone is afraid of it, but it's our final destination whether we like it or not we can't do anything about it even Jesus experienced death. I really do scared thinking that I am going to die specially if you still have many things to do in your life and you still want to spend time with your love ones it is very painful leaving them especially if you still don't want to, time is really important so let's live doing what we like to do and just love!
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  22. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    Well I can say very humbly that if my time is meant to come to a end in tomorrow .. so be it . I do believe in taking the write decisions and being wise.. but at the end of the day , I do not live in fear of not waking up the next day. If it’s gods will .. let it be
  23. elisibug

    elisibug New Member

    My general answer to that question is yes. I do fear death. I fear death for a lot of reasons. I fear death because of the unknown. People have no idea as to what happens to life after death. All we know about it is that it will happen to all of us and it is inevitable. Another reason would be is that I fear of what I would leave behind when I encounter death. I fear the experience that my loved ones would go through if I were to die. All the achievements that I have done and all the hard work that I have put into things would mean nothing. Another main factor as to why I fear death is because I don't want to leave this world without doing all the things that I want to do. There are so much things the world has to offer that you can't do all of it in a single lifetime.

    Although death is often accompanied by fear, one always has to think that without death, there would be no life. Death marks the end of our journey here on earth. It signifies that all of us will eventually come to our end and I believe that death encourages us to live our lives to the fullest. Without death, we wouldn't feel the fullness of life.
  24. Dennie C

    Dennie C New Member

    I used to not fear death as much when I was younger. I don't know, maybe I used to think that I didn't have that much to live for. But now being at the age that I am right now with one kid, I now realize that I was wrong, I have so much to live for. I still don't fear death, I only fear for what I'd be leaving behind.
  25. Melany71

    Melany71 New Member

    Of course! :) Who doesn't? I think what really is being feared of is not death itself but the process of dying. From my very own point of view, all of us will die, majority of us don't get to reach the age of 100, it is a bonus if we do. Death is nothing to be afraid of, going there is a little bit scary and an abyss to all of us, I hope you agree? The pain, sickness, accident, sadness and the unknown made our brains tell us to be afraid of it. If we would only look at the bright side, maybe death is not so gruesome at all. Peace and tranquility I hope will follow through.
  26. marydaviscraigrob

    marydaviscraigrob New Member

    Personally, I don't fear death. I think the process of dying is fearful and the death of your loved ones are terrifying.
  27. Holsz633

    Holsz633 New Member

    I dont feel as if I fear death on a day to day basis, but I do fear thinking about it. I have mental fights with my mind when I start thinking of death. I try to block out the thoughts as best as I can until they go away.
  28. stephmassoglia

    stephmassoglia New Member

    I do not fear death because I do not think it is possible to fear the unknown. No one really knows what happens when we die, so I don't believe that that is the end for us. Our physical body dies, yes, but that doesn't mean our soul dies as well. I like to think of death as somewhat of an accomplishment; you did what you were meant to in this life and now it is time for you to move on and discover what your new purpose is.
  29. OrlanWriter

    OrlanWriter New Member

    I do not fear death. It is the end zone of life. Everyone will experience it. I think for me, the only time you'd fear it is when you're not ready to face it. Knowing that you're not ready means you're not yet done on fulfilling your purpose in life. To have purpose in life and to fulfill it gives you a meaningful death.

    "Death is what gives life meaning. To know your days are numbered. Your time is short."
    - The Ancient one, Dr. strange movie

    After hearing this, it gives me courage to not fear death but to have purpose in life before it arrives.
  30. Kiel5688

    Kiel5688 New Member

    Do I fear death?:thumbsdown: I'll lie if I'll say 'NO'. Of course I do, I'm wondering what I might feel if that time comes. I just hope that when I'm gone, my family will continue and go on with their lives and continue to love one another. Nevertheless, no one can escape this point in our life where life will be taken away from us, I believe that God has plans for each and every one of us.We may not live forever but our memories will. I always believe in God and I'll will do what he says that we shall feel no fear because he is beside us always. Amen.

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