Do you get 'addicted' to TV series?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by NatashaG, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. ItsMyDougInABox

    ItsMyDougInABox New Member

    With all the ways of watching shows now days I find it hard not to get addicted! I can go from watching some TV series on my phone to a laptop to my xbox or pc and vice versa. Even shows I never planned on watching but knew about I find myself watching back to back episodes wanting more. I managed to watch Flashpoint, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and True Blood with about a week of watching each one.

    However, I keep strong knowing I have no desire to even think about watching past seasons of So You Think You Can Dance or American Idol!
  2. GirlFriday313

    GirlFriday313 New Member

    I completely get addicted to shows. After watching the first few episodes of a show I will devote an entire weekend to watching multiple seasons until I am up to date. I did this with Homeland and Mad Men and Dexter. I'm still completely hooked on all three.
  3. Yo_Megs

    Yo_Megs New Member

    I am obsessed, addicted and truly in love with BREAKING BAD. Once I finally discovered the Pilot on Netflix, I couldn't stop. Season 1 in one sitting, Season 2 in 2 days, now Season 3 at bed time. It's an awesome show that I wish wasn't at an end.
  4. You have not seen the worst. I stayed for a whole day in front of a computer just to watch the TV series "The Vampire Diaries." Every episode is filled with excitement that it will always leave you with so many questions that the next episode will answer, so you will not let anything get in your way just to watch its episodes. Plus, the character there named "Damon" will leave your jaw dropping due to his "smexiness" - smart and sexy.
  5. Beth55

    Beth55 New Member

    I am so addicted to Continum. The show has me on the edge of my seat. I found it originally on Netflix when I was on vacation and we got rained out at the beach. I watched 7 episodes in one sitting. I love the show since it deals with time travel and comparing life in the future with that of the present. Very intriguing show. :thumbsup:
  6. Queen BAB

    Queen BAB New Member

    I had my first taste of episode addiction when Family Guy came out. I had to see them all. Then Cleveland Show and American Dad was released. I had to see them all too. But what really heightened this addiction was SCANDAL. I am Queen and I am addicted to SCANDAL. Keri Washington is now my favorite actress. If I ever get the chance, so many of the nonologues in that show will make it to my collection of audition pieces. The script, her laser character, her Gladiators....evrything about that show has me whining for the next one and the next one...and the next one........FOR LIFE lol
  7. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson New Member

    I am the same way! If the show is engrossing enough and holds my interest I will shut everything else out of my world. Some shows I will DVR and then watch in one sitting. A good example of this is Game of Thrones. The first was PAINFUL because I had to WAIT a week for the next installment! Now I record and watch once the season in complete. Some shows, like Fringe, I also have a hard time letting go of. I still have not watched the series finale simply because I don't want it to end. I know, obsessive... but what can you about it? I promise that this is few and far between. lol.
  8. Ginger the Rabbit

    Ginger the Rabbit New Member

    Definitely! I love certain series so much that I buy them on DVD so that I can watch them over and over. However Netflix streaming is a gift to the TV series addict. I can pick a new show each week and watch it from beginning to end. Ok so maybe I get a little obsessive about watching every episode, in order, one after the other, until 3 in the morning. I'm not obsessed, NO! (Insert sarcastic voice)
  9. Cody Hicks

    Cody Hicks New Member

    Yes, I get very addicted to TV series because I feel like TV series have more of a plot/story line the cinematic movies do and they always have more time to tell in-depth about the plot/story line, and the characters background but recently I have been watching Dexter, and let me tell you I am obsessed, everything about the show is perfect, the plot is so in-depth it is crazy, each episode you find out a little more about Dexter and his surrounds and it is great, a movie would have no way to do it because of time constraint, just everything about TV series is perfect and I prefer them among everything else, but the TV series has to have a great plot with amazing characters, but to answer your question, yes I do get addicted to TV series and if anybody is interested in watching Dexter, I recommend 10/10
  10. Staci

    Staci Member

    I get sucked into TV series in the worst way. We don't have cable, we have Netflix. In other words, we never get the most recent season. It has been driving me crazy that I haven't been able to see the most recent season of 'Parenthood,' and if it doesn't come on Netflix soon I will have to buy it! There are at least five seasons I have been following lately, it is a bit ridiculous!
  11. Tetan1

    Tetan1 New Member

    I'm addicted to Kenny vs. Spenny right now. It can be pretty "gross-out" at times (think South Park, or Jackass) but it sometimes really qualifies as a strangely deep examination of these two abhorrent personalities who are stuck with doing these absurd competitions. Spenny is supposedly the more innocent one, who cheats rarely, and Kenny is outright a bad person, or so you think, in the beginning. But you soon figure out Spenny has his own deep-seated problems. It's very funny, sometimes very cringe-y, but also actually makes me sad to think about it. They tricked each other for 7 years and 7 seasons before it ended. I can't imagine their relationship is in great shape.

    Anyone else heard of or like Kenny vs. Spenny?
  12. Dionne

    Dionne New Member

    I think I am more likely a recovering addict. When I first discovered I spent about a week on there. I realized I didn't have to wait for the blockbuster or netflix discs to come in the mail and it was a free service that was available to me all day every day. I was pretty much in heaven.

    I remember it was back when I was doing a full time internship and I called in to say I wouldn't be coming in. It was because I hadn't had enough of Make It Or Break It. I was so hooked. I also spent days watching Lost from season 1 all the way to the end. I took nothing more than a break here and there.

    I now have a hard time watching just one episode of any show. My current favorite is The Big Bang Theory. If you do a google search for "Project TV" you can find most, if not all, episodes available. You can start from season 1.
  13. yellena

    yellena New Member

    It would take a miracle to get me hooked on a TV show nowadays. I admit I was more susceptible to those sorts of addictions when I was younger and back in the days when there weren't so many possibilities to catch the show in some other time, or on some other channel or on the internet. But now I'm free. I choose when I want to devote my time and attention to TV and it feels really good.
  14. greenteayogurt

    greenteayogurt New Member

    YES! How can I not get addicted to a TV series? The TV shows nowadays are just so good. Their scriptwriters are superb, and the actors are downright good! But I suppose it depends what TV series you watch. Sometimes a series can start off good, and by the 3rd season, you wonder why they continued in the first place (i.e. Glee).

    I'm disappointed that a lot of shows were cancelled though, even if they were really good. (i.e. Smash; good concept, but I admit that its quality was declining).
  15. M.Ross

    M.Ross New Member

    I don't watch that much TV, but I was introduced to the HBO series Dexter, and I was hooked! Just an amazing show! I try and not watch it anymore on TV, but instead just wait until its out on DVD and watch the whole season. And of course, every season, I get to the last episode and I'm still wanting more!!
  16. kelemenur

    kelemenur New Member

    Yes. Yes I do. It's really annoying in my opinion. Once I start a new series, if I happen to like it, I watch it at a ridiculous rate. I finished all 8 seasons of Supernatural in about a week, and was left craving for more. The same happened with How I Met Your Mother, and Breaking Bad as well. I really dislike this habit of mine, because in the time period I watch a show, I basically do nothing else. All of my midterm papers are turned in late, I don't study as much as I should for exams, et cetera. A really bad habit I guess.
  17. Annie1996

    Annie1996 New Member

    I definitely get addicted to television shows...I can remember when I first found "The Killing" on Netflix...I think I watched the entire first season in two days! Of course, then you're stuck with the waiting period until the next season comes out lol.

    This is actually the reason I try not to watch reality competition shows. No matter how absolutely ridiculous, I will get sucked in. The last one which 'got' me was Rock of Love with Bret Michaels...I was so obsessed, it was insane. Since then I've tried, with varying degrees of success, to change the channel ;)
  18. Kimber

    Kimber New Member

    Of course I do! There are so many television series that I have been addicted to over the years. Survivor, Desperate Housewives, Big Brother, The Bold and the Beautiful, and The Young and the Restless are just a few of the shows that I'm secretly addicted to!
  19. Jescel

    Jescel New Member

    Usually I get hooked up to tv series that captured my interest from its first episode aired. But if the series is already running for quite sometime I end up becoming not interested in finishing it.
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  20. Debidoo

    Debidoo New Member

    Totally get addicted to television shows and once I do there is no stopping me. My sons and I went through all 121 episodes of Lost on Netflix in about two or three weeks. I have just completed a marathon of all the Bones seasons and now am on Season 8 and average at least three episodes per night. Now I live alone and if I am on a current obsession with a show my son actually calls me and tells me I need to stop watching episodes for the night. Awwwwww do I have to?
  21. loyal2mysoil

    loyal2mysoil New Member

    I will admit I'm addicted to watching TV series too. I like to get the full season and watch the whole thing like a marathon. I like to stream my shows on Netflix and Youtube too.
  22. lilly

    lilly New Member

    I do tend to get addicted to TV series and go through phases where I have to watch all the episodes available for a particular series. My favourites are crime series - Bones, Boody of Proof, Criminal Minds, Numbers, The Mentalist and Castle among others. However I also like comedy - According to Jim, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Mike and Molly. Fringe is another favourite. The list is endless as fortunately there are new ones coming out regularly!
  23. eves

    eves New Member

    I am definitely addicted to a few series' at the moment. I like to watch Twisted and Pretty Little Liars. I used to love watching Degrassi until the characters changed drastically. There's just something about feeling apart of the series, like they're making the episodes for you specifically that I enjoy. Of course, anyone addicted to a series knows you can't miss a single episode.. that messes everything up. You need to watch it completely from start to finish for the full experience.
  24. michellehughes

    michellehughes New Member

    I found this to be a great forum because I never found myself to be addicted to a TV show until recently, and I used to tease my husband about his addiction to Law and Order. But it seems as if I have fallen into addiction with The Glades. I watched the first three seasons on NetFlix within a couple of weeks and am now currently watching the latest on A&E. I love the story line and the quirky characters. It keeps me waiting to see what is going to happen next with the main characters. I usually always watch the show online, so that I can watch it when I have time. So, yes I am an addict! I'll admit it! But let me tell you about my husband. He is on his 4th run through Law and Order SVU. Where is the fine line between addiction and obsession?!
  25. KatyG_xoxo

    KatyG_xoxo New Member

    I always manage to get addicted to TV shows! I usually get sucked in to anything Science fiction or crime scene related. Some of my favorites are Supernatural, Lost Girl, Major Crimes, and American Horror Story.
  26. Marc Payne

    Marc Payne New Member

    As an only child, I have always been an avid television watcher. When I was younger, I watched mostly family situation comedies-like Growing Pains & Family Ties. As I have gotten older my tastes have changed. I don't really watch sitcoms anymore, now it's all high drama like Rome or crime/action & intrigue like Law & Order: SVU or Criminal Minds. I also get into "realistic" science fiction. By realistic I mean sci-fi that has plausible scientific explanations for things. The Star Trek and Stargate series (and spinoffs) are good examples of well-researched sci-fi. I also love nature, history, war and science documentaries, but don't think those are classified as series.
  27. StacyDuh

    StacyDuh New Member

    I am StacyDuh and I am addicted to Reality Tv. I love the Real Housewives (Atlanta, orange county, beverly hills, and lets not forget new jersey). I must watch every episode of the Bad Girls Club.
  28. yvonneO

    yvonneO New Member

    I am absolutely a TV series addict. I personally believe that it has something to do with filling up empty space inside us. I say this because a lot of these shows these days are absolute rubbish. They obviously just go on and on and on with no actual point, no reason for existing except for monetary value to its creators and fame and fortune to its stars, however i simply cannot go a day without watching one of the many TV series available for viewing; "The L Word" is my current favourite and currently at season four, which i have reached after only having started watching this series about two days ago, i constantly stop to wonder what my life is. I live alone and constantly have nothing to do and as a result my only company is TV series one after the other.
  29. dsu_mohawk

    dsu_mohawk New Member

    I find that I very often have the television on for background noise, but very rarely sit and watch it while not also doing some other task. That being said, I did make a point of sitting and just watching the first season of American Horror Story. I'm not usually into horror but something about that show just sucked me right in and it was very difficult waiting a week for each new episode. I enjoyed the second season also, but not quite to the same extent.
  30. krazykristi

    krazykristi New Member

    I am what you would call a channel surfer. I have at least two or three shows I tend to flip from one to the other. Its great and keeps things interesting, never a dull moment on the flat screen!

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