Do you hate subtitles?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Wagwan124, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Irishh

    Irishh New Member

    I definitely want a subtitles to understand what the story about on what we watched. Because not all languages we know to understand and to have idea of the story We need subtitles. I watched korean drama i don't understand their language so for me to understand the story i want an english subtitles to understand.
  2. wilyhamarens

    wilyhamarens New Member

    Subtitles actually have both advantages and disadvantages and it depends on the individual likes and dislikes. For me, I don't really hate subtitles because it helps me understand the story much better, especially if when I'm watching movies that are based on true stories, documentaries, history and horror films. However, I prefer not to add subtitles when I'm watching fantasy or Sci-Fi movies because I don't want to miss any cool effects and graphics.
  3. MaletovD

    MaletovD New Member

    Definitely not.

    Subtitles are a great way to improve your foreign language skills even if watching movies with subtitles is not enough to learn a language. Actually, I almost do not notice them on the screen, enjoying both special effects and text information. I don't have a reason to hate subtitles — I love them!
  4. Jeoviczzz

    Jeoviczzz New Member

    You have to be honest about something: many times the dubbing of movies is disgusting, and you lose a lot of the original meaning. I sincerely prefer to see the films in their original language, even more so when I understand the language of the film (Spanish, English or French). So I do not hate subtitles.
  5. Sabrinazendjabil

    Sabrinazendjabil New Member

    The more you watch subtitled films, the more your brain becomes accustomed to them and the more they become part of the visuals: an integrated peripheral gaze. Granted, this takes some time, but our brains are fairly amazing at forming new pathways
  6. annalenesabado

    annalenesabado New Member

    No, because I need subtitles while I am watching movies, it's easier for me to understand what I'm watching when there is a subtitle specially when the language is different.
  7. earlgeraldpa

    earlgeraldpa New Member

    I do really appreciate subtitles especially if the movie is using a language that is alien to our country (Philippines) example watching KDramas and Anime. We could import our movies to other country because of subtitles.

    I think subtitles played so many roles in every movie that we are watching. The message of the movie will easily understand.
  8. cheelito

    cheelito New Member

    I hate subtitles when the movie is in English. But for Korean or Japanese i need subtitle. The only difficulty that i experience is that my one eye is focus on the subtitle and the other is in the movie, its funny isn't it?hehe
  9. NameGervin

    NameGervin New Member

    I really love subtitles, I can't watch movies without it. For me, I can better understand on what the actors/characters is saying. By this I can avoid or prevent any misheard lines, therefore I will not confused in the story line or plot. But there is some problems with the subtitles, if the scene is too fast, for example there's a fighting or battle scene which depicts many characters. I get a hard time to read the subtitle and at the same time viewing the glorious battle scene. Everyone likes battle scenes right. Second is if there a lot of characters talking at the same, and there's a side character whose making a noise. Multiple subtitles are activated.

    Subtitles are the thing that clarify what the characters saying. So instead of hating it which I will not be doing of course, I'm loving it. Also subtitles are for people who has audio impairments which helps them to enjoy the movie, like everybody does. I just can't understand people who hate movies with subtitles. I also watch foreign language movies, so english subtitles are the closest thing I can understand and enjoy the movie.
  10. KelMy

    KelMy New Member

    NO I love subtitle because this helps me when im watching movies that other language. Subtitle helps us to much more understand whats the actor or actress saying . What i loved in subtitles is i can watch all movies on the whole world because subtitles translate all language that we need or only languages that we can understand . Without subtitles i think many people will be hard in understanding the language that they dont know or for example i am a filipino and the movie that i will watch is chinese movie ,It will be hard on me to understand the movie and if this will happen in our world many people will refuse to watch movie that not their language.
  11. Kirz08

    Kirz08 New Member

    No, I don't hate subtitles. For me they are useful especially for those who have poor hearing. It also helps us to understand better the whole part of the movie, like good foreign movies worth to watch but with different language. But in some part it has disadvantage like missing out some picture in the scene because you're focusing in reading the subtitles.
  12. Mrox

    Mrox New Member

    I love subtitles, it helps me a lot in my grammar lesson.But if the subtitle is a jerk definitely i''ll just delete it. Some of the people don''t want subtitle since they having a hard time to do multi task ,listening and watching and reading that's why they hate it.
  13. Cinda

    Cinda New Member

    I really do. Whenever I start watching a movie and the subtitles pop up, I can't hit the disable button fast enough.
    It is so annoying when I find a movie I enjoy has subtitles that can't disabled. It distracts me and I end up watching the bottom of the screen instead of just focusing on and enjoying the movie.
    It is like my brain cannot process both the movie and the subtitles at once and since watching is a more passive activity compared to reading, I mostly end up focusing on the subtitles instead.
  14. amdadoy

    amdadoy New Member

    Somehow, I find subtitles annoying. When I really want to focus on the movie itself yet I keep on looking down to see the subtitles, I feel like I'm missing out on something in the movie. Especially on the small details like the body languages of the actors, scenery, etc. However, it greatly helps when watching films in foreign language and accents rather than American English. But then, if the movie I'm watching is in American English, I usually turn the subtitles off for that matter.
  15. Cake32

    Cake32 New Member

    I don't understand people who have a burning hatred towards subtitles. Personally, I love watching movies with subtitles! Sometimes, I find it hard to understand what the actors are saying and that's why subtitles will always be my best friend. Another thing is, subtitles help me appreciate dialogue in movies more. I tend to overlook the subtle brilliance of the dialogue in movies when they don't have subtitles.
  16. yellow

    yellow Member

    I love and hate subtitles. To learn a language from movie is a necessary any subtitle, just as watching a movie with foreign language what you don't understand but you want to understand it need subtitle also, otherwise you've a story from pictures and music, emotion. Emotion actually is unacceptable even by law to make a judgment.
  17. lmbv

    lmbv New Member

    No, I am so so thankful for it. It gives you variety of movie and tv shows to watch. Also,Whenever actors eat their words and when I couldn't properly understand what they say because of their accents, subtitles are there to save me. I honestly think I couldn't survive watching any shows or films online without subtitles unless watching on theaters lol
  18. keishastake

    keishastake Member

    Hate is such a strong word but I probably could indeed say yes indeed, I hate subtitles. Movies or even documentaries that have subtitles annoy me to no end. That is why I do not watch such entertainment or programming. I do not like being involved in something that I do not know. The purpose of a subtitle is to translate a language and that is just not something that I care to do. Have you ever been in a foreign land and the people do not understand you nor do you understand them? It is a horrible feeling being or feeling lost.

    A foreign movie is just not my cup of tea. I hate missing out on the action of a film because I am trying to keep up with the dialogue. Movies with subtitles also tend to not have much relevance in my life and I simply can't give my attention to anything that has no relevance in my life.
  19. nonprofitflight

    nonprofitflight New Member

    Honestly, I tend to hate people that hate subtitles. I can't understand every other language in the world. If you're going to limit yourself to only the movies that were made in the same language that you happen to speak, you're going to be missing out on QUITE a bit.
  20. falkir

    falkir New Member

    No, I honestly love subtitles. I tend to watch a lot of movies and TV shows in foreign languages and they help me understand while giving me access to more content. I don't find them annoying and your eyes overtime can learn to read and watch the screen at the same time.
  21. khanhtran123

    khanhtran123 Member

    No, I don't mind subtitles at all. It actually helps when there are old characters with hoarse voice.
  22. Charianeliz

    Charianeliz Member

    Sometimes I do hate subtitles but I tend to ignore it when there is one provided and I dont really need it.
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  23. I actually don't hate subtitles, but instead I really love it because it helps us to understand and easily catch up to the movie story that you are watching. It is hard to understand a movie without a subtitle, especially movies that aren't your language or dialect. Best example, if you are an american and you are watching anime movies, how you may be able to understand the movie by just watching it? LOL. So subtitles are very important, most especially for those who have hearing problems. Subtitles are not made only just to convert what they are saying into words but also for those who have physical defects such as hearing problems
  24. jennyferm

    jennyferm New Member

    No. I love it.
    I am enjoying the movie so much specially if it is an english movie but still has a subtitle. I admit I am not good at listening english movies, specially those characters who has a different accent.
    I understand it well if I have something to read on. And I love it because I am not just enjoying the movie, but also widening my vocabulary and fluency in speaking englsih.
    I admire and I am thankful to those persons behind who are making an effort of making the subtitles. Thank's to you.
  25. Deng

    Deng New Member

    Subtitles in movies, news, dramas, TV shows, and even cartoons are widely used in a lot of countries. Whenever you watch foreign movies, there is no way you can understand all of what's being said. Subtitles are really very helpful to better understand what you watch. Dialogue is very diverse and most of the time it is very painstaking to understand foreign spoken language especially when the accent is very heavy. Subtitles help us to learn about the different culture and in a way, it practices our reading ability as well as my language skills.

    The downfall of subtitles, on the other hand, is that they sometimes tend to omit some elements of the original dialogue. I'm a fan of Korean drama movies and series and I have encountered a lot of subtitles that were poorly written which makes it harder to understand what I was watching. Another thing is that we tend to pay too much attention to the translated word at the expense of the other elements in the movie such as the sound, the set or even the characters. Instead of focusing on the image on the screen, we only concentrate on the subtitles.

    It would really depend on the person watching, I wouldn't say that I hate subtitles not like it so much. For me personally, I like it better when I see subtitles to better understand the movie and keep track of important points.
  26. pinkstetho

    pinkstetho New Member

    Subtitles can sometimes be a distraction for me, but I find that I enjoy having them when the audio volume is a little low. Overall, subtitles are very helpful when trying to watch something that's in a language that I'm not fully familiar with in order to understand what's going on. I've done transcription work before and captioning work briefly, and it is an interesting process that helps you learn a lot of new information, which is always fun. In that aspect, I appreciate subtitles and the work it takes to create them.
  27. sam0225

    sam0225 New Member

    Subtitles guide you and help you to understand even you didn't know what they are talking about.But thanks to subtitles for guiding me in order for me to understands well.Without this, you are watching like eating unflavored food that does not gives your satisfaction.Through this, I really help myself to understands other language and it is really fun listening and watching them with their different accent. I really appreciated for giving us a subtitles. It is a way of communicating and it really works.
  28. minuetz

    minuetz New Member

    i used to hate subtitles because it used to distract me . but then i got into korean movies and now i really appreciate it. it really helps me understand and appreciate foreign movies that aren't in english or filipino language. and to be honest, i'm still looking for english subtitles even if the movie is in english because it helps me understand dialogues that i couldn't hear properly.
  29. Jean Abreu

    Jean Abreu New Member

    Subtitles are very useful tools. There are so many languages spoken in planet earth, that it would be a lifetime journey to learn them all. Subtitles allows us to watch any content, understand it and enjoy it without the need for us to learn any foreign language. In my case, I watch a lot of anime and I still don't know how to speak japanese. I am glad subtitles exists because I have enjoyed lots and lots of great anime.
  30. Aldegar101

    Aldegar101 Member

    It is a sad, sad truth that most English-speaking movie-goers will not watch foreign (and therefore subtitled) movies. No matter the type of film... Regardless of actors, the director, or whatever - if it's not in English and subtitles have to be read, the choice will usually be made to opt for something else that doesn't require reading while watching a movie.

    There are several weak reasons for this: The most basic reason is that one has to ACTUALLY READ (blasphemy!) in order to understand what's going on. Then there's the fact that (most) subtitles appear along the bottom of the screen and therefore takes some of a viewer's concentration off the action that's taking place. Finally, subtitles require more attention be paid to a movie that's not in one's native language (English).

    But as a lover of all types of cinema, whether in English or any other language, I look at those above reasons as insufficient, and simply not good enough to warrant the sort of avoidance of foreign films we sadly see all the time, except for those film buffs who enjoy good movies whether they are subtitled or not.

    No, I'm talking about the more general movie-going audience in English-speaking countries (the US and the UK are notable examples); the fact that (for the most part) subtitled movies don't get the attention they rightfully deserve; and most importantly, how the shunning of foreign films affects the box office and therefore, the choices of movies we have to pick from when we go to theater.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who is annoyed and perplexed by this issue. In an attempt to help, I have come up with (or rather pointed out) a few reasons why the general English-speaking public needs to stop avoiding subtitled movies.

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