Do you have a daily diet ?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by ipowermix, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. ipowermix

    ipowermix New Member

    As a medical student, I have come across multiple sources of information concerning the healthy life style. Because of this I have recently started to come up with my own daily diet - sort of a program. It consists of a few key vitamins, minerals and other food supplements. I was wondering if any of you have a diet and would like to share it ? If anyone is interested in my diet, just reply and I will give it you.

    P.S I'm not giving it straightaway so that we can form a discussion.
  2. KristinS

    KristinS New Member

    I have a sweet tooth to the point of an addiction and if I didn't control it, I would have a weight problem! So I made a decision long ago to eat clean, and for me, it has to be a set plan or I can't stick to it! I have tried many diets, but I have learned that for me, I need to change things up every so often to keep my metabolism high. So I will follow a low carb diet for about 6 weeks, then turn to a high protein diet for about the same duration. Staying on the same diet for too long can slow down metabolism, the same thing can happen with exercise so I am always revamping what I am doing.

    Everyone is different. For me, I need routine as far as what I am eating, if I have too much choice, I end up overeating! So I stick to the plan that follows:

    Breakfast is one of these, I rotate them: 2 egg omelet with veggies, a green smoothie, overnight oats
    Lunch is Green smoothie or protein shake
    Dinner is any lean protein, plus a vegetable, and small salad
    Snack is a protein bar or shake

    I try to eat 1700-1800 calories a day.

    I do a cheat meal once a month and it is usually pizza.

    I am also starting to incorporate carb cycling into my plan.
  3. lightcarlisle

    lightcarlisle New Member

    Yes, I always drink every morning blueberry smoothie and in dinner
  4. Ioana Corneanu

    Ioana Corneanu New Member

    During weekdays it's easy to follow a set diet, especially if your work/ life schedule is consistent. Weekends are different. I personally eat about 2000-2300 calories per day, 40% protein, 35% carbs and 25% fat. Although I don't follow a strict diet, I try to keep my daily intake within these parameters. I have 4 meals throughout the day, and 2-3 small healthy snacks. My lifestyle is extremely active (workout 5-6 times a week), so keeping your metabolism/ food intake in shape is essential!
  5. Ritwik

    Ritwik New Member

    Yes i do......!:)
    Eating a proper, nutritious diet offers numerous health benefits that keep you mentally and physically well. Proper nutrition doesn’t mean starving yourself, but instead means eating a diet balanced in lean proteins, carbs and fats. I recommends getting between 45 and 65 percent of your daily calories from carbohydrates, between 10 and 35 percent of daily calories from protein and between 20 and 35 percent of daily calories from fats.
  6. Shradha16

    Shradha16 New Member

    I don't have a daily diet. I am someone who just can not restrict my food, you can call me a foodie! However to keep myself fit and healthy, i make a point to include more fat and protein in my diet than the carbohydrates. And along with that, i make sure to have at least 10 glasses of water each day. These are the only diet tips i follow.
  7. zayedshek

    zayedshek New Member

    Thanks for question: Do you have a daily diet ?
    I do diet because i have to do diet to keep my body healthy.
    The rules of my diet are- Bread and vegetables in the morning, fish vegetables and rice in the afternoon, food made with light flour at night and 4 liters of water all day.
    It's my diet chart.
  8. blessing02

    blessing02 New Member

    Well, if I get the question right? Daily here means 'everyday and consistently' my answer then is NO. I make sure to never forget taking at least 6 cups of water daily, and an apple but every other foods comes with the appetite for the day, I might decide to eat light, tea, bread and scrambled eggs for breakfast, boiled Irish potatoes for lunch and vegetable salad for dinner. I only believe in a rich and nutritious meal
    With fruits and at least 6 cups of water daily...
  9. Writerholic

    Writerholic New Member

    I personally don't have a daily diet plan. I only make sure I eat right by avoiding excessive consumption of fatty food and sugar. I always eat light in the mornings and heavier in the evenings. I choose my meal based on my appetite and I don't stick to a daily routine or timetable. I see that as boring and time consuming. There are some days when I would quickly want to eat something just to fill my stomach. Lol.
  10. LisaW

    LisaW New Member

    I wouldn't say that I have a daily 'diet' or anything like that. I eat Cheerios for breakfast almost every morning -- it's pretty healthy, and following the routine keeps me from having to make any decisions first thing in the morning, haha. For lunch and dinner I try to eat somewhat balanced meals in terms of carbs, protein, and veggies, but I don't have any strict rules. I find that the more exercise I get, the less I want to snack or eat sweets. Any time I think about eating a candy bar or cookie, I think about how long it would take to burn off those calories, and I ask myself if it's really worth it. Sometimes I decide that it is worth it, but it keeps me from mindlessly snacking quite so much.
  11. p4nd0r4

    p4nd0r4 New Member

    No, not really. I eat what's available, and what is being serve at the dining table. Because when we were young, my mom used to always tell us that we should be thankful for all the blessings we received, be it simple or great.
  12. Jimona

    Jimona New Member

    Diet, i dont do it. I eat all foods that l like and available. Mostly on the days that are stressfull.

    Eating is my stress reliever.

    But i know. I must start to it fo me to become healthier physicaly mentaly and emotionally

    As the others saying that everything to much is bad

    But the question is when should i start?

    How to start it?
  13. sarabrail

    sarabrail New Member

    I wouldn't recommend anyone to start their day on Cheerios. Full of carbohydrates. For breakfast I always eat kale and egg. I eat a lot of veggies and protein too. On days when I weight lift, I have a high-carb meal, and on days where I don't exercise, I have a low-carb meal. I eat every two hours. Don't eat past 8pm. I have sugary stuff on occasion. I can't afford to have a slow metabolism.
  14. metsyang33

    metsyang33 New Member

    I don't have daily diet, just less rice. A good night sleep with a free from stress mind, that's all I have. We cannot deny the fact that men are attracted to body proportion figure of a woman aside from the fact that being fat is unhealthy. I appreciate a girl who efforts in jugging early in the morning or have a gym session knowing the busy schedule of the majority. I like to eat banana and just because it is cheap and always available in the store or market.
  15. Nice. Do you track what you eat for every meal? I want to as I am concerned I will get off track
  16. s_kol

    s_kol New Member

    I have a daily diet plan and I'm trying my best to stick to it! Having a well-balanced and rich diet is extremely important for your health, both mental and physical. I don't really have a list of things that I can or can't eat, but I do have some sort of a 'program'. For example, my most caloric meal is breakfast, but it never contains carbs, because carbs can make you feel bloated. I usually eat a protein-rich meal for breakfast and I never add bread to it.

    I know that a lot of people eat sandwiches for lunch, but I find it somewhat odd! I always eat a cooked meal with salad for lunch. Maybe it is a habit from my childhood, but I can't imagine eating something like a sandwich for lunch. I think that lunch should be the healthiest meal of the day.

    When it comes to dinner, I eat fruits and veggies. Rarely, I also add dairy products, like yogurt.
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  17. I only know that we should avoid bad carbs such as cakes or white rice and go for good/complex carbs.
  18. amsdell

    amsdell New Member

    I mostly just try to watch my calories. I have tried many different types of diets and the one the works for best is just plain out counting calories. I know there are many people that say this theory doesn't work or it isn't healthy. This "diet" allows me to control my cravings because I can have a little bit of everything instead of struggling at night with cravings.
  19. I do have a daily diet which is geared towards both my fitness goals and some food intolerance issues that I have. I will add that apps like myfitnesspal will help you keep track of calories and macro nutrients (I only use the free version but I think the premium one tracks micro nutrients as well). I lift heavy weights, do some cardio in the form high-intensity interval training about 4-5 days a week so do bear in mind that with this diet, I am trying to maintain the same weight (numerically), but change my muscle to body fat ratio.

    workout days: about 2500 calories with roughly 200 grams of carbs, about 80 grams of fat, over 200 grams of protein
    rest/cardio days: about 1750-1800 calories: maybe 100g of carbs, 80g of fat, 130-200g of protein.

    I try to cook all of my meals (cannot tolerate ANY amount of dairy it seems), and minimize using protein shakes.
  20. anokaaso

    anokaaso New Member

    yes i have a healthy diet, eating fruits in the morning, oatmeal and eggs for lunch, and vegetable salad in the evening,and i drink water as much as i can.
    i do not drink carbonated drinks like softdrinks, just a little bit of salt and sugar, i am more on fruits and vegetables, but on cheat days i used to take white and red meat as a very good source of protein to maintain my lean mass.
  21. ivan_17

    ivan_17 Member

    I hope I have a daily diet. Here in our country poverty is one of the big issues. Some family eat once or even none, so daily diet is not in the minds of some people here. Daily diet are for the people I guess have enough money to buy their foods or for the one who have needs regarding their health. Daily diet is good to clean or to refresh our body, to be fit and healthy.
  22. Bianca616

    Bianca616 New Member

    Yes, I eat a diet consisting of mainly fruit. I do not consume most animal products (honey being an exception) or anything that has been cooked past a certain degree (about 118 degrees Fahrenheit). I like to start out my day with fresh coconut water or juice, then eat something light like watermelon to slowly wake my body and organs up. Then I will eat about 5 mangos with some bananas. At night I like to make a big salad with homemade, low fat dressing with a ton of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and other non-sweet fruits. To be honest, everyday is a bit different. It depends what fruit I have, where I am, if I have time to prepare, etc. I always make sure I have a couple bananas or dried fruit with me so I am not hungry and resort to eating junk food while I am not home.
  23. Teezoe74

    Teezoe74 New Member

    I love my frozen banana, peanut, carrot, chia seed smoothies in the morning, helps boost my energy. I also take my vitamins and supplements in the morning. It's good to avoid eating processed meats and junk foods.
    Mostly my diet consist of fruits and vegetables. One thing I like to do to improve my vitamin intake is to add flaxseed and chia seeds in my smoothies for extra vitamins. Chia and flax seeds contain massive amounts of nutrients.
    For meals, I eat staple foods like potatoes and rice with lightly cooked vegetables. Vegetables and fruits give me more energy and help me to be more healthy and complete.
  24. ghednepo

    ghednepo New Member

    Do I have Healthy Diet? Yes I have!

    Because i am a bodybuilder and i need to eat healthy foods, So i need to follow my eating routine every other day. At first if is very hard but later on your body will absorbed this routine. I will give you my healthy eating routine everyday:

    +BREAKFAST= Rice, Pork, Healthy Shake, Lentils
    +LUNCH= Rice, Beef, Healthy Shake, Ice cream
    +DINNER= Rice, Chicken, Healthy Shake,

    My Healthy Shake is consist of this food or ingredients: Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Whey Protein, Milk and banana

    My Daily Eating Routine is almost 3500 Calories a day, it help my body to produce some muscle.

    My Inspiration if this is i was bullied when i was high school because i am so lanky and weak, so my friends and classmates are always laughing at me they called me "Bones With A Face" that hurts my hearth and opened my eyes i decided to go to gym at first it is really hard but when i see some gains, I decided to chase my dream physique and after 5 years of training i am here now i am big and muscular, Once again THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR LETTING ME SHARE THIS STORY.
  25. Roemann

    Roemann New Member

    Yes I do...Your body uses calories from food for walking, thinking, breathing, and other important functions. The average person needs to eat about 2,000 calories every day to maintain their weight. However, a person's specific daily calorie intake can vary depending on their age, gender, and physical activity level.
  26. cristina23

    cristina23 New Member

    i dont have a daily diet but im trying to eat healthy foods
  27. milka4me

    milka4me New Member

    1.5 cup oats + 2 scoops of whey + 2 tbsnp PB + splenda to taste

    10 oz chicken + 1 pieces fruit + veggie salad

    8 oz steak + 1 large White Potato

    10 oz chicken + 1 piece fruit + veggie/salad


    See meal 3

    5 carb master yogurts + chex mix, fruit and dark chocolate

    Sometimes (2-3 times a week) I sub in homemade pizza for #5 and 6 and make a protein sludge instead to hit macros
  28. Rickyross18

    Rickyross18 New Member

    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health, and can help you feel your best.

    This means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions, and consuming the right amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.
  29. KatBcat

    KatBcat New Member

    I don't do a specific diet, but I do incorporate healthy meals in my everyday life. I drink plenty of water (I like to add a little lemon in it) and I only have one cup of coffee per day. I make sure to eat some vegetables and some type of meat. Lately, I am obsessed with soups.
  30. Cyclonewriter

    Cyclonewriter New Member

    I am currently following Weight Watchers, but am still on the fence about the Freestyle program. I am going to give it a solid couple of months and then make a final decision. However, whether I stick with WW or not, I do intend to keep an eye on carbs (especially sugars) and other healthy habits as well.

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