Do you let your vaccinated child play with unvaccinated children?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by amberncsa, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. amberncsa

    amberncsa New Member

    Both of my children are fully vaccinated, but some of my friends' children are unvaccinated or on a delayed schedule. We let them all play together if no one shows signs of illness, although it always makes me a little nervous. Would you let your vaccinated child play with unvaccinated children during this terrible flu season?
  2. AnaKatOK

    AnaKatOK New Member

    After doing lots of research, we decided not to vaccinate our daughter. I just think a lot of the research is skewed by the industry and the fact that their is a vaccination compensation table (the type of injuries that automatically get compensated) is proof that something is terribly amiss.

    Having said that, if it is believed that vaccines work, then why is there any concern about vaccinated and unvaccinated children playing together? Also, if you read the label on the flu shot it says right on it that no study has proven the effectiveness of vaccine in decreasing influenza. Also, it contains mercury and formaldehyde. :/

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