Do you like documentaries?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Enigma06, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Niimalxo

    Niimalxo New Member

    In my case 'like' is an understatement, a few years ago I tragically got lost in the 'dark side' of YouTube and stumbled upon endless amounts of documentaries about serial killers etc. Something that had been my guilty pleasure has somehow turned into something I want to pursue.
  2. levismxth

    levismxth New Member

    I usually love documentaries, but I have to admit that it depends entirely on the subject of the film or series. I find it so interesting getting a insider view of something that you normally would be unable to witness. I'm particularly interested in documentaries about nature and wildlife. If you're ever looking for a high quality documentary to watch, Netflix offers an excellent selection with a wide array of topics.
  3. Labiedmaj

    Labiedmaj New Member

    My modest point of view about documentaries would take two sides.
    The first one is that docs are really excellent source of piling up information. And the second one relies upon the benefits we draw from watching the experiences of these people.
  4. Alain Jove Rosales

    Alain Jove Rosales New Member

    Watching documentaries are one of my favorite past times as it is a more engaging medium compared to reading documentary books. Shows like these allows you to be entertained and at the same time be informed. Ancient Aliens, for instance, has showed alternatives to accepted 'truths' as it digs deeper into artifacts, megaliths, and ancient scripture to provide more holistic understanding of what happened to our distant past. It gives reference to ideas from Graham Hancock, Zecharia Sitchin, and Robert Temple among others, who are respectable writers in this field. Others like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Naq Hammadi library are the topics that interests me as well, as they provide more context to the long debated issue of the authenticity of ancient scripture.
  5. I'mtheOne

    I'mtheOne New Member

    Whenever I watch any news channel I always look for any schedule documentaries because it is more informative rather than just news. Documentaries are more on deeper understanding to any certain events or trending topics or any history related issues. It shows other perspective than just a usual opinions or somehow debunk any of your idea or any information you got from any resources. It gives you more edge from other people who haven't heard any thing yet from that certain area of knowledge. I've watched lots of documentaries and the film itself lets you see the real thing unlike movies or any short film would normally let you to watch just the shows because of the quality of the views.
  6. Amisadai

    Amisadai New Member

    Personally, I enjoy watching documentaries about animals. The reason why it's because you discover something new about them. Moreover, in those kinds of TV programs you can some animals that you even have idea that they could ever exist.
  7. vomo

    vomo New Member

    I love love love documentaries. I'm most interested in ones about human nature, good or bad. It's fun to see what we are capable of as a species. Louis Theroux has got to be my favorite in the genre. Always really well produced and great questions. British documentaries are always better. :)
  8. finnred123

    finnred123 New Member

    Documentaries can be good and bad. They can be interesting as hell and boring as ish at the same time. The informative nature of documentaries make it less than ideal for entertainment on the screen. Instead they focus on a topic in a formal matter and present information to the viewer. Sometimes its well executed and sometimes its utterly horrible. The best documentaries keep you interested in the material, at the same time being entertaining
  9. ahjie

    ahjie New Member

    Yes, documentaries will remind you of everything and it is one way of learning , discovering, and reminding things that you have to remember and learn and be aware of things (depends on the topic).
  10. GredyME

    GredyME New Member

    Yes, I like watching documentaries. Watching it you learn a lot from different person, nation, culture, etc.
    Documentaries helps promote awareness to people especially to teenagers, they will expose to global issue that they need to know to guide them such as, early pregnancy, HIV-AIDS. Documentaries can open up history in a very interesting manner that we choose to ignore in our school days. It also shows the real problem of the world that many people don't have any idea at all and through this we can improve our society and change our wrong beliefs. People will get to learn a lot by this kind of film. People must select to watch docu. instead of watching too much horror movies.
  11. seech

    seech New Member

    I like documentaries, it is different from movie. It is based on real fact and rreality and I appreciate that a lot. It allows to learn a lot of thing about the life, the history and so one.
  12. Edward Rondyke

    Edward Rondyke New Member

    I love Horror Genre films, I don't mind watching them with friends or alone. I used to volunteer for a haunted hayride up in Linnaeus, ME for 11 years and enjoyed it a lot. I also watch the special features on DVD's and see how they do specific special effects. Once you realize it's all pretend, it's not really all that scary anymore.
  13. Edward Rondyke

    Edward Rondyke New Member

    this was an accident i'm sorry, i forgot i had this in my clipboard.
  14. Stax11

    Stax11 New Member

    Yes I love documentaries because i am always curious to know the origin or history of somethings. They are so educative and they keep me informed.
  15. shaira

    shaira New Member

    Yes because, They tell interesting stories of real things and people. As much as The Avengers appeals to me, and trust me, it does, it’s not real. There is no Iron Man or Captain America or The Hulk. One of my all time favorite films ever, Chasing Ice, tells the story of a man whose passion for science and photography combined in an effort to document the receding glaciers worldwide, a story I wouldn’t believe or understand unless I had seen it for myself. We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks tells the story of an organization whose goal was to give governments ultimate accountability by revealing every secret of every government on the globe that they could get their hands on. Not only that, they wove the story of it’s founder Julian Assange, lifelong “hacktivist” into the film beautifully and in a way that showed all sides of Assange: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s not a team of superheroes, but it’s real, and exposes parts of humanity that we don’t always get to see in the Hollywood blockbusters.
  16. dena714

    dena714 New Member

    I love documentaries. The only problem with them is that once you start watching one subject, it's easy to get hooked and watch several in a row. I enjoy all kinds, but especially historical topics and more in depth documentaries about modern crime. Many networks have been re-hashing some of the most publicized crimes in the recent past like the Menedez killings, the Scott Peterson trial, Waco, and the Gianni Versace killing. These mini-series documentary style shows have all been fairly well done, and as far as I can tell, they have stuck to the facts without adding too much extra "Hollywood" into them. Most of my TV time is spent watching documentaries as opposed to scripted television.
  17. dileep

    dileep New Member

    Yes ,I love documentaries.Some people may wonder why it is that I keep watching documentaries. It’s true; documentaries just are not as popular as the regular Hollywood fare, perhaps it’s because they aren’t speckled with Pitt’s, Goslings, Aniston’s and Jolie’s, which is actually kind of a shame. I don’t mean it’s a shame that they aren’t in a documentary, and I’m sure they have been/will be at some point. The shame is that we are so often pulled into movies simply to watch these big names flit about, and lately I’ve been kind of disappointed in them. I’m not calling out the actors I listed specifically either, since I do generally like them. I just happen to know who these ones are. So, feel free to substitute their names for whoever is actually popular and new right now.
  18. WittyOwl

    WittyOwl New Member

    I love documentaries. There's always something new and interesting on Netflix or Youtube. I recently watched one called "Rats" and it was the most disturbing/fascinating thing I've seen in a while. There are a ton of true crime docs on Netflix that I can't watch. They tend to be really gritty so I stick to nature docs or biographies for the most part.
  19. shaknaks10

    shaknaks10 New Member

    Everyone loves documentaries, I personally have a favorite which is the one about diabetes since many of our family member died from it, so learning from it may help in many ways for example Type 2 diabetes usually begins with insulin resistance, a condition in which muscle, liver, and fat cells do not use insulin well. As a result, your body needs more insulin to help glucose enter cells. At first, the pancreas makes more insulin to keep up with the added demand. Over time, the pancreas can’t make enough insulin, and blood glucose levels rise. so take care everyone and stay healthy
  20. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    I love documentaries so much I can spend days just learning about anything and everything! Especially vice and motherboard that I recommend along with Netflix.. let’s you get a glimpse of a some different world, or different mindset of someone you admire.. we are definitely blessed to have this in our time , only 20 years ago you would of never been able to get such incredible information about your favorite subjects online .
  21. marrhermio

    marrhermio New Member

    Documentary shows is one of the shows that can keep me sitting for a couple of hours or more. Other may find it boring but for someone who'd like to know more about the country or how other people live their lives it can be something interesting. Documentary shows are like an eye opener to us who are unable to go and see other part of the world, us who only have "work,family and food" life. Not just for entertainment but more on educating. Reality is what it's all about and that is the best thing about documentaries. This is something that we should watch if we'd like to be aware of our country and our world.
    Locally, I'd like watching documentaries of Kara David who's a popular media personality, she had documentaries from different tribes in the Philippines to Nature to Overseas Filipino Workers to Poverty and Hunger.
  22. Gail Laxa

    Gail Laxa New Member

    I do like watching documentaries. Some people may find it boring. Maybe yes it dipends about the topic. But most of the stories are very interesting you will learn alot. You will see other side of the world you never know existed. They are eye opener to everyone.
  23. lloyd79

    lloyd79 New Member

    I do watch documentaries on television or on youtube from time to time because it gives entertainment at the same time knowledge to alot of things from history to current events. Documentaries also helps people especially those who are into research to get more knowledge and understanding on the things that they interested to know more.
  24. Beginner

    Beginner New Member

    I love documentaries. I like the "wonder"series by Prof Brian Cox
  25. 1clarky

    1clarky New Member

    Yep, Documentaries are educational show and you can really learn a lot from them coz' it is actual and they really go deep in the subject at hand.
  26. justmine

    justmine New Member

    I love watching documentary films. I really appreciate what they're doing. Documentaries give us a lot of information about the particular topic. it helps a lot to become aware about what happenings in our environment or society. Actually for me, I really love to watch some documentaries about a civilization, It feels great to learn everything about the first civilization. I really want to know how they build those structures like pyramid, and some kingdom at the top of the mountains. The Mayan's civilization documentary really got my attention, their pyramid is really amazing, and also the calendar, I wonder what happened to them? The documentary about the Nazca lines also a mystery for me, and thanks for this documentaries, we learned a lot because of them.
  27. Cocoy04

    Cocoy04 New Member

    Documentaries are a great resource for learning new things, but you should also keep in mind that not everything you learn in a documentary is automatically true.

    Try your best to think critically about everything you learn, expose yourself to different viewpoints, and don’t take anything for granted. Don’t be afraid to do your own research if you find yourself questioning something you hear in a documentary.
  28. rna08

    rna08 New Member

    I really love watching documentaries like about aliens, conspiracies, crime and more that catches may interest or what mood I'm in. Like in crime documentaries, I want to know how is the suspect caught or if the suspect will ever be caught. I remember, when I'm pregnant with my first child that I would sit in front of the television and watch Crime Investigation channel for hours. I also enjoy watching aliens and conspiracies because I know that not all books about the past are true. Sometimes up to this day they will discover something new about our ancestor that are not included in the books we know of about our past.
  29. Ajitesh50

    Ajitesh50 New Member

    Not much anymore. Unless they're visually appeasing, like the Planet Earth series. Usually, documentaries are based on non-fiction books and I prefer reading the books because then I can take notes and get a more detailed picture of the subject matter.

    Usually, documentaries employ a bunch of cinematography tricks to make them interesting. Which, for me is undesirable in expository works.
  30. InternalEye7

    InternalEye7 New Member

    Yes, I absolutely love watching documentaries. There was a time when I used to watch a lot of documentaries online. Even though this has reduced over the past few months or so I would have to say that some of the most memorable and influential viewing experiences of mine have come by watching good documentaries. One of the biggest and most meaningful decisions of my life was made after watching a few documentaries about animal abuse. I switched from a vegetarian to a vegan lifestyle after watching Earthling, Cowspiracy and few other such documentaries about veganism.

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