Do you like older action movies or new ones?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Tarik Hadzic, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Tarik Hadzic

    Tarik Hadzic New Member

    When thinking about this, I get a feeling that I like the movies that are 10 years old more than the newer movies that came out recently. Most of this is probably because of the fact of how technology advanced and that a movie that has an average story can be compensated with some good CGI, especially when talking about action movies. It's almost as if the movie doesn't even have to have a plot, just constant car chases, crashes, shooting and similar. Has the general quality of the movies gone down as the graphical quality went up? Have the people started caring more about the looks of the movie than its ability to tell a story? What's your take on this?
  2. akiralee

    akiralee New Member

    as a 25 year old, i often talk with my peers about their favorite movies. After a while, i realized i was basically able to predict what someone`s favorite movie was based on their age. while i realized that a person`s age and the year they were born will always play a significant role in their film selections, i find myself frustrated when trying to discuss older movies with people my age.Most people in their 20`s completely refuse to watch older movies because they are in black and white,but i used to be one of those people .i could not stand watching any film that was in black and white or old at all for that matter. I viewed this movies as outdated and uninteresting.Time has changed, however and as a converted fan of the classics, i want to explain to you why you should convert too.
  3. JM04

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    I enjoy watching old movies but I am really amazed to new ones especially to those movies with great effects. I can really feel the technology is changing and making those comic heroes alive? That is a real deal!

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