Do you like re-watching movies?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Evanbrevil, Oct 31, 2018.


Do you like re-watching films?

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  1. Evanbrevil

    Evanbrevil New Member

    Personally, I hate to watch movies or episodes of a series more than once. I don't know if it is just me or it's most people but I hate the feeling of already knowing what is going to happen before it happens. I also hate it when my someone in my family wants me to watch a movie that I already watched with them without spoiling the movie for them. If you want me to re-watch the film you should expect some spoilers coming out of my mouth since I won't have anything to do in that two hours of watching the film. I would like to know your opinions on this though. So the question is "Do you like re-watching films that you already saw?"
  2. ochykesman

    ochykesman New Member

    Well it comes with mood though, sometimes i just feel like watching a movie that i am already certain has a fantastic story line, action packed and really interesting instead of risking watching a movie that might just end up being boring.
    It helps me understand the movie more, pick the moral lessons i probably skipped at the first watch, learn the punch lines and quotes particular to the movie and also it gives me the luxury of having a divided attention while watching especially when am multitasking.

    Another reason why i like re watching a movie, is for analytic purposes to spot the errors or somethings that could have been done differently and trust me that could be fun, make you feel like a potential movie director
  3. cimenikyron

    cimenikyron New Member

    Yes I am, because there are times where I can't really understand what the movie is all about. There are also times that the movie is so interesting and good that made me watch it 5 times on that day. Unbelievable, right? What i like in re watching movies is that i could really understand the whole story even those hidden stories behind it. It's so fun and extraordinary.
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  4. macatangay

    macatangay New Member

    Yes, who doesn't like re-watching FRIENDS, not a movie but still. Its one of the classic masterpiece of television,it will make you laugh, cry and cringe in the same time.
  5. Onizuka

    Onizuka New Member

    Absolutely. Some movies are just written and executed greatly that they draw you in every re-watch. Even if I know what's going to happen and how it's gonna play out, I still enjoy it nonetheless. Some movies just have that immersive effect; you know it's coming but the plot development still intrigues you.

    Also, some movies provide a different experience after the first watch. You might notice details you might have missed. You might understand small quips that you didn't get at first. You might even see the movie in a completely different perspective.
  6. Benvolio

    Benvolio New Member

    It depends on the movie. If I absolutely love a movie I will likely re-watch it after some time of not seeing it, but I may be inclined to watch it again very soon after if someone else is intrigued to see it. I love to show people films that blew my mind, hoping they will get similar enjoyment from it, holding in my excitement to see their reactions to my favorite parts.

    Also, if a movie confuses me profoundly, I will re-watch it to try to understand it differently or to see if I had simply missed something. Other times it's simply for nostalgia's sake, such as seasonal/holiday themed movies especially when it comes to classic horror films. Though, there are some classic horror films I will watch any time of the year.
  7. domagas

    domagas New Member

    Yes, I rewatch a quality movie. Sometimes when I'm watching I miss some small details that I manage to catch the second time I watch it. I also rewatch a movie when I run out of movies to watched. I admire the script delivered by the roles and the few poetry behind it. In my age range, who doesen't love rewatching the american pie movie series Haha. It was a huge part of my teenage saga.
  8. grahamc

    grahamc New Member

    Absolutely. Rewatching movies gives you more knowledge on it's story that you might missed the first time you've watched it. You might discover the missing puzzle piece you been searching throughout the entire movie by rewatching it. Also if ever you've run out of movies to watch, you can just rewatch your favorite movie because you'll know that it will be worth your time.
  9. Misterjuan12

    Misterjuan12 New Member

    I love rewatching movies because it gives me the feeling of reliving art as you watch it. I love watching series and movies and because of that i forget some of the little details in the movie which makes it great and whenever I rewatch a movie it gives me a better understanding of the lines, the scenes, the actors emotion and the cinatography. I dont know about other but whenever I watch a movie I am caught up with the thought of what would happen next that I forgot to enjoy the current scene, thus rewatching a film makes me appreciate the wonderful art it is.
  10. conimj

    conimj New Member

    Yes! I love rewatching movies, especially the ones that made me feel good, but some of the sadder ones too. I think I like it, because sometimes I like to feel a particular way or I have trouble understanding how I feel about a situations and watching a movie I already know how I felt about can really help.
  11. yayan

    yayan New Member

    Absolutely i love watching movies all over again , especially are my favorite movies to watch . Some of them don't like the idea of re watching movie because you already know the story once you have watched it , for me i am always fascinated every time i watch a movie and when that movie is good ,i'll re watch again it is like i feel the character , the scene, situations,scenery of the movie well, i feel like i missed them, when i finally finished the movie so , but it really depends on the people who will going to watch this is just for me :)
  12. bradko2001

    bradko2001 New Member

    I would have to go all Marvel, rather so the Agent Shield Re-Runs. There is only one particular way to cross reference all of the films together, Wikipedia and the actual comic reads. Since Disney is the license take over this will leave an study for surprise cameos.
  13. Neya

    Neya New Member

    I, usually, re-watch movies with a complex plot which has more layers of understanding. Although most of the movies nowadays have a linear plots and there is no enjoyment in re-watching. Watching again TV shows is not my think because the shows have way too many seasons.

    TOMSHANJ Member

    of course yes, some movies deserve to be watched over and over again.there is a movie i watched of Blended its a family movie however believe it or not i watch it every month. thats so because i stored it in my laptop
    i really love repeating movies
  15. Kyaseyn

    Kyaseyn New Member

    It depends on the movie. There is this movie called Trolls that I watched for six times. I was so entertained by the story and specially with the jokes. I really love that movie that everytime I see it on social media, or hear it being talked about, I would feel like I have to rewatch it.
    There are movies that I really love but do not want to rewatch it. I just feel like if I am going to rewatch it, the thrill wouldn't be the same.
  16. C06

    C06 New Member

    It depends on how good the film was for me. If I really liked the movie I could watch it again for like 5 times. Although it can be boring at times because I have already watched the movie a lot I mostly focus on the scenes that I really liked. I usually watch a film again if I really want to watch the particular scene that made me remember the film this is mostly the reason as to why I watch the whole thing again: to watch my favourite scene.
  17. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    It depends I will happily watch classics like Scarface and godfather series time and time again .My happiness comes from watching new movies , it’s more fun and exciting when you not sure what’s happening next .In conclusion I prefer not to re watch movies .Thanks Jordan Durante

    SUDANKC New Member

    Some movies that are fascinating to me and that touches me, could be my second watching. Generally, i watch new movies in the theater. Time and again when in leisure, i view some movies more than once in you-tube or other channels.
  19. Coollector

    Coollector New Member

    I guess that depends on what movies you have to re-watch. I enjoy watching movies. I don't mind if I would re-watch a movie 3 to 5 times. Especially if that movie is really great and enjoyable to watch again. Sometimes re-watching movies makes you realize that you have missed out something in the movie. It might be a plot twist or something that the villain did that makes him/her the villain. Sometimes re-watching a movie makes us understand better what the movie is all about.
  20. Angelene

    Angelene New Member

    I do like re watching movies, Especially if I do like the content of a specific movie.

    Don't give such bad/negative thoughts/feedback upon seeing someone "Re Watching", There are so many reasons why people Re Watch a specific Movie.
    One is for I do like the content that is why I like watching it over and over again, Secondly is because if I watched a movie but then, I didn't understand something or a message in the movie I just simply repeat it for me to understand what the movie really means, Third is if especially if the movie is educational I would definitely encourage others to watch it and I will Watch it with them as well, And lastly Re Watching gives you more information about the movie actually says or means..
  21. abysyn

    abysyn New Member

    If it's a good movie. I usually re watch movies not just once but several times. There are times if I remember a movie I rewatch it to remember about it. There are a lot of movies and series especially classic ones that are really really good that you want to watch all over again
  22. empyreanbourne

    empyreanbourne New Member

    Rewatching movies make me understand some sort of twist in the story that usually I can't understand in watching for the first time.
  23. Joselito23

    Joselito23 New Member

    Re-watching movies are such a great experience but it also depends who you are with when watching these movies. I remember I use to watch this movie called "Me Before You" with my Ex and now every time I watch or even see the trailer I don't have the energy to even watch it. But that's just from my perspective and my experience. Overall, re-watching movies is a great thing to do and it brings back great old memories. One example is the beloved Christmas movie we all know, Home Alone. For sure those who watched it back in the 90s will recall great moments with their families as they now watch it with their own families of the present year.
  24. jimmycrickett99

    jimmycrickett99 New Member

    I love rewatching movies. Especially ones that are longer or in a series. I find that the more I rewatch things the more i notice details. Like right now I'v been Re-watching the Pirates of the Caribbean series to see what I can spot and Iv noticed that in every movie the title for the next one is mixed in the other dialogue.
  25. imsoooshai

    imsoooshai Member

    Yes, I do love re-watching movies especially my favorite movies. I am not the type of person who easily gets bored of watching movies all over again. Even though i already watched it, still it makes me feel excited every scene like it was the first time i watch the movie.
  26. rorbu

    rorbu New Member

    To be honest, I do not enjoy rewatching movies for the most part. While there are a few films I like to re-watch because they are either fantastic or the movie brings back lots of nostalgia for me. However, I have a huge list of movies I want to watch. Since, I am often very busy I do not have time to rewatch a lot of movies as well as watch all the movies I plan on watching.
  27. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    I like rewatching movies because a lot of times i don't fully grasp all the subtleties of a movie when I watch it once. More so if the movie is a blockbuster movie, I get to enjoy and fully understand it the second time around.
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  28. oficiarellen

    oficiarellen New Member

    Yes, i am re-watching movies that moved me to almost any part because of the story formed and what is all about. The form is where are the settings or places the whole events captured. And I like also true story to action with drama story. And also a biblical or historical story. Re-watching movies makes you also to educate and dig deeper with our thoughts in order to get the essence of it. So it is good when you had picked a lesson from it.
  29. Joepig

    Joepig New Member

    I don't mind watching movies or episodes that really hits me on First time watching it. Watching for the 2nd time, it's really depend on me if that kind of movie before i watch it again is really worth it. Most of the time is Anime episodes i want to watch the Fighting Scene that gives me chill for the second time is best for me.
  30. Heryne

    Heryne New Member

    Well it kind of depends which movies are in the query. Occasionally I find myself re-watching movies that I quite did not get the context, there are movies that needs you to be attentive so as to get the whole picture, consequently when I finish watching a movie and find that I did not get a thing, I really don’t mind re-watching it.
    Re-watching makes you be sentient of the diminutive details that you might have missed during the first time you watched it. It makes you have a better understanding of the whole thing or rather a clear picture. But again I can just repeat a movie if I feel I can learn something from it or maybe it talks to me indirectly, of course in a positive way.
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