Do you like the movie "BirdBox?"

Discussion in 'Movies' started by gomeznick, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. arcenal18

    arcenal18 New Member

    Bird box movie is so great! This movie is so deep. There's a lot of twist that you can' imagine it will happen. It gives you thrilling moment as well. It is so fantastic because Sandra bullock portrayed her character very well. A big thumbs up for the one who created this!
  2. djsanmartin

    djsanmartin New Member

    Yes. I enjoyed watching Bird Box. When I saw the trailer, I thought that this could just be a rip off of A Quiet Place but after watching it, I can say that both movies are good in their own respective ways. Sandra Bullock as always gave another stellar performance and the kids also delivered. It's nice to see Trevante Rhodes again in a movie and the chemistry between him and Sandra is undeniable. I'm glad to see that the movie is doing well and that many are appreciating it. Will there be a sequel though? Hopefully.
  3. SkylerDrake

    SkylerDrake New Member

    Birdbox was very entertaining. It kept me on the edge of my seat. This movie realistically shows how humans act in times of peril. The need to stay alive make them commit atrocities against one another. I expected the ending to be depressing and I was pleasantly surprised.
  4. xoxemmaxox

    xoxemmaxox New Member

    I really enjoyed watching "birdbox" but I think that it wasn't as good as everyone else said it was. I don't regret watching it though:)
  5. rcecat

    rcecat New Member

    I really enjoyed the movie, especially, the part when they are in the river looking for the community. the videography and content itself is undeniably good. Great job!
  6. sungoddess88

    sungoddess88 New Member

    :D true. I was watching the trailers in youtube and thought it must be interesting to survive without seeing anything. An adaptation of the " A quiet place" ( where the characters are not allowed to make any noise) however, it felt that it was rushed and after the lake scene, the writers didn't know where would Sandra B would go, I know they wanted to make it more mind boggling by providing no clue or whatsoever about the monsters but I wish there was more info about it and I wish they kept John Malkovich alive. hehe.
  7. marshal254

    marshal254 New Member

    It's a must watch for the guys who love thriller movies, just the kind that will rocket you out of world,i love the movie,here's is a link to the trailer
  8. mirre

    mirre New Member

    Yes, I definitely enjoyed it and it’s worth watching. When i first watched the trailer in youtube i was interested and can't wait to watch it. In fact i watch it over and over again.
    There is a great ensemble of characters and Sandra Bullock is on point. The plot and story is excellent. I found myself holding back tears a dozen times especially when that little girl is likely to cry. I like how they do teamworks and help each other. This movie reminds of not to give up in life instead stand up, fight and don't lose hope.
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  9. Venpenname

    Venpenname New Member

    An ok movie,good gimmick and fleshed out characters(I especially like the white okd guy because of his extremely brutal realistic outlook).I think were finally moving away from the "stupid character" horror trope with movies like "Birdbox" and "A quite place"
  10. rene143

    rene143 New Member

    I agree that it starts to unravel if you think about it too much, but it was effective and perfectly fine. I'm glad I watched it.

    One thing: the movie repeatedly suggests that the event is "demonic" in nature, and mythologically speaking, it's an ancient trope that this type of creature can't enter a house without being "invited" in some way, hence them not being able to enter houses.
  11. Abba

    Abba New Member

    Yes I do. It's a very wonderful movie. The suspense was second to none.
  12. jaykenth

    jaykenth Member

    Yes. There are just some scenes that I think they still have a chance of not dying. I think you can also try to blink just to know where you are at and not having to see that air or whatever it is that would kill you. That is because there is a delay that I notice when they try to kill themselves. Its like a couple of seconds so you can still do something during those moments.
  13. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    I am not a fan of science fiction movies but bird box gave me non-stop thrills from beginning until the end of the movie. I never thought that a director will come up to an idea like this, a movie about a mysterious force that will diminish the world's population by just looking at an invincible force. I really love the performance of Sandra Bullock and how she manages to survive with her kids in her long and risky journey to the place of hope and new beginnings through the raging river and scary woods with their eyes blindfolded which makes the movie so exciting from the beginning until the end.
  14. Aviecells

    Aviecells Member

    Yes i've already watched the movie "Birdbox". Overall it kept my attention because of the sudden thrilling beginning... The actress Sandra played a good role. Her acting was surreal, as usual. I just don’t like the blind part about it, it started getting depressing to know that was life with no ending ... I didn’t like how kids were involved and it was irritating that the character Tod fine self had to die I didn’t want see the rest of the movie after he died. But good job great movie to watch.
  15. Jeahan08

    Jeahan08 Member

    Yes I enjoyed it. And also the characters are awesome. They act they own part as they owned it.
  16. missmelon17

    missmelon17 Member

    I super love it! It's my first time watching a movie with that kind of genre and it honestly got me thinking about lot of things. Life realisation also came running to me. After watching that movie i felt like i've become a better version of my self.
  17. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    Yes. What I like about the Birdbox movie is that its a very unique and clever style of movie that combines the wise use of environment and human senses as well as the innate psychology of a woman facing an uncertain journey that requires to ultimately her biggest fear. Some movie fans compare it to "A Quiet Place" movie but its different since its thrills on emotion rather than playing with the quiet anticipation of unexpected.
  18. Marjune26

    Marjune26 New Member

    I haven't watch the movie yet but with all the recommendations and good comments from the people who already watched it, i think it's a good one and i think i should find time to watch it.
  19. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    I likes the concept of it, though at first it seemed like a rip off of that movie where they had to make no noise or else the strange creatures would eat them, but it was a pretty great movie overall.
  20. AceEiseu

    AceEiseu New Member

    Yes. Bird Box for the win. I watched it with my sister and it gave me the thrills that i really like. I like the plot, the flow and the story. I wish it will have part two.
  21. jilibido

    jilibido Member

    This movie became popular enough to get people hooked with the "Bird box challenge" video uploads on social media and the like, though I find the ending quite lacking of substance that it left me thinking of a better version on how it's ending should have been done. It's unique story plot - as seen on it's theatre previews - made movie viewers await for it's premiere. But upon watching the whole movie, I felt unsatisfied with it's ending. Although the astounding performance of it's cast, especially Sandra Bullock, truly deserves an audiences' standing ovation, I still wish that it had a different ending.
  22. jilibido

    jilibido Member

    This movie became popular enough to get people hooked on thinking of funny ideas to incorporate with "the Bird box challenge" uploads on social media and the like! But I find it's ending quite lacking of substance which sent me envisioning various scenarios on how the movie should have had turned out. I just think it deserves a better ending. Although the stellar performance of the movie's cast, especially Sandra Bullock, totally blew my mind and undoubtedly deserves an audience's standing ovation, I still wish it had a different ending.

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