Do you like to cook or be cooked for?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Adele, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Adele

    Adele New Member

    I like cooking for my family.I love the preparation, the cooking process, spicing things to my liking, tasting and tweaking my recipes, and serving it to others. I enjoy feedback on how it tasted or what I could have done differently.
    How about you?
  2. danch

    danch New Member

    You touched a raw nerve there. I just hate cooking for myself or others. At the most, I would attempt to boil eggs. It became evident quite early cooking was going to be a problem.

    I just didn't like the end result and was quite embarrassed to offer what I cooked to others as well.

    The dining room, however, does appeal to me. I love eating and do tend to overeat at times.
  3. Carmela Mongold

    Carmela Mongold New Member

    For me it depends on the day. If I have been working all day and get home late because of traffic, then I WANT to be cooked for. Does this happen? NO! So because I am metaphorically chained to my stove once I shuffle in the door, I do not like to cook. Now, baking is another story. I LOVE TO BAKE! To me it is entirely different. Cooking means that everyone is waiting on you to finish dinner and they keep screaming, "Is it ready, mom?" With baking, I can sneak into the kitchen when no-one is even aware that I am there, and create desserts that would be served to royalty. And the best part? Since I am the one who baked the little piece of heaven cooling on the racks, I get to be the first one to taste it! :)
  4. smokesmooch

    smokesmooch New Member

    Carmela, I'm with you 100%. I adore baking, but loathe to cook. Luckily, my boyfriend is the opposite, so I rarely have to cook :p but unfortunately that means I usually get stuck doing the dishes...
  5. yvonneO

    yvonneO New Member

    I Loathe cooking with a sever passion to be totally honest. It feels to me like hours wasted minutes or hours. Being cooked for is the best feeling in the world, especially by my mother, seeing as when i try i tend to fail and she seems to have the whole science of it down. I cannot tell you the amount of burnt stews and soggy instant noodles i have had to digest after attempting this tedious cursed activity called cooking.
  6. Athenagdlyt

    Athenagdlyt New Member

    I love cooking for myself and for significant others like my husband and immediate family. I'll cook for some very close friends when needed. When I have to cook to feed a number of people, such as in a party situation, it becomes a chore which I'd rather not do. It takes the fun out of cooking when everyone else is laid back waiting to be fed while you're being stressed in the kitchen.

    I also love being cooked for but it greatly depends on who's cooking. If I can't trust that person, I'd rather do the cooking myself.
  7. ladyprw

    ladyprw New Member

    I love to cook. Cooking is my passion and also a big stress reliever. But every now and then it feels good for someone else to cook or to go out to eat.
  8. jcara87

    jcara87 Guest

    I love to cook for myself and my family. There is something wonderful about sitting down at the table and serving a meal that you made yourself. Cooking at home is a great way to teach kids how foods are grown and prepared and that things don't actually just come out of cans or boxes. Put a little love in your food!
  9. tigerlilblu

    tigerlilblu New Member

    I spent many years cooking for my large family of four and their frequent friends, not to mention my various husbands and boyfriends. I poured over recipe books, spent hours in the grocery stores picking the best ingredients and then hours cooking and cleaning up. Now I live with my son and my dogs. I rarely cook. I'm looking for a man to cook for me. Are you out there?
  10. chase88

    chase88 New Member

    I prefer to cook for my wife and for others. It is nice to be cooked for occasionally, but even then I find myself in the kitchen helping with whatever I can. There's nothing better than to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon cooking a big meal and making sure there will be plenty of leftovers for the week.

    Cooking for a group of family or friends is even better. Having a big cookout gives everyone a reason to come over and have a good time. It's fun to be able to share ideas about barbecuing, frying, baking or however else you like to cook. Everyone is happy and it is always good to get feedback from a few different people so I know how I can improve!
  11. Xana77

    Xana77 New Member

    For me the answer would be both! I was used to always cook myself, as my partners where horrible in the kitchen, but now I got really lucky by getting a man who knows how to make the most delicious meals. So, now it is a real pleasure to sit back and watch him cook, getting spoilt in a way I like!
  12. Sarengazie

    Sarengazie New Member

    The lazy part of me says i want to be cooked for, but the picky brat in me says I need to do it myself. Outside my mother I do not like anyone else home cooking. The seasonings off, the texture is wrong, or they add something weird (mayonnaise on butter beans. YUCK!) At the end of the meal I feel like I could have done better.
  13. Betty Davis

    Betty Davis New Member

    I am not a great cook but I love cooking for my family. It gives me that warm feeling of being appreciated for the hard work done. Although there are times, that I know some people would have cooked it much better than how I do it, I really appreciate the way my family eats my food. And most of the times I get too picky on the food I eat since I for myself knows how to cook. I guess it is normal for people who can cook. :)
  14. bohemian21

    bohemian21 New Member

    I don't mind cooking that much, but I hate to have to cook. Sometimes I'll just feel like making something, but if it comes down to dinnertime and I don't have anything it makes me crazy. Fortunately my fiancé loves to cook, and is fantastic at it, so I rarely have to worry about cooking. Usually I'm just responsible for a side dish, if anything.
  15. jess1236

    jess1236 New Member

    When I have time, I really enjoy cooking; I love daydreaming up ideas for meals (I enjoy eating even more) and I particularly like baking and usually bake cookies or cakes as birthday presents.
    I do like being cooked for as well, and particularly appreciate it when I've been working late or am feeling tired. There's nothing like a nice home cooked meal waiting for you when you get home!
  16. openmind

    openmind New Member

    I actually enjoy cooking, although I didn't until I got older because I never prepared enough in advance to do it right. Cooking starts with grocery shopping. If you don't have the ingredients you need -- or the utensils sometimes needed -- cooking will not be a fun experience. Also, you've got to start well enough ahead of time to complete the task. That often means thawing things or slicing and dicing things you're going to cook. Another aspect of cooking is knowing different methods of cooking things -- pan frying, baking, steaming, microwaving. But, I think the one thing I like above all others about cooking is knowing exactly what has gone into what I cooked. I trim the meat to my standards, cut off things I don't want to eat, and select the portions I want. To me, cooking is a gift that I give to my friends and family. Cooking something that someone really likes is the best!
  17. J. Parker

    J. Parker New Member

    Throughout my life, I have considered cooking a hobby. When watching TV, I often enjoy watching Food Network shows, such as Good Eats and Unwrapped. Chef Alton Brown (the celebrity chef host of Good Eats) shows viewers of his show great cooking techniques and the science and history behind the making of all his meals. I have learned a lot from these cooking shows and I think I can safely say that I can now enter a kitchen with confidence. I now have an interest in tweaking all of my recipes, to make sure that they are the best they can be, such as making my scrambled eggs fluffier. If you haven't seen Alton's show, I recommend you check it out. I hope I have spread some confidence and enthusiasm to my fellow cooks!
  18. pumapipa

    pumapipa New Member

    I prefer cooking for myself and my family. Cooking is one of my passion and I really make sure that my family gets to eat sumptuous, budget friendly and healthy food served on the table. One thing that I require from them is for them to judge my cooking, this will refine my skills and allows me to cook better food for them. And besides, if you do the cooking, you can control and play with the elements that you put on the dish.
  19. semi_174

    semi_174 New Member

    I definitely like to be cooked for because most of the people around me are much more skilled in cooking than me. When I do cook for my family then it is kind of a special event where I cook something from my very limited menu, like a BBQ party.
  20. farmfresh513

    farmfresh513 New Member

    I hate cooking with a passion. I live alone, so my motivation for cooking is super low. If I was living with a roommate or my family, it might motivate me to cook. Though, I do cook probably 95% (lol, arbitrary percentage) of the stuff I consume in a year because I don't like "wasting" money on dining out. I still hate it!! I need a personal chef.
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  21. gutert

    gutert New Member

    I judge my food to the smallest detail that's possible for me. Therefore I like to be cooked for, because I suck at cooking anything other than eggs. I can make all kinds of eggs instead, a real whiz if it's breakfast food.
  22. aleunamme

    aleunamme New Member

    I liked cooking a lot! I always imagined myself in a TV show when I'm cooking. It is a great feeling to provide food for your family and be complimented with it. Of course, I am always open to suggestions. More than anything in the world, It is also great to be cooked for. It will always make me feel loved.
  23. Both! I'm a very passionate cook and love doing it. I'm the holiday chef in my family. Who doesn't like to be pampered time to time though?
  24. kevinstukowksi

    kevinstukowksi New Member

    Cooking takes too much time. You have to go to the grocery store. Prep the food. Wait for oven to heat up. Make sure the place doesn't burn down. And then once it's finally ready... you devour the food in 5 minutes. Never worth it. I'll take a good microwave meal any day of the week, baby!
  25. emoxigh27

    emoxigh27 New Member

    I love eating but I don't know how to cook yet. So the answer to your question is I want to be cooked for (as of now).

    I sometimes criticize (in a good way) their food, but I often eat it right away. Any food they prepare for me is so much appreciated. Whether it is flavorful or not, I still eat it. Besides, it's not good to waste food when some of the people around the world can't eat anything. We need to be grateful on whatever blessings we receive everyday.

    Hoping to learn how to cook soon :laugh:.
  26. bbibbebbubben

    bbibbebbubben New Member

    You know a question like this is really hard to answer if you'll ask a person who loves food. I always like to check on recipes and try them, but I love being cooked for specially if the person who mad e the dish is close to my heart. I always go back and fall for home cooked food by a dear one.
  27. Ynna

    Ynna New Member

    I love cooking. However with less time to do all those things sometimes you choose the alternatives. Like buying premade food. I stray away as much as possible to fast foods. But there are also restaurants that sell a much more healthier foods. But i enjoy having someone cook for me too. Especially after work. Because sometimes you just want to lay back and wouldn't have to worry about finding something to eat or think up of recipes.
  28. TGLucie

    TGLucie New Member

    There are days when I enjoy cooking, trying out new recipes, but when your partner is a trained chef, sometimes it is nice to be cooked for!
  29. Prettygirl25

    Prettygirl25 New Member

    Of course, I would like to learn to cook, like my mother, who is too brewing and delicious. And it's still a good idea, it's the speed of cooking, so I want to be like my mother's delicious cook.
  30. rjohndava86

    rjohndava86 New Member

    Choosing the right food is vital to keep us healthy. I like to cook food. I usually cook vegetables and chicken but I like most fish. I want to maintain the cholesterol level in my blood in normal limit to avoid any cardiac disease that might develop that why its better for me that I am the one cooking my own food.

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