Do you like to cook or be cooked for?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Adele, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    My fiancé and I have recently started doing more cooking together. On the one hand, this has been a lot of fun. I've really enjoyed things like talking about ingredients and teaching him knife skills. And it's nice to have company!

    On the other hand, I've definitely had to re-evaluate some of the ingrained habits and attitudes that come from years of cooking alone. It's been surprisingly hard to communicate every step to another person when I'm so used to doing things in my head. And, ok, I can be a bit of a control freak in the kitchen...

    Do you cook with friends and family? What tips do you have for getting along?

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  2. shangayesha

    shangayesha New Member

    I reaaalllyyy llooovveee to cook especially for my children..“I like to cook sweets like cakes, cupcakes, and brownies because I like to be hyper (not super hyper). I learned that you have to have patience and that you have to manage cooking a lot of things at once to make things come together.” ... Personally, I like to cook meat, fish, pasta, and vegetables.
  3. babyheart

    babyheart New Member

    As a wife, I love cooking for my husband because I'm really happy serving him the food I prepared with all my heart. Although I'm not as good as his mother in the kitchen, (and there were times my food tastes like a joke) seeing him trying his best to finish his meal makes my heart flutter, haha!
  4. jocelyn_v

    jocelyn_v New Member

    Personally, I like to cook than to be cooked for because if i'm the one who cooked the food I could make it match the taste with what I want than when I'm cooked for I don't have the freedom to choose what I like. Also I do have talent in cooking. Almost everyone who has tasted the food I cooked said its delicious. But if its my mom who's going to cook
    I will definitely want to be cooked for. For some reasons my mom's always dishes taste so good.
  5. jamesandreis2

    jamesandreis2 New Member

    Cooking food can waste valuable energy that can be used for other important things. So I prefer others to cook.

    ARTMAKKAM New Member

    How can you like to push among the cattle people in the store, drag bags, then still cook, dirty the dishes, the stove, then scrub this dish, then the stove, the sink. Eat for 8 minutes and again scrub the dishes. Who can like it and why I do not understand. I cook very rarely, very simple dishes.
  7. jpearl2328

    jpearl2328 New Member

    Cooking for me is therapeutic, I love and enjoy the process, from choosing which recipe to make, grocery shopping for the ingredients, chopping and cutting preparation. I have a passion for cooking and baking. Nothing fancy or extraordinary, just simple and uncomplicated home cooked menus for my family. Although once in a while we do go out for cooked meals either on restaurant or delivery.
  8. Divine68

    Divine68 New Member

    I was trained to cook as a child under my parents so I grew up loving to cook. Cooking is one of my hobbies. My family loves it when in my spare time I dish out to them deliciously cooked meals.
  9. whatisawig

    whatisawig New Member

    I like to cook also. I always search online on recipes that I can try. Also, whenever I watch cooking shows I try to take down notes so that I can also try it. If only budget permits, I want to enroll in a culinary school to learn more about cooking.
  10. Pessema

    Pessema New Member

    I love to cook, it is really relaxing and enjoyable. I love trying new recipes and sharing them with friends and family. In any gathering I prefer to be the one to do the cooking, but I don't mind when someone else does the cooking, it can be a nice break. I also find it really romantic when my man decides to cook for me, even if it is just some burnt grilled cheese.
  11. John0520

    John0520 Member

    I love cooking because of special reason. Enjoying to discover new recipes, painting the kitchen with flour, and messing with the ingredients is just some fun of cooking. I cook because when i see someone who enjoys and likes my cooking, it makes me happy and delighted at the same time.

    But i stop cooking since i went to college, busy of school stuffs. But when there is a free time, i cook for my own and enjoy the food, eating without manners and blurp after a satisfying food.
  12. reubensausal

    reubensausal New Member

    for me I like to cook meal for my love ones , food is the key to a woman's heart and also by cooking you can make your meal healthy since you are the one who are buying the ingredients and processing it plus cooking it with love will make the food more tasty and warm to the stomach.
  13. bencherik

    bencherik New Member

    I like to cook because I want to give others eat my cooking, I want to see their face with a smile when they feel my foods are tasty and good, I would feel happy when I see their smile and eating happily. Since those foods are being cooked by my heart and love. I hope that they can feel it.
  14. edmarie09

    edmarie09 New Member

    I like to cook because it is my way to lessen stress in life.If I cook , I can make sure that everything is clean and healthy. The process in cooking suppose to be exact and fresh.I like to cook healthy foods for my family and loved ones.Cooking foods to them is my way to express how I love and treasure them.Cooking is my passion that is why I am wishing to become a great chef soon.
  15. ThankyouGod

    ThankyouGod New Member

    I like to cook for my family especially for my kids. I feel more appreciated when my kids compliment me with the food they ate. But I love when my husband cooked for me. I feel that I am special and important.
  16. LouLang

    LouLang New Member

    I like to cook especially when I recieve appreciation from anyone who tasted my cooked food. I love making sweets and I can even earn from it before especially during special occasions. Hearing them want for more really motivates me to keep cooking delicious food.
  17. Arnelbrix

    Arnelbrix New Member

    I really love to cook, especially vegetable's dishes like chapsuey, pinakbit, I also cook, kaldiritang baboy and adobo. This dishes I frequently prepare or served for my family especially dinner time. I learn on how to cook by watching video tutorials in youtube.
  18. rajabhatti

    rajabhatti New Member

    I adore cooking for myself and for huge others like my better half and close family. I'll cook for some dear companions when required. When I need to cook to sustain various individuals, for example, in a gathering circumstance, it turns into a task which I'd preferably not do. It removes the enjoyment from cooking when every other person is laid back holding up to be bolstered while you're being worried in the kitchen.

    I likewise love being cooked for yet it significantly relies upon who's cooking. In the event that I can't believe that individual, I'd preferably do the cooking myself.
  19. Mjsmith

    Mjsmith New Member

    For me as a gentlemen I am always the one who cook, not because I'm a man but just to make it more healthier than I expect. Because honestly I'm the type of the person that if there is a chance to add vegetable then add it , and then enjoy. Because eating veggies are more healthier and make you live longer in this world.
  20. Smexy

    Smexy New Member

    I am not a good cook so i preferred to be cooked for. I like foods that is preferred by my parents. My parents btw is a great cook I dont know why I cant. Remember food is a vital part in our health. We must know what type of food we will put in our body. Free for contaminants and germs of the food would be the first priority after all
  21. JANO75

    JANO75 New Member

    After a long and tiring day,it is so soothing to have someone else prepare my meals,especially evening meals.However,it is good to have a trained cook do it.Having such a person in place can help one have decent meals without going into the trouble of doing it by yourself .Besides,cooking can be tiring and time consuming especially if you have other things to attend to.
  22. ynel03

    ynel03 Member

    I love to cook because no matter what the day, time, or place, it is always a good time to cook. If you are sad or happy, if it's a dreary or sunny day, there is no bad time to cook. It is always there for you as something to do when your bored or even when you are just in the mood to cook.
  23. PatiPati

    PatiPati New Member

    I don't like cooking because of the chores that I usually have to do afterwards, such as cleaning the pans. I'd rather buy meals packed in disposable containers. Secondly, I am not a very good cook and I tend to enjoy meals prepared by other people more than my own.
  24. Calay

    Calay New Member

    I love cooking especially for my family.Just by seeing their happy faces after eating is very satisfying for me and it makes me forget the hard work that I exerted in cooking those dishes.Whenever I hear a simple “Thank you” from whoever ate my cooked meals,puts a warm feeling in my heart.However,there are times that I would prefer eating the meals prepared by other people.
  25. jojosef29

    jojosef29 New Member

    I really love to cook specially to my family and friends. I like to see that they are having a great time in eating what I cooked for them. I love when my husband eats a lot because of the food that I cooked for him, I think he really appreciate it. As much as possible I prefer to cook so that I can see that what I eat is really healthy specially if my family is going to eat it. I love to watch cooking videos so I can learn more foods to enjoy with my family.
  26. heikri

    heikri New Member

    I hate cooking, but I have two kids who I have to feed everyday. I try to do simple meals, that doesn't require a lot of time or ingredients. It would be so nice if someone would cook me everyday and I could just wait for to be called to eat :) In the other hand, i do like baking! It's much more fun than cooking.
  27. Elmae1976

    Elmae1976 New Member

    I love to cook specially for my loved ones. I want to make sure that they enjoy their meal everyday. I see to it that they go to school and work with a happy face and full stomach. As a mother and a wife I do my best to cook for my family it was my way in showing them that they are special to me.
  28. fabulosa_xoxo

    fabulosa_xoxo New Member

    Most of the time, I'm always in the mood to cook for my friends and family because it makes me feel so good to know that I've showed them that I care. Personally it's me saying, I love you too in return! I like to cook also because I love to eat, that's why I like to try out that dishes myself so I can eat it again. However, there are times(very seldom) that I feel I wanted someone to cook for me. This is due to me being tired or me getting used to the taste of my own cooking.
    Bon Appetit!!
  29. Josemos

    Josemos New Member

    Sometimes I like doing it myself like when I'm watching a long insightful video on YouTube. Other than that, cooking gets super tedious and I'd loooooove it if someone would cook for me(I live alone :laugh:)
  30. Lovelee27

    Lovelee27 New Member

    I like to cook food because when you cook in your own food you know to your self that it is clean and safe. I cook vegetables daily for my family health. Because healthy food help my family not to be sick. While on the other hand, to be cooked by others mostly when you eat in a restaurant we're not sure if it's clean or the ingredients are fresh when it cook. Cooking is a good hobbit. Let's say practice makes perfect.

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