do you like watching alone or with friends?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by leanajero, Mar 28, 2018.


do you like watching alone or with friends?

  1. with friends

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  1. jonnaaa19

    jonnaaa19 New Member

    It depends on the genre of the movie. If it's comedy, then I would definitely love watching it with friends and if it is action, I would watch it with my family. But if it's a rom-com movie or a drama I would watch it alone. I just feel awkward watching a drama with someone else. I mean I couldn't cry and later laugh in front of them right? I would look stupid.
  2. Iggyboi

    Iggyboi New Member

    As for me I prefer to watch movie alone for it helps me focus on the movie and understand what the characters are telling the story especially movies that are sci-fi, suspense and sort of movies. It is on the other hand that watching a movie with friends normally creates distractions which results to not understanding the whole story of the movie. But this is case to case basis, there are also movies that are light where can be enjoyed with friends like horror movies that can be enjoyed with screams coming from your friends.
  3. fajeranne

    fajeranne New Member

    I prefer watching alone, really! Why? Because I don't want any distraction. When I am watching, I'm in a serious mode. I am into details and I am focused in the movie. Others may think that it's weird but that's how I watch movies. I just want nothing but myself and the movie. Sometimes, I am watching movies with my friends but after that, I'll watch it again because the movie didn't sink in my head. That's really weird.
  4. laux

    laux New Member

    It literally depends on my mood. Most of the time I choose to watch all by myself. It is to the time that I just want to distance myself from other people. That I just want to be alone for a second. When I am having a breakdown and chooses to watch a movie and cry.
    On the other hand, going out with friends seems to be a good idea. Watching a nice horror film that will creep us all or cry like babies while watching sad films. Another topic to discuss after the show. It will definitely lighten up everyone. Although, it is a bonding between friends too.
  5. rvcyrille

    rvcyrille New Member

    As an introvert, I would like to watch movies alone. Due to the fact that whenever I am with my friends, I tend to chat with them than to watch the movie itself. There are also instances that whenever a serious moment in the movie is about to happen, someone will punch a joke or someone will fart during the climax thus make the experience anti climactic. I end up not understanding the story when I watch with my friends It may be fun to watch with them but in terms of understanding and enjoying the movie more, I would rather watch alone.
  6. traceh

    traceh Member

    It all depends on the movie, although I mostly prefer to watch movies on my own. My husband and I have very different tastes in movies so we rarely watch movies together, therefore I end up watching on my own. My husband likes comedies which I am not a fan of unless it is a TV Series, I am more romance and fantasy orientated.
  7. bellezy17

    bellezy17 New Member

    I like to watch movies with my friends. I like to hear their comments and their reactions about the story of the movie. It also add up to our bonding and memories that we created and we will be creating.
  8. ejaydaguio

    ejaydaguio New Member

    I like the sad movies alone. But movies like comedy or horror films I like watching with my friends... we can laugh together or scream together. Besides its fun. :)
  9. menggay

    menggay Member

    It's fine with me to watch alone but I prefer to have it with friends or family. For me, it's more enjoyable and nice to share that time with someone. Sometimes it's funny that you talk to each other about the movie as if you're not together. Exchanging ideas with regards to the film you just watched, their comments about the lead actors and who they prefer much better, the lead or the supporting. I guess having someone to spend some of your quality time is occasionally much better than spending it by yourself.
  10. anangelica28

    anangelica28 New Member

    I think it would depend on what type of movie you are going to watch. I personally tried watching a romantic comedy movie alone and it just left me feeling bitter and uncontented. I found it awkward to laugh in the cinema alone and feel happy about the man and woman tandem in the movie without any companion. I remember watching the same type of movie with my girl friends and it was a much more fun experience because we get to share our feelings about the movie with each other.
  11. mobkun01

    mobkun01 Member

    I like watching alone without friend's because i don't have many friend's:D but i think watching alone is good because you can focus on what you are watching unlike if you're with friends because sometime they bother you on thing's but i think if it is horror movie then you need a friend to watch it,because it's scary:eek:
  12. Austhalina

    Austhalina Member

    For me i like watching with friends, because i can enjoy watching while with them, atleast ee could gave bonding. If i will just watch alone , then i will not enjoy watching , i will feel lonely. Friends will always be their to makes us happy , be together in times we need them. So i prefer watching with friends. When movie enss then we wil have a lot of conversation about the movie. If im alone then i jusy only watch tv without enjoying it.
  13. Nicel25

    Nicel25 New Member

    I love watching movies with my friends every now and then because of the additional excitements and more intense feelings every time I watch films with them. Movies are worth to be enjoyed and memorable no matter what the genre of the movie maybe, we must not forget to appreciate the lesson of the story.

    I have to admit the fact that my friends are so noisy or loud every time we hang out and watch movies, but I also have to admit the fact that I happier with them rather than staying alone.
  14. secondI

    secondI New Member

    With friends of course.
    You'll get to share your thoughts of what you're watching when you're with friends.
    Also, they would even clear things if you're a bit in doubt of a certain scene.
  15. michaelpaluso

    michaelpaluso Member

    It depends. Its always good to laugh with friends. However horror movies are good with a date. however action movies i normally watch alone!
  16. mabelirl

    mabelirl New Member

    For me, it all depends on what kind of movie I'm watching. If it's a comedy then I definitely want to be with other people. It feels kind of weird laughing in the dark by yourself. But then I find if I'm not laughing I don't find things as funny. With horror movies too, I like to be around people, especially people who are easily scared. Watching people jump in their seats and peep up at the screen through the fingers covering their eyes, it's almost as fun as the movie itself. Otherwise, I have to confess I find other people at the movies distracting, and for some reason I have this insuppressible ill will, which I can't really justify, for people who aren't paying attention to a good movie, even if they're quiet as a mouse! It distracts me to the point where I'd rather not watch the movie at all, no matter engrossed I ought to be. The ideal, for me, would be a big group of film lovers, all as intent on me on the great movie that's unfolding up on the screen before us. Since that seems to be a tall order this day and age, I'd rather be the only one there.
  17. Arsal

    Arsal Member

    I think the topic is very good so watching the film with friends are very awesome, incredible moments for me because when all friend sit together for having fun so there is an environment that looks cool and beautiful, everyone enjoys by talking about the movie scenes or if it is a comedy movie then our entertainment increases automatically by watching comedy films so I suggest all friends to watch film with friends always because there is always an atmosphere that we need from any friend, Thanks
  18. Hey leanajero,

    I personally love to watch movies with and without company, I think it really really depends on the type of movie and the type of people as well. Sometimes while you are watching a movie with someone else either you get distracted or some sorts of distractions happen. In the other hand, despite the fact that watching a movie by yourself is quieter, sometimes you do wish to have someone next to you, even if it is to feel safer after a horror movie or to hug during a romantic movie.

    In conclusion, I think it really depends on the situation, your mood, the movie and obviously the company.

    Hope you find this helpful.

    Best wishes,
  19. chain06

    chain06 New Member

    I like watching movies alone specially when I'm watching to a laptop or TV for me to have focus analyzing the story of the movie,But sometimes I like to watch movies with friends it depends what kind of friends they are while watching movies, if they they are not noisy we will going to enjoy the movie all together but if they are not giving there full attention to a movie that will be irritating and they can be annoying while watching, so if the kind of friends are like that so better off alone.
  20. HoneyPretty

    HoneyPretty Member

    I'd like to say I like watching movies alone and sometimes with friends. But I always prefer watching movies alone. Whenever I watch a movie, i'm that kind of person who doesn't want to be disturb and is only focused on what i'm watching. I get easily upset whenever there's a single detail of the movie I didn't understand. And since I don't want any troubles with my friends just by watching a movie, i'd rather watch it alone. And besides, i'm a very picky person when it comes to movies, it depends on my mood if a want to watch something my friends choose, my attitude will only get them frustrated and I really don't want that to happen.
  21. Relaterion

    Relaterion New Member

    I like watching with friends, but friends don't like watching with me!

    When I watch a movie with friends, I want to talk about everything that is happening. Not to ask questions, but so many topics just come to mind when watching a show, and I want to discuss them when they come up!

    I always tell my friend to pause it, and we will have a huge discussion about either some weird comment a cast member made or a broad topic that the show is based around! I cannot go to the movie theater for this reason. I swear, it takes me three hours to watch a two hour long film.

    Most of my friends don't mind it since they expect it. It may annoy some people, but I always figure that you can pick right back up with the movie where you left off after the discussion. Some would argue that it ruins the immersion, but I find it to be an interesting way to take breaks in long periods of silence.
  22. ferretales28

    ferretales28 New Member

    I like watching movies with my friends becausw we scream together and get terrified together,we really like watching horror movies.
  23. FatimajanineReyes

    FatimajanineReyes New Member

    I prefer watching alone but it dependes to the movie I am watching.

    Because I am more focus on watching alone I can really understand what is the whole meaning of the movie I am watching.

    But when it comes to horror films I prefer watching it with friends.
  24. jokas201

    jokas201 New Member

    I like watching with my friends because it's fun to have accompany in watching and your friends have different opinions and sayings about the movie. It's fun!
  25. missjetaime94

    missjetaime94 New Member

    Well, I love watching with friends, sisters or with my boyfriend. I find watching movies much enjoyable with other people or someone to watch with. Because sometimes I do talk about what I see on the movie or whatnot. I also love enjoying my popcorn with someone while watching a movie. It's kinda lonely to watch movie if your alone though.
  26. yellow

    yellow Member

    I agree with it depends on the situations and nothing more. If the purpose is to get information, story etc from the movie then maybe better to watch it alone, but if it's about to have fun or spending time etc like waiting or dating then the answer is of course with it's better with big company.
  27. cyclotron00

    cyclotron00 Member

    I preferred watching alone because I have time to understand the plot of the movie
  28. Lovely001

    Lovely001 New Member

    Most of the time, I enjoy watching movies with my friends. It's really fun to laugh with your friends, scream with them, and even cry with them. But there are some movies that for me, are meant to be watched alone. There are some movies I feel comfortable to watch alone. Especially heavy drama movies. I usually watch heavy drama movies to cry until it hurts no more. I used watching as an excuse to have an opportunity to cry all night without others asking why because they will just think that it's because of the movie.
  29. kakarot_72

    kakarot_72 Member

    I like being with my friend. We can share our ideas and thoughts. Thats why it is important to have someone.
  30. cari

    cari New Member

    I think it would be better to watch with friends since you may have different perspective .Especiallly also if you are watching horror movies :eek: .It would be hard to watch it alone :laugh:

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