Do you listen to complete albums or do you prefer listening to tracks individually?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Culsax, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Culsax

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    I usually prefer listening to albums from the beginning to end. I just find it to be a more wholesome experience and love how the tracks come together to create a story or develop a mood. It often feels like reading a novel. Listening to albums also, I feel, gives you a broader sense of the artist's intentions, thoughts and personality. I also love feeling the anticipation when one track ends and you wait for the next one in the brief silence that follows.
  2. It is really a must to listen to entire albums. Ever since I already have the capacity to buy physical CDs and digital albums, I really make time to listen to albums from beginning to end. I am always surprised with my favorite artists whenever they make albums because you'll find out tracks which even sound better than the single/s previously released. Good albums also tell a story (e.g. BTS's HYYH series) or even mini-stories/anecdotes (e.g. Taylor Swift's 1989). It also paves the way for me to appreciate the artist's musicality and identify his/her unique voice.
  3. tvalleav10

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    I really miss the days of listening to a whole album start to finish. Oddly enough, now that technology allows me to listen to any one song at any time I want, I don't have the patience to listen to a whole album front to back anymore.
  4. It really depends because let us face it it all boils down to taste. I mean, just because you like one you will immediately love all is it not?
    With that said though I think by default you may have to. Simply put when you buy a record it usually means an entire album. It is up to you to finish the whole thing or not. To solve this spottily or I tunes are in the mix. In there you can buy tracks by piece as suppose to the whole thing.

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