Do you listen to music while reading?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Godwin, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Godwin

    Godwin New Member

    The reading experience could be enhanced while listening to a pleasant music track in the background for some people. Some people prefer reading without any music though. Some people like a mix of both.

    I always listen to music while reading. It gives a calm and composed feeling yet at the same time I could focus on my reading.

    So, what about you? Do you listen to music while reading?
  2. No, music while reading is a distraction to me. It makes me stay off task and I can't remember or recall what I just read from the book. It's better to just put my distractions away and read the book all the way through to remeber and then listen to music afterwards.
  3. placebo_divinity

    placebo_divinity New Member

    It certainly feels like my brain can only process one stream of words at a time. I can either hear the lyrics of a song or recognize the words on a page, but not both. Maybe that has a basis in cognitive science, something similar to the cocktail-party effect; I don't know. Sometimes I don't mind instrumental music, though.

    Like emeryne mushimiyimana, I prefer to read without music and hear my music without reading.
  4. Kwoodard902

    Kwoodard902 New Member

    I can not read while listening to music. The words from the song start to overlap with the words from the book. It's actually mind boggling to try and do this. There is a time and season for everything. If your reading you should focus on the book. If your listening to music, you should enjoy the lyrics.
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  5. rimah

    rimah New Member

    Yeah I listen to music when I read. The reason I become very distracted by the silence and the little noises drives me crazy unless I listen to music to prevent me from getting distracted. I listen to several different kinds of music based on what I'm reading to make it more fun for me especially when I have to read to class.
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  6. salwath

    salwath New Member

    No actually i can not focus on two things in the same time.
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  7. elamraoui

    elamraoui New Member

    to get the maximum of thoughts in what you are reading i think it's better to focus on one thing (reading or music)
  8. HueyTheFreeman

    HueyTheFreeman New Member

    Yes, I do. I like more calming and relaxing music. Try some J Dilla or some other Hip - Hop producers who love to use samples in the most beautiful way. I can't really listen to music with actual lyrics while reading because it's hard for me to focus.
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  9. jonathanhuffman

    jonathanhuffman New Member

    I've tried this, in an attempt to consolidate some of my time; I'll listen to a new album I wanted to give my full attention to while also trying to read this-or-that book. It doesn't work for me; I can't focus. However, put on some Iasos or other relaxing ambient music and I'm good to go. Ambient is practically made for book-reading.
  10. ZombieMama013

    ZombieMama013 New Member

    I cannot listen to music or the television while I read. I like to be immersed in the world of the book and the outside noises distract me from that world. I can handle normal noises (such as voices) but I tend to want silence when I read.
  11. Whitney

    Whitney New Member

    I listen to music sometimes. It just depends on what book I'm reading and what type of mood I'm in. If I do have music on I make sure its not too loud. Sometimes music can become distracting, and that's when I either ditch the book for the song for ditch the song to focus on the book
  12. Abe

    Abe New Member

    Soundtracks with no lyrics help me focus reading for fun. But when studying or reading comic books I can listen to all types of music.
  13. Marrose

    Marrose New Member

    Some people find it weird that I can listen to rock music while reading. Perhaps they think that I won’t be able to focus. But on the contrary, music helps me a lot with my concentration. I would rather hear music blasting on my ears that hearing other sounds people make. When I’m listening to music while I’m reading a book, it’s like I’m in my own little world and no one can disturb me.
  14. riddlesMac

    riddlesMac Member

    I find that when I listen to music, I end up focusing more on the music than on the book. I can continue readin but will retain almost nothing. I find that many college students study and read while listening to music, I think it is simply inhibiting them more than they actually realize. I may only be this way because of how musical I am. When I am listening to a song I usually go into a "hyper-focus" mode in which I only focus on the music that I'm listening to. The same thing happens when I attempt to read and listen to music. The words in the book become meaningless, and separate in that they no longer forum actual sentences. I basically end up reading each word separately.
  15. adrianecj

    adrianecj New Member

    I tried to focus reading something online while listening several times and it never worked out. I need a silence atmosphere in order to memorize and learn new and important things while I am reading or even studying.
  16. Warren Greene

    Warren Greene New Member

    I like to have some smooth jazz on in the background when I'm reading. Mainly to cover up the noise of the city. The music covers up the honking horns, the screeching brakes and the usual assortment of yelling and shouts that occurs daily. The words I am reading flow smoothly into my mind. Without the distractions I can comprehend what I read with ease. It works for me, try it sometime.
  17. oboechick42

    oboechick42 New Member

    Like other people have mentioned in this thread, it really depends on what I'm reading and what the music is. When I'm reading something light and not as mentally taxing, pretty much any music is fine. In fact, music is a good way for me to get my brain from thinking about everything that's going on outside of what I'm reading.

    However, if I'm reading something that's detailed or requires a lot of focus (legal documents, college textbooks, etc.), I usually have to have quiet, instrumental music on, otherwise nothing at all.
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  18. Antfan

    Antfan New Member

    I've often done this but it really depends on the music and the book. Occasionally I have serendipitously found appropriate music that fits in well with the book I am reading. 'Quicksand' by the Super Furry Animals has always reminded me of Dune by Frank Herbert. A book with an associated play list would be an interesting experiment.
  19. Stephanie Bernard

    Stephanie Bernard New Member

    Well it depends on what i'm reading. If i'm studying or reading an engaging novel then music is a distraction, especially if it's upbeat or a song i'm familiar with or it's kinda catchy. However, if i'm reading a magazine of anything that is a light read then sure music is accepted.
  20. roxaus

    roxaus New Member

    When I am reading I will usually have some kind of background noise on just to ignore. Then about an hour later I will find myself in a completely quiet room because something stopped and I did not notice in the least. It all depends on how interesting the book or article I will read. If it is a lesser topic I am not as interested in I will need music to help me get through it.
  21. Dusan

    Dusan New Member

    Sometime I listen to music while reading. But, it depends of what kind of book am I reading. Smooth jazz is good music for me while I am reading some book.
  22. MHaswell15

    MHaswell15 New Member

    I always do my reading in complete silence. It allows me to become thoroughly enveloped
    in the book I'm reading.
  23. eric9753

    eric9753 New Member

    No, I have tried that before and totally lose my train of thought.
  24. kariara

    kariara New Member

    I love the idea of reading while some mood-setting music is playing, but my mind just won't let me concentrate. Even the softest classical piano is distracting, let alone any music with lyrics. I wish I was able to read and listen to music because I can imagine it could be a really nice way to enhance the story. I just can't do it!
  25. mdimi

    mdimi New Member

    I usually read books when I'm out of home and I prefer to focus only on reading. I may listen to some soft music while reading at home, but that's mostly not the case.
  26. Grace Wanjohi

    Grace Wanjohi New Member

    I prefer to read without the music if reading a novel or self development material. This is because, I like to put myself in the world being described in the book. I let my imagination run away with me and that is how I am able to enjoy. While browsing a magazine however, I do it with music. If I find an article worthy of my concentration, I will come back to it at a later time without music.
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  27. allyfly

    allyfly New Member

    Not music with words! I enjoy listening to classical music, if any. If the music has words I tend to get distracted. What I have found that I enjoyed, though, was having some background noise coming from my computer (such as a track that contains the sound of rain or waves).
  28. Husko

    Husko New Member

    I find that I cannot listen to music with lyrics, especially if I know them well (an unusual occurrence) for I quickly find myself singing along and loosing my place in the book. However instrumental music, especially classical and jazz, can be quite soothing whilst reading.

    All in all, the music needs to accommodate and complement the book I'm reading. For instance Beethoven's 5th symphony does not bode well with deep, life examining works such as books by Tolstoy; gentle jazz blues sets a mood that works against a gripping crime thriller.

    I also have to have the music in the background, not through headphones or close by, and generally, if I'm absorbed in the book, I more often than not forget and ignore any sounds around me anyway.
  29. grey1412

    grey1412 New Member

    I have tried listening to music while reading once, and ended up dropping the book and singing along with the music. That is why I tend to read at a quiet place now. I sometimes enjoy listening to white noises while reading since it helps me focus better.
  30. amio

    amio New Member

    It depends on what I'm reading. Reading that needs to focus such as bible and studying materials then music will be prohibited. However, outside those things I can listen to music but there are certain restrictions, light musics and binaural beats only. Lesser to read the more I can appreciate the music.

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