Do you listen to music while reading?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Godwin, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. bienn05

    bienn05 Member

    No, listening to music distracts me from reading. I am a person that needs concentration and focus when reading because I am easily get distracted. I may read it easily but I cannot fully understand the thought of what I reas if there are any distactions. Listening to music is a stress reliever, but for me reading can also reduced my stress so I better read only and not to listen to music.

    I believe that reading requires full attention to have a deeper understanding on the thought that is written. For example, when reading a bible, your self and tour soul should be connected to what you are reading to have a full and deeper understanding on the worl of the Lord.
  2. MajesticPandora

    MajesticPandora New Member

    Sometimes, I do enjoy listening to music while reading. But oftentimes I'd much prefer enjoying the book as it is without any distractions and whatsoever. It's those times when I'm too engrossed in the book I'm reading, when I can't seem to acknowledge anything else that's happening around me. That is, without doubt, the effect of a good book in its readers.
  3. raindrop

    raindrop New Member

    I have never been able to listen to music and focus on my book. It gets way too distracting, even if it's just an instrumental track without any lyrics. I do know people though who would blast some crazy music when reading, and even when studying. According to them, it helped them memorize more easily. Definitely beats me :D
  4. genil6425

    genil6425 New Member

    Listening to music while reading helps to increase my concentration. Apparently, I'm one of those. However, generally for reading, I do better with acoustic or Folk country rather than music with lyrics which can often be distracting (especially if I am familiar with the songs). BTW, I find nice positive in the fact that, if a piece or section of music breaks into my consciousness while reading, it is often a strong indicator that this is music I will really like when I turn my full attention to it at a later time.
  5. witz993

    witz993 New Member

    Nope. Can't focus. I do listen to audio books while reading at the same time. It helps me keep my focus on. I tried listening to classical music, because I tend to sing along with anything that has any lyrics whatsoever. Even piano concerts were distracting.
  6. Minx2121

    Minx2121 New Member

    Sometimes but only music without lyrics. Generally I prefer it quiet when I read.
  7. draftsman0210

    draftsman0210 New Member

    Listening to music while reading is not a good idea for me, When you're reading you're going deeper than that I mean your connecting yourself into it by using your imagination and focus.

    Please comment if you agree thanks!
  8. Keigh22

    Keigh22 New Member

    I do listen to music while reading . Why ? is it because its keeps my mind calm and I keep on focusing to what I'm reading. It is a multitasking effort but for me its a natural thing I always do. When someone see me with headphones and reading something they know Im into it , I don't want to be disturb .
  9. bluwish02

    bluwish02 New Member

    Yes I listen to the music when reading, I prefer listen to a soft music when reading because it helps me to focus and to concentrate on my readings, also it helps me to feel relax while reading. Reading while listening to music adds fun to your reading and you will never get bored while doing it. There's a music that can boost up up our mind while doing something even if its a simple book reading. I think that's the power of music that's why i love listening to music while reading ;)
  10. New Member

    Listening to music while reading is not a good idea. It's hard to understand/analyze what you're reading if at the same time you are listening to music. It can create destruction on your mind. Reading at the quiet places are somewhat good. You can focus on what you are reading without any destructions.
  11. Tresana

    Tresana New Member

    I do not listen to music while reading, I find it distracting. For me its either one or the other. I read because I want to get an understanding of what I am reading. I listen to music to calm my mind. I cannot do both at the same time.
    I prefer not to listen to music while reading because I want to give my full attention to them one at a time.
  12. Lian

    Lian New Member

    Yes, but only instrumental music. It is better while reading, as there is no possibility for listening to the lyrics. It is good if the music is relaxing.
  13. K1ssesW1ns

    K1ssesW1ns New Member

    There are so many factors involved for me. Sometimes it really just depends on my mood...some days the sound of silence can be more inviting than any noises whatsoever. Usually if background music is going to happen while I read, it will not be music that is heavily concentrated on the lyrics/vocals, as I will tend to distract myself listening to that. If it is a song I am very familiar with, however, it can be easier to tune out.
  14. lacey03

    lacey03 New Member

    no. music distracts me. Better to read in a quiet place so that I will understand what Iam reading
  15. sujeshnayar

    sujeshnayar New Member

    People often say that one should not multitask while doing important tasks. Reading for me is an important task. Apart from taking away the pressures of the mundane life, it encourages learning and gives newer perspectives to life. So, wouldn't it be detrimental if I multitask while reading? Ideally, the answer will be yes. But, over a period of time I have from personal experience, observed that in fact it is the reverse. Listening to music while reading, helps me to concentrate more on what I am reading. It actually cuts me off from the outside world and helps me envision the surroundings and characters in what I am reading, more better.
    Everyone has their own genres of music and their own respective genres in books. For some, it may be hard rock, but for some it may be melodies. I prefer, instrumental music while reading.
  16. conligus

    conligus New Member

    Regarding this topic I can answer no and yes. No, because I don't listen the popular music that I usually listen, e.g.: Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini, Shakira, U2, etc... Such music distracts me and I can not concentrate on reading. On the other hand I usually listen, while reading, relaxing music or even more often I listen solfeggio frequencies. Those frequencies have very relaxing effect and there is no lyrics, which means that subconsciously this don't distract you.
  17. Moe2411

    Moe2411 New Member

    yes defenetlz i do listening o musik while reading =) without music i cant live
  18. Edwardanthony 01

    Edwardanthony 01 New Member

    I preferred to read books without music because my focus and concentration goes away. I loved to read in a quiet place alone so I can comprehend what I'm reading and enjoy it without any distractions. I appreciated music as I love books but I can't do the same things at once. If I'm reading a book I had my own world as I am in the world of what I am reading.
  19. mobkun01

    mobkun01 Member

    I don't because it's bother me, and it's hard to concentrate. i need to focus on what i'm reading.
  20. kereibel

    kereibel New Member

    I usually listen to classical music while reading most especially when it is a novel and sometimes when i am studying.
  21. Keiko-8Xkf

    Keiko-8Xkf New Member

    Sometimes I do listen to music if i feel like but sometimes I don't because it bothers me especially if I'm reading notes from my class. I think people have different perception in this kind of thing, some get disturbed but some are okay with it.
  22. juysi

    juysi New Member

    it really depends on what im reading
  23. rvcyrille

    rvcyrille New Member

    I am not fond of listening to music while reading because I feel distracted hearing the words from the song and listening to music. I am an auditory learner so whenever I read, I whisper the words so I can hear and whenever I do listening to music and reading at the same time, I end up getting confused and distracted. My retention to what I read was very minimal compared to when I am listening quietly without music on.
  24. jamesdagatan

    jamesdagatan Member

    There is a harmony in music. It connects the heart and mind. It builds a great sensation of relaxation especially when that music is your favorite. Reading makes your mind rich in many information and yet music helps to develop the channel of learning. Some people they choose to listening to the music while reading the books because it helps to relax their minds and spirit. It is like a reconditioning of the being. Music it is not just an instrument of learning but also a art of healing.
  25. imyheartu

    imyheartu New Member

    when I was younger I am into listening music while reading. It is way out that I a more focussed and concentrate while reading. But now that I am already grown up I am more of liking reading alone, siting on my couch while drinking and eating.
  26. celhyne

    celhyne New Member

    i tried once listening to music while reading because this thing is my sister routine. shes been always listening to music while studying nor reading and i kinda feel like it is effective, but guess what? i tried it and i cant even concentrate on what i am reading because i am enjoying the music and, im singing the lyrics then boom I cant even understand what i am reading though.
  27. tannerm123

    tannerm123 New Member

    I think it ultimately depends on your attention span and how much you already enjoy the text to begin with. For instance, listening to music while reading a textbook has never really helped me because I get too lost in the music and lose focus on what I just read. I have to go back and reread the last few paragraphs over and over again until I manage to grasp the information presented. However, I can listen to quiet music when I am reading a book I already enjoy. These also happen to be the books where skimming over one detail does not ruin the entire chapter, which can easily happen with textbooks.
  28. Austhalina

    Austhalina Member

    No. Because if your going to read while listening to the music you will not understand what you are reading becuase you hear a music. But i think its also depends on person because some they do listen to music while they are doing review reading books. But for me i cant do that, when im reading a book i want all silence no one can disturb, i dont want to hear any disturbance becuase i cant focus reading, ans i cant understand it well if the sorrounding is very noisy.
  29. menggay

    menggay Member

    Yes, I always have my earphones on while I am studying. I can listen to classical, inspirational or pop rock on my playlists. It helps me concentrate to my studies especially in school where my classmates are noisy that it's hard for me to understand what I am reading because of the noise around me.
  30. richelle09

    richelle09 Member

    I can't listen to music while reading, it's so distracting. I want to focus more in reading so I will understand its content.But sometimes I do them both, I read books while listening but it depends on what kind of music it is.

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