Do you listen to music while reading?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Godwin, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. kingtroy08

    kingtroy08 New Member

    Nope. I find that it interferes with my ability to visualize what I'm reading. Imagine trying to visualize a dog barking when you can clearly hear a cat meowing in your ear. That's how I feel.

    I am usually emotionally affected by music, I love listening to music, and if I try to read and listen to music at the same time I feel that I don't do justice to either pleasurable activity. True pleasure is immersing oneself completely in the activity.

    I have no problem writing or drawing while listening to music. I find that the emotional response that I have to the music that's playing ignites my creativity and I'm able to write and draw with greater originality.

    Music truly inspires.
  2. filipmolnar

    filipmolnar New Member

    No way, it's far too distracting. I either read or listen to music, if I divide my attention, I can't properly focus on either.
  3. jenfrancisco26

    jenfrancisco26 New Member

    Yes, I listen to music while reading such as jazz songs but not rock songs. It was really hard to concentrate if the songs was rock it will just be a noise to you. Try listening to jazz music while reading it will make your mind calm and at peace. It really helps me to internalize what am I reading. I love reading novels or even short stories. I read most whenever I am not busy or before going to sleep so I just set my music timer just in case I forgot to turn it off.
  4. Lovey

    Lovey New Member

    Oh yess! I love listening music while reading and even doing something. It made me feel more relaxed and calm. Since before this is my hobby, some would say its craziness. But i find it very helpful to me. And yeah, music feels like to heal your soul made your mood into pleasant. But of course, it depends on the music your listening too.
  5. ruxxy18

    ruxxy18 New Member

    Yes, I do. I love listening to Mozart and Bethoven study music while reading. It can give me relaxation and concentration. I prefer listening into it every time I study at night or even in a daytime. Somehow it is unnecessary for others doing this kind of thing while reading because it is somewhat disastrous in terms of understanding what they are reading and it affects their concentration. Otherwise, it is helpful to me doing this kind of thing.
    So I suggest you guys to those whoever likes to listen into music while reading to listen Mozart and Bethoven's study music. It'll be helpful I swear!
  6. amarena13

    amarena13 New Member

    No, I don't generally listen to music while reading. While I like to have my favourite tracks in the background when gaming or working, it's not a thing I do with reading. It's pretty hard to find a song that fits the action of the book at the moment when you're reading it, so I think it really ruins the experience.

    But again, all this is relative. I find it hard to get engrossed in fiction if I listen to music, but I can see that at least some people who answered here can do it. I wish I had your attention skills, guys :D.
  7. tophgreg

    tophgreg Member

    I don't, to be honest when reading a book I prefer to be in silence because that is when my imagination starts to kick in and also it is when I could really focus, I find listening to music while reading quite a distraction cause in some cases I would tend to sing the verses in the song instead of reading the book. And lastly as an example and a tip I don't listen to music "especially" when reviewing for an exam having no distractions helps me memorize to my fullest and with out music distracting me I finish my review time quite early to be franks. That is all have a nice day to every one!
  8. Tezzadivina

    Tezzadivina New Member

    no because i cant listen to music while reading because it distracting me from reading especially if the song is not just some typical musical or instrumental but a song. Songs like taylor swif, selena gomez, ed sheersn and others, It isdisctarting since they are singing, singing which has a word. Imagine reading a book and listening to music with it singing in it. Also song that so upbeat, song like that makes you loses the focus and just dance with the music.
  9. Airabaclor08

    Airabaclor08 Member

    No! I can't focus on reading if there's a music. It's really disturbing to hear music while reading because you can't focus on the subject you are reading. But it depend on a person if the music makes you relax while reading.
  10. vriendschap124

    vriendschap124 New Member

    Listening to music distracts me from reading. I prefer to have a quiet, comfortable corner to read my books. When I read, I get lost with the words that I'm reading. It is like I am being transported into a different exciting world.
  11. alxoue

    alxoue Member

    I don't listen music while reading a book because its destructing me. One at a time, if I read book i only read book. If I listen to music it's just music.
  12. ecnesa101

    ecnesa101 Member

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If I feel like it’ll enhance the experience, then yes. Oftentimes I find it a little distracting, so I don’t. But when I read music biographies, I like to listen to that artists’ music while I read. Sometimes I notice connections between certain passages and the songs and it enhances both for me. I listened to At Fillmore East while reading Gregg Allman’s book and that was pretty cool. That book reads like Gregg plays, soulful and from the heart. I listened to much of The Doors’ repertoire when I read Ray Manzarek and John Densmore’s books, and I tend to do that also while reading Jim Morrison’s poetry.

    But sometimes if I’m in a crowded place like a train or bus and I want to read without a million conversations and bustle, I’ll put some low key instrumental music on, maybe a Bill Evans or Thelonious Monk solo album or some Miles Davis. If I find a passage in a book that’s particularly cinematic or it’s pacing reminds me of a song, I’ll listen to it to see if it’s enhances it. I’m rarely disappointed!
  13. lidlie

    lidlie New Member

    For me, I can do classical music, but not music with words in them. I easily get distracted by paying attention on what the singer wants to impart in the song. Sometimes the brain forces you to follow along the song and makes it really hard to concentrate on the book. That’s why if you really want to do well in your studies then learn to do one thing at a time.
  14. jep

    jep New Member

    No, it might distract me from reading. Listening to music while reading also distract me from imagining the story from the book that I reading.
  15. pozarow

    pozarow New Member

    I do listen to music occasionally, but only music without lyrics. I usually find these in the Focus section of playlists in Spotify. This way I'm not distracted by words which are not on the pages in front of me. I think choosing the right type of music for the book you are reading can enhance the reading experience, but, if the choice is wrong also detract from it.
  16. chrone03

    chrone03 New Member

    No. It so distracting.When we listen to music,it's processed in many different areas of our brain.
  17. cheelito

    cheelito New Member

    I do listen to music sometimes, especially when i am reviewing for the upcoming exam, this help me focus. But listening to music while reading sometimes you are more focus on listening to music than reading on your books. I think if you want to understand what you are reading minimize listening to music or you'll end up singing the song
  18. Sheester

    Sheester New Member

    Listening to music while reading is a little bit challenging wherein you are doing two things at the same time. But for me, while doing that simultaneously, its seems that you cannot put your focus in either way. So better do reading and understand, and do listen to music and enjoy!
  19. Cinda

    Cinda New Member

    I always listen to music while reading. I find that it enhances my reading experience because it calms my mind enabling me to focus and immerse myself in the book. Plus, I find silence to be noisy and very distracting.
  20. cheelito

    cheelito New Member

    It depends on your personality and some people find listening to music supportive to their reading process, while for the others the effect of music can be the opposite. Many people cannot feel comfortable in a complete silence. For them, background music can create a more comfortable environment. Still, music should be there only for the background and it means that it should not be catchy. The music should not be so attractive that you start listening to it. It can be there for creating the atmosphere, but you should not listen to it attentively while reading. Therefore instrumental music is better for reading as there is no possibility for listening to the lyrics. It is good if the music is relaxing by its nature, so heavy metal would not be a wise choice.
  21. iamblessed

    iamblessed New Member

    Music offers comfort for me but reading while listening to music affects my comprehension. I cannot give my full attention into it. So, that's a multi-tasking challenge that I can't manage.
  22. Cristy Fetalino

    Cristy Fetalino New Member

    It depends on the situations around. If I'am reading a novel especially like love story, fiction love story and heavy drama I can manage to listen music while reading, but If I'm reading mg Bible , it's a BIG no..
  23. MaletovD

    MaletovD New Member

    I don't listen to music while reading and writing. Many people argue that background music helps them focus but, sadly, it doesn't work well with me. Trying to take a multi-tasking challenge I often lose my concentration, so I need to reread one page again and again... I don't like it.

    I know, however, that some people find listening to music while reading very pleasant because it helps them to feel a story and to understand characters much better. I guess It depends on a person.
  24. Samart

    Samart New Member

    While some say that playing music enhances your experience while reading, i find it difficult to get the full experience of reading a book, since it is inevitable for your brain to distract itself, it will either focus on music or try to paint a picture of what the book is trying to give you, if you do both, listen to music and read, then you are not getting 100% of the experience of either the book or the music, i will either sing along or day dream of the book i'm reading but not both.
  25. Enzio

    Enzio New Member

    No. I don't like reading books while listening music,I cant concentrate on what I am reading.If you are just reading without understanding on what you've reading that's waste of time. For me we cant serve two masters at the same time, maybe you can have your music as a background but not that noisy one and maybe the music is just instrumental or a relaxing music. But for me it is a big NO....especially I'm reading books because I have exam and I heard that noisy music, I will throw it away!
  26. kizha

    kizha New Member

    For a simple reason why I don't listen to music while reading a book is that I am being distracted. My attention being divided, so rather do one at a time. But hands up to those who can do both, its a pretty tough though. But maybe, if you're just reading something that's not too important then you can still listen to music but the possibility is there, you can't focus on either the music or the book. But maybe again, it depends.
  27. nanzee16

    nanzee16 New Member

    It depends on what I'm reading. I don't listen to music when I'm reading a novel. In fact, I prefer reading when I'm alone and everybody is sleeping. It's because I can't concentrate on reading, I can't absorb the contents and feel the emotions of the characters in the book I'm reading. But if I'm reading newspaper, blogs or magazine, it is fine for me if there is music playing as background.
  28. traceh

    traceh Member

    I definitely can't listen to music when I read, I like it to be peace and quiet with no distractions otherwise I can't concentrate on what I am reading and tend to read the same sentence over and over. That's why I prefer to read in the evening when everyone is sleeping, then it is silent and there are not distractions and interruptions.
  29. kennethmarqueses

    kennethmarqueses New Member

    No. Because i lost my focus everytime I hear noisy or loud sound it really distracts me. I prefer a quite room so I can enjoy reading.
  30. antonette29

    antonette29 New Member

    No, I cannot seem to properly read the words and understand the thoughts in a book while listening to a music. Doing two things at a time is a distraction for me and loses focus to the other. However, do not get me wrong I both love music and reading, it is just that I cannot do the same things simultaneously.

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