Do you listen to music while reading?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Godwin, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. nomdeplume123

    nomdeplume123 New Member

    It mostly depends on why I'm reading. If I'm reading to analyze something, or if it's for class, I can't listen to music because it is too distracting. If I'm just reading for leisure I'll usually listen to calm music as it keeps things relaxing, which I always like. Instrumental music usually does the trick for me.
  2. AMOH

    AMOH New Member

    Everything has its time and place for every purpose. I hope by reading means you are intended to learn something seriously, and not meant to read for time pass nor meant to impress your parents or friends, or show off. Studying itself requires so much concentration that listening to music or any noise will definitely cause lots of distraction.

    I have not heard anybody learning or studying better by listening to music. If you are listening to music then you are not studying for sure. Whether you are listening to the song which you don’t like, then it very likely to cause annoyance and divert your mind from studying. Or if you listen to your favourite song or the song you like, then it is obvious that you are going to hum with it or tap your feet.

    Either you listen to Music or Study but do not do both at the same time. If you really want to do well in study then learn to do one thing at a time. Don’t try to do multi tasking any such serious task where your brain and concentration is highly involved. There is a good reason why speaking on phone while driving in banned.

    Whether it is soft music or hard music it will have the same noise while reading, like the impact of little poison and much poison will have negative impact. Don’t finish up listening all the songs now, save them as you would have rest of your life to listen to music.
  3. easymoney

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  4. Ryuzaki2134

    Ryuzaki2134 New Member

    Yes I do. But I try for the music to relate to the reading. If I'm reading a Star Wars book I'll play some tracks from John Williams. When I'm reading fantasy, I'm usually listening to music from Lord of the Rings or The Witcher, etc...
  5. Millyn

    Millyn New Member

    No, because it doesn't work for me. it distracts me and makes it difficult for me to understand what i am reading. so better focus on one thing, to give your 100% attention and achieve 100% good outcome, in this case fully understanding what you are actually reading.
  6. Vincent254

    Vincent254 New Member

    Yes! I have to have music playing while I'm reading. Not any kind of music though - I prefer listening to instrumentals since they don't have distracting lyrics. Every time I'm doing serious reading, especially before exams, I like to play Enya songs while I read. I've been doing this for a while now so my brain automatically goes into study mode immediately an Enya playlist comes on.The music helps me focus and maintain concentration, with the added bonus of getting to take little breaks to hum along the good parts.
  7. chickfillay

    chickfillay New Member

    Sometimes when im reading or studying, I would listen to relaxing songs like lofi hiphop just to get my mind working and feel relaxed, and not stress out even more. Music soothes my heart rate and it really helps me not to break down while studying
  8. WallEPug

    WallEPug New Member

    Although I love both, music and books. This is one thing that I can not do while doing the other at the same time. While reading I need to have the full capability of my mind available for the story. Since I pay close attention to the lyrics of a song, I cannot do it while reading a book. So the answer is, no.
  9. rickmervin

    rickmervin New Member

    It depends on the music, if the music have a lyrics, I can't read but if the music is instrumental only I can read and I easily understand what I'm reading, when I'm student I always listening instrumental music when I'm reviewing my exam, and it is effective, so that every-time our teachers give us an exam, this is my strategy, listening instrumental music while reviewing what our teachers gave.
  10. blindwitness90

    blindwitness90 New Member

    Depending of the book of course. Last year I read 'The Count of Monte Cristo" and played classical music in the background. But usually as I am bilingual in Serbian and English, I tend to listen to the different music when I read, like if I'm reading a book in English, I wold tend to listen to anything with Serbian vocal, and vice versa.
  11. FreeRangeAutoRepair

    FreeRangeAutoRepair New Member

    I remain torn. As a heavy metal fan, I like to be really *listening* to my music when I'm listening to metal. As a musician, I enjoy the complexity of metal and like to tease out the individual instruments' parts (at which I am moderately successful). That being the case, I can't listen to metal when I'm reading. I wind up skimming over the words and never really absorbing them because I'm more in the metal than I am in the book.

    I'm also a fan of jazz, and I happen to live in a place with a healthy jazz community and a fantastic jazz station. In case you're a fan, you can listen, too at If turned down into background-level music, I *can* listen to jazz when I'm reading. Or writing; it's on in the background right now. :)
  12. Sugah

    Sugah New Member

    In my opinion i personally feel its a blissful experience when reading in total silence as this gives you the ability to see in your minds eyes what your reading which improves understanding and creates an environment free of noise and distraction. Although some genre of music do go well with reading.

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