Do you listen to music while studying?

Discussion in 'Music' started by isabelcc8698, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. fmorsh

    fmorsh New Member

    It's interesting, I always begin my study sessions with the music on. However, I notice that as time passes, my listening activity fluctuates based on my productivity. If I'm really focused on a task, I'll notice that my music will most likely be turned off. On the other hand, if I'm goofing around, my music is almost always on. That suggests that music actually doesn't help with my productivity and if I'm really trying to focus, I'm probably going to involuntarily turn off any distractions.
  2. abuain007

    abuain007 New Member

    Listening to music while you study is a complete distraction. I am completely against any type of distraction while trying to retain critical information. I would never want to go in for surgery with a surgeon who used to jam out while learning to do a serious procedure. With peace and quiet, you are able to absorb the information and hear your own thoughts.
  3. monstecarlo

    monstecarlo New Member

    Music always helps me concentrate better. I usually listen to Classical music or Pop music whenever I have to study. My favorite type of music is Bossa Nova and it is perfect for a calm atmosphere if that is what you are aiming for. Some people say Rock music or Metal helps them study but I differ, there are other times to listen to that kind of music but when it comes to studying and reviewing things you need to work on I always go for smooth and calm music.
  4. Android7

    Android7 New Member

    I can see you Dad's point. Actually listening to music requires you to do two things at once and is not ideal for studying. However, young people's ability to complete joint-attention tasks is incredibly high. It should not hinder young people from studying. I think people listen to music to have background noise and fade in and out of listening and studying. They have their favorite song on to get motivated and then continue to study. In this context listening to music while studying can make the task more enjoyable and I recommend it.
  5. Marlie

    Marlie New Member

    I always listen to music while i'm studying. It helps my brain to function right and remember better. But it's only certain kind of music, mainly instrumental and folk music. If I try studying without music I quickly loose focus and daydream, thereby loosing precious study time. It also frustrates and makes me uncomfortable.

    People have their own preferences whether they study with music or not. It's best to figure out which you are and what music you study best with. If other people don't like it the best you can do is compromise. See if he'll let you use headphones with one bud out so and have the volume low. That way you still hear for when anyone needs you and you still get studying done.
  6. felvej

    felvej New Member

    It's something that I have tried, but it doesn't really work for me. It doesn't allow me to focus like I need to because it becomes more of a distraction than anything. I've realized I study and focus better when mostly everything around me is quiet. So overall it's not working for me.
  7. ace dice

    ace dice New Member

    I oftenly listen to music while i study especially when im doing something to do with mathematics as it relaxes the mind and helps me think better.
  8. Deremkorg

    Deremkorg New Member

    No, I usually do not listen to music while I study. Occasionally I do listen to music while studying, but I feel like its harder to focus on studying while listening to music. I am horrible at multi-tasking, so this is a reason why I do not listen to music while studying. It makes it harder for me to concentrate. However, I could understand why one would want to listen to soothing music while studying, I could see myself listening to a song such as "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber while studying, and I might try it out.
  9. mariposavitt

    mariposavitt New Member

    Yes! I usually listen to calm, acoustic stuff. I listen to music while doing my math homework and writing, but not doing language homework or something that could lead to me being mixed up. My favorite artists are: Regina Spektor, The Lumineers, and Milky Chance. I usually listen to all of this on spotify or youtube.
  10. TNH

    TNH New Member

    I've found that if i am writing a paper than listening to piano covers of my favorite songs seem to speed up the process.
  11. love2write

    love2write New Member

    I like to listen to Zen music because it helps me relax and focus.
  12. Baylee

    Baylee New Member

    I do prefer to listen to music while studying. I don't really focus in on it much but it is perfect background noise. Silent situations make it hard for me to concentrate, which seems a bit backwards. If I didn't have music I'm not sure if I could even study period.
  13. Luiz Fernando couto

    Luiz Fernando couto New Member

    I do. Music makes me relax while Im studying. However, most of the time I don't really pay attention to the music that's playing. But instrumentals are always welcome when Im studying or reading a book.
  14. Doxie

    Doxie New Member

    Yes, I do listen to music while studying. Music helps me concentrate better. But it does depend on the type of music. When I am working or studying, I prefer instrumental music.

    One of my favorite genres is surf rock. This type of music is characterized by electric guitar playing that sound very similar to ocean waves.

    Music with vocals tends to distract me.
  15. Emils

    Emils New Member

    It really depends. I listen to music all day long, so sometimes I just need some peace and quiet. When I do listen to music while studying, I try to find something instrumental, as I find it more difficult to study while there's someone singing, because then I listen to the lyrics and can't concentrate.
  16. William Kite

    William Kite New Member

    I've heard that studying while listening to music would trigger better memory, IF you could listen to the same song during the test you studied for. I myself don't like to listen to music while studying, though.

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