Do you listen to religious music

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Do you listen to religious music

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. clase15

    clase15 New Member

    The religious music tells the faith of the people to God. It always means to worship God for him that he gave his only one son for us to save from our sin. People also listen to this music to have a healing.
  2. ColeenIris28

    ColeenIris28 New Member

    For me it should not be labeled as "religious music" but rather call it gospel songs. These are the songs that are written to worship and adore our Creator .
  3. MadinAZ

    MadinAZ New Member

    I'm a bit eclectic when it comes to music. I prefer the music from the 90s like the Newsboys, DC Talk, and Michael W Smith.
  4. gcm2455

    gcm2455 Member

    Yes, I do. But I opt to call them, praise and worship songs. Some religious songs may have other motives, but I love those that give glory to the real God revealed in the Bible.
  5. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Try listening to the Aramaic version of Psalms. I saw a video of it in Youtube. Syrian Orthodox priests sang for the pope. I was blown away listening to it. Give it a try.
  6. iceejay

    iceejay New Member

    Religious pop music would be the get-go. But do concentrate on the lyrics as they come in all forms, and some of them do get weird. Safest way is to choose the artists carefully and check their background. Cool inspiring tunes does not necessarily mean uplifting.
  7. iceejay

    iceejay New Member

    I would love to do that if I'm planning to be a hermit. ;) But yeah, it's relaxing.
  8. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    Is listening to secular music harmful to a Christian? hip hop, rap, ... the things we should invite into our minds through music and lyrics
  9. Tsare06

    Tsare06 New Member

    Definitely it is a big yes! These songs helps me draw closer to God. It feels like listening to these songs helps and guides me all throughout my life. It really captivates my soul and cleanse my soul to have a purified love to all the sacrifices of our Lord Jesus!
  10. livingboy

    livingboy Member

    Absolutely. Actually, they calm me and feel more a lot better.
  11. katemacam23

    katemacam23 Member

    Actually, I am not that religious but sometimes I do listen to religious music because it helps me to wake up every day and know what are my purpose in this world. When I am sad or stress I just listen to religious music so it helps me to be comfortable and live longer.
  12. argelmaniacup

    argelmaniacup New Member

    Music is an art form where everybody can express their message and emotion. listening to religious music makes me remind the words of God and feel the presence of him. It affects my mood and everyone around me and share the good vibes that flows in to my soul.
  13. iceejay

    iceejay New Member

    I think when we say religious it refers to music that would help us focus on the Almighty. If we want something more contemporary or a better substitute to the usual love songs and the negatives of life, inspirational pop or rock music would be the thing.
  14. Erika08

    Erika08 New Member

    As someone that listen to a lot of music, although yes I don't know much about writing songs even tunes, I don't think that there is a spiritual influence when listening christian music. When I listening a christian song. It almost like your in the moment with God's arms. Or you feel peaceful the music has this range of just making you feel. I admit, that there are some christian song that I wouldn't preferably listen to, but I do believe that there is so much you can get out just a song, a book, a word or even a sentence. I have friends that aren't religious at all, yet they love listening christian songs, because it makes them feel good. I think there are many reasons as to why you may feel peace, But I think that is all comes down toyour well being and knowing what you like (music taste) in general. Just I thought.
  15. Emoad

    Emoad New Member

    Religious music that is backup by power of the holy spirit is the one I love the be listening to so it elevates my spirit soul and body to heavenly realms
    Also it keeps me on spiritual channel to be more closer to God
  16. CeeJeey

    CeeJeey New Member

    Yes . Especially when I'm really feeling down. Listening to religious songs makes me feel closer to God. I lifts my spirit. Somehow it makes me feel a lot better and it helps me find my focus. It's sort of like a therapy to me.
  17. rzllnn

    rzllnn New Member

    Yes, but sometimes only. Mostly when I'm feeling sad, depressed, or lonely. Listening to religious songs makes me feel lighter and relaxed. The meanings of each songs gives different inspirations.
  18. Olmaki

    Olmaki Member

    Well yes. Religious music has to be the first every morning when i wake up.It uplifts me and makes me feel refreshed and energized for the day. I love worship music.
  19. Aearh

    Aearh New Member

    I do. I love Gospel Music. I listen to these kid of music whenever I need encouragements. I felt that my spirits were uplifted whenever I listened to them.
  20. Namirakatuzei

    Namirakatuzei New Member

    I don't care about the concept of music. most of the time I've tried to hear them as a material for researching about a particular decade or whenever I`m looking for specified information about the history of religious music I`ve listened to them.
  21. aj1231991

    aj1231991 New Member

    Yes! I feel like there is a connection between music and the soul. Depending on what you're listening to, it can affect your emotions and how you feel. The same thing when we listen to Christian or religious music.
    Good music penetrates deep into our soul, acting as a tranquilizer to many of our problems. Religious music are prayers in another form. While i am listening to religious song, and as i sing those songs, i reflect on the words in a prayerful way.
  22. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Yes whenever i find time late in the night after everybody sleeps, i listen to classical music and Hindu devotional songs and i find a lot of peace of mind in doing so.
  23. Yes. It makes me calm and relieve. Gods songs are the best of all. It make me strong and alive . It s makes me forget all my worries in life.
  24. eddilee28

    eddilee28 New Member

    Definitely, Yes, a son and daughter of God normally listened to holy songs, we must never put it just an option. Gospel songs can lift us, sometimes when I encounter problems and I feel almost down my most favorite healing is Gospel songs. I have the saying,
    " Put God in the center, not just an option".
    remember if there is God there is Peace.​
  25. magex7

    magex7 New Member

    I'm not a Christian myself so I get funny looks when I ride around listening to old deep-cut Gospel tunes on Sunday mornings. How can you not like how funky some of that stuff is? Contemporary Christian music is quite bland in my opinion, though. It all sounds exactly the same with no deviation from the status quo.
  26. tjmay

    tjmay Member

    hearing religiuos song is giving relaxtation to my self
  27. Tasheika

    Tasheika Member

  28. Tasheika

    Tasheika Member

  29. abby002

    abby002 New Member

    I am listening to a religious music everyday, especially in the morning. This is to remind me to be optimistic and to thank God for everyday guidance and blessings. I feel secure and brave because I know that God is always there to protect us even if sometimes we cannot handle our own problems but because I believe in Him there is no one can stop me to praise and worship. Listening to worship song heals my broken heart and believing that GOD listen to our prayers. I am never ashamed of listening in God's music.
  30. Miah123

    Miah123 New Member

    Yes! I listen to religious songs most likely when I am sad. It boosts my confidence to face my problems because listening to religious songs makes me feel that God is always with me. I also felt so emotional hearing religious songs specially when you understand and feel every single words in the lyrics.

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