Do you love or hate it when you hear music you like in commercials?

Discussion in 'Music' started by elite1fl, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. elite1fl

    elite1fl New Member

    Do you love it or hate it when you hear your favorite artist's song in a commercial?

    Personally, I do find some of it entertaining if done properly. What's odd is when you hear Ozzy, AC/DC, or Twisted Sister. When I was growing up people said that was the devil's music. Now I guess the devil advertises for Honda and Chevy.
  2. alexandriadb

    alexandriadb New Member

    I listen to a lot of indie and underground artists. It's cool to see that some of their hard work finally paid off, and that they made it to a another level, which is their music being played in a national or global commercial. I think that's great for them to gain more recognition and fans. So in a way, I like it and I congratulate the artists on their success.
  3. q_margot

    q_margot New Member

    Funny, reading the thread title made me think about how I don't like it when I hear music that I like in commercials, it's like it will ruin them a bit. Now that I read your post, I must admit that I agree with you; if done properly it can be entertaining.
  4. Zoran Marinovic

    Zoran Marinovic New Member

    Actually, I don't mind at all. I found some new artists through commercials myself, artists that might have remained unknown to me if it wasn't for commercials. Besides, it must be great for bands to get some additional income/exposure by letting their music be used in that way.
  5. jsh04

    jsh04 New Member

    I usually don't mind, as long as I'm not hearing it ten times a day. All it says to me is that these artists are receiving the recognition that I already believed they deserved. If you want to really look deeply into it, you can think of bands like The Doors who have refused to allow their music to be commercialized. It can say a lot about the character of the members and what they believe in, especially when you look at what companies they allow to use their music. I always love hearing about certain musicians becoming upset and sometimes suing for an unauthorized use of their music. It can really show a lot about what they believe and sometimes make their music mean that much more.
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  6. Brandie Cuellar

    Brandie Cuellar New Member

    I don't mind hearing it. It's just when it plays over and over again and after awhile that's all you seem to hear. It seems to happen when it's a song I love , then it's ruined for me. So as long as it is not over played I am good with hearing any song on commercials. I actually think it good advertisement for the artist.
  7. Thedino89

    Thedino89 New Member

    There is a novelty to being "in on something" that other people are not. Liking certain bands that are not in the mainstream can make you feel like you're in some sort of secret club. That is 100% fine and good. When these bands we think of as our own leak out into the world we feel like our club is less exclusive and the band can lose some of its flare to us. Which all makes perfect sense. This is where all the "I listened to them before ____." comes in. We want to prove our worth to the club. We were the founding members. But a machine needs oil to run every now and again. You can't ask people to do things for free and live in poverty because of your feelings towards them. When a band gets asked to be put in an advertisement I believe the "yes" is, a lot of the time, reluctant. But the profits that are gained from that can be used to produce more of the music you have come to love. It's only fair to allow a group of people to profit from what they love doing, asking them to remain underground is asking them to potentially stop making music and keep their shitty day jobs. Pretension is a huge staple when it comes to underground music, but I think as a fan base for these artists we have to remember they are PEOPLE and not just the music they create. They need to eat, they need money to keep making albums.
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  8. 350greasemonkey

    350greasemonkey New Member

    It really depends on the ad and what the song is. I still can't get over Garnier Fructis using The Transplants "Diamonds and Guns" in their shampoo ads. For those that don't know, that song is about heroin. Apparently, someone at Garnier likes being doped up on heroin in the shower? I can't say I'm sure, but whenever I see ads with ridiculous choices in music like that it gives me a chuckle and makes my day a little brighter.
  9. warley888

    warley888 New Member

    I'm always happy when bands I like make money, and I know commercials pay big bucks. But I admit that it makes me a little sad when I hear a song that moves me emotionally being used to advertise soap or something. It cheapens the music for me.
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  10. Laurenmg97

    Laurenmg97 New Member

    It really depends. If it's a commercial I know will be over-played a lot, I get annoyed because I don't want to get sick of hearing a great song. But sometimes, I get really excited because I get to hear it more often.
  11. jaymarchese

    jaymarchese New Member

    I'm more interested in indie-alternative, so when I hear the songs come up on a commercial, I get excited that the artists I'm listening to are getting noticed. It's surprising how quickly a band can become popular after a well-made commercial.

    For example, Matt & Kim's song, Daylight, became popular a few years ago when it was part of a Bacardi commercial, and now the band is doing great!
  12. franpj

    franpj New Member

    All of you are right, I think. more exposure, more money, etc. what I was surprised to learn last night, watching Bill Mahr, was that songwriters are paid a pittance for their songs, even if it becomes the number one hit of all ages. So it doesn't surprise me when I read the post by JSH04 about the Doors.
    If the songwriters would just do what Bill Mahr suggested, and band together, or unionize, they could at least gain more power over their lyrics and dictate how the music was presented.
    I just read over this post and I feel as if I am writing this in a dis-jointed way. Hopefully, the gist of what my opinion is getting across....
  13. jonathanhuffman

    jonathanhuffman New Member

    Speaking from a perspective of hearing an obscure band you love's song in a commercial:

    Both. I love that the artist is getting more exposure, and probably got paid a good amount to have their song featured in said commercial... but at the same time, when you love a band that doesn't have a lot of exposure, it can feel like they're being taken away from you when they get bigger. It also makes me worry as they get bigger like that, that they might lose sight of whatever original vision for their music they had.

    A recent example of this for me: the band HAIM, a group of three sisters that make great '80s/'90s-inspired pop music, have been announced as the opener for Taylor Swift's concert. Do I want everyone to love HAIM as much as I do? Yes, because they're fantastic. But also, I don't want to have their music get played to death by the radio, and have them get so lost in their fame their follow-up album ends up being a pointless mess (something that's happened for a lot of bands that get big after their debut).
  14. arpz

    arpz New Member

    I'm really into an artist called 'Bonobo', he makes an awesome variety of orchestral, downtempo music and as a result it often gets used in TV programmes and advertisements.

    It always makes me pleased - the music that I love is being heard by others and because it's so emotive and able to set a certain mood. Sometimes it's used in an unexpected place and this may well shape my thoughts on future listens. I don't think it's a bad thing at all!
  15. VitaMuse

    VitaMuse New Member

    If the song fits the brand then the inclusion of music is helpful in many ways. It appeals to another sense of the viewer, as well as grab their attention. Your comment about the devils music is very humorous, I guess popularity outweighs all, and as that music has been popular for so many years, having it advertise for a brand will help that particular brand stand out amongst competitors. If legends are to be believed, and Robert Johnson, among others, sold his soul to the devil to gain musical talent and fame, perhaps Honda and Chevy are trying to drive sales with the same magic.
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  16. Stephanie Bernard

    Stephanie Bernard New Member

    I agree with you, if it is done properly I don't mind it at all. In fact I might even enjoy the commercial even more. However, if it is not tastefully done or they associate the song with a product or service that I dislike then I become highly annoyed.
  17. Dusan

    Dusan New Member

    I hate it when I hear my favorite song in a commercial! In this situation, I am feeling very bad.
  18. libretos121

    libretos121 New Member

    I really enjoy hearing classical music in commercials, especially funny commercials. I also love commercials with oldies songs. I think Coca-Cola Co. does a good job with that.
  19. Rain Madrone

    Rain Madrone New Member

    I think what's interesting is that commercials are now one of the best ways for a new song to get noticed by a lot of people. With radio becoming less and less important, having a song in a commercial reaches many people who might otherwise never hear it. I have definitely heard songs in commercials that I have then gone out of my way to figure out who the artist is, especially in the last few years.
  20. rayban85

    rayban85 New Member

    I used to like hearing songs in commercials. Lately however, it's normally a sign that a song is going to get run into the ground. I loved "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars. Now it's almost as if I can't turn on the TV without at least hearing the instrumental. Television just loves repetition.
  21. bmarz

    bmarz New Member

    If I like the track, I would like as many people as possible to listen to it, so, why not? I'd love to hear my favorite music in ads!
  22. garwolfie68

    garwolfie68 New Member

    It always amazes me when I hear Led Zeppelin, The Stones, The Beatles, Ozzy or even Metallica promoting cars or candy. I do understand that all revenue is good revenue so the more people that are exposed to the music in any way possible the band grows as does the company they promote for. Some ideas are clever and some are annoying but you will always remember the music used in a commercial especially if it's something like Twisted Sister for a headache remedy or Alice Cooper appearing in a Staples commercial with School's Out in the background. The question of "selling out" to a commercial seems to have just become another revenue stream for an industry that has been struggling since the dawn of the internet. Most bands' money comes from live performance since the dawn of file sharing/streaming because product distribution has been limited to big box stores and even the local record stores have gone the way of the dinosaur. So bring on Motorhead selling Castrol GTX during NASCAR or SLAYER singing about Band Aids and let music freedom ring.
  23. Katherine Jane

    Katherine Jane New Member

    I don't hate it when I hear the music I like being played in commercials, but I don't love it either. Honestly, I don't really mind my favorite music being played; it's just that some of them may get mainstream because of being played repeatedly and it could get annoying. I do remember a certain instance when I got annoyed with my little cousin for humming the tune of my favorite song that got used in a commercial. But generally, I don't mind.
  24. Joanne Costales

    Joanne Costales New Member

    Yes, I find the songs that plays in the commercial backgrounds really entertaining. Especially nowadays, commercials are really creative and with humor too. I often tend to memorize a song from a commercial especially if the song is catchy and upbeat.
  25. clemsonfight22

    clemsonfight22 New Member

    I hate it. It almost always ends up ridiculously overplayed, and I can't stand it anymore after a while.

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