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    All this people that profess the love of God and his son Jesus Christ, thanking him for the litany of miracles in their lives. yes l agree but does your life reflect love for your fellow beings created by that God; do you show respect to your elders?, do you respect those less privileged than yourself?; do you love others as you love yourself?; you post pictures and comments on Facebook and say God is Good while seducing others and creating emotional imbalance in people telling them to control themselves. Really; cursing at beggars [panhandlers] telling them to go get a job as if they choose to beg. Not knowing that standing on the street with cap in hand asking for dimes is very hard labor. Let your behavior in private and in public, cause people to call you a Christian like it happened in Antioch. God bless you as you show the light of God in you. Like I always say if it reflects to you there’s always a second chance for you to change. What can you say you have achieved? What legacy are you leaving behind after life? What some people do is stay behind and try to find any grammatical errors on your writing better change your ways try to appreciate what others say not by say they made errors I must tell you don’t look at the persons physical appearance or his mistakes. What matters is that you grab something out of the nonsense they talk {in every nonsense theirs a sense} my final word is “if you don’t have something good to say about somebody just shut-up”. Much Loves To You All.
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    You you love that person the way you love yourself when you go out of your way to help that person in his or her darkest hour. This is especially true if you had your share of dark times. You know how it feels and you would not want others to go through what you went through. You do that because you care. You care because you love that person.
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