Do You Love Your Work?

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by Roslyn, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Roslyn

    Roslyn New Member

    If you have given the opportunity to be part of the team, 'Postloop', don't waste it instead enjoy it, love it and be thankful for it. If still haven't got the rating just like me just go with the flow, enjoy the process, sooner or later you will be notice.

    It is difficult to find great opportunity nowadays even if you have the qualifications as competition is very stiff. Apply in private company or government sector where you like to stay for good because you believe in its principles, vision and mission rather than transferring from one to another habitually, because it would mean another adjustment - new environment, new culture, new policy, new standard and new people to work with. Do not stay because of high salary or whatever fringe benefits but because you are happy, secured and fulfilled.

    I don't raise the expectation, but I will exert every effort to reach the qualifications to have a good rate.
    THANK YOU POSTLOOP...Lovelots:love:
  2. JepoyBadua25

    JepoyBadua25 Member

    I work as a DJ here in Manila, and I love what I am doing, I go to different Clubs to share my Music and I am happy every time I see the crowd like the songs I am playing. For me DJ is my passion. More gigs more fun.
  3. ayobobo

    ayobobo New Member

    I absolutely love my job. I'm a PhD candidate and even though the salary isn't great, the opportunity to freely explore and test different ideas whilst still guaranteed a monthly income is something invaluable. Before enrolling for my masters degree I had a job at a consumer goods company. I didn't last 3 months before I quit. I knew back then that I could only thrive in a research job and 3 years after quitting, I ended up in a PhD position. Writing comes to me fairly easily and Postloop seems like a decent way to make a little money while I allow my hands to type out my thoughts.
  4. gconcha

    gconcha New Member

    I am currently unemployed right now so I will be speaking about my past work. I was part of the housekeeping department in one of the companies in the UAE. It could have been a good job but I thought I was doing a dead end job. I loved it at first, but there came a time that I was not happy about it anymore. The job was okay, but I felt like I wasn't going anywhere. There was no chance for advancement, no cross training for a a different position whatsoever, not even a chance for a raise. I finally decided that I need to resign or else I would lose my mind because I had the feeling that I was dragging myself to work every single day. I did not like that. I wanted to go to work energized, happy and looking forward for another workday but it wasn't what I was feeling anymore. I quit and went back to the Philippines and right now I am looking for new opportunities. I have high hopes that I will be working in a place who values its employees. I am also glad that I was able to find Postloop so that I can earn something, while doing something I love which is writing.

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