Do You Or Your Kids Like Pokemon?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by mamalulu13, May 21, 2014.

  1. mamalulu13

    mamalulu13 New Member

    I have never played a DS game or any Pokemon game on any game devise. My son owns a 2DS and a 3DS. And all he ever talks about is Pokemon this, Pokemon that. He also watches the Pokemon cartoon series. But do your kids drive you nuts with their DS games and Pokemon? I don't mind it, as long as it does not distract him in his school work and responsibilities. (He is 13 years old) I actually think the Pikachu is a cutie.
  2. Kyle Goodman

    Kyle Goodman New Member

    I'm a 22-year-old college graduate and I still love Pokemon. Having started playing while I was very young, the games are great at being accessible for younger audiences, while becoming increasingly complex the older you are.

    Pokemon games are great for kids as they work on their critical thinking in solving puzzles and knowing the different weaknesses and typings. It's a great series to get into and it's something that they can hold dear to them for the rest of their lives. My sister got me a Growlithe (Dog Pokemon) hat off Etsy for my graduation and I love it.
  3. tysovsky

    tysovsky New Member

    I love pokemon, but, unfortunately, the last two generations couldn't suck me in the same way the previous ones could. Perhaps it's the new Pokemon design or perhaps I'm just getting older, but the spark that was there before was completely absent while playing the latest games. Right now I'm eagerly waiting for the Ruby and Saphire remakes, hoping that maybe they could revive my love for the franchise.
  4. Lissy Pear

    Lissy Pear New Member

    I used to love Pokemon, but then.. it kept going. And as we all know, good things don't last. The show/games might appeal to the younger generation, but Pokemon is honestly not what is was for me back then.
  5. TylerA

    TylerA New Member

    When I was younger I loved it, then they started trying to make it look more realistic and what not and it just ruined it. I still watch the show now-a-days (older generations) but haven't tried the newer ones yet, maybe one day.
  6. TimT90

    TimT90 New Member

    I have been into Pokemon since it first made it to the states. The show use to really emphasize on friendship and bonds. Something I believe all people can relate to in one way or another. With the newer ones they don't seem to be able to communicate that meaning that was once conveyed in the older episodes, thus the children (now adults) from my generation do not find the show as appealing anymore (me included). The games on the other hand seem to have stuck with the formula that made them so popular in the first place.
  7. Ms.Caboose

    Ms.Caboose New Member

    Guilty. I love Pokemon. I grew up collecting the cards, toys, and watching the TV shows. I don't watch the newer versions of the show. It's turned into too much if you ask me, but I still will play the games when they come out on DS. Some might think it's childish but they still exemplify what a great game is. Nintendo hasn't changed much of the actual game since the first ones were released and I think that's why I still love them so much.
  8. Exitium

    Exitium New Member

    Pokemon was one of the very first games I've played. The games are amazing and I still play them. Whenever I have free time, I usually run a Pokemon emulator on my computer and play for a while. My aim is to complete all of the pokemon games. I also grew up watching the Pokemon anime and thoroughly enjoyed it. I still have my old Nintendo DS with Pokemon Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire.
  9. mrwilde

    mrwilde New Member

    i still love pokemon games to this day (24 years old) since it came out i have had the trading cards, nintendo games, 3ds games and i seldom visit websites to enjoy the retro versions like Although it was an original concept it has had bad copies like monster world etc... but yes i love pokemon!!
  10. Jordan H

    Jordan H New Member

    I love Pokemon. I am proud of it too. I am a 16 year old in high school, and I bring my GB Ao school and play it all the time. People actually are happy to see me playing it. They tell me how much fun they had playing it as a kid. I do not like the newer ones though. They are to dialogue happy and the Pokemon are getting out of hand. I like to stick to the older ones... even though I have beat all of them about 1000 times.
  11. equistina

    equistina New Member

    I love Classic Pokemon, not so much the new stuff.

    There is too many Pokemon now and they all seem so unoriginal compared to when they first came out.

    Don't get me wrong, I love that they still are going strong, I just miss the originals.
  12. JackHaal

    JackHaal New Member

    I don't like Pokemon myself. I honestly don't see the point of it. Like, I feel as if the only objective of it is to attack other Pokemon, and honestly, what the point of that? That is about all you can do in the game, that is actually fun. After some time, however, it gets boring, and I just get sick of playing it. There are other games, like Minecraft, where you can do a myriad of different things, which is nowhere nearly as arid as Pokemon. All of these are my own opinions, though. I have a few friends who love Pokemon for whatever reason.
  13. Mimsy

    Mimsy New Member

    I love Pokemon! I've been a fan of the series ever since I was a young kid, and my love for the series hasn't decreased at all. I own just about all of the major DS games, a number of Pokemon cards, and even some plushes. I also have seen the anime and accompanying films. I think part of the reason I like it now is that I grew up with it. It was my childhood, and it will always have a special place in my heart. And on the other hand, I love seeing what kinds of Pokemon they will unleash in the future. Honestly speaking, the games can be a bit distracting. From my experience, whenever a game comes out, I'll obsessively play it for a few weeks until I complete it. So, in my lifetime, there have been spikes of intense gaming. I wouldn't say that the franchise has taken away from my education, though. It's all about finding a proper balance, such as playing the games over the weekend only. My mum is also a Pikachu fan, but she thinks every Pokemon is Pikachu...
  14. leozhang0017

    leozhang0017 New Member

    I love Pokemon. I'm 23 and I have played all the Pokemon games. My favorite one was Pokemon Firered, I have already finished that game 12 times and I still can't get enough of it. I used to own a Gameboy Advance but it literally broke in half because I played too much Pokemon on it. I recently started a fan-made Pokemon game called Pokemon Zeta. It combines all the favorite mechanics and Pokemons of the series into one game, you should definitely try this out of you like Pokemon.
  15. mrii

    mrii New Member

    I grew up with Pokemon. I played the games, watched the show, collected the cards, and just loved it. You couldn't pry the gameboy out of my hands even if you tried. I was a good student though and my studies were never affected. While I no longer do any of that, I still have a love for the series and may collect an occasional plush I find too cute to miss.
  16. Rigo

    Rigo New Member

    For me it was just a phase, it started with the yellow Pokemon cartridge for GBC. I never really collected Pokemon cards, but when I did all my classmates where moving on to the next best thing, yu-gi-oh. Of course, I easily followed suit and started a different collection of cards. Probably not my most enjoyable moment, on the other hand, the game series always seemed to keep me engaged. Now, it is my younger brother who is constantly submerged in Pokemon. I am kind of jelous of him, it feels like I missed out on something.
  17. MikeMcFly

    MikeMcFly New Member

    As a 20 year old male, I can honestly say I never really stopped liking Pokemon. I started back in 3rd grade (around 2002 - 2003) as the craze became unavoidable, and I became a victim of it. Cards, toys, a television show, a movie, it was way too much to not love. I eventually fell off after Diamond, Pearl and Platinum were released, though. I still remained a fan, and kept up to date with some of the newer Pokemon, but didn't go back to playing it. Now, here I am, on my way to buying myself a 3DS so I can get back into the Pokemon craze with X and soon Alpha Sapphire.
  18. dimahamulkar

    dimahamulkar New Member

    Right since I was 10 years old, I have been sorounded with a world of pokemons. I have played the games, watched series, collected the collectibles, bought those collectibles, played video games, subscribed to newsletters and etc. I am 20 now and still find it very attractive.
  19. Jhawker

    Jhawker New Member

    I have played and completed one Pokemon game, which was Ruby. I thoroughly enjoyed it and as such feel that I have experienced most of what the series has to offer. In my opinion Pokemon from game to game feels far too samey. While they are well-made and entertaining, I just can't bring myself to do what I essentially did in Ruby all over again. I wanted Pokemon X, just to see how far the series has come, but feel that I'm a bit late to the party now, so will likely wait until whatever comes after Omega Ruby and snap that up ASAP.

    In summary, I do like Pokemon, but definitely only once in a blue moon.
  20. ppNeo

    ppNeo New Member

    I loved Pokemon as a child. The next gens have lost me a bit over the years but I still play pokemon on my phone on occasion. Me and my cousin would watch the anime every week when if first started getting big in the US. We really bonded over it and are very close to this day. He is one of my best friends and who knows where we would be without Pokemon. Pokemon will always have a special place in my heart because of it.
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  21. Daikiren

    Daikiren New Member

    I used to love Pokemon because I really enjoyed their games, but, nowadays, the games aren't as good as they used to be.
    Also, we've to take into account that the 'anime' is really iterative and repetitive and it's also somewhat childish. It's boring.
    In conclusion, I prefer to preserve a good souvenir about it and remember Ash as a 'hero'.
    Maybe someday Pokemon becomes as better as it was; if it happens, I'll be there once again.
  22. Robbinho14

    Robbinho14 New Member

    I have watched and played pokemon all day on my gameboy and i have recently downloaded a emulator so i could play ds/gameboy games on my pc and i started playing my favorite pokemon games again and i must say. I understand why i was really addicted when i was a kid. And since i started playing the game again i decided to start watching the series aswell. and damn it brought back some childhood feels!
  23. Andrew Gillespie

    Andrew Gillespie New Member

    I loved Pokémon growing up and now at 25 I still enjoy playing the game. It may be nostalgia or just the fact the game is so addictive but I always enjoy bringing out my old Gameboy to play it every few months. I , however, have trouble adapting to the newer games due to how much more in depth they are.
  24. Pinny

    Pinny New Member

    I am 24 years old and still play the old gameboy RPGs so yea i guess that means I like pokemon.
  25. mohib55

    mohib55 New Member

    Pokemon is a great game, and with a correct balance between work and play, such games are needed for a child to become a well developed person. I am a 21 year old medical student who still every now and then delves into a bit of pokemon myself. It's a far more tactical game than it appears to be and is taken quite seriously my older people because they can recognize the choices it gives for creativity and strategy.

    Too bad for the new games being on 3DS, definitely can't afford that being a student.
  26. cookyes

    cookyes New Member

    I personally don't have any kids but I do enjoy Pokemon as well as my brother. He tends to be a bigger Pokemon fanatic then myself however at times I enjoy turning on my game system and battling him. Personally it was not until the age of 16 that I really started to gravitate towards the game and its storyline.
  27. Lope Santos IV

    Lope Santos IV New Member

    I loved Pokemon when I was a kid. I found it exciting until third generation (Hoenn Region). Once they released the fourth one, it seems very hard for information to sink in since there had been a lot of additions to the classic game. Good thing Pokemon has been planning to remake Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. I might be playing this game again.
  28. Burke

    Burke New Member

    I never played Pokemon, but I grew up in the generation in which it was super-popular.

    My son (8) was obsessed with Pokemon for a little while, and had an excellent memory for all the different types, their names, and where to find them in the game.. but his strategy skills were awful. He'd train one Pokemon up twenty or so levels above the others, and then become extremely frustrated whenever that Pokemon got defeated in battles. I tried to explain the "team" approach, and the fact that all members of the team need to balance each other out, but it was too much for him, it seems.

    Now he's into Star Wars, and he's using that amazing memory to record every little detail about the Star Wars universe. He loves the LEGO Star Wars video games and building sets. Frankly I'm glad he's moved into territory where I can actually have a decent conversation with him -- I didn't know enough about Pokemon to talk with him about it.
  29. MWPKorea

    MWPKorea New Member

    I promise when you started the topic about pokemon, this is what came to mind.
    . If you're at least a 90s baby, you should know this. I know I was a pokemon fanatic. Going to tournaments, and always trying to get the best pokemon cards in holographic 1st edition. Wow, it brings back memories.
  30. Ben S

    Ben S New Member

    I'm not so sure about the pokemon DS games. They just don't feel like the pokemon I grew up with. Until they started running out of good ideas, like they have with the more recent games, they were a very good series.

    I still play the original gameboy versions. I've been playing them for almost ten years now. If you're looking to get into the series for the first time, your best bet would be to go with pokemon silver or pokemon fire red. These are both gameboy games but are compatible with the DS and I would highly recommend them.

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