Do you prefer e-books or paper books?

Discussion in 'Books' started by zoomedout, Jul 21, 2015.


Do you prefer e-books or paper books?

  1. E-books

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  2. Paper books

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  3. Either, depending on the situation

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  4. I don't read

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  1. zoomedout

    zoomedout New Member

    My dad is trying to get me to buy a Kindle because of the variety of informational books on the platform that you can download for free. However, even though e-books are far more convenient in terms of portablity, I honestly think that paper books are the way to go. Yes, that means that I will never be able to carry thousands of books in my pocket. But I have access to a great public library and it is absolutely free to borrow every book (apart from overdue fees). To me, it's much easier to get immersed in a book when I can feel the pages, and keep track of the plot where I can feel how much of the book I've read through. E-books feel as though they don't have any character to them.

    So what do you think, e-books or paper? I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on this.
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  2. Raphael Quintão

    Raphael Quintão New Member

    Paper books will always have that nostalgic feeling. And touching a book, that you're really into, is always an unique sensation. However, I don't really feel the need to have a paper book on my hands, while I'm reading it.
    The way I see it currently the main advantage that paper books have over ebooks, is the fact that e-readers are still a little too (and reading on a tablet can be a very tiring experience) expensive and e-copies aren't cheap enough. As technology advances, and internet reaches more and more people around the globe, this tends to change and ebooks are bound to become more popular than paper books.
    Right now the only books I get to buy are paper ones, and I only get e-books when they're free (mostly for academic purposes, where ctrl+f makes a huge difference).
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  3. RobTaven

    RobTaven New Member

    Hi zoomedout,

    For me it isn't an either/or situation but rather the third option your poll provides thus my preference is function of the situation. It is problematic to swear allegiance to one when there are clear pros and cons for each format. From a purely psychological perspective, most people living today grew up exposed to print and were encouraged by the adults around them to read paper books as much as possible. The result is print becoming deeply linked to our memories and emotional history leading to the strong resistance we see today against the supersession of the electronic format.
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  4. Arjay Smith

    Arjay Smith New Member

    Reading ebooks are so much easier for me. I always read on my side in bed so with a book its hard to hold up on one side, but on the other side its stays up easier. Since ebooks only have 1 page all you need is a case and there is no more turning around in bed every time you go to the next page. Ebooks also can adjust to the light level, reading in the night with subtle lighting or reading in the day with no more glare. Ebooks are definitely better in my opinion.
  5. kriegersan

    kriegersan New Member

    I am a fan of both e-books and paper books, depending on my reading spot, book genre and font size. For example, I enjoy reading classic literature from really old books, because I like that unique scent of the pages. When I'm travelling or when I read something other than classic literature, I usually use my e-book reader. I really like the technological advantages that e-book readers have (such as the possibility to adjust the lighting or the font size). However, I think these advantages are not enough for the e-book readers to make paper books obsolete, because they simply cannot replace certain touch and feel elements of paper books.
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  6. euphorbia

    euphorbia New Member

    I prefer paper books. I know that there are plenty of advantages of using an ebook reader: never losing your page, dictionary lookup at your fingertips, having a huge portable library. But these things aren't really the important parts of reading! Maybe it's just me but when I'm engrossed in a novel, I don't need to have hundreds of other titles easily accessible. So throwing a book into my bag is enough for me. The dictionary usage is really a sweet little tool, but it isn't very commonly needed and if I stumble on a word, context can usually handle the issue. If not, I just jot the word down to look up later.

    I really enjoy the feel and smell of paper books. They add to an entire experience. I won't refuse to use an ereader, but I haven't really felt the drive to purchase one. I use Kindle app on my phone and I've read quite a few freebie books, courtesy of Amazon. In the end though, it never has the same feeling to me.
  7. phoebe4s

    phoebe4s New Member

    I love reading paper books. I'm old fashioned I suppose and it's difficult for me to move to e-books exclusively. I love returning to my favorite chapter and feeling the paper in my hands. I also enjoy seeing the cover each time I go to close the book for the day. I love to search the pages with my hands and I think it's probably all packed with emotional memories. I only enjoy e-books if I already own them on paper. If I have to travel, it's much easier to read the e-book. Packing the paper books can be too cumbersome.
  8. Sircy

    Sircy New Member

    I prefer to read paper books. I like the feel of the book in my hands. I also love the sound the paper makes when I turn a page. Although I do read e-books if I don't have the particular book in my library.
  9. Sandramc

    Sandramc New Member

    For the most part, I prefer paper books, especially when they are textbooks and I am in my room studying. It's easy to skip from one part of the book to the other quickly and mark important pages. Also, they are better for my eyes especially when reading for a long time. However, e-books are convenient for carrying around and accessing at any time on a simple, light electronic device such as a smartphone. E-books may also allow you to search the entire book for a key word of your choice which is not as simple with a hard copy. So it really depends on the situation.
  10. bmruns

    bmruns New Member

    There is nothing better than holding a physical copy of your favorite book in your hands. To feel the binding pressed together with the old pulp in each page. The ink fading slightly every year while you can put it down and go back to it. Sure a kindle might be practical for space, but there is this feeling I have never gotten from a kindle. This feeling of imagination and wonder that I get when I hold a book in between my hands.
  11. Alicia36

    Alicia36 Member

    I prefer to read paper books I like the way the book feels in my hand. Although I do read books also.
  12. eaclean

    eaclean New Member

    I've experienced the joy of both paper books and eBooks, but for me, I would have to go with paper. Ironically I really appreciate technology and its advancements, but when it comes to reading the feel of the paper and the pages turning is like a cannon that launches me into a world of exploration in my imagination. eBooks, despite how advanced cannot duplicate that feeling for me.
  13. Lionheart

    Lionheart New Member

    I'm for paper any day of the week. My experience has been that e-books are a lot more difficult to navigate (my Kindle sometimes treats 200-page books as though they have 4000 "locations" - remembering you're on page 41 is a lot more user-friendly than remembering you're at location 1278).

    More than that, though: the physical experience of an actual book itself - its smell and its feel, its heft - is for me part of the overall reading experience. The flat, impersonal surface of a tablet or reader is just not the same.
  14. kitten_v

    kitten_v New Member

    I understand that as our world evolves to be more technology-dependent that it would be much more convenient to read through e-books. I also understand that e-books save the environment because of their ability to just simply be downloaded onto a computer or phone. However, I definitely prefer reading with paper books. They hold a nobility for me - they're authentic and real. I can flip the page and feel the paper in between my fingers. My nose can smell the rustic aroma of paper. It's just a much more thrilling experience.
  15. niinpatel

    niinpatel New Member

    I prefer E-books. Firstly, because they are cheaper than paperback books. Second, they are easier to carry around. I can carry hundreds of books into my smartphone and read anytime and anywhere. Third reason is that I can control the fonts and font sizes of the book. Fourth reason is that they never get spoiled. Fifth reason, While reading eBooks, It shows me the percentage of book I have completed reading. I can keep track on how much I've read. I know that real books too have page numbers but anyway newer technology is always more helpful.
  16. ke gordon

    ke gordon New Member

    I enjoy both. Naturally if I am reading a library book I read a paper book. I also have many paper books around my house so I do read them on a frequent basis. I do enjoy my kindle however. It is fun to be able to read the kindle, and who can deny it is a very portable option to be able to read your books on the go. I like all of these options and to be able to take a kindle with me me is great.
  17. megameg

    megameg New Member

    This is a huge conflict for me right now. I love my kindle and the convenience of having so many books in one place, not to mention the prices are so much better than getting even paperback books these days. But I miss the smell of books. There’s something about a new or even old book that is just a comforting smell. I love libraries for that reason! So… pretty much both…
  18. Medina Gustavsson

    Medina Gustavsson New Member

    E-books have a lot of advantages. They come much cheaper, for one thing, and take up less space, though I suppose they use up storage on the computer.
    For me, they aren't a very practical option because I don't have a Kindle or a Nook, so I would have to use my laptop. I spend too much time on the computer already to spend my book reading time on it as well. If I use e-books I have to stay at my desk instead of wandering from one armchair to another or even pacing the room. Besides, without pages to turn reading the book feels like a less physical accomplishment.
    So for me, paper books win out in the end.
  19. Zimbitt

    Zimbitt New Member

    I can't stand E-books, I tried them when my dad bought me a kobo but it just wasn't the same and didn't have the ability to really suck me into the world like having a nice hardcover book in your lap, oh also the smell is too good to pass up of old or brand new books!
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  20. heatblast92

    heatblast92 New Member

    Well, I'm currently trying to master a couple of foreign languages, so buying physical books in those languages would make sense, considering you can make notes on definitions of words that you don't understand easily on actual pages, whereas if a book in English piques my interest, I would most certainly go for its ebook version if possible, as I can read pretty much any English book with relative ease. Unless of course it happens to be a rather thick textbook, in which case I will choose its physical version, simply for the convenience of making notes on its pages as well.
  21. MandaJ

    MandaJ New Member

    While I realize that e-books are more convenient in a lot of ways, I just can't fall in love with them like I can paper books. Call me old-school, but there is just a feeling you get holding the book in your hands and flipping the pages. It feels like the book has a history. It has a smell and a presence that I never get from e-Books. Truth be told, I just bought my first e-Book this year. I did enjoy it, but wish there had been a paper version available.
  22. MoostacheKitteh

    MoostacheKitteh New Member

    I love the feeling of a book in my hand and every turn of the page feels like an accomplishment. I feel more connected to the story if it is in physical form, I mean would you rather Skype with a friend or be there in person and be able to hug them? Same concept in my mind.

    eBooks can be more convenient, however when you don't have enough room in your purse or bag or don't want to carry it around out of fear of losing your page or damaging the book in some way. Also eBooks take up way less physical space, which can be good for those with lack of storage.

    Reading an eBook makes my eyes hurt and I like to take a break from technology when I read. It makes me feel less consumed by the digital world and helps me to get into the story better and ignore my surroundings. Plus, physical books allow me to get a visual of how much I have to read from beginning to end and makes that ending feel more anticipated.
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  23. elpad

    elpad New Member

    paper book is so much better for me. although i have lots of e book but I always prefer to seat and with a cup of tea read a paper book.
    although e books are much cheaper and you can read it every where .
  24. beekay

    beekay New Member

    I find E books are great when my vision is not the best, as I can size it, which of course I cannot do with a physical copy. When travelling, having a stash of E books loaded saves packing space and reduces the weight of luggage I need to handle. That aside, I love looking at the physical books in my bookcase and remembering what is was that captivated or challenged me when I first read them. The titles also send signals to visitors about my interests/passions. They add color and personality to my living room. As a child (for some neurotic reason,) I used to tear off and chew many corners on the books. How kind the Librarians were for not censuring me for this. Glad to report, I've given that habit up!
  25. emjoys

    emjoys New Member

    I find with fiction books I prefer to have them in paper form, so that I can curl up in a chair and totally devote myself to the story. With nonfiction books, I usually like to take notes or cross reference, (and also easier than lugging several books to and from university every day...) so I prefer them in ebook form. A bit of a strange distinction but it works for me!
  26. chiikuroshitsuji

    chiikuroshitsuji New Member

    In my opinion, you can't beat the feeling of having a real book in your hands. I used to read e-books from my Nintendo DS and also on my phone because I simply wasn't in the position to purchase real books. However, since going back to buying hard copies, I know I'll never return to e-books again. Nothing like the smell of a book, either.
  27. Anita Kurtz

    Anita Kurtz New Member

    I have a very busy schedule which doesn't allow me much reading time so I'm going to base this response from my daughter who loves to read 24/7. I got her a Kindle for Christmas a couple of years ago and she absolutely loves it. Before the Kindle, she would buy books all the time and ask for them as gifts for certain occasions. We had book shelves full of books and very few did she read twice. When I approached our local bookstores to sell them, they didn't want them so we ended up giving them away. It has been so nice not having to get rid of books anymore since the Kindle has come into her life. Thank you Kindle!
  28. rtroester

    rtroester New Member

    I got a kindle right around the time that my bookshelf was getting completely full. If I hadn't switched to e-books I don't know where I would have put them all. Perhaps someday I'll have a large study and be able to shelve hundreds of physical books but for now it is more convenient for me to keep my collection in electronic format.
  29. arcablue

    arcablue New Member

    I absolutely love paper books, but I really enjoy the convenience of reading on my kindle. When I'm travelling I rely solely on ebooks. I'm a fast reader and can burn through two standard paperbacks during the flight alone. In total I tend to finish five or six books on a trip, so the kindle really save on luggage costs! In my opinion, the main downside to using a kindle is that the battery eventually dies, something that doesn't happen with a traditional book.
  30. ayawp268

    ayawp268 New Member

    I really prefer paper books to ebooks, but maybe I'm old school in that regard. First of all, the tangible feel of turning the pages is much easier for me than figuring out exactly what I'm looking for in an ebook. For texbooks, ebooks are beneficial in terms of searching for specific words or content, but it doesn't give a nice outline for chapters in the same way you can see the physical pages of a textbook divide the content into sections. Although they're by no means more convenient in terms of lugging multiple heavy books around, the physical book is much easier to study from for me. And as for novel reading, nothing beats the feeling of closing a physical book after finishing the last page :D

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