Do you prefer e-books or paper books?

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Do you prefer e-books or paper books?

  1. E-books

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  2. Paper books

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  3. Either, depending on the situation

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  4. I don't read

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  1. umbraaa

    umbraaa New Member

    E-books are certainly more convenient for me, especially since I'm a very fast reader and usually like to have multiple choices of books to read at one time. Plus, I don't have to worry about returning books to a library or having the pages ruined somehow.
  2. Iam

    Iam New Member

    I prefer to read paper books, because I like the smell of paper and the pleasure I get flipping through pages. I love children's books, because they contain colorful and interesting pictures that remind me of my childhood.
  3. mostafa1970

    mostafa1970 New Member

    The last generation depended on reading from paper books. But human behavior changed a lot with the Millennial generation. As one of this crowded and changing world, I joined the tribe of e-books that spread and became accessible through easy applications on mobile devices And computer. It gives you the ease of navigation between different subjects and books with the click of a button on the screen.
  4. Azkielt

    Azkielt New Member

    Definitely paper books, in my opinion I think that nothing compares with the immersion that a paper book provides, the concentration in the text is better since the brightness of the screen of the device in which you read can be annoying. Despite the great advantages of e-readers as being able to carry a large number of books in the same space, the paper book feels more immersive, more comfortable, it is a feeling that I have never had with an e-book.
  5. maemandapat

    maemandapat New Member

    paper books ofc.. if I'm going to base on disadvantages of reading e-book i'd say that it's bad for your eyesight. i think the only advantage of using ebook is that you can bring it everywhere and pick any books you want just like you're in a library, but I'd still say paper books. I love that I can handle a book in my hand with no interruptions coming from my social medias unlike reading in your phone. [LOL] [​IMG]
  6. cari

    cari New Member

    Well ,I think it would be based on the situation you are in ,since I used them both:) . It’s easy in a print book to flip to the index, or some other page, and back to the page you were reading. In digital books you leave your spot at your peril. It’s very easy to get lost.It's partly good also because of the tactile sensation of the book in your hand, which gives you a lot more feedback than you think. The thickness of the pages you’ve read vs. the thickness of the pages yet to read;) .The good thing for e-book is , you can bring it anywhere you want ,and keep it ,without worrying to be stolen . A good majority of you think there's a time and place for both ebooks and paper books :).
  7. Chamie

    Chamie New Member

    When i was in highschool, i am addicted in reading diferrent pocketbooks different stories but i in one author only. I always read it and it become my collections in my highschool days. I have a lot of books and for me it serve as my one of the important things to me. For me i prefer to read story in paperbooks rather than e-books.

    In paperbooks, it is tangible and i love scanning it with my hand, i am excited with the ending everytime i see to it that the books is at its ending page. And in paperbooks you can gather and place it in a cabinet and you can read it again if you want. Unlike e-books that when your phone storage is full you need to erase something, and if that story is published already, you cant download the completed story again. So i still prefer paperbooks rather than e-books.
  8. Trvl420

    Trvl420 Member

    For me, it would be the paper books but actually both got advantage and disadvantage.
    Paper books is made out of trees and other things that can affect the nature and that's the same thing with e books but I've heard other companies who makes paper books do recycling these days which is really good. Paper books is way better as well, reading it doesn't damage your brain or eyes for radiation and healthier nerves. The signal and radiation from e books got effects on your body which weakens your nervous system but still it depends on the person which do they prefer. E books can help people with disability enjoy books and stuff which is really good :)
  9. Kendratb

    Kendratb New Member

    I think it depends on the person. E-books are more of a style due to people having electronics. It's easier to use on an IPad or Kindle because all you have to do is buy, swipe for pages and add it to your collection. On the other hand, paper books are less used due to reading the book for one time and just store it away to dust. Some books could give us paper cuts so I think its normal for people to get E-books nowadays.
  10. hushtar

    hushtar New Member

    While E-books are convenient, and having potentially an entire library inside your pocket is nice, there is something special about papers. The smell of the paper, the crack in the spine and feeling of flipping pages makes reading paper books much more of an experience in my opinion and it is why I will always prefer paper books.
  11. mfc_25

    mfc_25 New Member

    I love reading. Whether it is a paper book, e-book, newspaper, articles on the internet, or even the flyers given by random people, I read it. For the past years I have been reading in both paper version and electronic version of books but the question is which do I prefer?

    Both versions has it's pros and cons and here are some:

    1. Convenience - A single tablet can contain 10 books but it's weight will stay the same. Anyone can bring their favorite books anywhere without having to take the whole bookshelf. However paper books take too much space depending on how big and thick it is. E-books also provides good lighting and it can also be adjusted during night time to avoid damages in the eyes.

    2. Price - Indeed electronic versions are way cheaper than the paper books.

    3. Lending - It is part of our culture as book lovers to lend books to each other. However, it seems impossible to do it with e-books.

    4. Copyright - E- books are easier to copy and produce illegally unlike the paper books where it can easily be traced if there are fake versions on the market.

    5. Focus - Personally I think a reader can focus more and read more in one seating with a paper book. Because as e-books are installed in a tablet chances are, there will be other applications installed in it. Notifications will pop-out every now and then which will distract you from reading.

    These are just some of the pros and cons of each version and I am sure there is a lot more that other people can add to this. Now for the verdict. Which do I prefer?

    My answer is... paper books!

    For me nothing beats the experience of smelling the pages of the book when you open it for the first time. The feeling when you run your fingers through the pages. The creases it forms as it ages with you. All of these are impossible to be felt in e-books. For me reading books is also a sensory experience that makes me feel alive as it takes me to a journey through it's pages. Also a paper book collection is cool to look at a book shelf.
  12. simonsez29

    simonsez29 New Member

    I'm a librarian, so you would think my answer would be paper books, right? I actually like ebooks a lot, and do most of my reading either on my phone or on my Kindle. I started reading ebooks when I realized it's much easier for me to get approved for digital advance reader's copies (books by big authors that aren't out yet) for reviewing purposes than to try and get a publisher to send me a paper ARC.
  13. Copilot7

    Copilot7 Guest

    Hands down, my favorites have always been paper books. In college, books were my life, and the highlight of each semester was going to the student bookstore to get an armload of new treasures. Every one had a different feel, a unique exterior, a different scent on the inside, and a world of information waiting to be discovered. They became familiar companions on the road to learning. Today, one can find all of the same information online, but with none of the appeal of a beautifully bound, elegantly printed, perfectly published book.
  14. davidoneill

    davidoneill New Member

    How about adding a small charge to every paperback purchase or digital purchase which allows you to also get the other format? If I'm at home there is little I enjoy more than holding a physical book, I also think they look wonderful on the shelves (Jay Gatsbys library?). I travel a lot, so the little library on my ipad is a godsend, I always have enough with me to see me through even the longest of hauls without having to use up my entire baggage allowance to carry books.
  15. kleniz

    kleniz New Member

    I love ebooks, as I love the ease of use and portability of my Kindle. I can download a book at any time, and don't have to wait for UPS or drive to the closest bookstore. I also love the suggestions that Kindle provides. I find myself seeing about a great book online somewhere, and I'm more inclined to read it if I get it while I'm thinking about it. All of that being said, if it is a reference book, I have to have a paper copy. There is nothing I hate more than trying to page back on my ebook to find a particular section I need, and sometimes I'll stick a bookmark in a particular spot of a paper book I go to often. For the beach reads though...nothing beats my Kindle in one hand and a fruity adult beverage in the other.
  16. Brandym2004

    Brandym2004 New Member

    Due to convenience, I definitely prefer e-books! I can take all my reading material anywhere and be in the middle of multiple books at one time without losing my place. They also eliminate the trips to stores or libraries. When I am done, I simply click a few buttons and am able to begin my next selection.
  17. kevlina

    kevlina New Member

    I recently learned that my local library system offers e-books that you can check out. It's great because it's no cost, requires no trips to the library, and comes right to my device. This has increased my use of e-books tremendously, but there's still something I enjoy about owning a paper copy. I think for now I'll live in both worlds!
  18. poppi

    poppi New Member

    I agree with you. I prefer the hard copy books to the soft copy, I prefer having a feel of the pages of a book. Yes just like you have highlighted, there are advantages and disadvantages of both the ebook and the real book. I have some ebooks on my phone, and I have been unable to complete just one, because the only time I get to read any is whenever I am in a public place waiting for someone, or rather than being idle, I get engaged with that, but for the hard copy books I can read and read over again. I recently finished a book by Ted Dekker, it took me just few days to finish and the pages are quite voluminous compared to the one I have had on my phone for so long. The only times I appreciate ebooks, are times when they are needed for an assignment or project, it is easier copying a quotation than having to look into a real book and typing it out. Another thing about ebooks is they rely on one's device, either a laptop, or a phone or a Kindle like you mentioned, these devices are limited in their own way, for instance battery may run down when using them, but that's not the case for a hard copy book. So, I will say hard copy books are way to go!.
  19. I prefer actual physical books but find myself reading more ebooks because of how easily accessible they are
  20. rroset

    rroset New Member

    I personally prefer physical books (or paper books as we also call it) more than e-books. I don't know why but paper books give me an indescribable feeling of fulfillment and happiness. Everytime I pass through our local bookstore I just can't resist the urge to go inside and browse each shelves that contain thousands of books. I love the feeling whenever my fingertips touch the pages of a book. The texture, the color, even the smell of it, gives me a different kind of comfort that makes you feel like you're home. Collecting books such as novels, biographies, and magazines is really my hobby. Though honestly, sometimes I'm using e-books because they are very convenient especially for textbooks and you can easily read any book that you want without the hassle of bringing heavy books.
  21. MicheleJ1

    MicheleJ1 New Member

    I do read books on my phone or my tablet. There is nothing better though to go to the library and wander through the rows of books and pick one to read. As I type this I can smell the books and remember the joy of holding a brand new book and getting lost in the pages as I turned them.
  22. Sirjp

    Sirjp Member

    I still prefer a paper book .I have ebooks in my laptop but I seldom use them. I still prefer paper books. Turning the pages of a book in your hands gives me that thrilling experience. It is as if I am on the book I read. I also have a tendency to highlight words that touched me while reading a paper book.
  23. patrickcruz

    patrickcruz New Member

    I have to say paper books. I have never been addicted to books, but I'm a fan and I like reading from time to time. I like books, it's not a bad way to spend some time reading different kinds of topics, and it's actually rewarding. When the eBooks time started years ago, I have always wondered if it's exactly the same as the paper books, content-wise, and I never figured it out because to this day I have never finished an eBook. I have tried reading a lot but being able to finish to the end is a challenge for me. Yes accessing an eBook is easy but putting it away or being distracted is just as easy considering it's in a tool or a gadget that has a lot more functions to offer, not to mention alerts/notifications that may sound or pop up any second.

    At first I thought that eBooks are at par with paper books but eventually as I experience more of them, I realized that for me paper books will always come out on top. I also ask this to my friends and they are with me with my choice. In context, paper books are more detailed and more valuable than eBooks, they're are also great for collections and libraries. It has one purpose, it is for reading, and a reader can easily fall into a state where reading will continue and continue, no distractions and just a plain simple connection to the book. With all the gadgets available today, eBooks are easily accessible but the experience of physically reading, searching, acquiring, keeping, and finishing a paper book to the end will always be much more satisfying and rewarding than any other eBook reading experience.

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