Do you prefer e-books or paper books?

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Do you prefer e-books or paper books?

  1. E-books

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  2. Paper books

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  3. Either, depending on the situation

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  4. I don't read

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  1. ejpj11

    ejpj11 New Member

    It depends really, there are hard to find titles that are available as ebooks. While paper books is the traditional way to read. Readers of ebooks can have search functions, making it less difficult to locate information. Paper books are familiar and one can use it without electricity. Ebookx are better for hard to find titles. While paper books makes one feel at home when one reads it. It can speak of the generation one is in. For more options, I'll go with ebooks.
  2. Nard0809

    Nard0809 New Member

    I always like to read on published paper books. The smell of the parchment along with the ink of the book gives me an overwhelming feeling. The thing that makes me prefer the paper books the most is that it is convenient, you can easily read it rather than e-books. Also, having a collection of books in your room, mini-library or sorts can be also a hobby to you.
  3. StylusYourGame

    StylusYourGame New Member

    E-books are great, but paper books are greater. Paper books can be kept through years, having the feel of it physically, made it more special. Paper books remind s you more on what the story really is. It is a manifesto of what ordeal the characters face through the story.
  4. Stealthb2

    Stealthb2 New Member

    Paper books, i still enjoy reading them. To be honest I'm more on computer now but i always prefer paper books learning will be very different. On paper books, you will have patience, you will have to take time on switching page to page and you will you will feel how the writer dedicated everything to write and publish it. Still Paper books.
  5. jdmolo21

    jdmolo21 New Member

    i prefer to read paper books than ebook, we know that ebooks has awesome features or options to make readings comfortable thus you can get any story by just downloading a file.
    i prefer to read paperbooks for some reason that paperbooks is something gain sentimental value. i had a lot of different books in my bookshelves and everytime i take look at it. its like automatically telling me or portray me the main plot of their own story. i like the feeling of that, it seems you have a friend(not a person) who just share his story
  6. darkreds

    darkreds New Member

    E-books are definitely a good alternative, it is easier to use and maybe even cheaper but I prefer reading paper books because it just feels more real to me, the pile of books on my selves just make me happier than the pdf files on my computer/phone.
  7. Giselle Ann Lising

    Giselle Ann Lising New Member

    I prefer reading in a traditional way, using paper books. I enjoy reading without worrying about the battery level of my gadget, interrupted with ads, and irritated with the unnecessary movement of zooming in and out of the e-book pages. I don't read in one sitting only, and it's easier to leave unread items with the use of bookmark rather than scrolling the pages upward and downward in e-book. I usually get lost when I do so.
  8. annegabby22

    annegabby22 Member

    I actually like reading both cause sometimes paper back books are so hard to carry while ebooks are only in your phone so it is very handy.
  9. rrsflores92

    rrsflores92 Member

    For me, I choose paper books rather than e-books. I can not stand looking at my phone for a very long time even if adjust its brightness. And who wouldn't want the smell of a newly bought book?
  10. cerealdoge

    cerealdoge New Member

    I prefer paper books than e-books. Both are easy to carry so you can access both anywhere you go however, I cannot stare for long in an electronic device. It physically hurts my eyes and head because of the presence of radiation. Paper books, on the other hand, offers an harmless way of reading stories and stuffs. Reading using paper books feel so real and for me, I can really feel the vibe of the story if I'm actually using the hardbound copy of it. Paper books has something special that e-books can't offer and that is sentimental value and a good smell of paper books.
  11. jdeniseweeks

    jdeniseweeks New Member

    I resisted e-books for a long time. I love to read, so my friends and family usually give me gifts with that in mind. My mom specifically wanted to buy me a Kindle. She reminded me of how I was always begging to go to the bookstore when I was growing up, and she'd tell me to get at least 3 books each time so she didn't have to keep going so often. My mom's selling points for getting me the kindle were: 1. Instant access to content, 2. No more trips to the bookstore (even though I was living on my own and ordering books online by this time), and 3. Less clutter in my house from an overflowing bookshelf.

    I resisted at first because I felt like I would be missing out on some of the best parts of reading a book. I wanted to get lost inside the pages, not stare at some device. I loved to dog-ear the pages as I paused in my reading, and the worn binding on the books reminded me of how much I enjoyed them and re-read them. I didn't want to lose those experiences.

    I finally got a Kindle last year. Initially, it stayed in the box for a month or two. I was really impressed when I finally tried it out. I could access books so quickly instead of waiting on the one I ordered to be shipped. I liked the feel of the device and the fact that I could read it in any light. Changing the size of the text and being able to search the book instead of flipping back to find something was awesome! I still love reading physical books, but I definitely see the advantages of e-books and will continue to use my Kindle regularly.
  12. Ehmjhay98

    Ehmjhay98 New Member

    Reading an actual physical book tends to give us a unique kind of sensation while flipping its pages. It gives us the thrill and excitement of wanting to know what the content of the next page is. I am not against of using e-books because it has its advantages and convenience but it still feels different while holding and reading an actual physical book.
  13. I prefer paper books over e-books, and the reason is because the experience you get from reading a book is different! It's just satisfying curling up with a book, the smell of the pages, the heft of the book. In addition to that, when you are reading a paper book, you are focused on the book itself.

    If you are using a device and reading over e-books, there are a lot of distractions, you get a lot of notifications, and just one tap away, you are out of the screen of what you are reading. That is why I prefer paper books over e-books.
  14. veduapauline93

    veduapauline93 New Member

    It actually depends on the situation. If I'm outside I prefer e-books since it is convenient and don't have to carry a whole book with you. But when I'm at home, especially if I'm just chilling inside the house and being comfy it's nice to just grab a good old book and just lay down on your sofa and read. I prefer reading old books, I don't really know the reason but probably because of the strong smell of it that reminds me of the old times.
  15. visplay

    visplay New Member

    While E-books tends to be portable due to having just one device that can store hundreds of e-books in it, I still prefer to read in the old dusty paper books. I have been reading since my college days, and nothing is more exciting when I go to my favorite bookstore and buy a book. Although I seldom read textbook, I find it fascinating to read fictional stories. It somehow me escape to reality and make myself comfortable while either I'm out or inside my house. :D:p
  16. AMIYA000

    AMIYA000 New Member

    My generation has grown up with ready paper book, so this gives a different flavor while reading where as the ebooks may not be helpful as you have other option in internet and you move to them. But while you have the paper, you will be focused and read the paper book easily.
  17. jash02

    jash02 New Member

    I prefer E-books over paper books, because of the covenience. You can take digital copies of books wherever you like. And because I read the books on my phone when I'm in a public place, I'm not seen as a bookworm. I don't like people near me to know what I'm reading.
  18. Cranel1309

    Cranel1309 New Member

    I love them both. I actually have a strategy, first I'll read the reviews and synopsis of the book that I choose virtually then as trial I'll read the ebook and when if I really enjoy the book I'll buy the paper back to read it again. Unfortunately, here the Philippines there are books that are not available in paper back. But all in all I love paper back more than the ebook bacause of it's feeling don't ask what feeling it just have that feeling and if the availability of paper backs are as much as ebooks then I'll buy more paper backs than ebooks.
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  19. jdoan

    jdoan New Member

    Up until about five years ago, I was exclusively a 'dead tree' book reader. I built up an extensive library of mysteries, science fiction, history and hobby reference. I appreciated the variety of book sizes and styles - hardcover, paperback, oversize coffee table and even miniatures.

    For a while, I was a member of the Folio Society, eagerly poring through their annual offerings and selecting as many editions as my budget would allow.

    Then my sister gave me a Kobo Mini for Christmas and my scope was broadened immeasurably.

    I initially dove into what was for me a new experience, downloading and devouring a collection of 'Steampunk' novels by (to me) unknown authors. The surprising discovery was just how many free books were available.

    The next step in my e-book journey was to seek out as many of the early authors that I had browsed in my youth. The number of collections by authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne, Edgar Wallace, Arthur Conan Doyle, H. Rider Haggard, G. K. Chesterton, Robert E. Howard, Victor Appleton, Jack London, H. G. Wells, Dashiell Hammett, Robert Silverberg, Isaac Asimov, and countless others has ensured that my enjoyment of reading will continue unabated for many years to come.
  20. jobadilla91

    jobadilla91 New Member

    I am really into convenience so I prefer e-books. I can read it anytime, anywhere and it is not heavy or bulky to carry. Also, I do not need to have an extra space at my room when it accumulates especially when I am just renting my space. And on a daily basis since I usually have a small sling bag as my go-to bag, I do not need worry how to fit the book at my bag. But there are times when I love to read paper books especially when my eyes are tired and want to escape the lights from the screen.a
  21. Pearl000

    Pearl000 New Member

    I prefer to read books than ebooks because books is very full of information and details which can help us in dealing different challenges and problems. Also, books is a good source of information. It can help to prevent spreading of fake news. Books are much heavier than ebooks but its information contains are much powerful than any ebooks you read
  22. blogger2018

    blogger2018 New Member

    I prefer either of two paper books or E-books. Having these two are good source of informations in our life. E-books is an electronic form of books but the informations written there is also the same as typical book. E-books can download into your computer or tablet and it is very convenient for the students because they don't need to go to library to search informations for any particular topics. All information are now found in the e-book, informations like science, politics, eduaction, inventions and other important topics. During my time e-books is not yet invented that is why we need to buy books for lessons, Millennial people is very luck because they lived in the time that all information are already available. Because of this inventions learning becomes easy to anyone with the help of the internet, with this e-book all informations in the typical are stored already in the e-book that is why students are now more time for their playtime or do some other task other than browsing their books.
  23. yeeshin11

    yeeshin11 Member

    I prefer reading paper books. Actually, I love collecting books especially the mystery books by arthur conan doyle. And the excitement that I'm feeling while reading a paper book is different, I feel all the thrill and my imagination works more lively.
  24. Herlyn123

    Herlyn123 New Member

    One of the benefits of eBooks require a different set of behaviors compared to physical books, a switch to the digital format provides an opportunity to reading habits. The impact of a book grows exponentially with the share-ability of eBooks unlike paper books with does not have that factor. One main advantage is eBooks can be downloaded everywhere and they are portable. You don't have to worry about carrying around a full book bag or having huge texts . You can just access them with a number of devices, from a PC to a tablet to your cell phone.

    Also, one advantage is that here are thousands of free eBooks on the Internet. In addition, you can save money and time using an eBook reader, no need to spend on paper books. eBooks eventually becomes cheaper in the long run because there are no printing fees associated with them. With an eBook, you can instantly change the font of the text and adjust its brightness or darkness according to your likeness. This is also a great feature for those who have poor eyesight and old people.
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  25. angel.says

    angel.says New Member

    i can do both but as of now, i live in a dorm so i prefer e-books.. paper books gives me the excitement and a sense of achievement because i did pay for it and a look forward and save to buy it.. e-books make me feel that too but it lost the feeling of being able to touch and keep on what you work hard for.
  26. earnharder27

    earnharder27 New Member

    E book all the way. It's more convenient to use. You dont have to bring big bulky books special when your travelling. Although reading to much through electronic devices makes my eyes hurt sometimes
  27. Fumioks

    Fumioks New Member

    To be honest, I prefer paper books but since I tried to be more environment friendly lately, I try to read more via e-books. I only now buy books if they have beautiful covers and something that I will read over and over again. Otherwise I just get an e-book. E-books are portable too.
  28. kontrabida

    kontrabida New Member

    I love paper books, though I do have a Kindle and I read a lot of e-books. I get ARCs from authors and publishers, and having an e-book reader means I can get through them that much faster. Still, I do prefer paper books, even if storage eventually becomes an issue!
  29. kshy119

    kshy119 New Member

    I definitely prefer paper books, since I feel that purchasing physical copies of a book benefits the author more, and I love to support authors, especially if they are new or independent. Still, e-books are incredibly useful, portable, and they're another example of how technology can improve everyday society.
  30. adhuc

    adhuc New Member

    I prefer paper books to my Kindle Paperwhite, but I also think my Kindle in invaluable. I have over a thousand books on my shelves, and every time I have to move... it's a nightmare to move those books. Until I have a house of my own where I'm going to be settled for a few years, I've come to the unfortunate conclusion that I just can't keep buying analog copies of my books. I don't have the space, and I don't have the strength to keep moving them.

    Ideally I would have two copies of every book - one to hold, tangible, and one on my e-reader for the convenience of having my entire library in my pocket, or reading in the dark.

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