Do you prefer e-books or paper books?

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Do you prefer e-books or paper books?

  1. E-books

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  2. Paper books

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  3. Either, depending on the situation

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  4. I don't read

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  1. bukojello

    bukojello New Member

    our generation today is more on technology so i prefer e-book an easy way to read but take note do not over expose reading while in lying position
  2. bukojello

    bukojello New Member

    e-book makes your reading enjoyable anytime anywhere
  3. Nicanicnix

    Nicanicnix New Member

    I prefer reading paper books over ebooks. I believe paper books give you that nostalgic feeling and experience of getting away from the world. I also believe it's easier on the eyes compared to ebooks due to the light emitted by the tablets or ebook devices causing a lot of eye strain.
  4. Bedik03

    Bedik03 New Member

    I prefer the paper books. Why? It is because a paper book can be highlighted all important words and phrases while in ebook, it cant be. Also reading through paper books really make us easy to familiarize the thoughts of what is written because it is the traditional reading materials rather than ebooks.
  5. dariosni1

    dariosni1 New Member

    It actually depends on the situation. If you're more of a secretive type person you may indulge more ebooks. If you like to read books and enjoy adventure you're into paper books. E books give you convenience, searching, and direct knowledge. Paper books give you more immersion. I think I prefer paper books because it gives you proper reading space. Reading e books has more distractions in the reading proper. On the other hand, most of the time you are immersed on the internet or computer so probably you should adjust your reading prowess to ebooks.
  6. verniemve

    verniemve New Member

    I like both depending on my needs and situation. However, I am already old and wearing glasses so at times reading an ebook can be convenient as you can adjust the fonts or zoom in to make the letters appear bigger. However, in order to read ebooks you need either an ebook device, tablet or a computer on which you have to charge the batteries or if your devices malfunctions just when you badly need to read it. I am leaning towards more to paperback reading something that I can hold in hand and flips its pages while killing time during my commute or taking a break from my office work. I find it more cost effective in the long run. I already have a mini-library at home on which I can hold it and reread at when ever I want to without worrying about the charging or techno glitches!
    The only thing I like ebooks was the instant gratification via downloads and if its offer for free!
  7. keishastake

    keishastake Member

    I work in a library and thank people for still loving paper books. I and my landlord appreciate the job security. Libraries are becoming extinct entities thanks to sources like Amazon. They are one of the main outlets that offer electronic reading material. Libraries are now offering the same type of electronic service but the main game is still a paper book. Yes paper books require a little more effort to be obtained but that is the beauty of living. People's perspectives and tastes have changed since I have been in this world. Electronic devices are the new wave. I guess one can say that I am old school. Paper books are more engaging. I have tried e-books via Kindles or other online sources including that of which is offered through my job and I quickly fall asleep when attempting to read in e-book form. Paper books require a little more range of motion, therefore I have to be up and aware while reading. I am also finishing my degree online and its the pits with having to read my assignments online. I pray that we never get to a "Farenheit 451" type of world where books are banned especially not the paper kind. It is understandable that business changes and requires the world to meet the needs of its customers but I believe there is room for it all, paper books, e-books and whatever other wave of nuance my come along.
  8. verniemve

    verniemve New Member

    I prefer both but it also depends on my need. As I am already old and wearing glasses---ebooks can be convenient in terms of adjusting its fonts or zooming in to make the letters more bigger to read. However, you need either an ebook reader/tablet/computer or a smartphone to read ebooks which means you also need electricity, charging its batteries or even go through the hassle of device malfunction. I am leaning more on having paperbacks which I can hold on to and flip its pages to my heart's content without worries. I already have a mini-library at home and I bring a book to kill time during commute and break time at the office. The only thing I like about ebooks is the instant gratificaion via downloads and if its for free!
  9. chr.cheney

    chr.cheney New Member

    As much as I love technology, whether that be computers, tablets, or reading devices, I actually prefer paper books. In many cases they're more convenient, outside of size, letting me not have to worry about charging them or having to load them up every time I want to read. Mostly it's a matter of feel, though. I like being able to hold a proper paper book, to see my progress physically as I read, to turn actual pages, and also because I somewhat enjoy having a nice big collection sitting in my room. E-books definitely have their benefits, but I'll tend to choose paper books when given the choice.
  10. Aldegar101

    Aldegar101 Member

    I live outside of the US and it's really hard for me to find most of the book I read where I live so ebooks are great for me because it saves me money on shipping and I can read the book right away and not for the delivery but still there is nothing like holding a book in your hands so if I can order the book online and the price is not too high I'll try to get the print version. "

    I also live outside the US and I totally agree with what you said about how great e-books are for us. I read a lot more since I switched to e-format and I don't have to wait weeks for the books to arrive from the US (and I don't have to pay S&H!! ^_^)

    The difference is that I love e-books beyond availability and price. Since I got my Kindle 3 years ago I have only read 2 paper books (that weren't available as e-books). I love READING and reading e-books is so much, much comfortable: the Kindle is lighter (I can hold it in one hand), I can enlarge the font, I never lose my place, I can take many books with me when I travel, etc. I can't believe I lived so many years without an e-reader!!

    Aesthetically, I do like paper books. I have bought several in these past years just because that's what I do when I like something very much (when I love a story or I'm a big fan of a series), I collect everything about it. But those paper books sit on my shelves just as part of my collection. What I actually read (over and over) are the Kindle books.
  11. Wawa Abarca

    Wawa Abarca New Member

    There is a certain feeling that I feel everytime I open a paper book to read. Or when I finished reading a paper book. I can't describe it but it's there. I haven't felt it when reading e-books. There was one time I started reading an e-book ( part 1 of a trilogy ), I was very much fascinated by the story that I continued reading it (part 2 & 3 ) on paper books. Its like that I cannot feel the story through the e-book. Weird. But real for me.
  12. mrllevarita

    mrllevarita New Member

    I still prefer using paper. Whenever I had scientific journals to read, I still print it. I enjoyed highlighting and writing notes on the side of the paper.
  13. Sombernaut

    Sombernaut New Member

    While ebooks are amazing because of their portability, I think they cannot bring the same satisfaction as the one you get when holding a paper book. I think most people enjoy the image of a full bookshelf.
    The feeling of grabing a book, smelling it, touching the paper is really "romantic". It's almost a relationship.
  14. ronellreponte

    ronellreponte New Member

    I prefer reading real live books. Not only for the tactile sense and action of feeling and turning a page, but you don't have to worry about a battery running down just as you get to a climax. I stopped counting my books once they passed 2,000. That was at least 15 years ago, and I still collect books. 90% of them have been read. Others looked very interesting so I bought them to have fresh reading when I had time to do so. Many of my books have been reread so many times I have had to replace them with very well bound hardcover copies. One example of having been replaced 4 times is Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

    Real books and ebooks have their advantages and disadvantages which are listed:
    REAL BOOKS: Pros: have that leather and paper smell; have weight to them; do not rely on batteries, just enough light to read by; can be an investment with later value monetarily; you can share them, though you may not get it back
    Cons: are heavy; take up enormous amounts of space as your collection grows; generally cost more than ebooks; are susceptible to environmental damage including water, fire, insects, acid aging, mold and tearing

    EBOOKS: Pros: don't weigh anything other than your device; are cheaper in general than real books new; cannot sustain environmental damage; can be read at anytime, especially if you have a device that backlights; don't have to worry about real space storage; cats don't lay on them so you can't read them (most of the time) and can't bite the pages
    Cons: you have to have a reading device to access your book; you don't get the tactile feel of holding a book; if you run out of power you can't read until the battery is charged or you have an electrical connection; it is difficult to access multiple volumes at the same time when researching a subject; the cost of a reading device can be pricy; devices can get broken or damaged beyond repair while books can be restored somewhat; there are no investment values in ebooks

    Books in whatever format a person uses are invaluable tools for learning, passing on knowledge and philosophies, and entertainment. The knowledge they preserve and dispense is invaluable.
  15. Abicdefghi

    Abicdefghi New Member

    If there is one cheep way of relieving my stress that’s sure is reading. I’ve almost read all the books that we kept in the house. It’s both my comfort and curse. And I have always loved the physical book the one you can hold in your hands. You can smell the paper and feel the pages with your finger. But the sad thing is I’ve been busy, I’ve been traveling a lot because of work and it’s not very practical to bring books. And thats where the e-books give the benefit of portability in books. Not the same as the paper book experience but still the same thing that I love doing. Reading.
  16. MajidSh94

    MajidSh94 New Member

    I've used both, and I have reasons for believing both are good. E-books are more environment friendly especially when it comes to one-time consumption books (like novels).
    However paperbacks usually take the cake; the mere fact that they are so much better for your eye health is enough for me.
  17. JacobElder

    JacobElder New Member

    I definitely think there is something visceral and rewarding about moving the pages as you read and feeling the weight of the book in your hand. However, I think that e-books are incredibly useful when you want to carry something light for travel. I think it depends on the situation.
  18. modus

    modus New Member

    I also ask this a lot to my friends, because I've always thought that eBooks are much more convenient, but they beg to differ. They've also stirred me to the path of paper books. In context, paper books are more detailed and more valuable than eBooks, they're are also great for collections and libraries. eBooks are accessible in a pretty easy way but for me, the experience of looking for, buying, keeping, reading, and finishing a paper book is much more satisfying and real than any other eBook experience. :)
  19. gemmarae

    gemmarae New Member

    For traveling, the ebook is the clear winner. They're so light, and can store so many books, that there's really no competition. I also like being able to see my progress through the book as I read. I haven't got an ebook anymore, because I lost my kindle a few years ago, but I do miss it.

    I was using the Marvel Comics app for a while, and it was fantastic. Some of the comics came with background music, which made the experience even better. I still love reading actual comics, and I love reading actual books, but I think that the negative reactions to ebooks are unfounded and unnecessary.
  20. karlitos

    karlitos New Member

    I read many e-books only when I can not buy the book; (sometimes very expensive). But paper books will always have that nice feeling. Feeling the smell of the book and touching a book that you really like is always a unique sensation. However, I do not really feel the need to have a paper book in my hands while I'm reading.
    The way I now see the main advantage of paper books over e-books is that e-readers are still a little too much (and reading on a tablet can be a very tiring experience) and copies are not cheap enough. As technology advances and the Internet reaches more and more people around the world, this tends to change and e-books tend to become more popular than paper books.
    At the moment, the only books I buy are paper, and I only get e-books when they are free (mainly for academic purposes, where ctrl + f makes a big difference).
  21. Tendz

    Tendz New Member

    I prefer ebooks, because they are more convenient. I can read it anytime, it's got a backlight. There is no real space storage problem. I can customize the text (colour, font, size, etc). And, It can be easily carried around.
  22. Elle Gee

    Elle Gee Member

    Both of them are my favorites because I love reading. Ebooks are enjoyable because it only jus one hand to use, just scroll up only. For me, paper books are the best because you will really feel the essence of reading. It is very fun. Also, you can read without technology's radiation. That might hurt our eyes also. It's fun both but I prefer paper books than ebooks. It's amzing, you can feel the thoughts, and in reading paper books, ou tend to see some images that would help you visualize the story of the book.
  23. billagbalog

    billagbalog New Member

    Why should kids read on an E reader when books make you feel more alive, so yes, kids should read paperback books unlike E readers.
  24. firdousa123

    firdousa123 New Member

    I prefer e-books than paperbacks as
    1. It doesn’t have to be held. It can just be propped up and advanced with a single finger. This comes in handy when eating or drinking while reading.
    2. No book marker necessary. It will automatically save my place even if I fall asleep while reading.
    3. No notebook or 3M sticky notes necessary to write down or mark quotes I want to remember.
    4. No reading light necessary. The adjustable brightness is perfect for all situations and also turns itself off if I fall asleep reading.
    5. No need for a dictionary. I can click on the word I don’t know and the e-dictionary pops up. BTW I don’t miss holding, or smelling, or turning pages on a real dictionary either :)
    6. No need to carry a stack of heavy books on vacation. I can pre-download books I anticipate reading or…amazingly, just download on the go.
  25. spillburg

    spillburg New Member

    i prefer e-books because they are not weighty and i can keep tons of them on my phone unlike paper books thy have weight and you can only carry a few along. E-books are also cheaper for me to buy than paper books.
  26. amiah2jade

    amiah2jade New Member

    I have a kindle and the kindle app is downloaded on my phone but for the most part, I love to have a physical book in my hand. Since I was little I have loved to read. I used to read multiple Nancy Drew books in one day so I have just always had that love for books and there is something about holding a book in your hand versus an electronic device.

    The one thing that makes me read an ebook over a physical book is cost. I don't have unlimited funds to purchase a paperback or hardback book but there are sites and apps where I can get free books.
  27. AvadaKedavra1234

    AvadaKedavra1234 New Member

    Ebooks are far more enjoyable as you can get access to it whenever you want without carrying a heavy bundle of papers with you. Nowadays, just having a smartphone is enough to read whatever you want. Economically and environmentally, this is a huge advantage. Just a few megabytes are needed to store numerous ebooks. You don't either have to go to a bookshop either with all the facilities online to buy ebooks. However, even with all these numerous advantages, there are some negative ones too. The new generation is addicted to technology and is most likely stuck in front of a screen for multiple hours a day. This will affect their eyes and brain eventually which can be dangerous healthwise
  28. billagbalog

    billagbalog New Member

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  29. orelmente

    orelmente New Member

    I definitely prefer e-books since you can easily carry thousands of titles on the go with you and you never have to worry about losing your bookmarks or people damaging your books if you’re as OCD as I am.

    I hate it when my books come back to me dog eared with cracks in the spine after I’ve lent them to someone! Grr!
  30. Sierraechodelta

    Sierraechodelta New Member

    I always prefer to reader paper books, it gives the feeling that I'm getting smarter by the minute. Haha. But on a serious note e-books tend to make me sleepy and makes me unable to finish what I'm reading, and reading on my phone or tablet gives me room to just switch to other apps or browse the internet and then drift off from what I'm reading, that's why i always prefer to read paper books on a quiet room and just drown myself into the story in front of me, without any distractions from the outside world, and just relax while i try to live out the story and try to get away from reality until the last page of the book.

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