Do you prefer Fried or Grilled food?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by AngryItalian, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. AngryItalian

    AngryItalian Member

    I prefer a little of both, for example I enjoy both fried or grilled chicken. Same with fish, and with most other foods. More often than not I have fried food, so I have been trying to lean more towards eating a grilled food diet. Fried food may not be the healthiest, but it sure is good.

    What do you prefer, fried or grilled?
  2. ironguard

    ironguard New Member

    For my preference I like my meat to be fried but I do not eat fried foods everyday. Sometimes, I like steamed foods or raw. To summarize it, it depends on my liking if I'm in the mood to eat fried or grilled its up to me.
  3. Aniko

    Aniko New Member

    I like both of them. It depends on the meat you want to have. For chicken and fish, I would prefer grill. Red meat has a plenty type of cooking, so it is up to the meal type. Whenever I use grill, I always grill a lot of vegetables, too.
  4. ironguard

    ironguard New Member

    If a person is always eating fried dishes, he or she may end up to high cholesterol, diabetes, gall bladder infection while consuming grilled foods may end up cancer because of the carcinogens on burnt meat. Therefore it is advisable to limit the use of these kind of cooking procedures, still, balance diet with healthy activities may prolong your life and a rare chance to go to hospital for confinement
  5. kledia

    kledia New Member

    I love fried foods.But unfortunately i don't eat them often.My mother is very healthy person and she was never cooking fried foods. We always had them grilled.Nowdays i do the same for my little daughter because i want her to eat healthy foods.
  6. Britt24xoxo

    Britt24xoxo Guest

    I'm a country girl from the south, so I definitely prefer my foods fried. To me, fried foods have a better taste and consistency than anything grilled, unless it's bar-b-que we are talking about. But grilled food is definitely more healthy. So i guess it all depends on what you are looking for. If you want something with good taste and don't mind the extra fat, friend foods are a good choice. but if you are looking for something healthy and tasty at the same time, I would choose grilled foods.
  7. Jeanne Chow

    Jeanne Chow New Member

    I love grilled food the best. I think they have more flavor than fried food. But if I am the cook, I would prefer fried food because they are easy to prepare. :)
  8. MLady972

    MLady972 New Member

    Personally, I enjoy grilled foods over fried foods. Grilled is healthier, and if it is prepared properly, it can be juicer than fried foods. I believe your stomach gets fuller faster when you eat grilled foods, in comparison to fried foods.
  9. Danielle Maruzzi

    Danielle Maruzzi New Member

    I used to prefer fried food, but after becoming a health-nut I switched to grilled food and now anything with a lot of grease tends to upset my stomach.
  10. IAmLinxy

    IAmLinxy New Member

    Fried just taste so much better then grilled and its so juicy that I just have to go with Fried. However if your looking for the healthy side of things your gonna have to go with grilled.
  11. Ronnie

    Ronnie New Member

    I think both of them are really nice, grilled has more flavour to it and fried is just nice.
  12. samantha hill

    samantha hill New Member

    I will have to say grilled just because i have been eating fried food half of my life. Grilled food is more better for you you can grilled just about anything. I think it would be hard for me just to up and stop eating fried food because there is nothing like a crunch to certain foods and your veggie. But i will say this when it comes down to a nice steak i will have to choose grilled.
  13. Madam

    Madam Guest

    I prefer fried food. It just makes everything taste better in my opinion but because I value my body, I tend to go with grilled when I can. It also depends on the food. Some foods taste alot better grilled than they do fried and vice versa. All in all, it just depends on convenience and what is available.
  14. Rebecca Fenech

    Rebecca Fenech New Member

    I would definitely prefer fried food as it seems to be tastier. ? Though i then tend to choose more grilled food as a healthier choice since most of the fat whilst grilling melts down.
  15. teamday13

    teamday13 New Member

    From a health standpoint, I tend to ask for grilled food. I will agree that fried food often tastes better. However, grilled chicken is a favorite in my house, and there are many different ways to season and flavor grilled chicken to enhance the taste. Grilled food can oftentimes be more tender and juicy, too. My feeling is that fried food loses some of the variety in flavoring that you can obtain from grilling. Be creative, and go with grilled!
  16. Jakob Moore

    Jakob Moore New Member

    I prefer grilled because you do not get all of the calories and cholesterol fried food has in it. Grilled chicken is actually a staple in my diet. I eat a lot of grilled chicken breasts because they are low in fat, carbs, and calories. What they are high in, is protein.
  17. renaissance

    renaissance New Member

    Hi. My choice is grilled food in a cast iron grill pan. I do stir fry in a cast iron Wok from time to time. Grilled food allows meat to seared which produces a tender succulent meal. Outdoor grilling is the favored method chosen by many, but exposing your food to charcoal or gas can create a myriad of health problems. Carcinogens have been linked to various forms of intestinal cancer, which is the main reason outdoor grilled food should be consumed sparingly.
    If you do choose to grill indoors, I would highly suggest a cast iron pan. Cast iron heats up evenly and can even be transferred to the oven for extended cooking. I would also like to add one more suggestion when grilling meats specifically. Please use a meat thermometer to ensure your meats are cooked fully. Grilling at times can be a bit tricky, since the outside of the meat cooks quickly, but the inside is still raw. I will choose grilling over frying any day, but when I do fry, I tend to use virgin olive oil as a healthier choice.
  18. Dimmi Bolling

    Dimmi Bolling New Member

    Is it possible to love both? lol! I guess I would say grill food. I love the taste of fried food but I cannot eat it all the time. I get tired of the taste and it makes my body feel off. I can have grilled food all day every day though!!!
  19. Deathbling

    Deathbling New Member

    Grilled is the best, and very healthy too. Almost all kinds of grilled food is best for a health concious person.. We even have a electric grill at home.. As part of my diet... My lunch at work is grilled breast chicken... And some vegetables... :) yummy.
  20. Hi,
    I love both but grilled is one of the healthy way to cook food, I mostly eat fried due to increase demand of fast food chain and i think its not healthy but its all about how to prepare food and mostly taste matter there are some food doesn't taste good when grilled that is why its case to case basis and i am a food lover as long as the food taste good and properly prepared i will definitely eat that. I forgot to tell you not all fried are unhealthy because is some reason you can eat healthy friend food as long as the oil used in cooking is olive and has OMEGA 3.
  21. kwinny

    kwinny New Member

    I've always loved chicken. All my childhood growing, i always preferred frying my chicken to just plain boiled chicken. this is because of the dry, crunchy taste it gives. The taste and feeling you experience enjoying your chicken is lovely. Who doesn't like something good? Well, I do, to add to the fact that I love food dearly. But, because our body gives us back what we put inside, I was always a big lady. I got fed up of being big, and decided to embark on a weightloss journey. This made me learn how to eat what I love in a much more healthier manner. Hence, my love for grilled chicken to fried chicken. This is because grilled chicken is much more healthier than fried chicken. Fried chicken contains more calories because the chicken is placed inside bleached oil which usually has unhealthy cholesterol that is soaked within the chicken, and finally consumed by whoever eats it. On the other hand, by grilling chicken, you actually extract extra oil contained within the chicken, reducing its calorie content. Now to the taste of grilled chicken, before grilling you coat the body of your chicken with your already mixed spices and if you like place within a paper bag for the already coated ingredients to be absorbed deeply into the chicken. Grilled chicken taste much more soft in the mouth, you do not have to drag the skin of the chicken before chewing. Grilling takes much more time to cook, thios gives enough time for the heat to penetrate deeply into the chicken and give it that softness even to the marrow of the chicken which many people love more.
  22. Joy Panganiban

    Joy Panganiban New Member

    Fried foods may lead us to gallstones/gallbladder infections, diabetis and high cholesterol.
    In Grilled foods cancer.
    Maybe I prefer both as long as there's a limitations.
    Maybe we can also use olive oil or coconut oil for fying.
  23. Steve anderson

    Steve anderson New Member

    I prefer grilled foods because if you grilled a meat it reduce it's fat content because the fat drips off as you cook the food. Grilled foods reduce the risk of some diseases while fried foos absorbs a lot of fat even the food was a low fat item but if we're not talking about nutrition i like both.
  24. darkshadow088

    darkshadow088 New Member

    I really have no preference on either method of cooking though grilling is probably healthier since you eliminate the use of fats/oils needed in frying. That is if the grilled food is not charred or else you are at risk of developing colon cancer.
  25. pinamatts

    pinamatts New Member

    I would definitely go for grilled foods. Just for everyone's information... I already underwent a gallbladder removal operation due to gall stones at the age of 23. And of course, the stones didn't just form overnight, it was accumulated through years and years of abuse to my body and negligence to my health and wellness. Concurrently, the doctor explained that it was due to constantly eating fatty foods and that includes anything fried or deep-fried whether it's chicken, pork, beef, and even fish. Going back to the question, while I was recovering, just to give an instance wherein I have proven that grilled foods are better because I remember in one of my hospital meals included a portion of grilled chicken meat, therefore, it is OK! The reason behind? because it has less fat and less oil!

    However, too much of everything is always never OK. When eating grilled food we also have to be mindful about the amount of carbon that is sticking onto the meat. I just wanted to give a friendly reminder not to overcook the meat when broiling or grilling :)))
  26. Lem19

    Lem19 New Member

    I prefer grilled over fried foods. The disadvantage of frying foods is that it absorbs more fat. Even if it is not that fatty, after you fry it, it ends up getting fatty. Grilled foods has lower fat content which is good for people that are conscious about their colesterol level. But just watch out for overgrilled foods because those black parts are carcinogenic (they can cause cancer). Remember, too much of both is still bad for you health.
  27. Mary Jane B. Santos

    Mary Jane B. Santos New Member

    There's a lot of pros and cons in choosing between grilled and fried foods. Aside from getting high cholesterol and getting more calories from fried foods, we must also take in consideration the possibility of getting colon cancer with grilled foods. But let's admit it....we just can't resist eating BOTH! Not only is it tasty and delicious, both also adds zest to a variety of flavor to our taste buds. So, whichever you prefer, make sure you eat only in moderation. Because it is always happy to have a taste of both!!!
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  28. AriaMarina

    AriaMarina New Member

    I ate a great deal of fried food in the past, too, but since I became health-conscious, I switched to grilling. Grilled foods have lower calorie content than fried foods as it has less fat, consequently, less cholesterol. Grilled food also retain more vitamins and minerals. However, although it is claimed to be the healthier option, grilling present potential health risk, as well. Cooking over high heat causes the formation of carcinogenic compounds which have been linked to cancer. It would be best to grill meat at a lower temperature.

    If frying is your choice, you can cook it healthier by pan-grilling it instead of deep frying. With pan-frying, you just need a little amount of oil in the non-stick fry pan.
  29. AlexJea

    AlexJea New Member

    I love grilled food. I don't know why, but I really love it. Here in our country there's a lot of street food. And I can say that it is really good. every weekend we love to have a grilled food. Grilling on our rooftop while my children is busy in playing in our small bath tub. way to weird? bath tub on a roof top. lol
  30. shasha

    shasha New Member

    For me I prefer grilled food, although frying is easier than grilling. Grilled foods need a lot of preparation to make like grills, charcoal and some need sticks. But still I like grilled foods because fats are drained and the tastes are superb. The art of cooking by grill is fun and wonderful especially when you smell what’s cooking.

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