Do you prefer Fried or Grilled food?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by AngryItalian, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. glykahipe03

    glykahipe03 New Member

    I like fried foods or eiher grilled. But what I prefer more is grilled foods because I think grilled foods are tastier and more delecious, but sometimes there are foods that cannot be grilled and you really need to fry them. I think when you grill foods it is healthier because you don't need using cooking oil to grill them, fried foods are delecious too but I put limitation in eating foods that are fried because too much foods with oil can have bad effects in our health. When you always eat greasy and oily foods you are more prone to pimples.
  2. Lester Ian Lim

    Lester Ian Lim New Member

    Both are not healthy. Fried foods are high in fat content and grilled foods are carcinogenic. But I prefer grilled foods because they are yummy! I can teach you some tricks for them to be healthy. For fried foods you can use healthy oils like olive and canola. Then for the grilled foods, don't grill them too long. The less charcoal the healthier.
  3. rhmurph27

    rhmurph27 New Member

    It definitely depends on the food. I wouldn't want grilled onion rings, but they're good when they're deep fried! On the other hand, I love a grilled veggie burger but they lose a lot of flavor once they're dropped in a deep fryer.
  4. Ian Lim

    Ian Lim New Member

    Both are not healthy. Frying involves the use of added fat that browns the food. Deep-frying and pan-frying both involve submerging food in hot oil, while stir-frying uses a small amount of added oil and high heat to quickly cook foods. All three forms of frying lead to no water-soluble vitamin loss, and very few heat-sensitive vitamins are lost. As well and grilled foods have high cooking temperatures, charring and exposure to smoke, however, means that grilled foods are high in carcinogens, namely heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. As with baking, grilling will partly destroy heat-sensitive vitamins, although there is little loss of water-soluble vitamins.. But I prefer grilled foods because they are yummy! I can teach you some tricks for them to be healthy. For fried foods you can use healthy oils like olive and canola. Then for the grilled foods, don't grill them too long. The less charcoal the healthier.

    If your oil is not hot enough for deep- or pan-frying, then a crispy outer shell will not form around the foods, and it will take longer for the foods to cook, leading to extra absorbed oil. Similarly, if your grill is not hot enough before cooking, it can take longer for foods to be ready, leading to more smoke exposure, increasing the amount of carcinogens on your grilled foods. Add a bit of water to the bottom of the roasting pan when baking, to avoid smoke being produced during high temperatures.
  5. Joemax31

    Joemax31 New Member

    I guess grilled food is better over fried food. Fried food uses lots of oil which is rather unhealthy. Grilled food on the other hand doesn't. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people suffer from increased levels of cholesterol. However, nowadays, there are a lot of alternatives to have your fried food on the healthy side. Olive oil and butter among others are healthy options.


    I prefer grill food to fried food, because grill food is healthier and it taste much better to me. For fried foods i only eat a small portion and if i eat fried food in a day, then its going to be once in that day because i don't really like oily food. But for grill food i can eat as much as like in a day.
  7. James1999

    James1999 New Member

    Talking about health related issues both grilled and fried had serious health discrepancies. But when it comes to flavor grilled will top it out. Fried foods depends its flavour on the coating and its curing time or marination. While grilled foods can be cooked as to only brush it with its salsa. The flavor really goes out when it is grilled and the food is bathed on its juices, making it more flavorful than of fried ones.
  8. parisfrance

    parisfrance New Member

    I didn't prefer cooking by grill because some of People nowadays didn't know that eating grill foods can cause cancer and it is not healthy in our daily lives
  9. Calvin Karlo

    Calvin Karlo New Member

    When foods are fried, they absorb a lot of fat. Even if the food was a low fat item, it ends up with a high fat content when fried. When consumed, it increases the blood cholesterol level. High cholesterol levels pose greater risks to health. Arteries get clogged over time. This prevents the smooth flow of blood and increases blood pressure. High cholesterol levels also increase the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

    Health Benefits of Grilling .Grilled meats have a reduced fat content. This is because the fat drips off as the food cooks. It results in healthier meals and makes it easier to manage a low fat diet. Grilled foods also have lower calorie content than fried foods. This helps in weight management and keeping fit. Reduced fat intake helps to lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Healthy cholesterol levels improve cardiovascular health. Various health conditions such as obesity, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes become a risk with fried foods.
  10. edz26

    edz26 Member

    I go for grilled food instead of fried, before grilling I make sure to trim the fats to avoid flare up and create smoke, which leads to carcinogen formation. On grilled you can reduce the fats unlike frying you absorbed a lot of fats even foods in low fats, it end up with high contents fats when you fried. Fats absolutely not healthy at all.
  11. kodakan

    kodakan New Member

    If ever I could have a choice in the manner of cooking, I would gladly choose grilling. Because you hardly use any oil in the process of cooking and the less oil you use the healthier the food is. I prefer fish or chicken grilled together with some veggies and they even lower your cholesterol levels in your system.
  12. jojosef29

    jojosef29 New Member

    I prefer grilled food I like food that a little bit sweet. I think I'm allergic to fried foods, my nose gets easily itchy when I'm eating fried foods. I like the smell of grilling foods it makes me more hungry.
  13. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    For me grilled food, because it's less oil and the taste of this is awesome. The flavor and aroma makes me hungry. It is one of the bonding of family because they have fun and enjoy grilling their favorite dish.

    Fried food can absorbs fat of the oil and make high cholesterol in our body and lead to high blood and heart disease.

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