Do you prefer reading or having it read to you?

Discussion in 'Books' started by shannondvor, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Jess14

    Jess14 New Member

    I do appreciate the contents of the book if I read it by myself rather than make someone read it for me. I have a difficulty of perceiving the contents of the book or even if its just aparagraph if someone reads it for me. I think one of the reason of that is we can see the word or the sentence and we can think quick what does the writer wants to say and additional for that there are some words that has same pronounciation and different spelling. Therefore I think reading on your own will be much better and reading can make your vocabulary wide and you will learn so many things through reading.
  2. lmbv

    lmbv New Member

    I definitely prefer reading own my own rather than having someone read for me because reading on my own allows me to understand the message more as I comprehend the information on my own pace. Also, I love the calmness and tranquility when reading a book on my own.
  3. sarinasasaki

    sarinasasaki New Member

    I would always prefer reading than having it read to me because i get to adjust with my own pace of absorbing information. If i want to ponder upon a piece of information i just read, i can pause as i want. If someone will read for me, the person might also read it in a way i would not feel. I would enjoy getting myself into my own journey of reading and visualizing than having to process what the other person says first before getting into the zone.
  4. Wave

    Wave New Member

    I would always choose reading. I like to take books from a library, because I personally think those books are special, maybe because they've been in so many hands and witnessed a lot of different stories. When I read, I fully experience the story and I can't feel that when someone reads it to me. I somehow wanna be alone with the characters in the book.
  5. gentlevelvet

    gentlevelvet New Member

    I love BOTH! I love being read to and I love reading aloud to the other person or to myself.

    I'm a big reader, so reading to myself is fun and enjoyable, of course.

    However, I ALSO love reading to other people and having them read to me. I think it makes both people closer to each other and it's a great activity for two people whose communication is currently on the outs or who are just too awkward to pass the time verbally with each other.

    Personally, I love reading books back and forth, aloud, with my boyfriends. We curl up in bed or on a couch, read, eat some snacks, and then spend time together. It's a perfect way to spend the evening.
  6. archmaurice

    archmaurice New Member

    Reading activates one's imagination and deepens our understanding.I have no problem when someone is reading it to me but when it comes to learning gains, I think reading it by myself has it even more.
  7. jalinde

    jalinde New Member

    I love both. When Im working I prefer audio books as it motivates me to go on when I feel like giving up. I am also keen on paperback as and when I get downtime.
  8. Wawa Abarca

    Wawa Abarca New Member

    Read the book myself. I can read it faster. I sometimes get distracted with the voice of the reader or how the reader pronounces words.

    Though it will be quite restful for the eyes if someone reads a book for you.
  9. ldestimar85

    ldestimar85 New Member

    For me, I preferred reading it myself. I enjoy every pages of the book as I see myself in the character of what I am reading. On the other hand, I also experienced, someone reading a book for me. Or in an e-book, there's now an option to just listen and let the e-book read it for you. You will only need to listen as if you are watching a video. Whatever prefers you doesn't matter as long as you are learning and enjoying it.
  10. phansize007

    phansize007 Member

    Hello everyone, I find reading for me less tiresome than having to read it myself. I'd like to say that having a book read to you doesn't make you young like Idsses1 thinks. It's just that some of us tend to be lazy a bit. But I also find it
    as showing responsibility by reading the book yourself so as not to miss out on information, or have something misspelled for you. So reading a book for yourself is nowhere near silly as Adhuc believes. It shows a sense of responsibility-in my view.

    I have read a few books and found myself being the character and fully taken by the book, like Astralmach explains, that time would fly without me knowing it. By that time, the hunger I felt was only indicative of lunchtime.
    All in all, reading the book for yourself is good but a bit tiresome whereas having read to you may not give you all the details but it's easier.
  11. jay97

    jay97 New Member

    I would say both. I love reading and hearing stories. I am a good listener and I'm fond of hearing history stories. like past stories of my parents, grandparents , or one way or another.
  12. Chiniii

    Chiniii New Member

    I prefer reading than ask someone to read it for me. Because I will never understand a context or a book unless I read it myself. When someone reads it for you, it's like they are telling a bedtime stories and makes me fall a sleep. Even when I am in school there are times that the teacher said, "Please read the text.", " Okay, read it for us." and with that I fall asleep.
  13. ives

    ives New Member

    I prefer reading it on my own than having someone read it for me because first, we have different pronunciation and i may misinterpret the word. Second, when i will read it on my own i understand and comprehend more. Third, i can't focus if someone read it for me because I prefer silent reading, I prefer reading it on my mind not in my mouth because the comprehension will last long and i can easily memorize it.
  14. dynz123

    dynz123 New Member

    I am not a good listener but I am a good reader. So obviously, I prefer reading than having it read to me. I am always having a hard time focusing and understanding the words said to me. I can hear, that's for sure, but I always have a hard time to comprehend everything. My mind refuses to process what is being read to me. My listening skill is just so poor and I guess I know the reason why. When someone reads for me, I tend to focus on how the reader delivers every word. I can't seem to concentrate because my mind wanders everytime. I get bored listening to someone else's reading and I get easily distracted most especially when the reader inadvertently mispronounced certain words. Having someone read for me never works because I want exactly the opposite.

    Reading has always been my hobby. When I was young, I have no companions other than books and pocketbooks. And I didn't really mind being alone then as long as I have in my hand something to read. Books were so precious to me that I enjoyed its company more than my friends.

    I love reading so much that's why I would never wish for someone to read for me. When I read, I internalize. I imagine myself being in the story, being the character and all. I can fully understand whatever the author wants to impart to his readers. I put my heart and soul whenever I read. I can spend an entire day just by sitting in the couch reading a book or a novel. There is never a day wasted when I spend it reading.
  15. Habramsohn

    Habramsohn New Member

    I'm a mix of both. For actual fiction books, I never use audiobooks- I might put on some music in the background, but that's the extent of my audial capacity while reading. There's just something about having someone else's voice in my head that takes away from the experience. I usually give characters their own voices in my mind, for example. Adding to that, my internal monologue has its own very specific voice that allows me to resonate with the words on the page much better than if someone else had been reading to me.

    However, nonfiction is a different story. With this kind of content, I'm reading/listening to learn- not for the story. For example, I recently consumed "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbons- I definitely would not have been able to get through it with my eyes alone. With someone reading it to me, it almost feels like I'm in a lecture hall or something. I feel obligated to listen to the person who is, in effect, teaching me, which of course results in more learning. This same principle holds true for podcasts. I listen to a lot of history podcasts, and the spoken effect helps me retain the information.

    Interestingly, this carries over to movies and games for me. When I'm viewing those, I always turn on subtitles, if only to help digest the information faster. I have immense trouble following a movie in a theater for example. I would love to find out the scientific reason why I prefer these alternate methods of information consumption. That doesn't mean I don't like movies and games as a form of storytelling- I just need the words on the screen to supplement.
  16. GGK

    GGK New Member

    I definitely prefer to do the readings myself!
    There is no greater pleasure to me! :)
  17. jameshex

    jameshex New Member

    Reading a book by yourself is the best to gain knowledge. While you read it in your own you will understand it better and also doing it yourself specially if reading a story feels like you are in the actual story.
  18. shanekristina

    shanekristina New Member

    I prefer reading it by myself, this will not only enhance my reading skills, I will also benefit from it by exercising my eyes through reading. Also, I will be able to learn new words and phrases, this will increase my vocabulary range and will definitely increase my knowledge. Not only that it can broaden my imaginations. I am not saying that I wouldn't benefit from this if someone else is reading the book for me. But, I just prefer reading it by myself because It can be one way of helping myself to be independent and to do something worth it.
  19. Sjfelipealejandro

    Sjfelipealejandro New Member

    Reading a book for one hour helps you a lot
    Reading a story i what i prefer to do rather than to read it for me.Reading a story all by myself gives me benifits such as follows
    - It helps me to gain more knowledge.
    - It helps me to improve my vocabulary by searching the meaning of unfamiliar word that i encountered.
    - I exercise my multi tasking ability through reading and imagining what is happening on the story that i read.
    - It helps to improve my speech and pronounciation when i read it a loud.
    - I can recall my favorite part anytime.
    So either you prefer reading or having it to read to you. It's still up to you.
  20. hushtar

    hushtar New Member

    Reading to yourself is much better than being read to in my opinion. It allows you to go at your own pace and ensures you completely understand what you are reading. Although, I do understand the convenience of audio books or being read too as it allows you multi-task while reading, which is nice in its own right.

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